6 New Cushion Compacts To Add To Your Beauty Routine

31 May 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Getting that coveted K-glow is just a puff away with these cushion compacts! Whether you’re going for a dewy look or a matte finish, we’ve got you literally covered with a few of our favourite cushion makeup products in the market right now.



The cult makeup brand’s foundation game is already hard to beat, and even more so now that it has expanded its cushion range. Boasting 12 hours of breathable coverage, this soft- matte formula is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle velvety finish that feels comfortable on your skin. What’s more, it comes packed with organic and mineral UV filters that work in tandem to protect you from harmful rays. What’s not to rave about it?



Who doesn’t like collecting pretty makeup? It’s impossible to resist the springtime-worthy packaging of this sakura-infused beauty, which is fittingly formulated with petal skin cushion technology to leave you feeling and looking fresh like flower petals. Its unique liquid-to-powder formula blends like a dream and dries to a matte finish that doesn’t dry you out, thanks to the ingredient of deep sea water which helps to keep your skin hydrated.



One layer of this long-wearing formula is all you need to guarantee complete, flawless coverage up to 24 hours. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too, but it really works. You don’t have to worry about your foundation creasing or caking up midday either, as it comes infused with water drop serum to deliver essential moisture to skin. In fact, it’s so hydrating that you can even see water droplets seeping through the puff when you press onto the metal plate!



For those with oily or acne- prone skin, it can be hard to find a good foundation that doesn’t melt off after a few hours. Look no further than this innovative cushion, which is specially formulated to cool down your skin’s temperate by 3°C – all while keeping shine at bay. The best part? While other mattifying products tend to feel caked- on, this one is anything but heavy and doesn’t clog up your pores at all.



What’s better than one cushion compact? Two-in-one, that’s what! With this double-duty trooper, you can save major space in your makeup pouch by packing in two items – Any Balm Blur, Any Balm Hydro-Radiant, Any Balm Concealer or Any Balm Cheek ($9.90 each) – into one compact case. What’s great about this dual- function concept is that you can easily switch out the products needed for the day and touch up effortlessly on the go. How convenient is that?



A concealer and cushion in one sleek product, this multitasking wonder provides medium to full coverage that you can easily build up with the layering puff – which allows you to achieve a matte finish with the velvet puff, or a naturally radiant glow with the air puff. Yet no matter how much you pile on, it’s amazing how this stuff will always look like skin. Talk about ‘My Skin But Better’!

This article was adapted from Teenage Vol.30 Issue 2.

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As if we’re not obsessed enough with ETUDE HOUSE, the K-beauty brand just gave us more reason to love them even more – by enlisting trending K-pop darlings Red Velvet as their new ambassadors. Definitely not one to disappoint with their new launches, ETUDE HOUSE dropped the all-new Matte Chic Lip Lacquer in collaboration with the ladies of Red Velvet – a series of “lip lockers” that are touted to be extremely long-lasting and super pigmented with a matte finish.

There are a total of 12 shades in the entire range, featuring five signature shades inspired by each member of Red Velvet: Seulgi Burgundy, Wendy Brown, Irene Red, Joy Grapefruit and Yeri Pink. The collection is only available in Korea for now, but fans in Singapore will finally be able to get their hands on these babies in June! Ahead of its launch, the Teenage team got to try out the new RV-approved lippies during our trip to Korea for the Sweet Dream Tour – here’s our review.

Etude House x Red Velvet Matte Chic Lip Lacquer Swatches Review

True to its claims, all it takes is just a single swipe to achieve such insane colour payoff. It goes on matte and dries down in an instant, locking in the colour pigments within seconds of application and stayed put all day without budging. Like most liquid lipstick formulas, it has the tendency to feel a tad drying on the lips if you’re prone to chaps – but it’s nothing a little lip balm can’t fix so be sure to load up on the moisture before slapping on lippie. 

You can either wear it as a full lip or go with a gradient look; we went with a gradient mix of Wendy Brown and Yeri Pink while we were in Korea and we loved the combo. However, our favourite shade has to be Joy Grapefruit which looked absolutely stunning on the Red Velvet member when she sported it on an episode of her recent K-drama Great Seducer (or Tempted). It’s an ultra-flattering poppy red tone that works on every skin tone and is perfect for the summer. Pro tip from Joy: it can also double as a blusher for that flirty, flushed look!

Check out the Red Velvet members rocking their signature shades.

Seulgi wearing Seulgi Burgundy.

Wendy wearing Wendy Brown.

Irene wearing Irene Red.

Joy wearing Joy Grapefruit.

Yeri wearing Yeri Pink.

How gorgeous do the Red Velvet girls look? Now you can proudly show off that you’re wearing the same lip colour as your favourite K-pop girlie!

The Etude House x Red Velvet Matte Chic Lip Lacquer will be retailing at $19.90 each at all ETUDE HOUSE stores islandwide from 1 June 2018.


Is it just us – or does Sandara Park (aka Dara) just never seem to age? Even though she’s already in her 30s, the fresh-faced K-pop star could easily pass for a twentysomething in her prime years. In town to film for the new four-episode series Get It Beauty On The Road alongside local actresses Chantalle Ng and Tay Ying, we couldn’t help but admire Dara’s ever-so-youthful glow throughout the entire press conference. Ahead, the K-beauty icon reveals her tricks to staying young and looking fabulous – just like her!

Get It Beauty On The Road

On her go-to skincare tip…

While many celebrities tend to fall into the trap of getting tons of expensive beauty treatments and plastic surgery procedures, Dara swears by this simple and completely accessible product to achieve her signature glow. “I don’t look like this when I wake up (laughs). What I do is I put on a face mask every night. I try to do it every day even when I’m tired because it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. After a long day, we need some treatment to repair our skin while we’re sleeping.” Now, this is a beauty routine we can actually all follow!

On the K-beauty trend she’s loving right now…

As a self-proclaimed cosmetics fanatic, Dara confesses that she seeks joy in trying out new It items in Korea that are typically not available overseas. At the moment, she’s obsessed with cute face masks like the Kung Fu Panda style ones. “When you put on a mask, you get bored right? But when you look at yourself in the mirror while you’re wearing it, it’s really funny!”

On her top three beauty must-haves…

“Only three? Is that possible?” she remarks, ultimately deciding on using a face mask to prep her skin before applying BB cushion to look fresh and camera-ready. She finishes off with a lipstick – which can also do triple duty as a blusher and eyeshadow.

On combating the hot Singapore weather…

Not even Dara could withstand the scorching heat in Singapore! “I’m also human, right? I sweat too,” she quips, adding on that it’s important to choose the right products to make you look good. “As Singapore is hot and humid all year round, your makeup tends to get cakey throughout the day so you need to get the right products and do it properly, in the right order.” 


Goodnight Singapore😴 Dara in #SGday3

A post shared by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

On keeping herself in shape…

Being diligent in skincare isn’t enough – it’s just as important to keep your health in tip-top shape. Dara stays fit by frequently working out, even when she doesn’t have time to hit the gym. “Inner beauty is really important, so you need to work out regularly. I showed [Chantalle and Tay Ying] some simple exercise routines that they can do anywhere, be it at home, in the dressing room or in the toilet… If you watch our show, you’ll know what to do!”

Get It Beauty On The Road starring Sandara Park, Chantalle Ng and Tay Ying premieres 10 July 2018 (every Tuesday) at 6.30pm on tvN Asia (StarHub TV Ch. 824 & Singtel TV Ch. 518/619) and 8pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Ch. 111/825). 



The THEFACESHOP x Coca-Cola Collection Is Finally Here – And You’re Going To Want It All

26 May 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

THEFACESHOP certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to their packaging game, and it’s clear the K-beauty brand isn’t here to play with their latest lineup. In collaboration with beloved bevreage brand Coca-Cola, THEFACESHOP fizzes things up with an all-new range of products – all decked out in Coca-Cola’s signature red hue.

The collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a cushion foundation, a powder pact, lip tints and lipsticks. We’re particularly excited to get our hands on the Coke Bear Lip Tint ($21), which comes with a Polar Bear figurine encased in a snow globe topper; and the Coca-Cola Lip Tint ($17), which features a red and white striped straw as the applicator – reminiscent of sipping an ice-cold cola out of a paper straw. To sweeten your experience, these ultra-adorable lippies are made to even smell like coke so consider your fizzy drink cravings satisfied!

Click through the gallery to check out the full offerings.

THEFACESHOP X Coca-Cola Collection will be available at all THEFACESHOP stores islandwide from 8 June 2018.


Who run the world? Girls! Just ask the real-life girl bosses behind some of Singapore’s most successful beauty brands. We speak to Marie Soh, Amira Geneid, Kendra Liew and Sar a Davina Soong – four millennial entrepreneurs who are changing the beauty game, all while staying strong, sassy and fearless.

Marie Soh, INGA by 27A

Marie Soh, INGA by 27A

INGA by 27A produces a brilliant range of lip products that are exceptionally elegant and sleek, much like its founder Marie Soh. Launched in 2016, the inclusive lipstick brand aims to empower every woman to feel beautiful in her own skin – and it’s safe to say they’ve achieved just that.

What inspired you to start INGA by 27A?
Marie: As a professional makeup artist, I’ve always wanted to have something to my name while doing makeup at the same time. I wanted to explore having my own line and be able to look back and say “I did that!” and not regret not doing it.

What makes INGA by 27A stand out from other beauty brands?
Marie: I decided that INGA should suit Asian skin tones. There is no single skin colour in Singapore so we really have to be inclusive and cater to everyone in such a diversified country. There are so many people with darker skin tones who are really beautiful as well. Although there’s much more to be done, I think we’re off to a great start and we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

Any advice for aspiring #GirlBosses who want to make it in the beauty industry?
Marie: Don’t give up! Also, try to have your own signature style that sets you apart from others so that it gives your audience a reason to continue supporting you.

Amira Geneid, Zahara

Amira Geneid, Zahara

When Amira and her sister Alia couldn’t find a Halal makeup brand that satisfies their needs as Muslim women, they decided to come up with the perfect high-quality, high-performance cosmetic line. We sat down with the incredible Amira Geneid for a chat on her successful Halal line, Zahara.

What inspired you to start Zahara?
Amira: Growing up, it was difficult to find products that suited my needs as a Muslim woman. That’s when my sister and I decided to start our own cosmetic line that combines the pillars of love, beauty and faith. We wanted to build our dream brand and that’s what we are working towards every single day.

What makes Zahara stand out from other beauty brands?
Amira: We aren’t just a cosmetic line; we are a community. We communicate with our customers daily and are also heavily involved with the movement for female empowerment. On our blog, we share the inspiring stories of many admirable women from all walks of life. I think it’s important that we show different types of faces because let’s be honest – we don’t all fit the “perfect” blue-eyed and blonde hair mould. Zahara is an all-inclusive brand, created to cater to a huge gap in the market which is the female Muslim community.

Any advice for aspiring #GirlBosses who want to make it in the beauty industry?
Amira: Make sure that whatever you decide to do with your career, you’re doing something you genuinely care about. Things will get hard and it will be difficult to keep going, so you’ve got to really love your work to stay committed.

Kendra Liew, Katfood

Kendra Liew, Katfood

As the brainchild behind Singapore’s Most Awarded Independent Beauty Brand, there’s no doubt that Katfood founder Kendra Liew is a kickass entrepreneur. Her Kat treats are lovingly handcrafted without any chemical preservatives, great for those who are looking for organic beauty solutions.

What inspired you to start Katfood?
Kendra: I was inspired to start Katfood after seeing a lack of affordable all-natural skin and haircare basics in Singapore. Most of the natural options available when I first started were luxury, lifestyle items that you can’t substitute for daily essentials.

What makes Katfood stand out from other beauty brands?
Kendra: We use only food grade ingredients in our products because we believe that what you use on your skin should be safe enough for you to put in your mouth. Even the all-natural preservatives we use in some of our products are derived from kimchi!

Any advice for aspiring #GirlBosses who want to make it in the beauty industry?
Kendra: Don’t be intimidated by challenges that come in your way. Nobody said entrepreneurship was easy – so just focus, work hard and #MakeItWork.

Sara Davina Soong, Restoration Essence

Sara Davina Soong, Restoration Essence

Growing up, Sara Davina Soong has always believed in natural remedies. Now, she shares her passion for organic beauty by handcrafting wholesome products. Ahead, the founder of Restoration Essence shares more about her skincare venture.

What inspired you to start Restoration Essence?
Sara: My family has been my beauty inspiration ever since I was young, but more so now that I can look back at what I’ve learnt from them over the years. My mum and grandma have always been applying food or herb-based masks on their faces and bodies, and using traditional recipes to heal themselves from ailments.

What makes Restoration Essence stand out from other beauty brands?
Sara: Being a Singapore brand, our niche comes from incorporating seemingly underrated yet common local plants and herbs such as Pandan into our products by harnessing their detox properties.

Any advice for aspiring #GirlBosses who want to make it in the beauty industry?
Sara: Have faith! Don’t be afraid of competition and the opinions of others. In fact, competition sharpens your skills and outlook. Everyone has their opinions due to different experiences in life, but only you know your business best.

This article was adapted from Teenage Vol.30 Issue 2.

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