Cool Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

12 Jun 2017 by Johanna Teo

Forget sweaty, frizzled tresses that look like a hot mess when the heat and humidity sets in. We’ve got you covered with a list of cool summer hairstyles to help you beat the heat while looking très chic! 

Low slung braided bun


A complicated-looking yet easy ‘do that lazy girls will love, recreate this low slung braided bun by simply gathering your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then, plait it 3/4 down and wind the ends of your braid around the top portion and secure with either a clear elastic or some bobby pins.

Bobby Pins & Hair Slides 

Give your elastic hair tie a break and let your bobby pins come out to play! Not only do they do great job at keeping hair off your face, they also double up as a cool hair accessory. For a minimalistic look, opt for a chic hair slider instead. 

Half-Bun ‘Do

This easy hair do literally takes two minutes to achieve. Simply sweep part of your hair up and either twist it around to form a semi-neat bun. Alternatively, leaving it in a loop gives you that messy carefree look that’ll look great with wavy hair – this hairdo works well with second-day hair too! 

Braided Ponytail 


You’ll be surprised at how polished a normal ponytail will be just by throwing a random braid into the mix. Depending on your preferences, hair length and braiding skills, you could do accent plaits, mini fishtail braids, etc. to easily spice up your look. 

Get Twisted


Whether it’s doing a subtle twist at the side or gathering your hair into an elegant half-do, hair twists are a handy alternative for those who can’t be bothered with braids. For an extra volumnised look, apply some product into your tresses before beginning this 5-minute hairstyle. 

Braided Partings

Ideal for those adept at braiding hair, these hairstyles take a bit more skill but are definitely worth the hassle. To achieve sleek braids, tame your tresses with a comb and keep your plaits taut throughout.

Insert Hair Bling 


As hairstyles get more adventurous, so do the accessories! Be it hair rings, ponytail cuffs, intricately designed sliders and more, investing in a couple of interesting pieces can go a long way in making your look effortlessly unique. 

Images: Pinterest

What are some of your favourite summer hairstyles? Let us know in the comments section! 

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If you haven’t gotten into the habit of applying sunscreen daily, now’s the best time to start. Here are 8 affordable sunscreens that’ll help you weather through the heat and humidity in Singapore! 


1. Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, $72

Formulated with titanium dioxide to deliver powerful UVA and UVB protection, this mineral-based sunscreen is infused with antioxidant-powered vitamin E to combat pre-mature skin aging caused by free radical and sun damage. Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin, it has a light tint that will help even out your overall skin tone and provide a lightweight base for the rest of your makeup routine. It’s the priciest on the list, but definitely worth shelling out the big bucks for. 

2. Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF 50+/PA++++, $39.90

Recently launched in Singapore, Anessa prides itself on being Japan’s top UV brand – a mean feat considering its stiff competition. The Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster has a very water-resistant formula that holds up well throughout the day sans any stickiness, and its blend of beauty essences (Bulgarian Rose Essence, Hyaluronic Acid, Angelica, Turmeric and Vitamin C) helps to improve skin’s moisture levels for a plump and bright complexion. 

Available exclusively at Watsons.

3. Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+/PA++++, $18.90

Saving you the hassle of reapplying sunscreen every few hours, the new and improved Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is a highly absorbent, long-wearing sunscreen that is ideal for doubling up as a makeup base thanks to its hydrating properties that’ll brighten up skin without leaving a white cast. 

4. Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Light SPF 34/PA+++, $18 

Another tinted sunscreen that’s suitable for Asian skin tones, the newly repackaged Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Light boasts “triple threat protection” – a Damage Block Veil that shields skin from not only harmful UV rays, but also infrared rays and air pollutants. And it’s further formulated with Hybrid Airy Powder, which helps to resist water and perspiration while providing light and soft coverage. 


5. NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion SPF 50/PA++, $22.60

Wanna stay protected while still keeping your skin hydrated under the glaring sun? Reach for NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion – this sunscreen has hydrating ingredients that support the skin’s protective barrier like vitamin B5, glycerin and advanced collagen protect to ensures skin stays deeply moisturised for up to 24 hours! 

6. DHC Suncut Q10 EX Milk SPF50+/PA++++, 29.90

An underrated gem that does the job of shielding your skin from the sun while boosting skin nutrients, the DHC Suncut Q1o EX Milk contains coenzyme Q10, virgin olive oil and hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and protected against sun damage. And you won’t have to worry about it leaving a sticky feeling after application as its serum-like texture absorbs pretty quickly and leaves a powdery finish to keep you fresh throughout the day. 

Available for purchase at Watsons.

7. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry Touch SPF50+/PA++++, $31.90 

The first of Neutrogena sunscreens to be tested and proven to be suitable for those with eczema or sensitive skin, the Sheer Zinc Dry Touch has a hypoallergenic, PABA and oil-free formula that effectively shields skin from damaging UVA-UVB rays. If you have an acne-prone complexion, this is a sunscreen to consider as its formula doesn’t clog pores with prolonged usage. 

8. Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence SPF 50+/PA ++++, $16.90

A multitasking sunscreen that provides 16 times the protection against UVA rays, this lightweight sun trooper can be used as a makeup primer as it has a non-sticky, matte finish thanks to its Double Silky Powder Technology. You’ll feel comfy and well-protected all day long! 

Most of you already know the importance of putting on sunscreen to shield skin from sun damage, but do you really know why you’re doing so? Here’s our comprehensive 2-part guide on all you need to know about sunscreen! Click here to decode the confusing sunscreen jargon (UVA, UVB, SPF, PA?????) and here for a better understanding of which sunscreens are better for your skin type. 


Tricks To Pulling Off Pink Monochromatic Makeup

23 Feb 2017 by Johanna Teo

Don’t be fooled by its innocent guise – pink makeup is tricky as hell and there’s a reason why most people draw the line at a fuchsia lip or a hint of blush. One wrong move and you might just end up looking like someone punched you in the mug – but worn correctly, it’s totally worth it. Up for the challenge? Here are three looks that you could totally pull off. 

#1 Pretty In Pink  Pink-Eyeliner

Play up your peepers with baby pink eyeliner. For a bright and fresh look, either skip out on eye shadow entirely or stick to complementary tones like nudes or pinkish mauve. A liquid liner will get you a sharp and precise flick, but you could smudge out a creamy gel or pencil formula for a softer look. If you’re not ready for full-out pink, sneak in pink accents atop your everyday black liner.

Do away with heavy contouring – shape your mug by draping blush across your cheekbones and bringing it toward the temples, achieving a subtle sculpted effect. 

Get the look: Pretty-In-Pink 
(From top, left to right) Sephora Hello Lovely Palette, $16, Tarte Amazonian Clay Pot Waterproof Liner, $32, The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in Taipei Orchid, $18, NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in Vivid Petal, $14, shu uemura metal:ink eyeliner in ME Pink, $40, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – Original, $33, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Sweet Pop, $35

 #2 Gone Fuchsia

There are tons of ways to rock a perfect pout, but our go-to routine always starts with a good lip scrub and moisturiser to eradicate dry and chapped lips. Neutralise uneven lip pigmentation by applying concealer before loading up on colour. Bold colours can get messy, so using a lip liner and brush will help you be extra precise and minimise lipstick bleeding (when colour feathers out of your lips). As with any statement lip, keep the rest of your makeup au naturel. Add a flirty edge by dusting on fuchsia eye shadow onto your lashes. 

Get the look: 
(From top, left to right) Make Up Store Microshadow in Hero, $27, Sephora Collection Colorful Eye Shadow in Starlette, $17, BECCA Lip Priming Perfector, $40, M.A.C Prep + Prime Lip, $34, Moonshot Cream Paint in Pink Punch, $33, NYX Lip Primer, $14, THEFACESHOP Moisture Touch Lipstick in PK02, $19.90, shu uemura rouge unlimited supreme matte in PK376, $38

#3 At First BlushAt-First-Blush

Glossy lids in this tropical heat seem more pretty than practical, but its whole messy and smudged effect makes it more forgiving. And it’s quite simple to achieve: apply your usual eye makeup and dab on clear gloss or balm, while using patting motions instead of smearing it onto your lids as the oily texture will swipe away your makeup. Since this look is pretty OTT anyway, don’t be afraid to match your lips to your lids. If you prefer the matte effect over glossed up lips, fake the shine by dabbing on highlighter or a hint of gloss in the middle of your lips.

Get the look: 
(From top, left to right) shu uemura play date eye & cheek palette in pink sundae, $98, ETUDE House Play 101 Stick in #13, $24, Fauxstix Bolt in Bae, $33Vaseline Lip Therapy Regular, $43CE Glass Gloss Transparency, $38, Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Lollipop, $38, Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon, $28

Photography: Justin Loh/Shining Head Media
Art Direction: Aris Lai and Johanna Teo
Makeup & Hair: Gigi Sng using Urban Decay
Model: Narana. E/Ave 

This was adapted from an article originally written by Johanna Teo and published in the February 338 issue of Teenage.

What are some of your favourite makeup looks? Leave your comments below! For more beauty, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle related content, check out our February 2017 issue, out on newsstands and Magzter now! 

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2017 Minimalist Nail Inspirations That Will Never Go Out Of Style

3 Feb 2017 by Johanna Teo

Forget the holographic, chrome-everything nail designs for a moment – here are 15 minimalist nail designs you can easily soak your digits in all year round. 

 Images: Pinterest

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10 Easy Peasy Beauty Hacks For Students

18 Jan 2017 by Teenage

Heading back to school? Arm yourself with these super easy beauty tips and tricks that actually work!

#1 Beachy Waves With Overnight Braids

Credit: Pinterest

Want beachy waves but have no idea how to create them? Go to bed with your hair plaited into braids – the smaller the braid, the tighter the curl. Before heading out the next day, run a straightener over each plait before shaking ’em loose. #iwokeuplikethis

#2 Remove Nail Polish With Nail Polish

Close-up of a womans hand applying nail polish
Credit: Pinterest

Did you know that you can remove existing nail polish with more polish? Simply layer on a fresh coat, wait a few seconds and wipe it off with a cotton pad. Repeat till there’s no residue left. 

#3 Tightline To Brighten Up Eyes

tightlineCredit: Pinterest

Instead of labouring over creating the perfect cat eye, brighten up your peepers in an instant by lining your waterline with a water- and smudge-proof pencil eyeliner. Follow up with mascara to open up tired eyes even further.

#4 Doubling Clear Lipgloss As Highlighter

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - MARCH 06:  TV personality, Hwang So-Hee (Sofia Hwang) attends the photo call for Rouge and Lounge Art Collaboration at Gallery YEH on March 6, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.  (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

Credit: Getty Images

Swap highlighter with a clear lipgloss for a subtle, (and more affordable) dewy glow. Pat it on, set with clear powder and you’re good to go.

#5 Save Time Spent On Makeup Routine

Credit: Pinterest

Save the easier parts of your makeup routine for when you’re commuting – lipstick, blush or even mascara can be discretely applied. Have a pack of wet wipes/tissues handy, just in case.

#6 Hand Sanitiser As Emergency Deodorant

Credit: Pinterest

Sweating up a storm with no deodorant in sight? Apply a squirt of antibacterial hand sanitiser onto your armpits – it’ll neutralise any funky odour thanks to the rubbing alcohol.

#7 DIY Tinted Moisturiser

Tinted moisturiserCredit: Pinterest

Running out of foundation? Create a high-coverage tinted moisturiser by mixing the foundation with a small amount of lightweight moisturiser.

#8 Emergency Makeup Remover

cotton swabCredit: Pinterest

If you don’t have makeup remover handy, clean up smudged makeup with moisturiser or vaseline with a cotton swab.

#9 Using Blush To Contour

blush contour
Credit: Pinterest

Pull double-duty on your blusher and warm up your complexion by using it as a contour. Peach/nude shades work well. Work it onto your brow bones, temples and sides of your mug and buff well till it blends into your complexion. 

#10 Run Through Cold Water For Shiny Hair

Credit: Pinterest

Rinse your hair with cold water before leaving the shower. The cold temp will help to close hair follicles, leaving your mane shiny and smooth.

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest

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