How Many Skincare Myths Can You Debunk?

19 Jun 2017 by Johanna Teo

Should you pop your pimples? Is using toner really necessary? What kind of sunblock should you use? There are tons of super believable skincare myths out there that may be stopping your complexion from reach its best potential. In collaboration with THEFACESHOP, our Teenage Gorgeous You! 2017 finalists clear the air and debunk these myths once and for all! 

Myth: Popping pimples will get rid of acne 

Answer: False

Chloe: If you’re a fan of Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, like me, then you may be strongly tempted to get rid of your pimples by popping them. Don’t – its one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Popping your pimples results in more inflammation, causes your pimples to spread and could potentially leave you with facial scarring. You could also be introducing your skin to new bacteria. And you still run the risk of spreading bacteria from your fingers onto your face, even if you’ve washed your hands prior to popping those zits.

Myth: Moisturiser is redundant because the face already produces natural oils


Answer: False

Amyn: “You can still benefit from the use of a daily moisturiser even if you have oily skin. Moisturisers are used to improve skin’s hydration (think water-content of the skin, not the oil-content) and reduce moisture – it also helps to form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to help it stay soft, smooth and hydrated. Moisturisers don’t have to leave skin feeling greasy and shiny. The trick is in finding the right product for your skin.” 

Myth: Toner is not necessary for dry skin

Answer: False

Joyce:I’ve believed for years that toner would be bad for my skin as past products I had bought had dried my already-dry skin even further, to the extent that it looked like I had wrinkles on my nose and cheeks because my skin was so dry. However, a friend had me realise that we should instead use alcohol-free toners instead of skipping out on toner entirely. Toner is the next essential step to take after cleansing as it helps to remove any remaining impurities – I used toner from THEFACESHOP’s Dr Belmeur skincare range and when I wiped my face, there was brownish residue even after I cleansed my face. I’ve learned my lesson and will diligently apply toner from now on!” 

Myth: The more you wash your face, the cleaner it is! 

Answer: False

Tyler: This is not true – it is not a ‘practice makes perfect’ situation. Instead, the more you wash your face, the more you may cause irritation to your skin, especially for those with acne-prone complexions. In fact, research has shown that it is good to wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Myth: The higher the SPF rating, the better the protection! 

Answer: False

Joanna: SPF isn’t an indication of how long you can stay in the sun. Instead, it measures how well a sunscreen can block UVB rays (which causes sunburn and skin cancer). For example, SPF 15, blocks 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30% blocks 97% of uvb rays, and SPF 45 blocks up to 98% of UVB rays – which isn’t a huge jump in protection. The real trick of protecting your skin is to reapply your sunscreen as many times as you can. 

Myth: Daily exfoliation ensures that your skin stays squeaky clean


Answer: Maybe

Don: This is not entirely true. Over-exfoliating will cause excessive dryness and redness to your skin, causing it to be quite painful at the end of the day.

Teenage: In recent years, some experts have advised that exfoliating every day can be good for your skin; but it really depends on your skin’s reaction, and on the products used. A general rule of thumb would be to exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week with a gentle scrub and monitor your skin from there. Over-exfoliation will leave skin tender and sensitive, while too little exfoliation might see your complexion looking dull and rough. It might also prevent your topical skincare from absorbing properly. 

Myth: Makeup Causes Acne?

Answer: False

Teenage: To be honest, this question is a difficult one. While makeup technically doesn’t cause acne, it can aggravate and make acne worse, especially if it isn’t removed properly. That’s not to say you should totally lay off makeup – apart from having a thorough skin cleansing routine, make sure that your products are noncomedogenic – which means it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts – and opt for formulas that are free of fragrance and acne-causing ingredients like isopropyl myristate, sodium lauryl sulfate and butyl stearate. 

Myth: What you apply to your hair does not affect your skin

Answer: False

Vivien: Well, it does! With our hair constantly touching our face, always ensure that you are well aware of the possible effects your hair products have on your skin. 

Teenage: There are two main reasons why hair products can cause acne breakouts. Product buildup that causes clogged pores over time, or having certain ingredients that cause skin irritation and inflammation. For example, oil-based products that contain petroleum, jojoba oil and shea butter (ingredients commonly found in products for dry and damaged hair) can encourage bacteria buildup. Similarly, ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (basically anything that contains sulfate) can cause skin irritation especially for those with sensitive skin. Pay attention to where your breakouts normally happen – apart from the usual hairline and forehead breakouts, body acne on the chest area and the upper back are common indicators that your hair products could be the culprit. 

Dr. Belmeur by THEFACESHOP is a gentle derma cosmetic line recommended by skin experts. Consisting of two skincare lines, Daily Repair (for dry and sensitive skin) and Clarifying (sebum care and oil and moisture balance),that covers your skincare routine from start to finish, the Dr. Belmeur range ensures that your skin is well taken care of no matter your complexion type. 

Finalists’ answers have been edited for clarity.

Do you have any skincare myths you’d like us to debunk? Share it with us in the comment section below! 

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