How To Apply Makeup Without Makeup Brushes

15 Jan 2016 by Arissa Ha

Multi-use and ultra portable, NUDESTIX is a makeup brand that only takes 10 minutes to put on, and easy for creating a fuss-free natural look – all without using any makeup brushes! 

The best ideas are the simplest, and for NUDESTIX, it’s almost too simple – beauty products come in a pencil form, and is super portable and easy to use. The idea behind this brand came from co-creator of Cover FX Jenny Frankel, who took time off from work to look after her two daughters, Ally and Taylor. After observing her daughters’ lifestyle (basically following them on Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms), she saw that teenagers embraced the natural makeup look, often opting to sleep in for another 20 minutes rather than do their makeup. There was a void to fill in terms of fuss-free makeup products that are easy to use and bring around – hence the creation of NUDESTIX. 


NUDESTIX products spans lip colour, cheek colour, mascaras, brow colour, eye colour and concealers, a wide range considering its one and a half year history. As its name suggests, the colour palette leans towards nudes, browns and neutrals, and come in a pencil form. Each product comes with its own tin case, which fits up to six products – essentially, you’re able to fit your entire face into one tiny case. There are no brushes required – just draw it on, smudge it with your fingertips and you’re ready to go. 

NUDESTIX Holiday Eye Kit in Angel Immortal & Twilight $69

NUDESTIX Holiday Eye Kit in Angel, Immortal & Twilight, $69

 Teenage Top 5 Picks from NUDESTIX

#1 NUDESTIX Lip Pens, $34

NUDESTIX Lip Pens-Singapore-Sephora

The NUDESTIX Lip Pens are available in gloss and matte finishes. Whether you just want a light wash of colour on your lips, or an intense vivid lip colour, both finishes give lips a much needed boost of hydration with vitamin E and shea butter. 

#2 NUDESTIX Concealers, $34

NUDESTIX Concealer Pencils (group shot)-Singapore-Sephora

Available in eight different shades, these concealers pencils are easy to use and bring around. Pack them in your bag for easy touch-ups or for a quick pick-me-up for tired eyes. 

#3 NUDESTIX Sculpting Pencils, $34

NUDESTIX Sculpting Pencils-Singapore-Sephora

Contouring is all the rage right now – they can make your face appear smaller or give the illusion of higher cheekbones. The Sculpting Pencils from NUDESTIX allow you to accentuate your features easily, without looking unnatural. 

#4 NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencils, $34

NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencils-Singapore-Sephora

Ever loved a shade so much, you’d want to wear it everywhere? Use the Lip+Cheek Pencils on both lips and cheeks – that’s one less product to buy, and more money to spend on other products. 

#5 NUDESTIX Clean-Up Pencil, $34

NUDESTIX Skin Pencils-Singapore-Sephora 

No one’s perfect so don’t be afraid of making boo-boos, especially when it comes to makeup. Clean off mistakes easily with the Clean-Up Pencil, without messing up the stuff that you did right. 

NUDESTIX are available at all Sephora stores, and online on

Which NUDESTIX products are your favourite? Sound off in the comments box below!


How To Achieve The No-Makeup Look In 5 Simple Steps

14 Jan 2016 by Venetia Sng

Fake great skin, long lashes and a healthy glow with makeup. We teach you how to do it in 5 simple steps! 

#Step 1: BB Cream

✓ BB Cream: Or otherwise known as blemish balm, are lighter in texture and coverage as compared to foundations. It also acts as a tinted moisturiser, primer and sunblock! And if you need extra coverage, use a concealer to hide those acne.

x Foundation: One of the joys of being a youth is that you probably don’t need heavy coverage all over your face. Avoid foundation as it does make your skin look cake-y due to the humid weather. 

Etude House Precous Mineral BB Cream CottonEtude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton, $25.90

#Step 2: Mascara

✓ Mascara: Enhance your lashes and brighten up those peepers with a lengthening or volumising mascara!

x Falsies: No matter how natural they look in the box, false eyelashes are called falsies for a reason. Without any eye makeup to balance them out, your lashes will end up looking weird and heavy.

Benefit-Theyre-Real-MascaraBenefit They’re Real! Mascara, $44

#Step 3: Blusher

✓ Blusher: Go for a matte peach or coral blusher that will give you a healthy, radiant glow!

x Glitter: Take a pass on the shimmer, natural skin doesn’t sparkle like Edward Cullen.

ZA-Chek-GroovyZA Cheek Groovy, $18

#Step 4: Brows

✓ Brow products: It’s important to keep those arches on point at all times! A pair of well-defined brows frames and accentuates the shape of your face.

x Over filling: A pair of overdrawn brows will just make you look like you have stuck two pieces of seaweed on your face and that certainly doesn’t look natural.

Clio-Tinted-Tattoo-Kill-BrowClio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, $30

#Step 5: Lip Balm

✓ Lip Balm: Keep your lips moisturised and smooth with lip balm. If your pout is a little pale, dab some pink or peach gloss in the middle of your lips to add that extra pop.

x Bright colours: The idea of natural makeup is to use colours that are closest to your natural skin or hair. Leave the blue/green eyeshadows and red lipsticks for another day.

Vaseline-Lip-TherapyImage Credit: Project Vanity
Vaseline Lip Therapy, $4

What other beauty guides would you like to see? Let us know by commenting below!



L'Oréal Unveils Smart Skin Patch

6 Jan 2016 by Arissa Ha

What has beauty giant L’Oréal got to do with wearable technology? As it turns out, plenty! Here’s what they unveiled recently at CES 2016 – a consumer electronic trade show. 

We all know that UV rays from the sun causes premature aging, but there hasn’t been a quantitative way to know exactly how much UV ray we are exposed to. All we can do is to slather on sunscreen and hope for the best. That’s all about to change with a smart skin patch that’s recently announced at CES 2016

The My UV Patch from L’Oréal contains a photo-sensitive blue dye, which changes colour when exposed to UV rays. Unlike similar patches which turns from white to blue in a few minutes, My UV Patch can be worn for days at a time. The user has to take a photo on it and upload it onto an app to see their results. 

Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator reiterates that the patch is to determine the amount of UV exposure, not as a reminder to reapply sunscreen, but with an idea like this, we look forward to improvements and hopefully a better chance at preventing premature skin aging. The My UV Patch  will be introduced to 16 countries this summer  (it’s unclear whether Singapore will be part of this launch, but one can hope!). 

Photo credit: BBC Technology / L’Oréal

What do you think of this new smart skin patch from L’Oréal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. 

‘I’m the sister you never had… or the sister you never wanted’, is how YouTuber Weylie introduces herself in the ‘About Me’ section of her YouTube channel, where she candidly dishes on everything you could ever possibly need to know: from beauty tips, to life hacks, to even awkward topics like… sex. As we found out during our chat with her while she was in town for Skin Inc’s eighth anniversary and Beauty Hackathon event, Weylie’s pretty straight on about everything – but one thing she’s dead wrong about? That she could even remotely be the ‘sister you never wanted’. Here are the reasons why she’ll be one of the best big sisters in the YouTube scene.  

1. Weylie understands how tough it is to be a bullied kid

“I remember my first time being bullied was around first grade – all the way up until high school. It wasn’t as bad in high school, but middle and elementary school was pretty bad. I talk about these topics because everyone goes through it. I don’t think anybody has ever gone to school and not been bullied at least once. So I like talking about that and telling people how to overcome it, or at least [share] how I dealt with it. Kids can be so mean and now, especially with social media, even kids you don’t go to school with – they can find your Instagram and pick on you, for whatever reason.”

2. She shares her struggles 

“When I was in middle school, I was getting bullied a lot. And my mum was trying to find me a new school. But even then, I thought, ‘This is such a hassle, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna get bullied just because I’m going to a new school. I couldn’t wait till all the school stuff was over, where I didn’t have to deal with people bullying me. At that time, it felt like it was going to last forever. Every day, waking up and going to school was a drag for me. Now, looking back, that was so long ago. Everything passes and it just goes by so quickly.”

3. And offers great advice, especially about how she copes with social media negativity

“To be honest,  I would say I deal with it really well 90 per cent of the time. But we’re all human, and sometimes you get upset over certain things too. My boyfriend actually helps me get over it a lot. He’s the type of person who [just doesn’t care about it]. So whenever I get a mean comment, he’ll reassure me saying, ‘that doesn’t matter’. My dad told me a quote: ‘You know you’re doing something people are bound to not like it, but if the majority of people are happy with you, then focus on that, and not focus on people who are, you know… disagreeing with you’.”

4. But her go-to advice would be this: 

“It will pass. I think, whenever you’re going through something, especially a teenager, you think that there’s no way it’s going to get better. You think that it’s going to be forever, but it’s going to pass.”

5. She stands up for the people she loves 

“I think when people start talking about my family. That’s when it gets… you know you can say whatever you want about me, but for them to say – like when my dad or my mum shows up in a bit of my video, and [people comment] about how they weren’t smiling… People can make up something like, ‘Oh their family is unhappy’ or something like that. And I feel that’s when it actually bugs me, because my parents aren’t used to being in front of the camera. Naturally, I think people don’t see that not everyone’s comfortable being in front of the camera. Even sometimes, when my friends are straight faced in my videos, they’ll be like, ‘Oh your friend doesn’t seem like a nice person’. And that’s when it really pisses me off. Then I’m like, ‘ you don’t know them, and you don’t know why they weren’t smiling into the camera. Maybe there were doing something else’… “

6. She has weird quirks, just like all of us 

“I hate it when people hiccup. I get so mad… (Laughs) I don’t know what it is? When they’re sitting next to me and start hiccuping non-stop. If it’s once or twice, I can deal with, but if it’s non-stop and they’re not drinking water or doing something about it – the sound just drives me crazy. Another pet peeve I have is when they chew with their mouth open. And I hear the food getting broken down in their mouth. That drives me crazy too.”

7. And has her mortifying moments as well

“I was at a club recently. You know girls, when we’re in open back outfits and wearing sticky bras? I was really sweaty, so my sticky bra comes off (laughs) and falls to the ground. So I just dove for it and hid it afterwards. It was the most embarrassing thing! [Especially because] I was standing up, it was a pretty dramatic fall. At least it wasn’t like a nip slip or anything, it was just my bra falling off.”

8. She’s totally willing to share her less glamorous moments

“You know on Instagram, you always see people post their selfies and you always see full-face glam, or #IWokeUpLikeThis… but not a lot of people post behind-the-scenes of it all. So what people don’t see is when I wake up, and I have morning breath and what not. Or when I don’t shower and my hair is all nasty and greasy… Things like that.” 

9. Plus, she offers great skincare tips

“I recently tried Skin Inc’s Pure Revival Peel. It’s a very gentle exfoliator which takes off the dead skin cells, and I really like that one. It completely took off the dry patches, and made my skin brighter. I feel that peels really helped my routine. Since I wear makeup everyday, I feel that you just build up a lot of residue overall, because it clogs your pores. I like to do peels every few days so that my skin gets refreshed, and its able to absorb my skin care products [better] and my makeup just goes on smoother.”

10. She can do your makeup too

“I really like a matte face. I’m not into the dewy look because [I have an oily complexion]. So whenever I [put on] the dewy look, I feel sticky. Eye makeup wise… I wouldn’t say a natural, but more of a neutral smoky eye.”

11. Weylie’s pretty awesome overall, but the best part? She proves that a little action could really go a long way! 

“There was a girl that reached out to me. She started a GoFundMe account for her mother because she recently got diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. And I tweeted out the link to tell people about it so they can read about her story and if they can, they could help her out a little bit. Then one day when I was taking the train I ran into the girl. And that was like just it was surreal to see. I didn’t even know that she was a local in San Francisco so being able to meet her in person and realise that I really helped her and her mom… that really stuck to me, really gave me the chills when I met her in person.” 

Can’t get enough of this YouTube babe? Don’t forget to check out our interviews with Dani Song and Karissa Pukas too! 

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Karissa Pukas Gives Advice That All Girls Need To Know

24 Dec 2015 by Johanna Teo

Unlike most people, YouTuber Karissa Pukas doesn’t look all that different in real life – even off-screen, her doe eyes, flawless complexion and immaculate hairdo is as perfect as it is on her social media platforms. It was a little intimidating to be honest, but during our short tete-a-tete with this babe while she was in Singapore for Skin Inc’s Beauty Hackathon event, she revealed that she too, like everyone else, struggled with horrible makeup choices, how being a YouTuber ain’t that glamorous as it seems, amongst other enlightening revelations. 

You travel a lot, what kind of products do you bring around with you? 

“I always bring my skincare everywhere, it’s so important to have a good skincare routine when you’re travelling. I can break out really easily on planes – my skin just freaks out. To have a proper skincare routine is 100 per cent something I will have no matter what. Do you know the brand Makeup Geek? They have really great eyeshadows with really inexpensive prices. And I have those little Z palettes you can fill your own palette? So I always travel with that because I find that I can customize whatever I want when I travel. So it’s perfect, because I’ll put a couple of blush colours and I put a couple of eyeshadows then I’m kinda set for my trip.

What are your favourite Skin Inc products, and how has using these products changed up your makeup routine?

“I love their exfoliator. It just makes your skin so nice and bright. I regularly use Environ Intensive Avance DFP 312, and I really really like their Vitamin A oil. It has made my skin feel so nice. If my skin’s having a good day it’s because of that. I love that. I think that having a good skincare routine is the base of having a good makeup look. You can have the coolest eye makeup but what’s the point when your skin isn’t looking really great?” 

At what age did you start doing makeup and what was that process like? 
“Oh I was terrible. I grew up not really wearing makeup. When I first started in high school, I was probably 15 or 16 when I started trying different makeup things, and it was probably just mascara and blush? I remember getting this metallic blue lipstick in a Halloween kit and I thought it would work totally good for an eyeshadow? It was horrible. I don’t know why I ever wore it. But I thought that it was totally fashionable it was terrible. So I only probably started doing makeup in an alright manner when I was probably 20 years old. I really didn’t know what I was doing until I hit my twenties.”

How did you learn how to put on makeup during a time where we didn’t exactly have makeup tutorials for help? 

Trial and error, a 100 per cent. I had no idea what I was doing and my mom doesn’t… She’s a personal trainer, so she’s always in gym clothes and she’s always in and out of gym, so she pretty much has maybe powder and mascara. So she didn’t really teach me how to do things and I didn’t really have that many friends who knew how to wear makeup so I just tried and failed for a very long time, and I kind of started to get the hang of it as I did more and learnt more through magazines, would probably have been where I found more tips.” 

What is something that is very important for girls to get right when they’re starting out with makeup? 

“I think everything can be faked. The only thing that can’t be faked is getting the right foundation colour. I think that it’s really tough to get the right foundation colour especially if you’re tanned or you’re in between – sometimes I’m really pale, sometimes I’m really tanned, and my tan will come off fast, and all of a sudden I’m stuck with the wrong colour. I think though that trying to make it work, and trying to get a really really close match is probably your best bet. If you have a bad brow day, that happens. If you mascara’s clumpy, it happens to the best of us, but your foundation really does need to match.”

Do you have any beauty life hacks that you can share right now?
“Having someone else wax or thread your brows. For the longest time I just did my own. I thought ‘oh, just save the money’, it was like $15, $20 to go get them done by professionals but I thought that I’d just save the money and do it myself. I don’t know why I did that for so long. My brows and my face looks so different when it’s me doing it compared to someone else doing it. Someone else doing it… they just get the shape and the symmetry right and your face just looks brighter and open and your brows are really, I guess the focal point on your face. So it’s good to get someone else to do them for you.”

As the founder of SocialEyes lashes,  what made you venture into doing falsies and what are the common mistakes that people commit with their falsies? 
“I think I wanted to do lashes because Australia doesn’t have very many good choices of inexpensive, well-made lashes. And I was a makeup artiste working at Estee Lauder and they don’t make lashes themselves, so I kept having to go over to different counters to go get lashes, and [the ones I could get] were really really expensive lashes, like $17 or $18 for one set and I just thought, ‘well this is silly I’m putting them on teenage girls’. Why are they paying so much for a one time use of these things? So I thought ‘Okay, I can do this. I could really provide a really good product at a good price and if I had a good shipping in a really nice packaging, why couldn’t I provide that?’ So that’s what it kinda started off as, and we’ve gone to, I think we’re now at 27 styles? We also have a vegan cruelty-free quick dry glue, which is awesome because it’s latex free so it dries really quickly, so when you place it down, it stays there. So yeah, we’ve definitely expanded a little bit on that but I’m really excited that our brand is growing and changing and offering more products.” 

What are the common mistakes that people make when they apply lashes?

“They don’t take into account their eye shape. When you have smaller eyes, you have to cut the band. I think a lot of people forget to cut the band and then it stabs the outside of your eye and it can be really irritating. It’s so uncomfortable and lashes don’t need to be uncomfortable. And I think another thing would be a lot of people don’t necessarily take into consideration their eye shape versus how big some of the lashes are? Sometimes it might look really unnatural on their eyes. If that’s the look that they’re going for then awesome, like that’s great, but when they go ‘Oh, natural look!’ and they have like [super thick lashes] sometimes it just doesn’t suit their eyes. I’m not saying that all lashes are like that, there could be a lot of styles that could look wonderful on their eye shape it’s just that they might be choosing the wrong style of lash for their type of eye to achieve that look that they’re after.”

You upload 2 videos every week. Which is pretty insane…
“You know what, it’s not even that bad compared to some people. Some people are doing videos every day or 3 days a week, 4 days a week. I feel that two days is good.”

How do you juggle your schedule?
“It’s hard sometimes, I try to… If I’m having a really good skin week, I try to film as many videos as I possibly can during that time, and then I’ll have a stockpile of videos. And then I’m able to edit them or do other things on other days. So I’m really busy with my eyelash brand a lot on the other days, so it’s nice to not worry about my YouTube channel because I already kind of set up the videos, with everything kind of ready to go. So I try to pre-plan as much as I can.”

Are there any videos that are difficult to film?
“I think that lookbook or fashion videos are a lot more difficult, than say, beauty videos. I can film the beauty videos myself, in my room, with my studio and kind of have that done in a couple of hours, versus if I’m going on location to shoot a lookbook video, I need a videographer, I need to have all of my outfits planned, I usually have to take a little suitcase around. I’ve changed in bathrooms, changed in other stores, because you’re always out in the public right? I’ve changed in the back of a car before, wherever there’s a little bit of privacy you’re just putting things on, taking it off, but definitely lookbooks are more involved to film.

So talking about having to change in public places when you’re filming lookbooks… what are some of the less glamorous things of being so active on social media?
“It’s absolutely the most non-glamorous job. It’s so funny because everyone thinks ‘Oh, you must be all done up all the time’, you’re not at all. I might wear makeup once a week, and the rest of my week I’m in pyjamas and I don’t even bother to get dressed. I’m working from home, I have my hair in a bun, and I just do not look like how I do on social media. I think that that’s so funny because nobody really sees that. I mean they do now that I’ve been doing daily vlogs and you’re vlogging a lot more and they see my life a lot more, at least candidly. But people forget that we’re real people that don’t look like that all the time.”

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