10 Things We All Do But Won't Ever Admit

28 Jul 2017 by Gladys Lee

Read this silently and just keep it to yourself, because it’s okay, no one has to know. *Though we all do it anyway*

1. Not hearing someone even when he has repeated himself for the third time and you just laugh, hoping it’s the right response you’re supposed to give.


2. Run a background check on someone you’re gonna meet through social media, but pretend you know nothing about them when you actually hang out with them IRL


3. Turn down the volume on your headphones to eavesdrop on convos


4. Recycle the outfit you wore yesterday because you know you won’t be seeing the same people


5. Make up plans to get out of other plans, when your only plan is to stay home and binge-watch Netflix/K-dramas


 6. Telling your parents that it’s a school camp/activity when it’s actually a friend’s birthday/chalet


7. Purposely ignore a text for days, and then genuinely forget about it. And light years later, you reply, “Hey sorry didn’t see this!”


8. Saying, “Yay weekends! Gonna go cafe-hopping!” when all you’re thinking is “YAS no human interaction till Monday”


9. Listening to rap songs and pretending that you can rap by moving your lips rapidly when you don’t even know half the lyrics. (While being extra conscious to not say the gibberish out loud, of course)


10. Spamming selfies on Snapchat/IG stories to show how cute and fun your life is, and checking in every hour to see if your crush has viewed your snap stories. *And feeling a little too gleeful if he/she has.*


 Which ones are you guilty of, and which ones have we missed out? If you’re brave enough to admit it, share it with us in the comments section!

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5 Tips To Land A Job With No Work Experience

25 Jul 2017 by Fabian Loo

It’s a real life chicken-and-egg conundrum: how can you land your very first job with no prior job experience to beef up your resume?  You’re about to embark on a journey into the working world, to pick up some hard skills and put those knowledge you’ve learnt to good use. But it can be hard to be taken seriously when your curriculum vitae is looking rather sparse. With little to no work experience at hand, here are some handy tips that can help fill the gaps, and possibly land you that very first job.

Look the part


“Push your relevance to the specific job you want.” – David McCall, managing director of Hyper Island UK (The Guardian)

Make that first impression count, and dress for the job you’re applying for. An appropriate dress code tells the interviewer you’ve done your homework. While most desk-bound jobs would require a formal outfit, other industries need only a smart-casual get-up. But above all, look collected and confident. Remember: dripping beads of perspiration is never a good look.

Avoid cliches

noexperience-avoidcliches Things like “I am a fast learner”, or “I will work very hard” should not be said during the interview. These are a given – all employers would expect any new hire to possess such traits. Always try to show them your abilities, not tell. And that’s where the next point comes in.

Highlight school achievements


“Experience doesn’t have to just come from traditional jobs; market any skills you’ve developed in other areas of your life.” – Lolly Daskal, leadership coach (Fast Company)

Here’s where the effort you’ve placed for school assignments come into play. Flaunt appropriate projects and work you’ve done in school, to give interviewers a peek at your skills. Planned a school-wide event? Ran lead on your extracurricular activity? Won a competition? These are markers of your ability when you have no work experience. Now aren’t you glad you finished your homework?

Be ready to learn

noexperience-readytolearn Lifelong learning is not just for the elderly. Being an eager beaver and displaying enthusiasm is key in showing off your potential. Read up on the company, or the job, or even your interviewer. Having background knowledge to fall back on will make you sound like an informed candidate. It takes a little effort, but such initiative behaviour will go a long way into highlighting your work ethics and willingness to improve.

Talk about … you


“Pro tip: Keep it classy – skip the full moon parties and stick to life lessons that can translate into good work ethics.” – Ryan Kahn, career coach (The Muse)

At the end of the day, hiring mangers are already expecting a fresh candidate with little to no experience when they call you down for the interview. So dazzle them with your personality. Chances are, they want to see if you’ll be a good fit with the team. Talk about your hobbies with passion, or talk about what drives you or motivates you in life. It helps them gain a grasp of who you are – as a worker, and a colleague.

Have any personal tips of your own? Share it in the comment section! 

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9 Easy Psychology Hacks To Get Ahead In Life

21 Jul 2017 by Teenage

Whether you’re looking at learning a couple of psychology hacks to improve your social skills, become more productive or to get a competitive edge over your peers, these micro tips will definitely come in handy. 

Getting The Answer You Want

If you’re only receiving partial answers to a question, don’t rush into your own reply. Stay silent and maintain eye contact with the other party, and chances are they’ll continue talking and eventually giving you an answer. This is due to human’s natural desire to conform to social pressures. By keeping quiet, the person in question will feel subtly pressured and automatically want to decrease social awkwardness by elaborating/talking.

How To Make A Good Impression

The Serial Positioning Effect explains that humans tend to remember vividly events at the start and at the end, more so than happenings in the middle. This suggests that you’re more likely to be able to make a good impression by starting and finishing your encounter on a high note. In the long run, nobody really remembers what happens in the middle, so as long as you wrap things up well, you’re set. 

Two Left Feet 

Being able to interpret body language is a powerful tool. Start off by learning how to identify what other people are thinking by reading their feet! For example, when in a group setting, pay attention to where each person’s feet are pointing. Their lead foot will reveal the direction that they’d like to go towards, and this can be revealed even when they’re otherwise engaged. Similarly, if you see someone in conversation but they have their feet pointed towards you and their torso towards the person they’re speaking to, this likely means he/she is interested in you and would like to approach you.

In contrast, if you approach two people in conversation, and they only turn their torsos toward you (and not their feet), this indicates that they do not want you to join the convo, despite what they are saying. This can also show whether a person you’re speaking to is really interested in you – it’s all in the toes! 

 Warm Bodies 

First impressions count, but did you know that first handshakes matter too? There are tons of articles out there detailing the qualities of a good handshake (firm, engaging, sincere, for starters), but one important detail many neglect is making sure their hands aren’t clammy or cold to begin with, as these are indicators of nervousness and weakness. The next time you reach out for a handshake, check your paws and warm ’em up subtly before engaging! 

Say My Name, Say My Name 

During conversations with folks you aren’t familiar with, one way to warm ’em up is to say their name instead of referring to them as “Mate”, “Miss”, “Buddy” etc. This method suggests that you consider them important, which increases the chances that they find you more relatable and likeable.

Smiles Away 

You might have already heard of this one. The next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, try smiling (even if you feel like you have no reason to). By doing an action that doesn’t tally with your behaviour/mood, your brain will experience cognitive dissonance and in turn, make it easier for your mind to convince itself otherwise – that you are in fact happy, which is why you are smiling. Faking it till you make it might be true after all! 

One On One 

The next time you’re trying to change people’s minds about a certain decision, try approaching them individually instead of tackling them on as a group. According to the Bystander Effect, studies reveal that people tend to ignore requests for help especially when in a group, as they could assume that there’d be others around to help you. By appealing to each person individually, they’ll tend to feel personally responsible and thus be more willing to lend a helping hand. That’s not to say that humans are unhelpful creatures; it’s just that they might be pressured by social circumstances to decline. 

Just Walk On By 

The next time you’re trying to maneuver through a crowd, try looking straight over the shoulder of the person who is blocking you, or in between people’s heads in a group. They’ll subconsciously notice the direction you’re headed towards and start moving out of your way. This really works! 

Finish The Tune

Have a song stuck in your head that won’t go away? Try finishing the tune till its end to break the music loop. This effect – known as the Zeigarnik Effect – is the tendency the human brain has to remember incomplete activities, which in turn serves as a reminder to finish that task. This explains why an unfinished song might keep playing in your head. 

These psychology hacks are just the tip of the iceberg! If you are curious or have an interest in Psychology, learn more by enrolling for Kaplan Higher Education Academy Diploma in Psychology – the newest addition to their wide range of more than 25 Diplomas across 8 Disciplines!

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Want to gain work experience but explore the world at the same time? These unconventional internships will allow you to gain professional experience and discover the world while you’re at it!

Go Cruising The High Seas

Ahoy, Matey! Channel you inner captain Hook with Captain Hook Cruises, a family-owned ‘small ship’ cruise operator in Australia that sets sail to the Great Barrier Reef, the Fiji Islands and beyond. With over four decades of experience in the market, this premier Sydney Harbour cruise line is perfect for those with an interest in the tourism industry. Not only will you assist the crew in sales and marketing, you’ll also help the accounts department with day-to-day operations while living life like a true Aussie. Kangaroos, beaches and Mediterranean fare, anybody? And listen up if you need more reason to apply for an internship with them – everyone’s favourite wolverine, Hugh Jackman was also a deckhand aboard this ship!

Get The Buzz On Beekeeping

Credit: Yerba Buena Farm, Facebook

Credit: Yerba Buena Farm @ Facebook

There’s more to making honey than just harvesting beehives! Join the Yerba Buena Family Farm in Jamaica and get hands-on building and managing bee colonies while learning about the industry. Not only that, you’ll also get to explore natural and sustainable methods of beekeeping, and help out in buzzing workshops and events around the island. You are also required to blog about your experiences throughout the duration of your internship. We gotta be honest though, just the thought of being able to get out taste buds on fresh honey is reason enough for us to click the “Apply Now” button…

Indulge In Chocolaty Goodness

Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Facebook

Credit: Vosges Haut-Chocolat @ Facebook

Chicago-based luxury chocolatier Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a company that prides itself on “storytelling” using the medium of chocolate, and aims to bring awareness to various cultures by fusing different ingredients with premium chocolate. And it’s a great option for sweet lovers who are interested in international business as the internship will have you trying out research and development, store management and marketing, as you “further your education by journeying around the world”. The company has also been igniting a new wave with its innovative and avant-garde recipes, so fingers crossed that you’ll get to try some of their new creations!

Lend Your Hand To Sea Turtle Conservation

Credit: Unsplash

Credit: Unsplash

Sea turtles are facing environmental threats to their survival, but you can help bring awareness to their plight by joining a host of global organisations that have pledged their efforts towards conservation and protection of the endangered species. From Costa Rica to Borneo, there are many worldwide destinations to head to, where you’ll be put to work collecting and translating on-site info into valuable research. If you’re really lucky, you might even get to release baby turtles back into the ocean! Being able to protect elegant sea creatures while exploring some of the most beautiful oceans in the world? Sign us up!

Go Beyond The Bollywood Sign


Hollywood schmollywood! For film and media students looking to go beyond the glitz and glamour of the ‘City of Angels’, why not explore one of the pioneers of the film industry – Mumbai, India? Throughout the four-week course organised by International Internships (LLC), you’ll get a glimpse into the inner workings of Indian cinema by meeting industry professionals, going on set and visiting post-production studio – all of which will culminate in the submission of a short film project. Bonus: the programme is fully customisable so you’ll get to immerse yourself in specific areas of interest!

Protect The Beautiful Planet We Call Home

Credit: Richmond Vale Academy, Facebook

Credit: Richmond Vale Academy @ Facebook

Global warming is a serious threat, but there are countries who are still ill-equipped to tackle climate change. You can do your part in making a positive impact on the environment as well as the local communities. With Richmond Vale Academy’s one- or six-month intensive program, you’ll help make the island nation of St. Vincent climate compliant through the implementation of different courses and actions like building a water reservoir and developing a new compost system. No matter what course of study you’re in, this is truly a meaningful experience where everyone can contribute, in an effort to create a sustainable future. 

Feature Image: Unsplash 

This article was adapted from an article in Teenage July 2017, out on newsstands now.

Would you sign up any for these internships? Tell us in the comment section! 

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