To celebrate the month of love, we asked 5 millennials to write an open letter to the person they loved the most. Some feelings are hard to express, let your written words do the talking.

You’re My Asteroid

It’s pretty undeniable that you’ve made a tremendous impact on my life. Like an ‘asteroid hitting earth’ kind of impact. I know that seems like a bad thing but I assure you it isn’t. We really should have asteroid showers more often; drastic change is good. Sometimes I wish I had met you sooner. It’s kind of a shame that we spent only one year in school together. Imagine the amount of damage that could have been done if we had four years. I hope you know that when I say ‘damage’, I mean it in the most affectionate manner possible. Kudos to us though, for making the most out of only a year. This is the part where you roll your eyes, if you have not already begun.

Anyway, as you can tell, this is obviously a heartfelt letter and those nostalgic tears should be filling your eyes to the brim. right. About. Now. Or at the very least I hope I’m still as entertaining as ever.

Jokes aside, I really mean it when I say that you’re one of the few people who helped drive my life in the right direction, and I’ve reserved a section of my heart just for you. Thank you for walking into my life nearly seven years ago, and for staying put. I need you to know that I appreciate every single time you’ve purposefully corrected my grammar and spelling, and for kicking me (and other people) out of class multiple times because bailing on english homework was trending.

It takes way more effort to call people out on their shortcomings and pinpoint mistakes, especially if they don’t directly impact you, letting things slip is always easier. So what I’m trying to say is that I sincerely love you for everything you’ve done for me and my lovely classmates. You know we all love you, from the bottom of our hearts. – Sadhana

Love Is Unconditional

When I was young, I kept hearing the saying “A parents’ love is unconditional” but I never understood the meaning behind it. Growing up with three other siblings, I used to think that it’s your duty to provide me with what I need, in terms of education and basic necessities. It’s mummy’s duty to wake me up and make me breakfast, papa’s duty to ensure my family is well-fed and buy me the newest gadgets.

It wasn’t until I went abroad for my studies in Australia that I realised how much I’ve taken my parents for granted. There, I had no one to turn to and rely on. Nobody was around to wake me up in the morning, prepare dinner for me after a long day, or to change my bedsheets when I’m tired.

Now that I’m in my twenties and back in my homeland, I’ve begun to see mummy and papa in a new light. I learned to appreciate the little things that you did for me. It was never mummy’s duty to wake me up every morning and ensure I get to school on time, nor was it papa’s duty to buy me a new phone. But you did it anyway – to make sure I get the best education, and to make me look ‘cool’ in front of my friends with the latest tech toys. I finally understood the sacrifices you’ve made for the family. You put aside your own hobbies or buying a fancy new phone for yourself, so you can save up for our university fees or to bring us on a holiday. Life is unpredictable and they can’t be there forever. So I just want to say:

I love you mummy and papa. Thank you for your unconditional love for us, putting a roof over our head and food on our table. I’m grateful and fortunate to have you. – Hayden

Memories Left Behind

One of my earliest memories of you, is standing by your bed, anxiously sucking on my pacifier as you packed your stuff and patiently explained to me that you would be away for some time, far away where I cannot follow, and that I should be a good girl and eat my meals properly. I remember feeling confused and wondering why I wouldn’t be allowed to follow when I could tag along even when you went to the wet market where there were always a lot of people and I so easily got swallowed up by the crowd. You left me and it was possibly the saddest period of my short life then, and I remember crying at the airport when you left with a big group of people all wearing white.

That was the only time we have been apart for such a long period of time. I slept in your bed till I was in my teens when mum decided we could turn the study room into a bedroom for me. Life has been difficult on you, but you always ensured we had good food to eat at home every day, even when your legs hurt too much when you stand for long periods in the kitchen. I love how much perseverance you have, a particular brand that belong to people of your generation, totally absent in mine. You always swallow your anger and sadness and kept them in your heart even when you were being unfairly treated, all because you want to avoid conflict, as much as it frustrates me that you don’t want to stand up for yourself. And that is my biggest failure as a granddaughter – that I allow you to be treated as such when you deserve to have someone stand up for you and speak on your behalf.

I will do better.

I love you. – Rin

The Woman Of My Life

She is a woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a grandmother.

She is strong, smart and crafty. She worked her way up and made many wise decisions for the family. She started from cents to notes of money that could be found tucked away in the pockets of her blouses. She believed that destiny lies in your own hands and that it was important not to depend on someone else. She chose true love over having rich kids. She knew that money and beauty doesn’t last forever.

She fell sick. She lied on the hospital bed and was put under morphine. She was motionless, save for the tears pooling in her eyes. She persevered and wanted to stay on longer. She wanted to attend the graduation ceremonies and wedding dinners of her grandchildren. She wanted to fall asleep beside her partner every night. She just wanted to have a little more time.

She eventually left.

She left us a legacy of love and respect for being a beautiful woman, a loving mother, a filial daughter, a wonderful wife and a caring grandmother. – Emmerline

Home Is Where My Family Is

To my parents:

I’d like to thank you so much for raising me well and giving me so many things that i can learn up till now… I feel so lucky because I’m your daughter. I know that I make you sad and upset at times, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I just wanted you to understand that I’m not a kid anymore (sorry for my selfish self). I do actually know how I should behave, and I understand that everything you tell me is for my own good and to help me be able to have the best future I could hope for. My prayers are for mum, dad and my sister; everyday I pray for all of you to be healthy and happy in every moment, live a long and enjoyable life and for only the best things to be graced upon you guys.

This year, I’m turning 20. I’m already an adult – I can’t believe how time flies. With age comes responsibility and it means that I have to be a better person than before. I promised myself that I would not have disagreements with mum or dad anymore. I’ve decided to always be down-to-earth, and to always be grateful for every little thing. I have mum, dad and my little sister who love me just the way I am, and it’s amazing how they never get tired of me, and how they can forgive my mistakes time and again. Now what I have to do is to study hard and be diligent in finding a suitable job for me after graduation – for I’m the master of my own happiness. I hope for my family to always be happy, to love and cherish one another without discord. I will work hard to make this happen. – Aprilia

If you penned a letter to the person you loved the most, what would it say? This Valentine’s Day, send love to the special people in your life. They deserve to be celebrated. ♥

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