5 Must-Do Tips To Get Over The Ex

27 Jul 2016 by Teenage

Getting heartbroken pretty much sucks, but trust us when we say that you’ll definitely come out of it stronger. Here are some tried-and-true tips to shorten your heartache time and get over that ex pronto!

#1 Get real sad

It sounds ironic that we’re encouraging you to wallow in sadness, but part of getting over someone is accepting that your relationship has ended. And you can’t do that without allowing yourself to ‘grieve’, which understandably takes some time. Put on some sad songs, watch The Notebook, or do whatever makes you bawl… It’s okay to be upset, and emotionally ‘detoxing’ will make you feel real good in a jiffy. Just don’t wallow for too long!

#2 Rationalise your feelings

So you guys broke up. Guess what? The world still moves on, and it’s yet another day. Instead of wailing on about your breakup, rationalise your feelings no matter how hard it is. Why did your relationship end? Was it because of something you did, and was he/she worth it anyway? If it’s your mistake, correct yourself and move on. If it’s your ex’s, even better – dust yourself off and walk away. Why bother with someone who doesn’t really care enough to not hurt you anyway?

#3 Talk to your friends

Instead of putting your feelings on Facebook/Twitter (as we all sometimes do), try turning to trusted friends instead. One tends to over inflate microscopic issues while mulling over problems alone, so having an extra pair of ears to listen and give helpful advice will ease your emotional burden tremendously. True friends will not only be understanding and empathetic towards you, but provide you the shoulders to cry on. After all, relationships may fail but friendships are the only ships that never sink.

#4 Avoid his/her social media

Peeking at an ex’s social media platforms is just like popping an ugly pimple – tons of pain and possible leaving permanent scares. Admit it: you don’t need to check on whether she’s cryptic-tweeting about you, or if he’s happier with that other chick, because it’s literally none of your beeswax now. Curb your curiosity and even better, delete them off your feed. You can’t move on if you’re stalking them 24/7 right?

#5 Realise the perks of being single

It may not seem this way right now, but trust us: being single while you’re young may be the best thing that has happened to you. Look at it this way, you’ll be free to make friends, travel the world and gain experiences only a singleton can, Start by getting out of your house, meeting your old friends, getting a hobby… Basically things you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t because he/she didn’t want to. Embrace your singlehood!

Got any effective tips to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!

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