5 Types of Singaporean Teachers

22 Jul 2016 by Venetia Sng

Everyone has had an experience with a bad teacher and for those who have had a great teacher, you are so very lucky ’cause they’re rare like a Mew. No matter if they’re godsent or made of your worst nightmares, Teachers’ Day is coming and we compile a list of the 5 (most common) types of teachers we see in Singapore.

#1 The PE Teacher

PE Teacher Meme 1

PE Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: Constantly in their workout attire 24/7, yes even on special occasions like Racial Harmony Day, National Day etc. Their choice of punishment is exercise, no detention.

#2 The Unhelpful Teacher

Unhelpful Teacher Meme 1

Unhelpful Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: Never seem to be helpful in anyway whatsoever. If someone asks a question during class, they’ll redirect the question back to the students or go off topic without really answering the actual question at the end of the day.

#3 The Detention Teacher

Detention Teacher Meme 1

Detention Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: They give detention for EVERY SINGLE THING. Skirt too short? Off you go. Ran along the corridor? *hands you a detention slip* Nails slightly too long? You know where to go.. Hair too wet? Detention kthanksbye.

#4 The Monotonous Teacher

Boring Teacher Meme 1

Boring Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: By their iconic monotonous voice duh. Everyone (including the teachers) try to avoid them if possible, because even a normal conversation with a monotonous teacher might just put you to sleep. 

#5 Everyone’s Favourite Teacher

Favourite Teacher Meme 1

How to identify them: They always make an effort to make class fun, teaches you important skills in life that aren’t covered in our normal curriculum and are always very encouraging even though their students aren’t the most thankful.

Appreciate these rare gems and don’t ever try to piss them off ’cause they are usually very scary when you overstep your boundary and push their buttons.

Favourite Teacher Meme 2

A good teacher isn’t just someone who just teaches from the books – they guide us, influence us and impart wisdom to us. If you think your teacher is what we’ve just described, nominate them for Teenage Favourite Teacher Award to show how much your appreciate their hard work! Registration ends on 16 Aug 2016!

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