5 Types of Singaporean Teachers

22 Jul 2016 by Venetia Sng

Everyone has had an experience with a bad teacher and for those who have had a great teacher, you are so very lucky ’cause they’re rare like a Mew. No matter if they’re godsent or made of your worst nightmares, Teachers’ Day is coming and we compile a list of the 5 (most common) types of teachers we see in Singapore.

#1 The PE Teacher

PE Teacher Meme 1

PE Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: Constantly in their workout attire 24/7, yes even on special occasions like Racial Harmony Day, National Day etc. Their choice of punishment is exercise, no detention.

#2 The Unhelpful Teacher

Unhelpful Teacher Meme 1

Unhelpful Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: Never seem to be helpful in anyway whatsoever. If someone asks a question during class, they’ll redirect the question back to the students or go off topic without really answering the actual question at the end of the day.

#3 The Detention Teacher

Detention Teacher Meme 1

Detention Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: They give detention for EVERY SINGLE THING. Skirt too short? Off you go. Ran along the corridor? *hands you a detention slip* Nails slightly too long? You know where to go.. Hair too wet? Detention kthanksbye.

#4 The Monotonous Teacher

Boring Teacher Meme 1

Boring Teacher Meme 2

How to identify them: By their iconic monotonous voice duh. Everyone (including the teachers) try to avoid them if possible, because even a normal conversation with a monotonous teacher might just put you to sleep. 

#5 Everyone’s Favourite Teacher

Favourite Teacher Meme 1

How to identify them: They always make an effort to make class fun, teaches you important skills in life that aren’t covered in our normal curriculum and are always very encouraging even though their students aren’t the most thankful.

Appreciate these rare gems and don’t ever try to piss them off ’cause they are usually very scary when you overstep your boundary and push their buttons.

Favourite Teacher Meme 2

A good teacher isn’t just someone who just teaches from the books – they guide us, influence us and impart wisdom to us. If you think your teacher is what we’ve just described, nominate them for Teenage Favourite Teacher Award to show how much your appreciate their hard work! Registration ends on 16 Aug 2016!


Online Trolls And How To Deal With Them

24 Jun 2016 by Felicia Tan

While some trolls are genuinely humorous, we also have the other group of trolls who are just plain annoying. We classify these people into 4 categories and we share with you how to deal with them.

According to Wikipedia (aka our best friend), a troll is a person who sows discord on the internet by starting arguments or upsetting people. Typically, they post inflammatory, sarcastic or off-topic messages in an online feed to provoke the reading audience.

Image Credit:

#1 The Grammar Nazi

Grammar Nazis snoop around the internet all day long in hopes of finding any spelling/grammatical error. In fact, we reckon that they are physically unable to not single out every single mistake they see on the internet. Also, they tend to ignore the content of your text.

Easy+way+to+comfort+a+grammar+nazi+i+love+grammar_6b1486_3612572Image Credit:

Our Advice:
For starters, you should proofread your text before clicking send/submit. In extreme cases, you can employ the help of the grammar-check sites online. Otherwise, insert a non-relevant Shakespeare’s quote or any excerpt written in Old English. We would love to see them correct that.

Ye seken lond and see for your wynnynges,
As wise folk ye knowen all th’estaat
Of regnes; ye been fadres of tydynges
And tales, bothe of pees and of debaat.

The Man of Law’s Tale

#2 The Sheldon Cooper

While Grammar Nazis pick on your grammar, Sheldon Coopers of the internet pick on your content. That said, let’s give them some credit alright? They do seem to know everything; from the blueprint of the White House to your Mum’s first name. And while they take on the role of a lawyer, a doctor, a politician and an engineer online, we know that, offline, they are often just overgrown teenagers, mentally and physically.

sheldon-cooper-quotes-facebook-coverImage Credit:

Our Advice:
For these Know-it-alls, we recommend using a method of reverse psychology to kick them down the troll-field. For example, you can start your text by saying “I’m sure some of you will disagree with me but I feel …” or, “This might sound silly but I …”. Play yourself down a notch to silence these Sheldon Coopers once and for all. If all else fails, try the broken-record method (See below).

You: I swear Singapore is the hottest place on Earth.
The Sheldon Cooper: No, I disagree. The hottest place on Earth is El Azizia, Libya, where the highest temperature ever measured on Earth was recorded.
You: I swear Singapore is the hottest place on Earth.
The Sheldon Cooper: … Did you see what I typed? …
You: I swear Singapore is the hottest place on Earth.
The Sheldon Cooper:
You: I swear Singapore is the hottest place on Earth.
You: I swear Singapore is the hottest place on Earth.
You: I swear Singapore is the hottest place on Earth.


#3 The Bored Hater

This group of trolls not only has too much time on their hands, but also has too much black in their hearts. They move from place to place, spewing hate comments and click on the “dislike” button whenever they can. Their posts and comments are often vile, racist, sexist and ageist. In short, they are just out to (virtually) spit on everyone’s face.

Our Advice:
The one thing that haters want from the online community is attention. They want to piss you off and they love it when people get upset. So, instead of shooing them off, just ignore them. If no one pays attention to their nonsense, they’ll eventually disappear. 


#4 THE SCREAMER @#$%^&*@#$%^&*

The Screamers are always angry. If anyone says anything even remotely critical to the Screamer, HE/SHE WILL REPLY IN CAPS AND START INSULTING/CURSING AT YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY. They hate the very existence of every living-being on Earth. They hate happy people, sad people, cats, dogs and even babies. In fact, we are pretty sure that they hate themselves. 

41a655c83a95ea5e266cb10c6eb9f49aImage Credit:

Our Advice:
We would love to steal their caps lock key but since there’s no way we can do that, we recommend the next best option; blocking them. Arguing with screamers is like yelling at a wall; it will literally get you nowhere. So stop feeding the troll, hit the “Block” button and walk away.

How do you deal with internet trolls? Share with us in the comments below! 

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10 Fun Places To Volunteer At

7 Jun 2016 by Marianne Lim

There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing what you love and giving back to society at the same time. If you don’t know where/how to start, take a look at these fun volunteering opportunities below! For those who find it hard to put aside some time, we’ve included alternative ways you can give back as well.

#1 SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)spcaImage Credit: Channel News Asia

If you’re an animal lover, this is perfect for you. SPCA advocates strongly for the welfare of animals by facilitating rehabilitation treatments and finding new homes for animals. You can sign up as a cat companion or a dog walker and give the animals some much needed care and love, or put your people skills to use by managing merchandise sales and manning the reception area.

Alternative: Instead of buying a pet from the pet store, opt to give an abandoned pet a new home. #AdoptDontBuy

#2 Singapore Red Crosssingapore-red-crossImage Credit: Singapore Red Cross

As long as you have a willing heart, anyone can volunteer with the Singapore Red Cross! Duties include administrative and logistical assistance, as well as helping out in Singapore Red Cross events such as World Blood Donor Day and Flag Day. If you would like to be more involved in the cause, you can sign up to be a member and go for basic training where you can hone your leadership skills.

Alternative: Check out their blood donation banks and save lives by donating your own blood! The whole process is pretty painless but yet immensely rewarding.

#3 One Singaporeone-singaporeImage Credit: One Singapore

One Singapore aims to eradicate poverty by promoting fair trade, fighting corruption and advocating for basic needs such as education, clean water and healthcare. It is a 100% volunteer run organisation and duties are both ongoing and ad hoc. Roles include promotion volunteers, editors, writers, reporters, volunteer coordinators and event pack packers.

Alternative: Head down and support the Make Poverty History Concert happening on 24 September.

#4 World Visionworld-vision-singaporeImage Credit: World Vision

Dedicated to working with families, children and their communities, World Vision is a global organisation that aims to transform people to reach their full potential and provide relief in disaster struck areas. Tell their story as a videographer, raise awareness as a graphic designer or perform through arts and magic shows at events such as the 30-Hour Famine Camp.

Alternative: Sponsor a child for just $45/month and provide him/her with basic needs such as food, water and sanitation.

#5 Singapore International Volunteerssingapore-international-volunteersImage Credit: Singapore International Volunteers

What better way to make a difference and see the world at the same time? Singapore International Volunteers are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to improving the lives of others overseas by putting their skills to good use. Opportunities include teaching English in Laos, providing water access to children and adults in Indonesia and nurturing good public reading habits in Vietnam.

#6 Wild Singaporewild-singaporeImage Credit: Habitat News 

Attention all nature lovers! Put your passion into practice as a nature guide by sharing and introducing others to Singapore’s flora and fauna. Training involves field trips with people who also love nature and interacting with nature experts. You can also help out with design, photography and writing, as well as event organisation and biodiversity surveys.

Alternative: If you can’t volunteer then be an explorer for a day! Your visitor-ship supports these wild places.

#7 Youth Corpsyouth-corpsImage Credit: Youth Corps

Join other passionate youths in giving back to the community in the Youth Corps. You’ll get a chance to be a part of major community service events – such as reforestation at Pulau Ubin and the ASEAN Para Games Final Countdown – and volunteering programmes, where you can make friends with the elderly and gain life skills by engaging with them.

#8 TWC2 (Transient Workers Count Too)TWC2Image Credit: TWC2

Often under appreciated and taken for granted, migrant workers make up one fifth of Singapore’s population. They have contributed immensely to our economy and growth, so why not show your appreciation by volunteering with TWC2? TWC2 is committed to improving the lives of low-wage migrant workers through outreach and public engagement. 

Alternative: Donations are always appreciated.

#9 Make-A-Wish Foundationmake-a-wish-foundationImage Credit:

Make-A-Wish Foundation aims to give hope and strength to children with life-threatening illnesses. Volunteering at Make-A-Wish Foundation reminds us of being a little bit like a fairy godmother – because you’ll be helping to grant the wishes of children, bringing them lots of joy and good memories! Previous wishes that have been granted include meeting Metallica, being a scientist for a day and going to Disneyland.

Alternative: Donate new or collectible items such as electronics, branded bags, mobile phones etc as they hold fundraising events same with both auctions and lucky draws.

#10 Yellow Ribbon Projectyellow-ribbon-projectImage Credit: Yellow Ribbon Project

Help in changing societal attitudes towards ex-offenders and raise awareness for the need to give ex-offenders a second chance as a Yellow Ribbon Youth Advocate. You will be part of the incredibly meaningful fund-raisers and awareness activities to support the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Alternative: Order from SCORE Catering the next time you have a party/gathering. By doing this, you help support inmates by giving them marketable skills to reintegrate and contribute back to the workforce upon their release.

For more volunteer and donation opportunities, check out

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6 Ways To Improve Your Memory

16 May 2016 by Venetia Sng

What time is that doctor’s appointment? Where did you place that book? Why did you walk to the bedroom? Did you need to get something? If all those sounds familiar, your memory may be failing you. But no frets because a healthy lifestyle can improve your brain health. These tips below will help you sharpen your memory and keep it robust for years to come.

#1 Eat Healthy


What you eat plays a crucial role for your memory. For example, vegetables like celery, broccoli and walnuts contain antioxidants and other compounds that protect your brain health and even stimulate the production of new brain cells. Time to change up that diet of yours and try to avoid food with too much sugar and grain carbohydrates.

#2 Exercise Regularly


Get your brain to work at optimum capacity by exercising regularly as it strengthens nerve cell connections and causes brain cells to multiply. A study also revealed that regular exercise not only improved blood flow to the brain but also helped people to learn new tasks faster as compared to people who rarely exercise. 

#3 Don’t Multitask


Multitasking is an attempt to do as many things as possible simultaneously and as fast as possible. It’s ironic because multitasking may actually slow you down as it makes errors more common as you get more forgetful. Instead of trying to complete multiple tasks at one go, focus on one task at a time and you may find yourself finishing things faster.

#4 Sleep Well


Sleep is key time when your brain solidifies the connections between neurons. People who nap remembers better as compared to those who didn’t nap. Get at least seven hours of sleep a day (including naps) and you’ll find yourself less forgetful.

#5 Play Games


Don’t let that brain deteriorate and get that appropriate stimulus by playing games. No matter if it’s board games like chess or video games like Dark Souls, as long as you challenge your brain with new and fresh information, you can counteract this degeneration. 

#6 Try Mnemonic Devices


Mnemonic devices are tools to help you remember better by organising information into an easier-to-remember format. Acronyms (pictured above) is one such device. Another example being beryllium, gold and titanium is BE-AU-TI-ful.

Image Credits: pixabay, shuttershock

Do you have any tips to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!

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4 Simple Ways To Be A More Confident Person

5 May 2016 by Venetia Sng

We’ll let you in on a secret: even the most confident people have their insecurities. While the phrase “fake it till you make it” does have its merits, it’s not the only way you can start building your confidence. Here are 4 simple ways to boost your confidence levels – go ahead and unleash your full potential! 

#1 Eliminate Negative Thoughts


Stop dwelling on thoughts like “you’re never good enough” or that “the whole world is against you”. You are in your own way and you need to snap out off it by thinking positively. We know it’s easier said than done which is why we have some tips just for you!

  • Get those emotions out of the way by talking it out with someone close.
  • Find a creative outlet like therapeutic painting or listening to music.
  • Get out, take a long walk and clear your mind.

#2 Meet New People


Chat with the hawker aunty the next time you get your lunch. Majority of people are friendly and there’s nothing to fear! Another way to meet new people is to join a sports team or a club of sorts. With similar interests, it’s much easier to strike up a conversation. The more you make the effort, the easier it’ll become and your confidence will naturally increase.

#3 Be Aware of Body Language


While having a conversation, it’s always good to have an awareness of your posture and what your body language is telling the person you’re speaking to. Keep a good posture, smile, keep eye contact and take time when speaking. By doing these, you’ll not only feel more confident, you’ll look the part as well!

#4 Try Something Different


Step out of your comfort zone and dive into unchartered territories! You can be totally spontaneous and book a trip to an unfamiliar destination that will require you to be assertive. Travelling to somewhere new forces you to talk to strangers, try exotic things and give you a confidence boost that you will bring back home. For something less extreme, you can head out for a solo hike at Macritchie or Bukit Timah. But remember – safety first!

Images Credit: Pixabay

What are your confidence boosters? Let us know by commenting below!

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