6 Interesting CCAs To Join In Poly

3 Jan 2018 by Teenage

Don’t limit your tertiary education to hitting the books and churning out assignments. Make the most out of your polytechnic experience by joining a CCA (or two!) to further your interests. And with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) boasting a total of 84 diverse CCAs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are six CCAs you should definitely check out!

#1 Live Audio


There’s a DJ in the house! The mood makers of NYP, Live Audio Club gets the party going with atmospheric tunes – mixed by their very own members who’ve undergone extensive DJ training. Apart from mixing up sick beats, Live Audio also equips its members with the technical know-how to provide audio support for professional events. They’ve even brought the sound to outdoor parties such as the Paddle @ Seletar and Puma One Mile Run!

Live Audio member, Ryan Lua, recounts his most memorable event, “I was involved in the planning of one of NYP’s biggest event, MUSE. One of the highlights I had to plan was for an afterparty. We set up the lighting and atmosphere, and during the party, I DJ-ed live on stage along with the other members. Although it was short, I gave it my all so that everyone enjoyed the event.”

#2 Street Workout Club


From parkour to gymnastics to bodyweight training, it seems like defying gravity is all in a day’s work for the Street Workout Club. If you’re looking for physically challenging exercises that’ll get your blood pumping with adrenaline and a bunch of fun friends to do it with, then this CCA is it.

#3 K-Wave

K wave

Perfect for fans of the Hallyu Wave, be prepared to experience everything K-related. For aspiring K-pop stars in the making, join the club’s Vocal and Dance section, where you’ll learn the latest K-dance choreographies, belt out K-pop hits, and show off your newfound skills through event performances and exciting competitions. But while there’s a heavy focus on K-pop and K-dance, members also have the chance to explore Korean foods, lifestyles, and even learn about Korea’s rich history. And the club is supported by the Korean Embassy!

#4 Makers and Innovators Tribe


Calling all hobbyists, crafters and artists-in-the-making (no pun intended)! The Makers and Innovator Tribe is a dream come true for those who love tinkering around – this unique CCA will link you up with like-minded folks to network and further explore creative collaborations. Plus, it’s supported by MakerSpaceNYP, which houses all the equipment and materials you’ll need to bring your project to fruition. 3D printers, here we come!

#5 The Communicators


Have a flair for social media? You could also become an ambassador for the poly with prospective students. This awesome CCA brings together the brightest sparks within NYP and members have a hand in handling the poly’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Members also organise Open House activities and recruitment camps, and get training in public-speaking, event management and leadership.

#6 Strongman Club


Do you lift? Whether you’re new to weightlifting or a seasoned pro, the fitness junkies at the Strongman Club will have you dead-lifting, squatting and training your way to a ripped bod and an even stronger mind. It’s time to push your body and mind to the limit – are you ready?

Want more insights on the exciting CCAs that NYP has to offer? Head down to the NYP Open House on 4 to 6 January 2018 to find out more! 

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