First-year diploma student Wu Zi Liang may be young, but the aspiring business mogul’s certainly got the entrepreneurial drive to succeed.

Building a successful business is what this young enterprising guru set out to do – all he needed was a push in the right direction. And that’s where East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) comes into play, which provides students with resources that can bring their ideas to life and prepare them for a myriad of careers after graduation.

Wu Zi Liang

A first-year student who’s currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Management, Wu Zi Liang is one of the many business-minded individuals who are hoping to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality at EASB. “I hope to take over the family business with my brother in the future when I graduate,” said Zi Liang, whose family runs a company that specialises in audio products and sound systems.

Zi Liang credits his time at EASB for helping to sharpen his business and computing skills across all spectrums, from learning how to analyse statistical data to understanding the concepts of digital marketing. And while the folks here take academics very seriously, it doesn’t have to be a boring affair.

Wu Zi Liang

At EASB, classes aren’t restricted to just numbers and stats – students get to take up interesting modules such as artificial intelligence which equips them with relevant AI knowledge; and management information systems which teaches them how to utilise current FinTech applications in a real-world setting. Zi Liang’s favourite class? International Business Environment, which seeks to provide him with a solid foundation in all aspects of international business.

Although there’s still some time left till his graduation, Zi Liang plans to make the most out of his years at EASB by further honing his craft while being involved in extracurricular activities, such as joining the basketball club. Upon graduation, he has also expressed his desire to expand his family business by introducing new headphone technologies into their product range. One thing’s for sure: he has a bright future ahead!

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