Get a University of London Degree Closer to Home

23 Sep 2016 by Teenage

Reached a crossroad where you have to decide if you should further pursue your education? If you’re worried about the costs of a degree or if you’ll find the right course with the right level of student support, University of London could be your perfect choice.

Study affordably in Singapore


Furthering our education often comes with a hefty price tag especially if you’re planning to do so at a prestigious university overseas – but with University of London (UOL), you won’t have to worry about that. You can study for an internationally respected degree right here in Singapore. Think about all the money you can save!

Highly sought-after programmes

University of London GraduationImage Credit: londoninternational

No matter if you’re a foundation, undergrad or post-grad student, UOL has programmes specifically suited for everyone. Among their most popular and sought-after undergraduate programmes are the Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Management, and other mathematical/social science programmes – all of which are developed by the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Local teaching support


Many of UOL’s programmes are supported by local teaching centres, including Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIM GE), PSB Academy, Stansfield College etc. These centres provide lectures and seminars, while many offer all the benefits of a campus environment so nobody misses out on campus life.

Transfer possibilities

Image Credit: travelandleisure

And if you’re keen on studying abroad, some programmes enable first-year students that have performed exceptionally well to transfer and complete the remainder of their degree in the UK campus. So study real hard and you might just be able to fulfil the dream of travelling for your education!

Find out more about University of London and their programmes available in Singapore at their website.


5 Instant Ways To Feel More Independent

22 Sep 2016 by Teenage

Not feeling too great lately and need a little boost to get yourself going? Try these few things that will not only help you feel more independent, but revitalise that confidence you have instantly at the same time!

#1 Alone time

Instant Ways To Feel More Independent 4

Spend a day or two with nothing but your own thoughts. Read some books, watch some shows and go for a peaceful run. You’ll feel much more refreshed after clearing your mind.

#2 Make plans

Instant Ways To Feel More Independent 3

Make plans for the upcoming week, where you want to go and what do you want to do. When you’re out with pals, be the decision maker. What movie to watch? Where to go for dinner? You have it all covered! 

#3 Do chores

Instant Ways To Feel More Independent 2

It might be a chore, but hey, adults do it all the time and it’s called being responsible of your own space. Clean your room, do your laundry and wash your dishes. We guarantee that you will feel a sense of achievement when you’re all done.

#4 Digital detox

Instant Ways To Feel More Independent 1

Have a healthy relationship with social media and stop looking at your phone all the time looking for updates on other people’s lives. No more getting into Twitter fights or stressing over how many likes your Instagram posts get!

#5 Set a budget

Instant Ways To Feel More Independent 5

Do up a financial plan so you can start handling all your monthly expenses and saving up for rainy days. You’d be surprised at how a little planning can go a long way (and money saved)!

Image Credit: Getty, Pexel

Got all these down? The next step is to start working on being the boss of your own life and here‘s how you can do just that.


Start Owning Your Life In 4 Simple Steps

20 Sep 2016 by Chew Hui Ling

Contrary to popular belief, true independence doesn’t come with age – but experience. It’s not an easy ride, but here’s how you can take proper control of your life.

#1 Earn your own keep

Nothing is served to you on a silver platter when you step out into the real world. If you’re confident of juggling between work and studies, try applying for a part-time job or an internship – it can be more lucrative than you think, and provides you with bonus resume-building material. But don’t just mass-send applications at home; get out and look around for opportunities by networking at events or social gatherings.

#2 Talk less and listen more

Own Your Life 2

Communication is a two-way street, but we often find our impatient adolescent selves planning our responses, interrupting mid-sentence, or completely zoning out while the other person is still talking. We’re not suggesting that you keep your opinions to yourself. Rather, focus on what’s being conveyed and learn how to listen, before offering valuable advice in return. Not only will you improve the quality of your exchanges, the other party will also definitely notice and appreciate your effort in having a good conversation.

#3 Set the rules

Own Your Life 3

It’s easy to get caught up in popular trends, but maybe it’s time to follow what actually interests you instead of rolling with the crowd. You don’t answer to anyone, so don’t be afraid to live life the way you want. However, bear in mind that even though it’s okay to be grounded in your beliefs, you should always keep an open mind if others don’t share your views. You have your rules, they have theirs.

#4 Seek long-term goals

Own Your Life 4

As kids, we whine for toys; as teenagers, we splurge mindlessly on temporary materialistic pleasures. A sign you’ve matured is that every move you make is a step towards your goal, whether it’s acing your exams or getting a head start on your career. Start by planning each step in manageable chunks and rewarding yourself for each small success, before aiming for the long haul. It may be hard to stick through it, but trust us, what you sacrifice now will reap infinite benefits of later.

Image Credit: Getty, Pexel

How about giving that confidence a boost? Here are a few ways on how you can do just that.

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4 Ways to Beat Secondhand Stress

15 Sep 2016 by Teenage

Examinations are around the corner and we know that most of you are going through a fair bit of stress right now. But have you ever felt as though you’re the one in anguish instead when someone next to you is having a hysterical meltdown? If the answer is yes, then you are a victim of secondhand stress. Similar to the flu bug, someone’s negative energy can spread and cause your own mood to plummet. While there’s no immediate remedy, you can still take precautionary measures to fend off the bad vibes. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from falling under the spell of these emotional toxins.

Address The Problem

Secondhand-Stress-1Credit: Getty

Even though you may not be as experienced as Kelly from our ‘Dear Kelly’ column, sometimes your friends just need a helping hand. Help them cope with the pressure instead – if you’re still sane, that is. By offering them advice and steering them towards a solution, they might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, there’ll be a lesser chance of you catching the stress. 

Draw The Line & Go On A Hiatus

Secondhand-Stress-2Credit: Getty

No doubt, it is easier said than done, especially when it’s in our human nature to feel empathetic. But sometimes, you just need to put your foot down. Alternatively, unplug from all digital distractions for a day or two. It helps to relieve the tension.


Secondhand-Stress-3Credit: Getty

Trust us when we say, “All you need to do is to breathe”. Taking deep breaths can help to soothe your nerves instantly. So the next time you find yourself unintentionally mirroring someone else’s shallow breathing, try inhaling and exhaling deeply until you’ve calmed yourself down.

Find An Outlet

Secondhand-Stress-4Credit: Getty

Bottling up your frustration ain’t healthy! If you really need to blow off steam, seek out a creative outlet to detach yourself from all those stressful thoughts. Pick up a piece of paper and scribble down what makes you happy – maybe a to-do list for the weekend or doodles of your favourite idol. For a more straightforward approach, go on a YouTube binge of comedic clips. Laughter is the best medicine after all!

Instead of stressing out, try redirecting that energy and work towards success! Here are some tips on how you can do just that!


9 Effective Exam Study Tips

6 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

Enjoying your September holidays? We don’t want to be a downer but the last semester is coming and the dreaded year end exams are just around the corner! We feel you and we want to help you study efficiently. Check out these awesome study tips we gathered for you, start planning and you are on the right track to your As!

#1 Pick a place and a Time

Everyone has their ideal place and time to study. Whether it’s in the bedroom at night or the library after school, find a study space and a regular study time that works for you and stick with it.

  • Set up your study space – Your study space should be comfortable and distraction-free. It should make you feel motivated and inspired.
  • Know your productive period – Some people work better in the morning, while others work better at night. Don’t study way pass your usual bedtime – pushing yourself late at night can break your concentration.

#2 Study Every Day

Study Meme

Now it might sound scary but if you study a little bit every day you’ll be continually reviewing things in your mind which helps in understanding the subject better. It also helps you avoid the stress of last-minute cramming!

An hour or two everyday might be enough to stay on top of things. If you’re finding it hard to find time to study, you need to cut back on some of your other activities and plan your time efficiently. Which brings us to the next point..

#3 Plan Your Time

Study Meme

It helps to have some plans in motion so that you can get rid of that heavy inertia and make the most of your study time.

  • Set alarms – Set alarms to remind yourself about your study plans. A regular reminder keeps your plans on track.
  • Use a wall planner – Stick a calendar or wall planner at a visible location and mark it up with important dates like exams and assignment due dates.
  • Make to-do lists – At the start of the week, make a list of the things that you need to have done by the end of the week. Make a to-do list for each study session as well, it’s very satisfying when you cross off the tasks at the end of the day.
  • Set time limits – If you don’t get something done in the set time for each subject, consider whether it’s the best use of your time to keep going with it, or to start working on something else.

#4 Discover Your Learning Style

Most of us have a preferred way of learning. Get to know your learning style and study in the ways you learn best.

  • Auditory learners learn by listening – If you’re an auditory learner you could try reading your notes aloud, have a discussion/reading group and record lectures to listen again later.
  • Visual learners learn by seeing – If you’re a visual learner you could use colours in your notes, draw flow charts or mind maps to help represent key points and use images for memorising.
  • Kinesthetic learners learn by doing – If you’re a kinesthetic learner you could use body movements or tapping to remember information and you can try pacing or moving around while reading to help with memorising.

#5 Review and Revise

Study Meme

After every chapter, you should recap what you’ve studied in class. Thinking things over can help you to understand the concepts and help you recall them better.

  • Quiz yourself – Get a friend to quiz you on key concepts and offer to help your friends with their work too. Quizzes are great ways to find out what you know and what you still need to review.
  • Ten Year Series – They are our best friend back in school and they should be yours too. The TYS is great for revision because it makes you go through 10 years worth of exam questions!

#6 Take Breaks

Study Meme

It’s important to take breaks while you’re studying, especially if you’re feeling tired or frustrated after working too long on a subject. Get away from your desk or study space and do a bit of physical activities like walking around the block or doing some sit ups. 

#7 Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers or lecturers about the things you don’t understand. Talk to your friends and have a discussion, it helps with clearing up the thoughts in your head.

#8 Stay Motivated

Study Meme

When you’re studying it helps to keep in mind your reasons for doing all this hard work, like a course or career you’re working towards. Decorate your study space with inspirational quotes or photos of people you admire.

#9 Look After Yourself

You’ll study better if you take care of yourself. Make sure you eat well and get enough sleep and physical exercise. Don’t reward yourself with too many sugary or fatty snacks. It’s also a good idea to make sure you drink lots of water when you’re studying.

So what are you waiting for? Picard is watching you.


Want to know how you can improve your memory? Check out these six ways you can try to give that brain a boost!

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