Thinking of enrolling into a private institution? Here are some reasons why seeking a private education may be the choice for you.

#1 Less is more

Prefer learning in a small group setting? A private institution has all the resources you need to help you thrive. Typically, they keep their class size smaller so every student gets a fair amount of attention and guidance from the lecturers, creating a more conducive environment with lesser distractions. Not only does it encourage teamwork and personal growth, this aids in fostering a sense of community as well.

#2 Explore your interests

It’s not all work and no play. Private institutions place a huge deal on making your academic experience as holistic and immersive as possible, so get ready for all the exciting opportunities coming your way. Whether it’s the wide variety of student clubs available or the various activities happening on campus, there are plenty of ways to get involved. It’s a great way to make friends with people with similar interests, and who knows, you might even become professional allies after graduation!

#3 Pick the right setting

It’s important to choose an environment where you can excel academically and fit in socially. Apart from the various factors discussed here, take into consideration the reputation, location accessibility and facilities available as well. No school is one-size- fits-all, so make sure you’re doing it with the big-picture in mind. For instance, it’s clear Kaplan boasts a strong academic core – after all, it’s recognised as the Best Private Education Institution* – but it’s their unique qualities and specialised offerings that really complete your educational experience.

#4 Work hard, study smart

If a full-time degree isn’t an option due to financial reasons, you may want to consider taking up a part time course at a private institution. At Kaplan in Singapore, you can choose to pursue a Bachelor- level programme on a part-time basis. Its curriculum is scheduled to accommodate those who are juggling studies with daytime commitments. Gaining work experience while earning a steady paycheck? Adulting achieved!

 #5 Get industry ready

For those who are eager to enter the workforce after graduation, picking up an industry-relevant certification will give you a headstart in your desired field. Offering a broad range of course offerings across 10 specialised disciplines, Kaplan seeks to equip you with professional skills and knowledge in preparation for your future career. And with more than 25 diploma and over 300 degree programmes** available for you to pursue your interest, there’s no lack of job prospects for you!

#6 Going global, locally

Getting an international certification without having to go overseas is totally possible! Kaplan partners up with prestigious universities such as Murdoch University, Northumbria University and University College Dublin, just to name a few, to offer top-notch degree programmes. This allows you to experience the same quality of education and secure your qualifications in a local setting. The best part? You don’t have to be separated from your loved ones and worry about the hefty expenses of living abroad. Win-win!

*Awarded to Kaplan Higher Education Academy for Marketing and Psychology; Kaplan Higher Education Institute for Accountancy, Business Management and Law by JobsCentral Learning T.E.D. Awards 2017.

**Refers to the Degree programmes at Kaplan in Singapore.

This post is brought to you by Kaplan Singapore.

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