Learning a new skill or simply taking the time to unwind after the hectic school semester is a great way to recharge for the term ahead. Now that the June school holidays are in full swing, gather your friends and set out on an enriching yet fun adventure with these unique activities in Singapore!

#1 Go wild like hulk at The Fragment Room


Done with your exams but still feeling a little strung out from the stress? Get some stress relief at The Fragment Room, the first-ever rage room to set up shop here in Singapore. Good for both individuals and groups, this unconventional venue provides you a safe space to let loose and cause as much destruction without any worry. Once you’re decked in the full-body protective gear, get ready to spend up to an hour smashing all kinds of breakable items such as plates, glasses, vases and electronic appliances alongside your own ragin’ playlist.

#2 Drift away at the Palm Ave Float Club


When your brain has been on overdrive, nothing sounds better than an hour free from distraction. At the Palm Ave Float Club, get set up in a private room with a float pod filled with Epsom salt water and let your sensory deprivation experience begin. This one-on-one personal time is not only beneficial for your mind, body and overall wellbeing, but it’s also a rapid stress reliever that promotes muscle repair, speeds up healing, and lowers your cortisol levels and blood pressure.

#3 Spend a day amidst nature with Kayak Asia


Take a break from city life and enjoy a quiet day with like-minded people on a kayak adventure. Instead of exploring other islands around Singapore, follow a friendly, professional guide from Kayak Asia as they lead you to lesser-known rivers and seas through waterways, lagoons and tunnels, all quietly hidden away from sight by the concrete jungle we live in.

#4 Engage in a galactic workout at SaberFit


If you’re a Star Wars fan, here’s your opportunity to get in a good workout all while unleashing your inner Jedi. SaberFit combines physical combat with saber striking techniques and fitness exercise to bring you a sweat-inducing mix of cardio, calisthenics and conditioning routines. The result: a full-body toning experience that’s also perfect for those who are looking to explore a fun way to exercise.

#5 Try your hand at pottery at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle


Discover beauty in its simplest state at one of the oldest surviving brick-built kilns in Singapore. Built in the 1940s, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is a dragon kiln known for wood-firing their pottery wares. During this process, the items are engulfed in a river of fire where its remaining ashes will react with the glaze to produce unique colours and textures. Through their two-hour pottery workshops, you’ll be able to challenge your craft skills while cultivating a deeper appreciation for this disappearing art form. 

#6 Defy gravity at Starz Aerial Dance School


Unlike your usual style of dance, Starz Aerial Dance School is home to instructors well-versed in Aerial Arts – a dance form that uses silks, hoops, static trapeze and hammock in the practice of flying with strength, endurance and grace. Besides being able to remain above ground, you’ll also learn to build a strong foundation in upper body and core strength as well as challenge your fears and develop your creativity.

#7 Put your F1 skills to the test at The Karting Arena


Though you may or may not have your driving license yet, it’s not too early to start practicing. Featuring a combination of hairpins, long sweepers, tight corners, a chicane and ninety-degree turns, The Karting Arena presents you with an opportunity to conquer the driving track like a race car driver. Designed with important safety pre-cautions, this fun go-karting track is Singapore’s first electric go-kart track that enables better handling of the electric-powered karts. You’re in for an exhilarating ride!

#8 Experience Polynesian culture with ‘Ori Tahiti Singapore Dance School


Immerse in the tradition and passion of Polynesian culture through dance. More than just any ordinary hula dance, ‘Ori Tahiti Singapore Dance School is all about embodying the Polynesian spirit through beautiful dance moves that seem to move in sync with the energetic drumbeats and toe-tapping songs. If you’re unsure but interested in checking it out, you could sign up for a free trial to experience the wonders of Tahitian dance.

#9 Learn the art of modern calligraphy at The Workroom SG


With bullet journaling being all the rage now, the art of typography has been something that many have tried to master in an effort to create aesthetically-pleasing pages. One popular technique is modern calligraphy, which is not just great for journals but also for penning messages on cards, invitations and notes. The Workroom SG will introduce you to the tools as you systematically learn how to artistically compose your favourite quote as your ‘graduating piece’.

What are your plans for the June holidays? Tell us in the comments below!

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