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22 Aug 2016 by Teenage

Weekends and days off are meant for lazing around in your pajamas. But why slack around and waste the day away when you can make your life more productive and propel you towards success? Here are some things you should do within a week to get that butt moving.

#1 Get rid of clutter

Messying Room

It’s tough being neat as a pin 24/7, especially with schoolwork, friends and CCAs to deal with. But being overly messy can cause problems, like being slowed down because you can’t find anything you’re looking for, or more worrying ones like decreased productivity due to a messy desk. Take some time to sort things into place and you’ll find that everything in your life will go much smoother. 

#2 Earn some cash

Shopping, cafe-hopping, tech-collecting, travelling… Being a teenager (and broke student) is difficult when your wallet can’t match up to your hobbies. Instead of turing to your parents for more allowance, try to look for a part-time job! Not only will you be bale to fund yourself, you’ll be able to prep for the working world and gain helpful new perspectives that’ll surely come in handy. Our quick check online showed temp jobs in retail, F&B and events, so you’ll definitely be able to score a position as long as you make the necessary arrangements.

#3 Get fit

Keep Fit Running

Exercising brings you way more than the obvious fit bod and good immune system. Having a regular fitness routine also improves your concentration and motivation, not to mention reduct stress and improve your confidence. Also, you might even meet some new friends while doing so. Don’t be over ambitious though. Decide on an achievable routine depending on your schedule – no time to put in an hour of exercise thrice a week? Try short 15-minute workouts daily instead. 

TIP: Fast food is convenient but it definitely isn’t good fuel for your body – high-fat meals require our digestive systems to work harder, which will result in grogginess and a decrease in productivity. Choose healthier food and you will thank yourself for the right decision.

#4 Learn something new

It’s goods to keep learning even outside the classroom. You could pick up life skills like cooking/baking, or pursue interests in areas like modern calligraphy, or learn to play an instrument like the ukulele. Some of these suggestions can be easily picked up by online tutorials, but those who prefer guidance can sign up for workshops from places like The General Company, Shop Wonderland, or even various community centres if you’re on a budget.

#5 Take your interests to the next level

Baking Frosting

Whether you’re a budding writer, art enthusiast, inventor-to-be or emerging fashion designer etc., we’re sure it’s hard evolving your interests when your time has to be split between school, assignments and CCAs. Make use of whatever free time you have to hone your craft or create something new that you can add to your portfolio. It’ll help you get eons ahead of your peers should you decide to take the time and effort to do so, especially if you’re seeking a carer path with your interest.

Image credit: Getty, Pixabay

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