10 Popular Movies Based on True Stories

23 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

A great movie doesn’t always need high action scenes or over the top drama. Sometimes, movie that tells a story based on real life can be more interesting and compelling as life itself is complex and exciting. And doesn’t hurt that there’s always a lesson or two to learn from it. We list our favourite movies based on true stories that have captivated audiences around the world.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

This comedy drama film is based on a novel of the same name written by Lauren Weisberger. The novel is about the author’s experience while she was working as an assistant to U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Most designers and other fashion notables avoided appearing as themselves for fear of displeasing the editor herself. But she later overcame her initial skepticism, saying she liked the film and Meryl Streep who plays the magazine editor in particular.

127 Hours

127 Hours

The film title, 127 Hours, is the length of time canyoneer Aron Ralston spent stuck between the two rocks, trying to decide what he was going to do in order to survive. With no help coming, no food or water and no one expecting him home any time soon the man must do the unthinkable – sever his own arm with a dulled knife or die. Heartbreaking and gruesome, the movie has captivated audiences and depicted a scenario that terrifies most of us.

The Blind Side

The Blind Side

Michael Oher went from tragedy to greatness in his real move from the projects of Memphis to a first-round NFL draft pick and professional football player. This movie stars Sandra Bullock as the white Leigh Anne Tuohy who was a stand-in mother and full-time believer, supporting the homeless teen in real life. Oher told NPR he thought the movie exaggerated his lack of intelligence with Quinton Aaron playing a quiet and academically inept Oher.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a 2013 American supernatural horror film where Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga star as Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of haunting. The Warrens come to the assistance of the Perron family , who are experiencing increasingly disturbing events in their farmhouse in Rhode Island in 1971.

The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring

Starring Emma Watson, the story is loosely based on a real-life gang The Bling Ring. They were a group of convicted thieves based in and around Calabasas, California. They burgled the homes of several celebrities like Paris Hilton, Megan Foxx, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr etc. Their activities resulted in the theft of about $3 million in cash and belongings. 

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s nearly one-year struggle being homeless. Featuring Will Smith as Gardner, a homeless salesman. Smith’s son Jaden Smith co-stars, making his film debut as Gardner’s son, Christopher Jr. The unusual spelling of the film’s title comes from a mural that Gardner sees on the wall outside the daycare facility his son attends which was incorrectly spelled as “happyness” instead of “happiness”. 

Ip Man

Ip Man

This is a martial arts film very loosely based on the life of Yip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and teacher of Bruce Lee. Yes he grew up in a wealthy family and moved to Hong Kong (more in Ip Man 2) but the whole public match with the Japanese didn’t happen. Starring Donnie Yen as Ip Man and martial arts choreography by Sammo Hung. 

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

If hasn’t been too long since Steve Jobs passed away, but this is already the second movie about his life. Michael Fassbender plays Jobs in this iteration, which not only focuses on his profession rise to fame, but the struggles within his personal life. Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels all appear.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi A Dog's Tale

We’re sure you’re familiar with the tale of everyone’s favourite dog Hachiko. This is a remake of the Japanese film which retells the story of the world’s most loyal dog, Hachiko. After the death of his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, in 1925, Hachiko returned to the Shibuya train station the next day and every day after that for the next nine years. Prepare them tissues. 

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe plays John Forbes Nash, Jr. in this story about a real mathematical genius and his struggle to greatness. This movie gives us an up close look at what it is like to live with schizophrenia and the effect it has on your job, family and friends. Crowe does an excellent job portraying the life of John Nash. His acting is believable and you feel as though you are immersed in the life of John Nash when you watch this movie. Full of twists and turns that you don’t expect, this true story keeps you guessing throughout the movie.

If you’re more into dance movies, check out our top movies about dance here!

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Poke Ball Terrariums Are Beyond Cute

20 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

Etsy is a place that’s full of treasure if you look hard enough. We came across this Etsy seller and just had share with you guys what we found. TheVintageRealm sells Poke Ball Terrariums! Each terrarium is one of a kind, painstakingly handmade with crafting supplies and vintage Pokemon figurines, plus it comes with a stand so that it wouldn’t roll around. It’s not exactly a terrarium ’cause the plants aren’t real, they are still really cute and any Pokemon fan would be thrilled to receive this as a present. They are reasonably priced at $27.95 to $55.90, but the catch is that they only ship in the US (for now). Which one is your favourite?

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G-Dragon Is Tired Of People After Instagram Hack

19 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

G-Dragon’s personal private Instagram account ‘peaceminusone‘ was hacked to be set on public yesterday and fans were quick to look through and pick out photos of himself and rumoured girlfriend Japanese model Komatsu Nana. Though YG Entertainment denied that the pair are together, they’ve released a statement saying that they can’t comment further as it’s GD’s personal life.

So are they really together? Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself. Taeyang even commented on one of the photos saying, “Let’s write a song. The titel will be ‘Lover’.”

G Dragon Peaceminusone Personal Private Instagram

But you know when G-Dragon’s is fed up when he posts this on his Instagram account after the hack.


A photo posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on



Top 10 K-Pop Idol Dancers

14 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

How do you choose your bias when it comes to K-Pop idols? For us at Teenage, we tend to go for the dancers of the groups ’cause we’re visual people. Who are the best dance machines in the industry (IOHO)? Without rankings, here are the top 10.


Trained in jazz and ballet at a young age, this charismatic dancer’s stage presence is so strong that you can’t help but get sucked in whenever he performs. If you haven’t noticed (how could you not?!), go watch all the EXO videos. 


We feel that Lay was often overshadowed by Kai in EXO’s early days but now that they’re more established, we’re definitely seeing more of Lay and no one’s complaining. His moves are so packed with power, it’s like we’re being punched in the face (virtually and in a good way) every time we watch him perform.

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon

Though not the prettiest in Girls’ Generation, this girl popped and locked her way into everyone’s heart when they first debut in 2007. Fast forward 9 years later, she’s still one of the best idol dancers around. Hyoyeon joined Dancing With The Stars Korea which further confirmed her status as a dancing machine.

Bigbang Taeyang

Do we even need to explain why Taeyang is in this list? He got us wanting more with his slick moves and smooth voice when he started out as a solo artist. He’s often described as Korea’s Usher but we think he’s so much better in so many way. Watching the ‘Ringa Linga’ dance performance video gives us life!

Shinee Taemin

Taemin has stolen numerous noona‘s (big sister) hearts with his moves and it isn’t hard to see why. He’s been in the industry for 8 years at a tender age of 23 and we say that he still has lots to show. Have you seen his performances on ‘Hit The Stage’?

Ex-2NE1 Minzy

Our favourite maknae dancing machine has proved herself on multiple occasions on why she’s the best. From power dances to sexy dances, there’s nothing Minzy can’t groove to. All we need her to do now is to rejoin 2NE1. *sobs*

Infinite Hoya

This all-rounder has show beyond doubt that he isn’t one to mess with when it comes to dancing. Hoya’s ‘Hit The Stage’ performances has been so on point, even non-fans were converted. 

Twice Momo

Though Twice isn’t even a year old yet, Momo has established her status as a dancing machine in the K-pop industry. She can be fierce, cute and sexy all the same time. We’re definitely looking forward to more from this versatile dancer! Can you spot her in the video above?

BAP Zelo

Zelo has choreographed his group’s own MVs and that says something, not a lot of idols got that to boast about. 

TVXQ Yunho

Yunho is the pioneer of K-pop idol dancers and there’s no doubt that he’s still on top of his game. Remember the Gorilla dance for ‘Catch Me’? Not many can deliver such powerful moves while looking so good at the same time.

Special mention: Blackpink Lisa

BLACKPINK just debuted a month ago but they’re making waves in every way possible. When their dance practice video was revealed, Lisa (or the blonde one) caught the attention of the viewers with her moves and that status was further cemented when BLACKPINK debuted on music show Inkigayo. It’s a sign that she’s one to look out for when YG Entertainment uploaded this video of her when she was a trainee 4 years ago. 

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10 Movies About Dance You Should Watch

8 Sep 2016 by Venetia Sng

We admit, the Step Up movies are one of our guilty pleasures. The story lines for dance movies are so predictable, but hey you don’t watch it for the “deep” plots right? It’s all about the movement, cheesiness, and that really dramatic final dance sequence. If you’re looking for some, we list down 10 dance movies that are worth a watch.

#1 Dirty Dancing

#2 Honey

#3 Stomp The Yard

#4 Saturday Night Fever

#5 Black Swan

#6 Step Up

#7 Footloose

#8 Magic Mike

#9 Billy Elliot

#10 Center Stage

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