101 Facts You Need To Know About Produce 101's Wanna One

31 Jul 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

You might’ve heard of Wanna One – y’know, the group known as the male version of I.O.I that’s been making headlines, crashing ticketing servers and smashing album sales these days? The craziest thing is, these boys have yet to even make their debut! Before they officially take over K-pop land come 7 August, we bring you up to speed with the world’s newest boy band obsession with some serious Produce 101 trivia.

Wanna One Energetic
Credit: woojinnies.tumblr.com

Here we go!

1. With his charismatic aura and slick moves, should we even be surprised that Daniel acted as Cube chick Seonho’s “sexy appeal teacher” during their ‘Open Up’ days?

Kang Daniel Open Up
Credit: nieltrash.tumblr.com

2. Spot Daniel looking all dashing as a backup dancer for FIESTAR’s Cao Lu in this smoldering performance of ‘Invitation’ in 2015. Looks like sexiness is in his blood all along!

3. And of course, God Daniel was the one who choreographed the smokin’ hot dance for ‘Hands On Me’.

4. Daniel: A self-proclaimed feline lover who loves cats so much that he even joined a cat forum.

Kang Daniel Cats

5. Also Daniel: Didn’t know the gender of his own cats and names them “Rooney” and “Peter” when they are actually female… #YouTried

6. The Wanna One centre has a crazy shoulder width of 60cm. We repeat, 60cm.

7. Daniel may look tough as nails and all, but this shoulder gangster’s actually scared of bugs.

8. Kang Daniel was actually born Kang Euigeon – he decided to change his name as people found it hard to pronounce. Even his father couldn’t get it right!

9. During the behind-the-scenes of Wanna One Go’s teaser filming, you can see that Daniel’s close with Seongwoo (OngNiel shippers, where y’all at?), but kinda awkward with Minhyun. Here’s hoping HwangNiel will grow closer with time!

10. Busan lads Daniel and Woojin took part in the same dance competition as BTS’ Jimin back in 2011 (check ’em out in their full fetus glory here).

11. If you ever had an bad day, remember that Woojin ain’t called ‘The Nation’s Dark Past’ for nothing. This video of him singing his heart out to BoA’s ‘Only One’ is merely the tip of the iceberg. Daepyonim must be proud!


12. 11 years old Woojin auditioned for Superstar K and gained attention for his uncanny resemblance to BIGBANG’s T.O.P. 

13. And if it isn’t obvious enough, Woojin is also a huge BIGBANG fan.

14. Known for his reversal charms, Woojin can be all puppy gazes and snaggletoothed smiles but once he gets on stage, watch him transform into a total ladykiller. That legendary ‘Sexy baby oh my lady’ liner gets us every time.

Park Woo Jin Sexy Baby Oh My Lady

15. While practising for the ‘Never’ stage on P101, Woojin was down with shingles and had to be rushed to the emergency room after completing the performance. Nevertheless, kudos to the chap for soldiering on!

16. This talented redhead also got a nod of approval from his I.O.I sunbaenims, with Somi and Sohye choosing Woojin as their pick on P101.

17. One of Woojin’s top five favourite tracks is the Pokémon theme song. No, seriously.

18. Woojin and Daehwi, along with labelmates Youngmin and Donghyun, have signed exclusive contracts with Brand New Music – and it’s confirmed that the four of them will be debuting in a group after Woojin and Daehwi’s Wanna One stint. Fans of the BNM Boys have much to look forward to in 2019!

19. Pre-debut Daehwi and Woojin appeared in the music video for MC Gree’s debut single ‘Dangerous’ in 2016.

20. Daehwi and ex I.O.I member Somi are longtime BFFs, having trained together under JYP Entertainment before the former moved to Brand New Music. Also, can we please take a moment to weep over the hug these cuties shared at the 1:55 mark?

Somi Daehwi

21. Remember the epic performance of ‘Hollywood’ by the Brand New Music foursome during the audition phase in P101? It was produced by Daehwi and choreographed by Woojin. A talented bunch indeed!

22. Daehwi studied in the United States for six years and his English name is David. Well, hello there David Lee!

23. Meet the new hyung collector: Daehwi practically has his fingers wrapped around all his P101 hyungs. Dongho, Jinyoung and now Taehyun, who’s next?

24. Only a handful of P101 trainees did the studio recording of ‘Nayana (Pick Me)’, and Daehwi was one of them. As expected from our ‘Nayana’ centre!

Daehwi Nayana Centre
Credit: shookbin.tumblr.com

25. Daehwi did so well for the recording of ‘Super Hot’ that producer Ryan Jhun said he wanted to write a song for him. Make it happen, producer-nim!

26. Daehwi wrote the song ‘Good Day’ which was included in MXM’s (Youngmin and Donghyun) debut album as a pre-release track.

27. While Minhyun is in Wanna One, his fellow NU’EST members will be promoting under the NU’EST W(aiting for Minhyun) unit till the former returns to the group.

28. Minhyun earned the title of CEO Hwang due to his professional eye for picking the best trainees for the ‘Sorry Sorry’ team in PD101. That was how Justice League was born!


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29. Despite always pushing away Seonho’s never-ending displays of affection, Minhyun is a skinship maniac himself and Minki is his favourite victim.

30. Wonder what is Minhyun’s ideal type? In a hilarious attempt to please fans who have long hair, he has since changed his 2013 ideal type from someone with short hair to “anyone who has a head”. (Hey Seonho, here’s your chance!)

31. Minhyun’s posters were the first to sell out during K-beauty brand, innisfree’s bromide event, proving Hwang Emperor’s immense popularity among K-Wannables.

Minhyun Innisfree
Credit: emperorhwangs.tumblr.com

32. Minhyun has a serious saline allergy, so much so that even his own sweat causes him to break out in rashes. We sure hope he’s fine after filming at the beach with Wanna One…

33. While Minhyun may look all Master Chef-worthy in his individual teaser, the poor lad can’t cook to save his life.

34. There are tons of Internet jokes about Minhyun being a victim of capitalism, as he unabashedly endorses Hite beer despite having zero tolerance to alcohol. Props to the dude though!


35. Apart from alcohol, Minhyun can’t really drink coffee either – and eagle-eyed Wannables spied Jaehwan kindly exchanging drinks with him during the preliminary meeting of Happy Together 3. Aww…

36. Minhyun and Jaehwan might be a pair in Wanna One Go, but these two are opposite sides of a coin – with Minhyun in charge of cleaning up in the dorm and Jaehwan being the dirtiest one!

37. It’s no secret that Jaehwan and Starship trainee Jung Sewoon are best buds, but little did we know that the guitar-lovin’ pair has a senior-junior relationship in the same university.

38. Apart from the guitar, multi-instrumentalist genius Jaehwan is also well-versed in piano, drums and even the flute.

39. Boasting a 3-octave vocal range, there’s no doubt that Jaehwan can belt out a mean tune.

40. Originally a trainee under The Music Works, Jaehwan was selected to be a member of a rock band called Shelrock produced by Baek Ji Young, but debut plans unfortunately fell through.

41. Blonde-haired Jaehwan also made an appearance on female soloist Yang Song E’s music video for her debut single ‘Smiling Goodbye’.

42. Jaehwan was crowned as the winner in an episode of ‘Vocal War: God’s Voice’ last year. Bonus fact: the PD was so fond of him, that he voted for the individual trainee every day during P101.

Jaehwan God's Voice

43. Jaehwan also appeared on Korea’s Got Talent 2 in 2012 where he was dubbed as the “pretty boy with a guitar” who “enchants ladies’ heart”. Go get ‘em, Jaehwan!

44. Prior to joining Maroo Entertainment, Jihoon was a trainee at SM and Fantagio.

45. Having debuted as a child actor, Jihoon has participated in musicals like Peter Pan and The Harmonium in My Memory as well as dramas like Jumong and Iljimae.

46. Jihoon was the kid who had a ‘crying battle’ with BIGBANG – and won over the almighty G-Dragon – on an episode of Idol World 10 years ago. How adorable is lil’ Jihoon with his BB hyungs?

47. Jihoon’s catchphrase “I’ll save you in my heart (nae maeum seoge jeojang)” was derived from a popular ‘heart unlock’ hand gesture from the anime Shugo Chara.

Park Ji Hoon Jeojang
Credit: twitter.com/urmywings

Heart Unlock Shugo Chara

48. Don’t be fooled by Jihoon’s penchant for aegyo; according to the members, our resident wink boy has quite the masculine personality in real life.

49. Who’d have thought that Jihoon is a fashion terrorist? Well, at least we can all agree that his visuals make up for his lack of sartorial sense, amirite?

50. Back in his P101 days, Jihoon would wear fluorescent shoelaces (the fashion terrorist strikes!) in order to stand out from the rest of the contestants.

Park Ji Hoon Fashion Terrorist

51. To Jihoon, lip balm is life.

52. From a shy boy who always had his head down due to the lack of confidence, to the well-deserved centre of ‘Hands On Me’, Jinyoung has certainly come far.

53. Jinyoung was chosen by vocal trainer Shin Yumi as the trainee who improved the most on an episode of Taxi.

54. Jinyoung is the only 2000-liner among all 101 trainees.

55. Pretty boy Jinyoung was voted as the #2 ‘visual centre’ by the P101 trainees, with Jihoon coming in first.

56. Winkdeep (Jinyoung x Jihoon) may be a popular ship, but Jinhwi (Jinyoung x Daehwi) has been starting to sail. The clingy pair was even spotted rocking couple tees during the filming of Wanna One Go!

57. Jinyoung and Daehwi are also roommates in the Wanna One dorm.

Jinyoung Dehwi Jinhwi
Credit: wannaoneioi.tumblr.com

58. Jinyoung’s head is so small, that 11 of his heads could make up his body proportions (according to Jisung’s oh-so-accurate measurements, that is).

59. Jinyoung is friends with The Vibe Label’s Jaechan as they are classmates from the same school. 


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60. Jinyoung was revealed to be a Pinky fanboy during season one of PD101. A PRSTIN x Wanna One collaboration, anybody?

61. Who knew someone chewing a bubblegum would be such a treat to the eyes? Gaining a new nickname as the bubblegum guy, Sungwoon caught the eyes of even non-fans with his chic appearance in the MV teaser of ‘Energetic’!

unnamed (3)
Credit: Pannative

62. Despite being in Wanna One, it’s said that Sungwoon monitors HOTSHOT during his free time and also showed his support for their latest comeback ‘Jelly’.

63. Sungwoon auditioned for JYP Entertainment back in high school along with former I.B.I member Sohee, but failed to make the cut.

64. Everyone’s friends with Sungwoon – SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, BTS’ Jimin and VIXX’s Ravi, just to name a few. Now, where can we sign up to be part of this squad?

Hotshot Sungwoon EXO

65. Any Shawols here remember Taemin’s karaoke echo talent? Turns out the original founder was in fact Sungwoon, who imparted the skill to his SHINee bestie.

66. In order to show the best image of himself, Sungwoon dyed his hair to match the ‘Never’ concept and dyed it again when he was transferred to the ‘Showtime’ team. Dedication right there!

67. Sungwoon featured in the music video of Chad Future’s ‘Famous’.

68. Jisung and Sungwoon are paired up (feat Woojin the thirdwheeling son) in Wanna One Go for a reason – after all, they’re the “mother” and “aunt” of the group.

69. Leave it to Jisung omma to wake his kids up every morning. Ah, what will Wanna One do without their leader?

70. Did you know that our meme king Jisung used to be an ulzzang? *Jisung clap*

Jisung Ulzzang

71. After HIM Entertainment’s Park Seung Woo was eliminated, 26-year-old Jisung became the oldest trainee in P101.

72. Among the MMO trainees, Jisung is the only one who doesn’t like to work out.

73. He may the oldest, but Jisung’s a big crybaby. Just look at how he walks like a duckling while bawling his way up on stage upon hearing his placing. Too cute!

Jisung Crying

74. Jisung is the #1 fixed pick of P101 trainees, which includes Youngmin, Seonho and Daniel.

75. Dreams do come true! In the first episode of P101, the MMO trainee jokingly said that he wanted to get a kiss from one of the NU’EST members – fast forward to now, Jisung got his wish

Jisung Minhyun Kiss
Credit: wannaone-der.tumblr.com

76. Jisung and Seongwoo are the best emcee duo. ‘Nuff said.

Seongwoo Jisung

77. Seongwoo’s expectation: Singer, dancer, actor, visual… what else can this flawless man not do?

78. Seongwoo’s reality: Slate Ong™, Baegopa™, Jeongmal Jeongmal Jinja Daebak Real Heol Wanjeon… basically a living meme.

Seongwoo Baegopa

79. Prior to becoming a trainee, Seongwoo worked part-time as a model for wedding shoots and shopping malls ads.

80. Seongwoo entered Fantagio as an actor trainee and was originally set to debut as part of 5URPRISE U, but he’s always dreamt of being a singer. Look where he’s at now!

81. Seongwoo made a special cameo on 5URPRISE U’s debut web drama Idol Fever along with Fantagio sunbae Seo Kang Joon.

82. Seongwoo’s specialty is the drums. Watch him kill it in this short clip for Art Company Hada.

83. Seongwoo was also one of the few who participated in the studio recording of ‘Nayana’. He went in a team with Hwiseung, Woodam and Dongha.

84. SG Wannable’s Lee Seok Hoon, who took on the role of P101’s vocal trainer, revealed that his wife is a fan of Seongwoo. We’re not surprised, who wouldn’t like such a charmer?

85. Guanlin has a sister and she’s a fan of the ‘Jisung clap’!

86. Nobody in Wanna One is more “rich in pre-debut pictures” than Guanlin. We shall let the infamous collage below do the talking.


87. Guanlin was the captain of the basketball team, and was also the class president back in school.

88. Despite having a good academic record, Guanlin decided to give up on his studies in Taiwan and flew to Korea to pursue his dreams.

89. Guanlin found himself a penpal in order to learn English.

90. Ever since joining Cube Entertainment, Guanlin has been looking up to PENTAGON’s Wooseok as his role model. Swaggy rappers unite!

91. Guanlin and byeongari labelmate Seonho had a period where they became awkward as Cube instructed them to use formal language with each other, but all’s good now and the two chicks are closer than ever.

Guanlin Seonho

92. To Seonho, Guanlin is a “superstar” – and he couldn’t be more right.

93. The average age of Wanna One is 17.6 years old, with leader Jisung and maknae Guanlin being exactly a decade apart.

94. Wanna One members have a diverse selection of surnames: Kang, Park, Lee, Kim, Ong, Lai, Yoon, Hwang, Bae and Ha!

95. Wanna One’s official fandom name, Wannable, was picked by Daehwi.

96. Even before making their official debut, Wanna One has already landed a string of endorsement deals, including innisfree, Lotte, Ivy Club, K-Swiss and more.

97. Not to mention the amount of variety programmes Wanna One members are scheduled to attend, from Happy Together to SNL Korea, The Return of Superman to Weekly Idol


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98. Wanna One’s first reality show Wanna One Go will be airing on 3 August, and will have a total of seven episodes (60 minutes per ep).

99. Wanna One sold out all 20,000 seats for their debut concert Wanna One Premier Show-Con within minutes! It will be held at the Gocheok Sky Dome on 7 August.

100. Wanna One are expected to debut with either ‘Burn It Up’ or ‘Energetic’. Which title track are you rooting for?

101. Wanna One’s set to drop their debut EP 1X1 (TO BE ONE) on 7 August.

Do you have anymore Wanna One facts to share? Drop ’em in the comment section!

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