When it comes to MAMAMOO, there’s really no doubting their performance chops. Known for their brilliant powerhouse vocals and charming personalities, the K-pop girl group (made up of four immensely talented members Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa) are set to steal the show with their infectious tunes like ‘Egoistic’, ‘Decalcomanie’ and ‘Starry Night’ come April.

As part of their HELLO! MOOMOO Asia Fan Meeting Tour, the quartet will soon be making their way to Singapore after wrapping up two successful shows in Bangkok and Jakarta. Look forward to a rousing setlist of hits from their five-year discography, including tracks from their latest EP White Wind – all while having the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the MAMAMOO girls.

MAMAMOO 2019 HELLO! MOOMOO Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore

MAMAMOO 2019 [HELLO! MOOMOO] Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore
Date: 27 April 2019
Time: 7pm
Venue: [email protected]
Tickets: $248 (VIP), $208, $168, $108

Tickets will go on sale 22 March, 10am via APACTIX. For more information on seating plan and fan benefits, head over here!

Check out MAMAMOO’s latest music video for ‘gogobebe’:

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On paper, Netflix’s latest production Triple Frontier may read like your typical heist flick: a group of former special operations soldiers team up to devise a grand scheme to steal a drug lord’s million-dollar fortune.

But despite its seemingly conventional plot and male-dominated cast, this testosterone-drenched action thriller brings more to the table than just guns, intense action sequences and all things machismo – as we found out during the press conference held earlier this month at Marina Bay Sands.

'Triple Frontier' Press Conference In Singapore

In town to promote the highly-anticipated original film (now streaming on Netflix), the three hunky cast members Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund alongside producer Chuck Roven met with members of the media where they gave us an inside look on their filming experiences, how they prepared for their roles, and most importantly – what Triple Frontier is all about.

#1 It’s anything but predictable

Even though the premise of Triple Frontier tends to borderline on cliche, producer Chuck Rovan manages to take the familiar and “turn it on its head”. Instead of focusing on the narrative of soldiers in combat, the story revolves around ex special forces who were past their peak. He shares, “When you’re in the special forces, you are truly the best in your endeavours. But now, you have to make the decision where you’re going to take those skills you haven’t used for years and use them for your own benefit.”

#2 Neither is it all about the masculinity

Before you dismiss it as another testosterone-charged boys’ club, actor Ben Affleck (who’s best known for his role as Batman in the male-dominated superhero blockbuster Justice League) might just change your mind. “You know, this movie kind of reflects not so much about the all-male story or masculinity, but more so on the factually-rooted truth that vast majority of the special forces are men thus it’s natural to tell a story about them.”

#3 It’s really about the teamwork

Think of military soldiers and you would probably expect them to be tough, aggressive and obnoxiously hierarchical when presented in stereotypical terms – so did Ben Affleck, until he met them in real life. “One of the misconceptions I get is that these guys are gonna be some sort of drill sergeant bullies or something, but they are the kindest and humblest men I’ve ever met.”


“They’ve helped me to understand that true strength comes in compassion, empathy and teamwork,” the actor said. “Instead of one person standing out as the hero, they wanted to get across the notion that we all should move as one unit, one team. I thought it was a beautiful lesson and it was one I took to heart because we tried very hard to come together and make it work.”

#4 They trained like real special ops soldiers

To help sell the part, the cast had to go through intensive training under the supervision of special operatives – and this meant shooting with real bullets. “Pre-production was short, so we only had about four days to get familiar with the military equipment where we conducted live fire exercises with each other,” shared Garett Hedlund, who takes on the role of mixed martial arts fighter Ben Miller.

Charlie Hunnam, who plays his brother Willian Miller, explained the decision behind training with live ammunition, “One of the big themes in the film is community and inter-reliance within our brotherhood, so part of that is taking responsibility for each other’s safety and willing to lay down their lives for their brother in a moment’s notice. We know very little about guns, so to be out there doing live fire stuff is a nice introduction to the serious nature of the work they do.”

#5 They conquered the great outdoors

Unlike other action films that would typically involve a lot of visual effects, Triple Frontier was mostly shot on location – which saw them going from Oahu in Hawaii, up to the Californian mountains, and then down to Bogota, Columbia. “It was challenging not just in front of the camera, but behind the camera too,” producer Chuck recalled. “Hawaii was great, but there was a lot of rain so we had to work in flooded conditions. We were slushing around in the mud and mudslides most of the time.”

He also added, “The movie is exciting to watch, but also exciting to make.”

Catch Triple Frontier starring Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and more on Netflix now!

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Once a member of the massively popular Produce 101 project girl group I.O.I, Kim Chungha has successfully made a name for herself as a K-pop soloist with her unique brand of tropical dance tracks.

Not only does she boasts impressive dancing chops and a killer stage presence that makes it impossible for you to take your eyes away from her, Chungha’s powerhouse vocals are not something to be ignored either. Her latest single ‘Gotta Go’ is an absolute banger of a track that shows off her versatile singing abilities, while conveying a new sense of maturity that we hadn’t heard in her previous releases. Oh, and don’t even get us started on her mesmerising clock dance.

Even if you’re not a fan of her songs, you gotta adore Chungha for her unwavering love for her beloved Byulharangs (official fandom name). Well, we’ve got good news for the starry fans in Singapore: our ultimate girl crush will be finally making her way to Singapore for her first ever fanmeeting tour this April. And of course, we ‘Gotta Go’!

2019 CHUNGHA Fanmeeting in Singapore

2019 CHUNGHA Fanmeeting in Singapore
Date: 21 April 2019
Time: 7pm
Venue: [email protected] Box
Tickets: $288 (VIP), $158 (Gold), $98 (Silver)

Tickets will go on sale 24 March, 12pm via APACTIX. Good luck, Byulharangs!

Check out Chungha’s latest music video for ‘Gotta Go’:

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7 seasons; 67 episodes, each with their own heart-stopping moments and dramatic twists. Over the last decade, the long-running HBO series Game of Thrones has gripped fans and critics alike with its intense imagery and shocking order of events that have thus far be atypical of other fantasy shows.

The final curtain is set to come down next month, as the eighth and final season of the series airs on 14 April. Before that happens, we (as does the North) remember the most iconic scenes and moments from this cult drama – non-explicit edition, of course. This should go without saying, but for the sake of all readers: spoilers ahead from the past seasons!

Most Game of Thrones-esque moment: Ned Stark’s execution
Season 1, Episode 9: Baelor

Ned Stark Death
Credit: Thronecraft

If there’s really one point in the show that encapsulated Game of Thrones, it has to be this. When the show was first released, viewers had been following the footsteps of Eddard “Ned” Stark (played by Sean Bean, the most well-known cast member at the time), who had appeared on basically every poster and trailer of season one. With his sense of justice amidst a kingdom of backstabbing and death, it was not difficult to see that he was the protagonist, as normal fantasy series’ would dub their heroes.

However, all that changed at the end of the same season when Game of Thrones shocked the world by lopping off the head of House Stark’s leader in front of his screaming eldest daughter. Killing off its most prolific character was a daring move, one that cemented the series’ place as a fandom phenomenon – and only a sign of bigger things to come.

Most epic coming-of-age: Mother of Dragons
Season 1, Episode 10: Fire and Blood

Daenerys Targaryen
Credit: Gifer

Across the Narrow Sea and away from the continent of Westeros, where most of the series takes place, the exiled House Targaryen found its footing under the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. This title hadn’t come easy – spending most of season one mocked by her older brother Viserys and forced to marry a leader of the nomadic horse tribe Dothraki, Khal Drogo, she had only found her place after she seemingly lost everything, walking into her dead husband’s burning pyre.

When her tribesmen all thought her dead, she proved everyone wrong by rising from the ashes with three new-born dragons, the first born in a century and a half. It was then she was named the Mother of Dragons and leader of her husband’s tribesmen (known as khalasar), beginning her campaign to retake Westeros (and lift up the hearts of ardent Targaryen fans).

Most romantic moment: Kiss on the Wall
Season 3, Episode 6: The Climb

Jon Yggritte Kiss
Credit: wilderthaanyou.tumblr.com

Despite the series’ notorious reputation for violence, there have been some quiet, happy moments. One of them involves future leader of the Night’s Watch Jon Snow and his wildling lover Ygritte atop the Wall, just after a terrifying climb up the icy cliff. Against a beautiful sunset, the pair kissed as if nothing was wrong with the whole world – and if only just for that few seconds, we could almost believe the same.

Most shocking sequence: The Red Wedding
Season 3, Episode 9: The Rains of Castamere

Red Wedding
Credit: Gfycat

It’s been years since this fateful event, but we still can’t help the shivers down our spines when we hear the first notes of Lannister theme ‘Rains of Castamere’ and the words “The Lannisters send their regards”. A massacre orchestrated by the Freys, Boltons and Tywin Lannister, the Stark campaign under Ned’s heir Robb Stark came to an end when his pregnant wife Talisa, his mother Catelyn, himself as well as thousands of Northern soldiers were ruthlessly slaughtered at the wedding of his uncle Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey. Absolute carnage in the penultimate episode of season three, fans were shell-shocked by its ferocity and learnt not to let anything past the plot of the show.

Most deserved death: The Purple Wedding
Season 4, Episode 2: The Lion and The Rose

Joffrey Baratheon Death Game of Thrones
Credit: Tenor

There are plenty of wretched characters in Game of Thrones whose deaths you might have wished for. While many have since been dealt away with, none of them are quite as fulfilling as the death of the tyrannical Joffrey Baratheon at his very own wedding. Echoing the bloody Red Wedding the season before, the king is poisoned by his newly-wedded wife’s grandmother Olenna Tyrell and Master of Coin (as well as professional King’s Landing schemer) Petyr Baelish. Accusing his uncle Tyrion Lannister with his dying breath, his death was a pivotal point in Tyrion’s departure from King’s Landing – as well as a cause of celebration amongst many anti-Lannister fans.

Most obvious plot point: Jon Snow’s resurrection
Season 6 Episode 2: Home 

Jon Snow's Resurrection
Credit: Giphy

Let’s face it: we all knew this was coming. When Jon was killed by his own men at the end of season five, fans were sure there was simply no way Game of Thrones could’ve pulled another death à la Ned Stark – the story had simply progressed too far, and he was the only one who had any inkling of the Night King’s threat. True enough, the arrival of sorceress Melisandre resulted in his return and although cliché, we’re glad that the Stark’s male line still held a glimmer of hope.

Most heart-wrenching death: “Hold the door!”
Season 6, Episode 5: The Door 

Hodor Death Game of Thrones
Credit: Giphy 

Witnessing the end of our favourite characters is always painful, but there is one that’s particularly heart-breaking. During psychic Bran Stark’s escape from the White Walkers alongside his friend Meera Reed and mentally-disabled Hodor, they fled from a cave which Meera pleaded with Hodor to “hold the door” of.

Bran’s lack of control over his telepathic time travel powers, however, forced the phrase into the head of a young servant from decades earlier named Wylis, who shortened it into “Hodor” – becoming his new name. Hodor was then left at the cavern to help the rest escape and eventually killed by the pursuing horde. Fans were stunned at the revelation of Hodor’s past and his sudden death, which is no doubt one of the saddest ones in Game of Thrones’ history.

Most intense battle: Battle of the Bastards
Season 6, Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

Battle of the Bastards
Credit: Tenor

While the Battle of Blackwater Bay (Season 2, Episode 9) comes close to top in the scale of epic battles, we have to give it to the Battle of the Bastards – the fight for Stark ancestral home Winterfell had us at the edge of our seats the whole time. Facing off were Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow, both then hailed as bastard sons of House Bolton and Stark, each with their own force and something to prove: Ramsay, to be the rightful ruler of the North by crushing the Starks once and for all; and Jon, to take his father’s place as the last male in the Stark bloodline.

No matter which side you rooted for, the scene where Jon faces an oncoming charge from Bolton’s knights will forever stay etched in your minds, and the final rout of Bolton forces by Jon and Sansa was undeniably satisfying to Stark fans.

Most satisfying revenge: Arya kills the Freys
Season 7, Episode 1: Dragonstone

Arya Stark Game of Thrones
Credit: Steam Community

It could be Sansa setting the hounds loose to tear up Ramsay Bolton (Season 6, Episode 9), or Cersei Lannister blowing up her enemies in King’s Landing which caused her last child to commit suicide (Season 6, Episode 10) – but those who lamented the fateful Red Wedding were in for some well-deserved vengeance against the Freys.

Arriving home to Westeros after training in the House of Black and White in Braavos, Arya Stark was able to kill two Frey men, dismembering their bodies and baking them into a pie which she then presented to their father Walder Frey while disguised as a serving girl. After watching him eat it, she revealed her identity and slit his throat while watching him die slowly.

With this occurring three seasons after the Red Wedding, it seems that revenge is definitely best served cold (and in a pie).

Watch the Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer here:

What were your favourite moments in Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below!

You know her as the Brit songbird who owned the charts with her oh-so-catchy pop jams ‘FRIENDS’, ‘2002’ and ‘Alarm’, but there’s so much more to Anne-Marie than her platinum-selling monster hits.

Riding an unstoppable wave of success since featuring on Clean Bandit’s global hit ‘Rockabye’, the Essex-born songstress has since shot to fame with her knack for churning out surefire banger after banger. While her rise to pop stardom seemingly occurred overnight, it was a journey riddled with self-doubt, anxiety and criticism.

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Despite the ups and downs, it was all thanks to these experiences that made her into who she is today. The Anne-Marie we know now is confident, honest and unafraid to speak her mind about what she believes in – hence bringing us to the title of her highly-acclaimed debut record, Speak Your Mind.

Following her chart-topping debut, things are only about to get even better for Anne-Marie as she begins to embark on her sell-out headlining tour, which includes a stop in Singapore this April. If you’ve yet to check her out, we’re here to catch you up to speed on everything you need to know about this rising pop star.

#1 She got her start in musicals

At the age of six, little Anne-Marie had already landed a notable role in the West End production, Les Misérables. “I thought I would be in musicals for the rest of my life,” said the talented singer in an interview with Evening Standard, who later on starred in the 1996 classic Whistle Down The Wind alongside Jessie J when she was 12. “But then my voice changed and went lower, so I went off on my own direction and started writing my own songs. Being in musicals really taught me how to tell a story through singing.”

#2 A singer by day, karate master by night

Besides being one of the biggest breakout pop stars, Anne-Marie has a black belt in shotokan karate and is also a three-time world karate champion. In a radio interview with the Confidential on Nova, she explained: “I started when I was nine and carried on doing it. I am my own bodyguard, I don’t need to hire anyone.” We love a strong, independent woman who’s fully capable of protecting herself and others!

#3 She has an eye for collaborations

From touring the world with Rudimental to hitting the studios with Ed Sheeran (which eventually spawned the hit single ‘2002’), the ‘Ciaos Adios’ singer never lets us down when it comes to collaborations. Her never-ending list of collaborators also includes the likes of Clean Bandit, Marshmello, David Guetta, Nick Jonas… the list goes on.

In addition, we previously found out that Anne-Marie was “really into Logic at the moment” and expressed her desire to work with “people who aren’t scared to speak their minds” like Anderson Paak and Eminem, so we wouldn’t be surprised if these stellar music-makers decide to team up for a killer collab one day.

#4 She has the midas touch

It’s official: everything the banger-machine touches turns to gold (or rather, platinum). All the tracks in her discography are straight-up bops, so it’s no wonder that three of her hit singles – ‘Alarm’, ‘Ciao Adios’ and the Marshmello-assisted ‘FRIENDS’ – have achieved multi-platinum status, amongst other achievements. Way to go, Anne-Marie!

#5 She’s just like any of us

At the end of the day, she really isn’t that different from the rest of us. Having struggled with anxiety since the age of 12, the singer confessed that she has been plagued with self-esteem and body confidence issues throughout her career. “Sometimes I feel good, and sometimes I feel bad. Anxiety is my biggest challenge, but I try to stay honest about my feelings in my songs,” she got real in an interview with Glamour magazine. “I want people to enjoy my songs and feel positive listening to them, but I also want them to feel something. I like to think my music is therapy for other people because, ultimately, that’s what it’s been for me.”

If that doesn’t make you love Anne-Marie even more, we’re not sure what will.

This post was brought to you by Lushington Entertainments.

Be sure to show Anne-Marie lots of love when she comes to Singapore for her Speak Your Mind tour on 9 April 2019 at the Capitol Theatre! Tickets are still up for grabs, so head over to APACTix to snatch ’em up.

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