5 Things That Only Happen At An ONE OK ROCK Concert

27 Jan 2016 by Chew Hui Ling

After touring the world for a whole whack of kickass shows, our fave rock warriors have finally descended upon Singapore for the last stop of their 35xxxv Asia Tour on 23 January – and it’s arguably the most insane neck-snapping, throat-ripping mayhem we’ve been to in awhile. If you had the chance to see ONE OK ROCK in full swing, take our word for it: you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.


#1 You never miss a beat.

Not even when you’re standing in line. We’ve attended plenty of gigs before, but this undoubtedly takes the cake for the lengthiest queue ever. While approximately 5,000 turned up, almost a quarter of the ticket-holders were still stranded outside when the show started at 8pm on the dot. And the most amazing thing happened: we witnessed an entire stampede of fans running uphill to the beat of ‘Take Me To The Top’ and ‘Memories’ while belting out the lyrics in pristine harmony (us included). Missed the first three songs, but at least we got an epic workout!


#2 You’ll unconsciously turn into a metalhead.

These guys are living proof that music truly has no boundaries. Anyone who has been in a mosh pit would agree that part of the magic is the feeling of bliss when you stand in a crowd of fellow metalheads, because all you really care about is simply having a good time jamming out as one united fam. Stranger, who? Here, everybody from the casual concert-goer to the hardcore die-hard could be seen swaying, hand-clapping, headbanging and wolf-howling in synchro as if they were sucked into a rhythmic trance. Which, too, took us forever to break out of – not that we mind.


#3 There will be eye-blinding singalongs.

ONE OK ROCK isn’t just about hard-edged beats, heavy-metal screamo and thundering riffs – there’s also the slower, soul-baring numbers that occupied a special place in our hearts. One of the highlights of the night was when the band winded it down for ‘Heartache’ and ‘Wherever You Are’, and the crowd lit up the pit with their phones’ flashlights and started softly crooning along to every single word. It was a beautiful sight.


#4 Taka’s voice. ‘Nuff said.

To say that we were utterly blown away by the sheer vocal prowess of ONE OK ROCK’s legendary anchor Takahiro Moriuchi was a severe understatement – the lead singer wondrously blazed his way through the crushingly intense set list with no signs of lip-syncing. Although Taka’s glass-shattering range is hard to beat, the frontman also has his melodic moments when he really draws us in with his heartfelt delivery. Of course, he couldn’t have done it without Toru, Ryota and Tomoya backing him up.


#5 You might go home with a sweaty towel or two.

Perhaps you might land yourself a Toru-drenched tank top, or even a pair of Tomoya’s personal drumsticks – regardless, you can be sure they’ll never leave without giving us a piece of themselves. Indeed, in true rock spirit, the members whipped the crowd into a complete frenzy when they began ripping off their clothes onstage and flinging ’em to the front row during the encore. Lucky peeps!

Photos: Aloysius Lim and Alvin Ho of Amuse Entertainment/LAMC Productions

Can’t get enough of ONE OK ROCK? We’ve got a short interview with Taka in our February ’15 issue so be sure to check it out!

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