5 Things You Didn't Know About Sheppard

12 Aug 2015 by Johanna Teo

Aussie indie-pop band Sheppard’s set to open for Kodaline’s gig in Singapore tomorrow, and we can’t decide which act we’re more pumped to catch. We chatted with Emma Sheppard, where she shared these interesting facts about the band. 

1. The band had pretty cool lives even pre-Sheppard. 
“Amy used to be a makeup artist, Jason used to have six fingers, Michael was a gardener, I can walk on my hands [and used to do gymnastics], and George used to be an actor.” Apparently Dean’s an open book, because Emma couldn’t think of anything people didn’t know about him. 

Sheppard - Geronimo
Photo: Universal Music Singapore

2. It’s a more-love-less-hate kinda relationship within the band
 “The boys always tap – like on any surface, they tap. And I get really angry after awhile. (Laughs) But everyone’s really considerate to each other, and they make me laugh. It’s nice to be around each other.” 


A photo posted by Emma Sheppard (@emmashepparddd) on

3. Emma has lost stuff during their travels 
“I left my bass guitar in the back of a cab in New York City. (Laughs) I never got it back.” Shame on whoever took it!

4. The band does read comments on their social media platforms, and sometimes they comment back (even to the not-so-nice ones)
“It’s getting hard to keep up with the comments and everyone else on social media. We like to reply as best as we can, even the mean ones, it’s kinda funny. So pretty recently, a girl was commenting on my shoe [and saying that] she didn’t really like it. So I replied [to her comment]. I think after all, it’s not about my shoe. It’s about the music, yeah?” 


A photo posted by Emma Sheppard (@emmashepparddd) on

5. Emma has a creative streak! 
“I really enjoy graphic design. I did study fashion design for awhile before I was in the band, and I really enjoyed  designing stuff on computers.” Perhaps we’ll see her creations in the future? #FingersCrossed 

Here are a couple of Sheppard’s hit records (if you haven’t already heard ’em). BTW, check out our Instagram @TeenageMagazine for the deets on Sheppard and Kodaline’s show on 13 August! 


Entertainment News Recap

11 Aug 2015 by Venetia Sng

Welcome back from the long weekend! So much has happened the past week and if you have been busy with the jubilee celebrations, we wrap up the juiciest entertainment news that you have missed!

BIGBANG drops tracks for ‘E’ series

These are the final releases for their ‘MADE’ series and boy BIGBANG do not disappoint, all the way till the last second. The group makes its return with ‘Let’s Not Love’ while the highly anticipated comeback for duo GD&TOP returns with ‘Zutter’ (it means freaking awesome).

Which your favorite track off the ‘MADE’ series?!

T-ara is back with ‘So Crazy’

Get ready to go ‘So Crazy’ with the ladies of T-ara! The girls are back as sexy sailors with a funky pop sound in their new MV for their title track off their 11th mini album ‘So Good’. What do you think of their new release?

Deadpool releases new trailer

OMG we are so excited for this movie cause Deadpool is our favourite (anti)hero and it doesn’t hurt that he has an awesomely sick sense of humour. Scheduled for release in February 2016, it tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Catch the red band trailer on their Facebook page or on YouTube.

Jessica part ways with SM Entertainment


Jessica is telling her fans to “keep smiling” after the sudden announcement that the former Girls’ Generation member has left SM Entertainment. Many are still recovering from the fact that Jessica left Girls’ Generation last year, and so she posted the photo above to Weibo after the announcement was made along with the message,“Miss you guys too! Keep smiling.”

Zayn Malik splits with Perrie Edwards

Zayn-Malik-Perrie-EdwardsCredit: j-14

He is single and is already mingling. Former 1D member Zayn Malik is thought to have ended his four year relationship with Perrie Edwards with one text message. And now it has emerged that Malik reportedly sent the break-up text to former fiancee Edwards when she was out celebrating her band Little Mix’s number one single ‘Black Magic’. Read more about the break up here.

Sulli leaves f(x)

SulliCredit: Getty

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming after all the rumours that had been going around this past year. SM Entertainment has officially announced that Sulli is pulling out of f(x).

The agency sent out a notice, “After negotiating with Sulli, who is currently taking a break, about her future activities, we have decided to respect her wishes, and she’ll be leaving f(x) and focusing on her acting.”

f(x) will continue on as 4 members, Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal. SM says the girls will be juggling group and individual activities just as they have done before. Sulli will also be working with the agency to decide on her future projects. Are you surprised or did you expect the news?

Watch this space for more entertainment news and celebrity gossips! 

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Jessica Jung Part Ways with SM Entertainment

6 Aug 2015 by Venetia Sng

It has suddenly been announced that former member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung, is no longer with SM Entertainment. The agency just released their official statement announcing the news.

The brief and straightforward statement read, 

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

After discussing with Jessica, who has been an artist under SM Entertainment this past while, we have both decided to go our separate ways for the progress of each.

Please cheer on Jessica who will be starting a new beginning.”

Though this is a short statement, we’re all still trying to digest the sudden news. What do you think of this unexpected announcement?


Zayn Malik Splits with Perrie Edwards

6 Aug 2015 by Venetia Sng

Zayn Malik has been hogging on to the headlines recently. He has recently called off his engagement to his Little Mix fiancée, Perrie Edwards. 

Reports said that Malik, 22, contacted Edwards, also 22, two weeks ago and said it was over, not face to face but over the phone. Sounds like Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift all over again.


Fans of the former One Direction member have been rejoicing over the split. Mainly because they feel that Edwards was behind Malik’s departure of the band, calling her the Yoko Ono of One Direction. 

Sources also mentioned that Edwards has been putting on a brave face after the split was announced as Little Mix is going through their promotions right now but she’s totally devastated and livid over the break up. 

Edwards appeared on E! for an interview shortly after the news broke along with the rest of her bandmates and was asked how she is coping. The singer appeared emotional, but replied: ‘I’m good, thank you.’

While on Malik’s side, the singer – who recently signed a new record deal with RCA Records – hinted that he is focusing on his job.

How do you feel about their split? Let us know!

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Entertainment News Recap

4 Aug 2015 by Venetia Sng

More freshly released MVs, Cara Delevingne’s awkward interview and her proving that she’s the boss! Here’s what you missed last week!

Cara Delevinge’s painfully awkward interview

If you haven’t heard about the cringe worthy interview Good Morning Sacramento did with actress and model Cara Delevigne about the release of the film Paper Towns, have you been living under a rock?

Delevingne appeared live on Good Day Sacramento the morning after her final premiere for the film and it didn’t exactly start off well when the news anchor introduced her as “Carla”. You are a news anchor right? Learn how to pronounce pro-per-ly.

Well, the whole interview just went downhill from there. They asked her if she’d ever read the book, to which they got this sarcastic reply.


Then the news anchor commented that Delevingne seemed “irritable” and said: “Maybe it’s just us.” To which she shot back with the sassiest response.


At the end of the interview, the news anchor told her: “You go take a nap, have a Red Bull, how about that?” Which resulted in this reaction from Delevingne, we all rolled our eyes with her.


After the interview ended and she was off-screen, the hosts continued to comment on her “attitude”. Which is not very professional, people!

Delevingne soon posted an update to Twitter over the matter.


And followed up with this Instagram image of her holding up a copy of Paper Towns, proving that she’s the boss!



A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on


Wonder Girls ‘REBOOT’s with ‘I Feel You’

Wonder Girls are finally back with 3rd album ‘REBOOT’ and title song ‘I Feel You’! The song is written by J.Y. Park and is a 80s pop-sounding song that combines synth instruments with a catchy rhythm, we are loving the track! With Sunmi back as part of a quartet, Yenny on the piano, Yubin on the drums, Sunmi on the bass guitar, and Lim on the guitar. It’s not all for show! They really do know how to play the instruments, having to take part in the recording themselves. Check out the MV and let us know if you love it!

Choi Siwon to enlist soon

Choi SiwonCredit: Getty Images

Super Junior’s Siwon will be the seventh member to enter the military, following Shindong and Sungmin. When will we be bidding goodbye to him as he enlists for his mandatory military service? Reports state that Siwon is planning to enlist after his upcoming drama ‘She Was Pretty’.

SM Entertainment confirmed the news stating, “Choi Siwon will be enlisting after he completes the MBC drama ‘She Was Pretty’. The exact time period hasn’t been decided on yet. After he wraps up his drama, he’ll prepare and enter the military as an active duty soldier.” We will miss our Won Won dearly.

Ex 1D member Zayn Malik signs with RCA Records

Zayn MalikCredit: Getty Images

It’s official you guys! The ex One Direction member has signed a global recording deal with RCA Records. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to wait too long for his solo album to be out! Read more about it here!

JYP Entertainment to debut new boy group DAY6

JYP-Kpop-Day6Credit: Youtube

First iKon, now DAY6. JYP Entertainment has finally released news on their upcoming boy group. DAY6 (formerly known as 5Live) are preparing for their official debut with six members! JYPE told TVDaily, “6 member boy group DAY6 are preparing for their debut. The details on their debut have not been decided yet.”

The confirmed members include former ‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Park Jaehyung, Kang Younghyun, who featured in Baek Ah Yeon’s song “Shouldn’t Have”, as well as Kim Wonpil, Park Sungjin, Im Joonhyuk and Yoon Doyoon. You’ll recognise most of them from that ‘WIN’ episode where the YG trainees competed with JYP trainees!

Shinee Drops MV for ‘Married to the Music’

SHINee doesn’t cease to delight and impress with their quirky and captivating new MV in which they have fun partying and weird things happened to them like, Key had his head chopped off, Taemin had his eyes hit out of him with a bat, Onew dropped his nose while washing his face and Jonghyun had his lips stolen after kissing a girl. You’ll see a combination of all their facial parts on (presumably) Minho’s body at the end of the MV.

Catch us next week for more entertainment news and celebrity gossips!

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