6 Ways Goblin Should Have Really Ended (According To K-Drama Fans)

31 Jan 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

After 16 episodes of Goblin goodness, it’s a wrap for the mega K-phenomenon! Although the finale was (sorta) a happy ending for both Goblin/Euntak and Grim Reaper/Sunny, it was an utter sobfest that left all of us looking a little like:


There were some who were satisfied with how things turned out; and others whom felt the loose ends weren’t tied up well enough; while the rest of us simply couldn’t get over our withdrawals. So we took to Twitter and found some of the best fan-created endings to fill that Goblin-shaped void in everyone’s hearts. Spoilers ahead!

#1 Some gender-bending sorcery?

Oh boy (no pun intended), now we’re taking K-romance to a brand new level. Euntak might’ve returned as your typical school girl, but we couldn’t help but imagine Kim Shin’s reaction to seeing Euntak’s reincarnated male form approaching him with a dandelion in hand. Pretty sure nothing will get in the way of ShinTak’s romance, but in all seriousness, this will probably never ever happen in the cliche-riddled world of Korean dramas. Do your thing, fanfiction writers!

#2 More gender-bending sorcery

Although it was revealed that Sunny’s the reincarnation of Kim Shin’s sister, Kim Sun, we’d like to thank Deokhwa for implanting the theory of Goblin being Grim Reaper’s oppa (dat cringe) in our heads. How awkwardly epic would it be if Deokhwa’s fantasies came true?

Goblin Big Brother 1 credit heartou


Goblin Big Brother 1 credit heartou
Credit: heartou.tumblr.com

#3 Wherefore Art Thou, Deokhwa?

Speaking of Deokhwa (played by BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae), we were kinda bummed out that our beloved chaebol heir-turned-squishy butler to his Goblin samchon completely vanished into thin air 30 years later. Has he finally got all the credit cards he wanted and became a CEO? Or did our playboy eventually settle down with a family? No one knows, but this theory sure sounds legit. (Read: Goblin cast spotted at BTOB concert)

Goblin Deokhwa credit leesangyoons
Credit: leesangyoons.tumblr.com

#4 A Euntak and Haesoo body swap?

Actually, no thank you. No offense to the writers of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, but pulling the dream card on Haesoo was an achingly predictable move and the poor girl was left all alone in modern day with nothing but flashbacks of the man she’d once loved. At least every human has a run of four lifespans in Goblin, which gives reincarnated Euntak (now on her second life) two more lives to spend with Shin. That doesn’t make it any less painful on our star-crossed lovers, but we’ll make do  

#5 Angel Euntak gets her wings

Just when we thought we were spared from the heartache (for now), a cruel twist of fate saw our titular heroine throwing herself in front of a colliding truck to save a bus full of children, eventually succumbing to the hands of death. But if there’s ever an epilogue, we’re betting on Euntak becoming an angel after all the good deeds she’d done in her mortal lives – watching over the world alongside her ajusshi in eternity. If not, we seriously question all the angel references and foreshadowing scattered throughout the whole series…

Goblin Kiss credit k-drama-trash
Credit: k-drama-trash.tumblr.com

#6 Meet Goblin’s real bride

The popularity of the bromance between Goblin and the Grim Reaper was inevitable thanks to their hilarious scenes and impeccable chemistry with each other. And there’s no doubt that an alternate universe romance between these immortal bros would be shipped to death. We’d picture the hopeless twosome nitpicking over each other’s outfits, sparing with antique silverware at the dinner table, and going grocery shopping (while looking totally delish doing the glamour walk) – this is the real #RelationshipGoals, sorry Euntak/Sunny! 

Even Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are going down with this ship!

Goblin Grim Reaper credit sseureki
Credit: sseureki.tumblr.com

Think Goblin’s over? Not quite yet – tvN will be releasing two more special episodes on 3 and 4 February, which will mostly include behind-the-scene cuts, bloopers and interviews. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some of the aforementioned scenarios to happen in an epilogue. Till then, check out the teaser clips below!

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It’s been a rough year for the cast of Running Man following news of the hit series’ impending cancellation, but amid all the heartbreak – it was announced that the show will continue with the original members sans Gary. Needless to say, the Internet exploded. Channelling our inner netizen, we recap the whole emotional rollercoaster of events… Running Man GIF-style!

When Gary withdrew from Running Man:

Running Man Jihyo Shocked
Credit: spartacecouple.tumblr.com

When Gary made a surprise visit as a guest:

Running Man Monday Couple
Credit: sseureki.tumblr.com

Our Monday Couple feels! #JihyoIsUs

When rumour had it that Kang Ho Dong was joining OT6:

Running Man Kwangsoo Wake Up
Credit: mallenebc.tumblr.com

When Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo announced their departure:

Running Man Kwangsoo Slap
Credit: kpopcorngifs.tumblr.com

We refuse to accept the realit– NOPE.

When the ‘real reason’ of their departure was revealed:

Running Man Kim Jong Kook Angry
Credit: kpopcorngifs.tumblr.com

You mess with our Sparta and Ace, you mess with us!

When we had to say goodbye to Running Man:

Running Man Yoo Jae Suk
Credit: runningmangifs.tumblr.com

No no no no no no…

When Kwangsoo cried during his award acceptance speech:

Running Man Jihyo Emergency Couple
Credit: thegreatmingdynasty.tumblr.com

Fandom group hug.

When you realised everything was just a bad dream ’cause… Plot twist: Running Man will be staying on air after all!

Running Man Kwangsoo
Credit: sehunsyixing.tumblr.com


Running Man 3
Credit: www.sbs.com.au

Brb, camping in front of the TV. (Hey, YGE! Please take a leaf from Running Man’s book and reverse 2NE1’s disbandment? Kthxbye.)

Catch Running Man on ONE (on Singtel TV Ch 513 & 604, StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 & 823) Friday at 11pm!

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What You Missed At Asian Television Awards 2016

29 Dec 2016 by Chew Hui Ling

It’s a wrap for this year’s edition of the Asian Television Awards (ATA), which was a big night for many of the entertainment bigwigs who took home their well-deserved honours. And while we couldn’t wait for the winners to be unveiled – check out the full list of accolades here – we were also super stoked to catch the performances of Charli XCX, Amber Liu and JJ Lin amongst other spectacular artistes (hey, it’s what we do). Here’s a recap of what went down during the applause-filled evening.

Asian TV Awards Charli XCX

Asian TV Awards Charli XCX

Kicking off the show was Charli XCX, who trailblazed her way through her two-track set of her massive chart-topper ‘Boom Clap’ and her latest party banger ‘After The Afterparty’. Charli never disappoints, but you could tell that her appearance was somehow lacking her usual touch of sass that night. Turns out, the songstress was actually hiding a knee injury that she sustained after a wild night out. Gotta give her props for soldiering on! 

Asian TV Awards Amber f(x)

If you’re a K-pop fan, you’d probably be familiar with Amber as the chic rapper of S.M. quartet f(x) – which was no surprise as she cleanly killed it on stage with an epic performance of her solo hit ‘Shake That Brass’. But the moment that blew us all away was when she sang Taeyeon’s featured parts and completely nailed the high note. We’ll let the Twitterverse take over from here.

We feel you, peeps. We feel you.

Asian TV Awards JJ Lin

Asian TV Awards JJ Lin

The loudest screams was undoubtedly reserved for our very own JJ Lin, who missed out on Mnet Asian Music Awards (congrats on receiving the Best Asian Artist Singapore award!) just to perform in our little red dot. Armed with never-ending screams from his dedicated fans, the Mandopop prince brought the show to a climatic close with ‘If Only (可惜沒有如果)’ and ‘Twilight (不為誰而做的歌)’. Best for the last, right?

Photo credits: Asian Television Awards

Can’t get enough ’em? Read our exclusive interviews with Charli XCX (p.52) and JJ Lin (p.53) on Teenage’s January 2017 issue, fresh out on newsstands now!

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Who Would Win In A Cook-Off Between Onew And Chaeyeon?

20 Dec 2016 by Chew Hui Ling

What’s cooking in Singapore? Korean celebrity chef Paik Jong Won teams up with SHINee’s Onew and I.O.I’s Chaeyeon for global cooking travelogue Go Go With Mr Paik – where the trio was in town to explore our diverse food culture while trying their hand at whipping up local delights. In an interview before flying back to kimchi land, the cast revealed the ingredients that best describe them, who has better culinary skills (aside from Chef, that is) and more K-foodie shenanigans!

#1 Chaeyeon can’t resist the food

Jung Chaeyeon Go Go With Mr Paik

Oh, Chaeyeon – she’s just like us! While it’s no surprise that the I.O.I member’s required to stick to strict (and sometimes not-very-healthy) diets as part of the celebrity package, there’s no denying the fact that she loves her food just like everybody else. But Chef Paik was quick to jump to her defence, reassuring fans that “[Chaeyeon] eats a lot” despite having to keep her weight in check. We’re glad to hear that she’s eating well now!

#2 Sugar, beef, and everything kimchi

Go Go With Mr Paik Singapore

When asked to describe themselves as an ingredient that represents them best, Chef Paik didn’t hesitate to express his undying love for beef, while Chaeyeon went with sugar as she wants to be “someone whom everyone likes”. We half-expected Onew to stay loyal to his title of the chicken maniac, but in a twist of events, the SHINee leader opted for kimchi instead – explaining that he wishes to achieve a similar “impact” to that of the kimchi’s spiciness. What can we say, dude knows he’s hot!

#3 Onew sunbae to the rescue

Onew Chaeyeon Go Go With Mr Paik

The inner shipper radar in us ticked at how Onew would discreetly take care of Chaeyeon throughout the interview, who’s merely a year into her debut. Like the experienced sunbae he is, Onew helps her out with subtle prompts when she was stumped at the question whether they will stay as idols forever – in which she carefully answered that she’s working hard as she’s still new to the industry. Can you believe Onew and Chaeyeon have an eight-year age gap?

#4 Potential idol-turned-chef in the making?

Onew Go Go With Mr Paik

Between Onew and Chaeyeon, who’s the better cook? Chef Paik chose the former without missing a beat, elaborating that he’s “very talented in analysing the different flavours of food” and “has a good sense of taste”, while jokingly poking fun at Chaeyeon that she “only likes to eat” since she’s still young. He quipped, “Korean men can cook way better than you guys think!” (Onew: “Charming, right?”) Hey, perhaps a mukbang show is in order, dubu-shi?

Photo credits: tvN Asia

Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore will air on tvN (Singtel TV 518 and StarHub TV Channel 824) on 19 and 26 December at 10.30pm.

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For longtime followers of Ah Boys To Men actor Tosh Zhang (aka Tosh Rock), you’d be no stranger to his unfiltered, no-holds-barred commentaries during his YouTube days – from MRT rants to armpit hair woes and everything in between. Yet despite stumbling into stardom, the My Love Sinema actor didn’t let fame get into his head; instead using his celebrity influence to speak up against various deep-seated issues. Stopping by our studio, Tosh sat down to offer up his two cents on public misconceptions, online drama, social hostility and more.


“It feels fulfilling. At home, I no longer have to see my parents stressing out over bills. Both of my parents were hawkers, and there were times when business wasn’t as good and caused the relationship at home to sour. Now that my sister and I are able to help them with the bills, I can see that my parents are happier. I hope that I’ll be able to buy them a house or a car one day.”


“People think I’m loud and talkative, because I give that impression on YouTube. But in real life, I’m much more reserved. I wouldn’t know how to start a conversation if I’m alone in a room with someone I don’t know. I’m an awkward turtle!”


“I’d have fun with online trolls! When people attack me, it means that they bothered taking time out of their day to come to my page, follow me, and even like my photos – just to diss me. There was this guy who commented on a post where I was rapping with ShiGGa Shay, telling me to ‘stop acting like an African American’ because I’m Chinese. The next day, a black American guy praised my performance, and told me not to care about what others said. I took a screenshot and put it up on Instagram just to mess with the troll. Many people sent him messages and he ended up deleting the account.”


“On social media, I see many Singaporeans saying xenophobic things that border on racism. The way they speak about foreigners makes my blood boil sometimes. I feel that Singapore should be all about ‘welcome to Singapore’ and not ‘go back to your country’. When I see people talking bad about foreigners, treating them as uncivilised, or taking pictures of them minding their own business, it makes us look ugly. We are not gracious by saying all these things. If we were gracious, we would teach them about the ways of society, rather than looking down on them. We shouldn’t judge people based on their nationality.”


“Sometimes, people are too public about their relationship online. They would take sweet photos together, break up, and post all their dramas. I don’t think that’s good, because there are teenagers who could be directly influenced by what you do or say, and they might do what you did to other people. If you’re being yourself too much, you might be a bad influence; but if you cater to the public too much, you aren’t staying true to yourself. There’s a fine line between that.”


“Directing! That was what I wanted to do initially, because I was a film student. I was actually going to Melbourne to further my studies, but Ah Boys To Men happened. I’d love to go behind the scenes next time, so now I’m learning all I can from Irene Ang, Jack Neo, and all the people on set. When I’m older, I hope to direct my own feature film. It won’t be a comedy. It will be something that tells a story about the street kids in Singapore – the dancers, the skaters, the graffiti artists, the punks, and a bunch of talented youngsters who are under-represented. I want to tell their stories in films.”

Bet you didn’t know he’s that wise of a person. Read the first part of our interview with Tosh in the October issue, where he spills on his misunderstood personality, the craziest sacrifice he’s ever done for a role, etc!

P/S: Don’t forget to check out our Whisper Challenge with Tosh! P/P/S: Hilarity ensues.

Main image credit: Joel Low

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