7 Times GOT7 Made Us LOL During Their Singapore Concert

6 Aug 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

GOT7 certainly knows a thing or two about pleasing fans, as we’ve witnessed during the Singapore stop of their Eyes On You world tour. Aside from delivering a whopping 29-song setlist of high-octane bangers such as ‘Hard Carry’, ‘Look’ and ‘Never Ever’ last Saturday (4 Aug) at [email protected] Box, the multinational K-pop juggernaut also served up plenty of laughs with their spontaneous banter and side-splitting concert antics – think cheesy pick-up lines, wardrobe malfunctions and… nasal inhalers?

#1 When Yugyeom ripped his pants mid-performance

GOT7 is known for their sharp moves, but it seems like their rigorous choreography may have caused a not-so-unfortunate wardrobe malfunction for one of the members. Barely 15 minutes into the show, dancing machine Yugyeom hit went so hard that he accidentally ripped his pants midway through ‘Skyway’ and had to retreat backstage to change into a fresh pair of pants. Oops!

We didn’t manage to capture the epic moment on camera, but here’s a clip of resident prankster BamBam and the rest of the members teasing their beloved maknae when the latter came back on stage after fixing the lil’ emergency.

#2 When they had a heated discussion over chilli crabs and 7-11

For any Ahgase worth their salt, it’s no secret that GOT7 takes their onstage banter game very seriously. Pausing to catch a breather after a couple of intense performances, the boys took some time to interact with the fans. “What should we talk about?” one member asked. “I don’t know,” another replied. Eventually, they took turns sharing what they like best about Singapore and their playful exchange was definitely one for the Twitter books.

If you thought Mark’s response was hard to beat, wait till you hear BamBam’s pun-tastic answer: 7-Eleven. His reason? “[We are] GOT7 going into 7-Eleven!” You win, Double B.

#3 When the translator showed up a little too late

We thought it was pretty admirable that GOT7 managed to pull through the show without a translator, with the foreign line Mark, BamBam and Jackson hard-carrying most of the conversations in English. But it turns out that there was actually a translator onsite, who popped out to do her job only at the ending ment when the other members spoke in Korean for the first time. And in typical BamBam fashion, the 21-year-old went all savage on the translator by cheekily quipping “I think our translator is late”.

#4 When BamBam went crazy with the pick-up lines

When the other members were getting all emotional with their ending speeches, trust BamBam to come up with the cheesiest way to portray his love for the fans: pick-up lines. We couldn’t stop cracking up!

#5 When they encouraged fans to break the rules

At a K-pop concert, it’s a strictly no photography/videography affair. We know how tough it is having to deal with rigid security guards watching your every move, but BamBam ain’t taking any of that. Towards the end of the show, the Thai lad took matters into his own hands and declared that fans were allowed to record down their next song – which was met with rapturous cheers from the audience. Even the security guards couldn’t help but soften up at his unexpected request!

#6 When Jackson threw nasal inhalers into the crowd

It has become sort of a concert ritual to throw out small gifts to the audience during the encore. But instead of the usual suspects of candy and roses, Jackson decided to switch things up by flinging out a handful of nasal inhalers known as Yadom. What else can we say, we love a practical king!

#7 When they just wanna have fun

At the end of the day, they are just boys who enjoy doing what they love to do. When they’re not having the time of their lives spraying water at fans in the front rows, they can be found crouching down to pose for photos, breaking out into comical dances just to make us laugh, and really immersing themselves in the moment.

Perhaps it’s this sense of approachability that made the entire show seem a lot more intimate and personal. It’s a breath of fresh air in the K-pop scene where mainstream concerts tend to come across as formulaic and overly rehearsed – and that’s just one of the many reasons why they’ve garnered a dedicated following of adoring fans since their debut. Never stop doing you, GOT7!

Image credits: ONE Production

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