7 Times Park Seo Jun Proved He's The 'Nation's Boyfriend'

10 Nov 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

With his swoon-worthy good looks and down-to-earth personality, it’s no wonder everybody just couldn’t get enough of Park Seo Jun. In town as part of his ‘Guess Who?’ fanmeeting tour, the Fight For My Way actor certainly lived up to his title of the ‘nation’s boyfriend’ as he charmed a crowd full of adoring fangirls (and boys). From holding an impromptu fansign onstage to personally whipping up a meal for lucky fans, it’s hard not to fall in love with the 28-year-old.

#1 He has a way with words.

Pickup lines ain’t got nothing on our resident heartthrob. “What’s that on your face? Handsomeness!” yelled a fan in the audience. Blushing at the unexpected comment, the actor sheepishly replied with wit: “Ah, I forgot to take off my handsomeness today.” Such a tease – and this was just one of the many hilarious banters that night. Read on!

#2 He’s a total sweetheart.


The chap might’ve claimed that he’s not good at selfies (“I just take a lot of photos and pick the best one!”), but we beg to differ after seeing his attempt at taking one right on the spot, which were presented as exclusive signed polaroids to six lucky fans. Not only were they able to take a piece of him home, they were also given the ultimate fan service treatment by the actor himself even though he was not obligated to – giving the sweetest hugs, posing for selfies and even letting them record videos of him onstage. Now, can you blame us for being smitten?

#3 And quite the gentleman.


During the first games segment, it was a dream come true for one lucky fan as she interlocked hands with Park Seo Jun for a good 40 seconds (yes, we counted) while the latter escorted her all the way to the side of the stage – not forgetting to take an individual selfie and giving her a big hug before sending her off, much to the envy of everyone else present. What a gentleman!

#4 Yes, he can actually sing.

Sure, we all know Park Seo Jun’s a great actor – but who knew he could belt out a tune just as well? Showcasing his soothing vocals, the multi-talented lad serenaded the crowd with a live rendition of the OST ‘Come Into My Heart’ from his 2014 drama Witch’s Romance, and boy can he hold those notes! Just what else can Park Seo Jun not do?

#5 He’s also a domestic god…


He acts, he sings, and now he makes pasta? Talk about perfect husband material! Chef Park impressed the audience with his culinary skills when he whipped up a romantic meal for two lucky fans right in front of them – one of them jokingly retorted that “it needs more salt” while the other animatedly exclaimed that it was “the best pasta” she ever had. Although we didn’t have the privilege to sample his creation, it’s safe to say it looked pretty legit!

#6 … with plenty of aegyo.

We’ll be honest, this was the moment we were all waiting for. One of the forfeits of the previous game was to reenact the famous aegyo scene between Ae Ra and Dong Man in Fight For My Way – the struggle was real as he attempted to shake off his embarrassment, but he managed to pull it off in the end. Watch the aww-inducing clip below and try not to squeal. Ae Ra would be so proud!

#7 But he has his serious side too.

Nothing’s more attractive than a man who’s passionate at what he does, and Park Seo Jun is a testament to that. Sitting down to discuss his thoughts about Fight For My Way, he expresses: “I believe everyone at that age would face similar problems [like Dong Man]. I’m really thankful that I’m pursuing acting as a career because this is what I want to do, but I hope you guys can also start thinking about your own lives. If you set your mind to something, don’t be afraid to do it.”

Photo credits: Unusual Entertainment

It was a night to remember indeed – what were your favourite #ParkSeoJuninSG moments? Comment down below!

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6 BTS Moments Every ARMY Wants To See On The Ellen Show

8 Nov 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

It seems like just yesterday that BTS was making history on the Billboard stage, and these K-pop trailblazers are here to tear up the American music scene yet again. Between joining forces with Desiigner for an epic remix of ‘MIC Drop’ and gearing up for their performance debut at the 2017 American Music Awards, the Korean supergroup has also received a love call from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with executive producer Andy Lassner reassuring that “it’s gonna happen” (inserts jungshook.jpg). Still don’t believe us?

Well, the queen has spoken. Whether or not BTS will make an appearance is still up in the air, but it’s never too early to start hyping up our favourite boys. Here are 6 ARMY-approved things we would totally love to see on the show – dance-offs, scare pranks and all.

#1 Bringing the DNA from the AMAs

While we couldn’t be more psyched to watch the boys perform their latest smash hit at the AMAs, just imagine how lit their entrance segment would be if BTS kicked off the show with ‘DNA’. We can already see Ellen breaking out into the full routine and J-Hope challenging Ellen to a dance-off. Hey dance line, looks like you’ve got competition!

#2 Ellen taking on the Go Go Challenge

With EXO spawning a series of viral challenges (#KokobopChallenge anybody?), the BTS-inspired Go Go Challenge is the latest trend to blow up over the Internet – and who better to slay the moves of ‘Go Go’ than the one and only Ellen? Eighth member of BTS, confirmed.

#3 What’s Ellen without pulling a prank or two?

Y’all might be familiar with Ellen’s penchant for scaring the pants off her guests – not even Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and David Beckham were spared – so there’s a good chance that BTS will likely become the newest victims of her masterful pranks. We don’t know about you, but we’re particularly looking forward to Jin and J-Hope reactions. Get ready for the memes!


#4 When Mr. Worldwide Handsome strikes 

Should we expect anything less when Jin is basically a kiss-blowing emoji come to life? Dude’s worldwide handsome, after all. Let’s just hope Ellen can survive his endless bombardment of winks, finger hearts and dad jokes…


#5 Suga busting out Shakespeare-esque English

As Rap Monster is the sole member fluent in the language, the pressure is no doubt on the leader to take charge of the conversation and sometimes act as the translator, so we do hope there will be an interpreter onsite to help the poor guy out. All seriousness aside, the other members aren’t so shabby at the language themselves (we’re counting on you, Suga)!

#6 Powerful people supporting each other!

As if we needed more reason to love BTS, they’ve partnered up with UNICEF on the #ENDviolence campaign to commemorate their latest album Love Yourself: Her. With Ellen being a huge advocate of human rights herself, it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness about the cause and cement themselves as a socially-conscious K-pop act. To the world and beyond!

What else do you hope to see if BTS x The Ellen happens? Fire away in the comments box below, ARMYs!

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The New 'Oppas' Of Meteor Garden's F4 Are Totally Gorgeous

7 Nov 2017 by Johanna Teo

Are you ready for what’s arguably the hottest version of F4? 

Another year, another Meteor Garden remake. One of the most popular manga adaptations to date, the aforementioned drama is just one of the many many versions that have been released – Taiwan’s Meteor Garden, the eponymous Hana Yuri Dango, Korea’s Boys Over Flowers, and at least three other ‘inspired’ variations. And it’s starting to seem like the film industry has collectively decided that every generation needs an F4 to swoon over, because 2018’s cast of ultra rich heartthrobs totally fit the bill. 

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar China

Appearing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China for the very first time, the new F4 – comprising Darren Chen, Connor Leong, Caesar Wu and Dylan Wang – quelled the speculations that’ve been running ever since Meteor Garden 2018’s producer, Angie Chai (who was also at the helm of 2001’s production) announced the remake. There’s no word yet on who’s set to play which character, but one thing’s for sure: with each episode budgeted at NT$15 million, which costs roughly 3,000% times an episode of the original series, the pressure is on for these up-and-coming actors.

Darren Chen


Our prime pick for Dao Ming Si/ Gu Jun Pyo, 22-year-old Darren Chen is a Taiwanese actor who most recently played the second lead role in a 2016 web drama titled Proud of Love

Connor Leong 


Sporting bad boy looks that could fit Xi Men/So Yi Jung, this 23-year-old triple threat was a regular on an idol reality show and has had a few minor acting roles prior to landing this gig. 

Dylan Wang 


We can’t quite decide if Dylan could play Mei Zuo/Song Woo Bin or F4 leader Dao Ming Si/Gu Jun Pyo. After all, he has the chiselled good looks for both characters, albeit having an air of nonchalance that befits F4’s resident casanova. Alternatively, Dylan could also play the mysterious Hua Ze Lei/Yoon Ji Hoo… Needless to say, this 19-year-old is a definite wild card. 

Caesar Wu


It might be the curls and boyish smile, but Caesar Wu kinda reminds us of Harry Styles back during his X Factor days… And he seems to be relatively new on the scene, with little to no info about him on the Internet. Could we be looking at F4’s knight in shining armour, Hua Ze Lei/Yoon Ji Hoo? 

Shen Yue


No prizes for guessing who this doe-eyed beauty plays in Meteor Garden 2018! 20-year-old Shen Yue’s a new kid on the block (like the rest of her cast mates) with a starring role in A Love So Beautiful. We can’t wait to see how she’ll bring out Shan Cai/Jan Di’s fiesty personality! 

Which is your favourite version F4? Tell us in the comment section!

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Sam Smith might be known for his soulful ballads, but he sure knows how to belt a pop jam too.

Fresh off the release of his sophomore album The Thrill Of It All, Sam Smith took to the latest edition of The Late Late Show With James Corden‘s beloved segment Carpool Karaoke to remind us why we fell in love with him in the first place. Between pitch perfect renditions of emotional cuts like ‘I’m Not The Only One’ and his latest single ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’, the British crooner dished on everything from his noticeably slimmer frame to his opinion of the hottest celeb (the answer is Ryan Gosling btw). 

But when elaborating on his dream wedding – which includes a pre-nuptial funeral for his “single self” and guests dressed in all-black before unveiling white outfits – Sam also revealed that the march-in song of his choice would be Fifth Harmony’s scorcher, ‘Work From Home’. Lest we forget James Corden’s knack for landing guests literally wherever and whenever, the host made a quick call. And lo and behold, the fabulous foursome showed up, greeting an ecstatic Sam who couldn’t believe his luck. 

Cue the bubbling synths of ‘Work From Home’ and it’s like the girl group had it’s original lineup of five members, with Sam taking charge – ad-libs, hand gestures and all. We always knew Sam Smith had diva-worthy vocals, but we’ve never seen him unleash his inner diva quite like this! Sam even commemorated their surprise meet-up with an Instagram post captioned “That moment when all your carpool karaoke dreams come true”. Hmm… could this be a sign of a collaboration in the works? We sure hope so!


A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

Watch the full Carpool Karaoke segment and listen to Sam Smith’s latest album below: 

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TWICE is officially the fastest K-pop girl group to reach 40 million views after releasing their MV for ‘Likey’! Fresh off their latest album Twicetagram, here are 9 moments from the MV that we totally heart (like).

Filmed in Vancouver, TWICE’s ‘Likey’ MV has no shortage of Instagram-worthy backdrops, stunning visuals and #WardrobeGoals. And with its peppy bubblegum pop beat, it’s no wonder this song has helped the powerhouse girl group break YouTube records in only six days and 17 hours – we recap our favourite MV moments! 

When TWICE Brought Us Back In Time

 ‘Likey’ starts out with Jihyo throwing her ’90s inspired locker open and fishing out a camcorder, giving us an ironic blast to the past considering the song’s all about smiling for the cam and pressing hearts – you know, millennial-type things. 

Going ‘Behind The Scenes’ 

Showing us a glimpse of an average day in TWICEland, this scene has a ‘home video’ treatment that makes our favourite girls that much more relatable. You see Sana dancing around goofily, Tzuyu giving aegyo and even a peek of Mina feeding fowl friends. Ah, we likey. 

That Hilarious Makeover 

‘Likey’ has TWICE singing about dolling up with BB cream and lip stick (not that they need it), but here we see Momo getting a ‘makeover’, courtesy of her mischievous group mates. A pencil here, a plastic tiara there… Voila! She’s ready to impress her date. 

TWICE’s K-pop Dance Cover Fever 

Making use of the camcorder once again, the girls set forth filming their very own dance routine in a way that’s probably very familiar to all the K-pop dance cover fans. We’re talking handheld, alternating angles and perfectly synchronised beats – TWICE is so ready for their closeup! 

When They Cemented Yet Another Signature Move

TWICE has become famous for their ‘TT’ move, and the girls have incorporated yet another letter: ‘L’, presumably for ‘Likey’ along with it, ensuring that dance-challenged fans can bop easily along to their moves. Plus, we totally adore the pastel basketball-themed area that the girls are dancing in! 

That “I Need This Dress” Look

The 2017’s take on Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene, we see Jungyeon nonchalantly skating by (as she had been doing all over town), only to stop short when something in the storefront catches her eye. Only fellow shopaholics will understand that electrifying feeling of spotting the perfect dress! 

When TWICE Dropped The Beat

Who says TWICE is all sugar and no spice? ‘Likey’ showed off the girls’ rapping talents and added an extra edge to the synth-pop laden tune – we have no idea how TWICE managed to deliver ‘dem rhymes while still looking super cute while at it. 

Those Fiery Momo Moves 

Fans have showered praise on Momo for her ‘Likey’ dance solo and we’re cheering on with them! But what else can we expect from the member who helped create this sizzling dance routine? 

Bonus: When Dahyun Brought Back The Dab

Dabbing is a move that honestly belongs back in 2016, but Dahyun’s effortless move (while flanked by the rest of the TWICE members) has us wondering if it’s officially cool again. 

Congratulations to TWICE and ONCEs for breaking the YouTube record! What are your favourite songs off TWICE’s discography? Tell us in the comment section! 

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