8 Power Couples That Stole The Show At The 2018 Met Gala

9 May 2018 by Julia Yee

It’s that time of the year again for “fashion’s biggest night out”, where Hollywood’s brightest stars deck themselves in the most head-turning of outfit choices. Against the backdrop of outlandish imagery inspired by the theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination, this year’s Met Gala saw plenty of iconic pairings gracing the red carpet. From Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin’s swoon-worthy couple debut to 2 Chainz’ extra AF proposal to his longtime girlfriend, the annual fashion extravaganza is shaping up to be the most show-stopping one yet.


selena gomez kylie jenner makeup reunion met gala 2018

Image credit: Getty Images

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you’d know that the youngest Jenner wasn’t exactly on good terms with the ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ diva. Back in 2014, it was reported that the two had fallen out as a result of the Jenners’ continued contact with Selena Gomez’s on-and-off beau, Justin Bieber. Whether or not those rumours ring true, Kylie and Selena seem to have made up, and look closer than ever. Looks like the holy theme has brought out the best in everyone! #sistersbeforemisters


shawn mendes and hailey baldwin 2018 met gala

Image credit: Getty Images

While we were aware that Shawn Mendes has been cosying up to Hailey Baldwin recently, the exact nature of their relationship was never confirmed. That is, until the rumoured lovebirds showed up with their arms comfortably wrapped around each other at the New York Metropolitan Art Museum, making their relationship red carpet official. The Canadian crooner looked dashing in his sleek maroon suit as he walked down the red carpet hand-in-hand with the model, sporting a gorgeous dusty rose ‘do adorned with white flowers. While this may be somewhat sad news to Shawn diehards, do not despair – we sense an album full of love songs coming up!


Image Credit: hips.hearstapps.com

Image credit: Getty Images

Everybody looked heavenly, but what really caused our jaws to drop was Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto’s godly ensembles. Lana ditched her gypsy witch vibes for a beautiful ivory dress, while Jared looked the complete opposite of his demented Joker persona. Our personal favourites: Lana’s sword-skewered gold heart and deep blue winged headdress (a nod to the virgin Mary?) along with Jared’s matching golden wreath that put all the flower crowns to shame.


2 chainz porposal at met gala

Image credit: Getty Images

We know celebrities love being in the centre of attention, but 2 Chainz took the cake. The American rapper took a brave step in his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Kesha Ward – by proposing on the Met Gala red carpet in the most glamourous way yet. Although they’ve been engaged since the 2013 BET Awards and have had three children together, they’ve never made it official. Whipping out the black ring box in the midst of climbing the stairs, 2 Chainz got down on one knee and pulled a Donald Trump… of course, she said yes. Sound the wedding bells!


met gala mary kate and ashley olsen

Image credit: Neilson Barnard

With their unrivalled sisterly bond and fashion-forward styles, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have long been hailed as untouchable icons. This year, the twin beauties outdid themselves with their Game of Thrones-esque ensembles. Looking like a pair of bohemian princesses, their flowing robe-like gowns was nothing short of breathtaking as they expertly posed with stoic model expressions. We can’t wait to see what these goddesses come up with next year!


met gala 2018 lili reinhart and cole sprouse

Image credit: Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic

The two Riverdale stars strutted down the red carpet in complementary outfits – Lili Reinhart in a shimmering silver gown and Cole Sprouse in a classic suit, and the cameras just couldn’t get enough of them. Despite striving to maintain a lowkey attitude towards their dating rumours, the pair has been spotted together countless times and even took a quick getaway to Hawaii recently. Showing up at the Met Gala pretty much confirmed their relationship status, but whatever it may be, our hearts will never stop shipping Bughead!


george clooney and amal clooney

Image credit: WireImage

George and Amal Clooney’s relationship is one of the few Hollywood romances that has withstood the test of time. We’re still recovering from the split of star couples like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, and the iconic Brangelina – but safe to say, the Clooneys are proof that true love still exists. At the Met Ball, the stunning husband and wife duo graced the cameras with candid poses of them smiling at each other in adoration – talk about couple goals! 


Image Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Image credit: Getty Images

Not surprisingly, Kylie and Travis caused quite a stir with their fashion choices. Turning up in simple, pitch-black ensembles amidst the flood of intricate ivory and pastel shades at the Met Gala was a bold move, and we wouldn’t have expected anything less from the reality star diva and her beau. Say what you want about Stormi’s parents, but one thing’s for sure – this duo knows how to make an impression.

Which is your favourite #MetGala moment in the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Fall Out Boy Wants To Collaborate With Justin Bieber?

9 May 2018 by Teenage

Consider us blessed that Singapore was the only Southeast Asian stop for Fall Out Boy’s ongoing MANIA Tour. True to its name, it was exactly what FOB brought to the venue of [email protected], which was packed with both older devotees reminiscing their emo yesteryears, as well as fresh-faced younger fans who obviously caught on to the FOB fever, complete with purple-dyed hair and skinny jeans.

Their return might have been overdue – the pop punk quartet last played in Singapore in 2013 – but there was nothing tardy about their rock party. Prior to their show, we caught up with Pete and Andy for a quick chat where they talked about their MANIA album, working together with RM of BTS, and the possibility of creating music with Justin Bieber. Well, they might be kidding about the last point. But then again, are they really? Read on.

Teenage: Let’s talk about your new album MANIA. Following the success of American Beauty/American Psycho, what was the musical direction you wanted to bring MANIA in?

Pete: We wanted to do something completely different. American Beauty/American Psycho felt like an extension of Save Rock and Roll as they were made so close together. MANIA was like taking a left turn.

Teenage: You’ve decided to scrape and rewrite MANIA, pushing back the release by four months – which doesn’t feel like a whole lot of time to redo the entire album. Could you walk us through how that was like?

Pete: Records used to take a long time to make, but you’re able to do so much on just your laptop now so four months is more than enough time. I mean, we really did throw away a large portion of the album; there’s little bits of pieces here and there but it didn’t feel inspired enough. For us, I think it’s better not to make a record than to make one that feels uninspired.

Teenage: Having been in the music industry for a long time, how much do you think the industry has changed since you first started?

Pete: I think it has changed so much, mostly in the way that people are able to listen to music in different ways now, you know? And they can curate their own playlists so it’s really interesting to see how genres have lesser meaning than it seems like. 

Andy: Like [what Pete] said, you’re divorced from genres so you just like things and you’re not picking them out of a specific box just because they’re this or that. That’s really cool.

Teenage: How do you strike a balance between staying relevant in the music industry and staying true to your sound?

Pete: Now that we’re 15 years into the band, I think it’s important to make music for ourselves. We don’t want to be like a Burger King where we make whatever you want for your order, but at the same time we’re not ever trying to purposefully alienate people. Music is meant to be inspiring, we’re always going to think about our fans and perform around the world for them. Sometimes you nail it and they’re like “Oh my God, this makes so much sense” and other times you push too far or not far enough and they’re like “this isn’t great”. But you can’t just let that dominate; you just have to make the art you want to make and hopefully people will respond to it.

Teenage: What’s the most maniac moment you’ve ever experienced throughout your career?

Pete: When we went to places for the first time, like Moscow, and there were a ton of kids at the airport. It was pretty insane.

Andy: Yeah, I think airport moments and new places where we don’t frequent a lot. It does feel like it’s scariest, coolest and craziest thing all wrapped up in one.

Teenage: So… tell us about the llamas on the MANIA album.

Both: (Laughs)

Pete: Their names are Frosty and Royal Tea! They were in the music video for ‘Young and Menace’, which is supposed to depict what it’s like to live in a world of monsters and you don’t realise you are and you aren’t one. And they were just skateboarding with Post Malone and it just evolved into this thing that was never supposed to be.

Teenage: Some people consider Panic! At The Disco, Paramore and Fall Out Boy as the holy trinity of emo pop punk – and all of you performed in Singapore before! Would we ever see a collaboration between you guys?

Pete: (Laughs) We toured with Paramore once and with Panic! At The Disco countless of times. I don’t know, would it end the world if we all played together? We’ll never know. Did Justin Bieber say ‘Never Say Never’? Or we could just play with Justin!

Andy: We could compete with Avengers: Infinity War for the biggest crossover yet.

Teenage: Speaking of collaborations, your remix of ‘Champion’ with RM was a huge hit. Could we be expecting more team-ups with other K-pop bands in the future?

Pete: Yeah, definitely! I think it just has to be organic. How we met and all was a long story – we sent the song, he liked it and the rest is history. This was one collaboration that happened organically, which makes it more authentic. If it happens again, it would be cool.

Teenage: Lastly, what’s next for Fall Out Boy?

Pete: No more albums! You heard it here first – no more albums, until we get this Bieber collaboration done (laughs). Well, our record contract is done so we can do anything. You know how you always feel the most inspired when you do something completely new? We don’t know what it is yet though, wait and see!

Fall Out Boy MANIA Tour Live In Singapore

Nostalgia, non-stop hits and plenty of ‘Dance, Dance’ were the order of a pre-Public Holiday night, as the foursome made their third stop on Singapore soil. With the crowd amped up to full excitement, there was nothing to stop the FOB boys from kicking it into higher gear, dishing out songs like ‘Irresistible’, ‘Immortals’ and fan favourite ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ back-to-back. Ever the most forward of the band, bassist Pete Wentz delighted the crowd with his quick quips in-between songs, at times from an elevated stage in the middle of the crowd, dressed in a neon-yellow construction jacket which demanded attention from all corners of the room.

Photo by Alvin Ho | LAMC Productions

Drummer Andy also had his moments to shine, thrilling audiences with a drum solo mashup that included heavier versions of Kendrick’s Lamar’s ‘Humble’ and Post Malone’s ‘Congratulations’, while Patrick Stump impressed throughout with his pitch-perfect vocals sounding nearly identical to the band’s records. While already individually talented in their own right, it’s truly captivating to see how all four members complemented each other during their songs, energy effortlessly bouncing off each other’s presence.

Photo by Alvin Ho | LAMC Productions

While the performances were top-calibre, assisted by visually arresting video backdrops and surprise cameos from their llama mascots, Frosty and Royal Tea, we did wish the band spent more time interacting with their ardent fans. But perhaps it’s due to their seasoned career for wanting to focus on the music instead, and who could blame them when most of the varied crowd were screaming back every line to their catalogue of songs?

Photo by Alvin Ho | LAMC Productions

15 years into their music career together, and Fall Out Boy proved that their solidarity and brotherhood together is still as strong as it was from their eyeliner-heavy days – and that’s why they’ll go down as one of the greatest bands not only of this decade… but for ‘Centuries’.

Image credits: Aloysius Lim / Alvin Ho for LAMC Productions

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It’s Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK in your area! After powering through a sold-out concert in Singapore last Friday, the ‘IDGAF’ pop diva flew straight to South Korea for the Seoul leg of her tour on 6 May – performing yet another solid show in front of a massive audience, which included a couple of famous faces such as BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa!

Remember when Jennie mentioned that ‘New Rules’ was her favourite song of the moment during a live session last September? Here’s a throwback:

Fast forward to today, the BLACKPINK member is seen posing for a picture alongside her fellow bandmate, Lisa, with the queen of ‘New Rules’ herself – talk about a total “senpai noticed me” moment! The iconic photo is now Dua’s most-liked post on Instagram to date, with over 1 million hearts and counting.


💕🇰🇷💕🇰🇷IN YOUR AREA @blackpinkofficial 💕🇰🇷💕🇰🇷

A post shared by DUA LIPA (@dualipa) on

However, the BLACKPINK girls weren’t the only K-pop stars in attendance – JYP darlings Suzy and Somi were spotted as well. The former also uploaded a photo of the two together, along with her banner and autographed album. Dua even left a comment and followed the former Miss A member, making them mutuals on Instagram! Fangirl goals or what?

In other news, BLACKPINK’s in the midst of preparing for a comeback on 22 June 2018. Hey papa YG, how does a Dua Lipa collaboration sound?


Paramore Will Be Back To Rock Singapore This August!

26 Apr 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Our teenage-angst hearts are crying hard, but we’re dancing harder: Paramore is coming back to town! Seven years after their last show on our shores in 2011, the American rockstars are finally returning to Singapore to stage a full-fledged concert on 21 August at [email protected] Box.

Even though they’ve been through several lineup changes and musical style shifts since we last saw them, we have no doubts that Hayley, Taylor and Zac will deliver an equally, if not more, explosive set as usual. Apart from their catalog of smash hits like ‘Still Into You’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’, expect to jam out to recent bangers off their fifth studio effort After Laughter including ‘Hard Times’, ‘Fake Happy’ and ‘Rose-Colored Boy’. 

 Paramore Live In Singapore 2018

Paramore Live in Singapore 2018
Date: 21 August 2018
Time: TBC
Venue: [email protected] Box
Ticket prices: $168

Early bird tickets will go on sale from 3 to 5 May at $158, while standard tickets will go on sale from 6 May at $168 via www.sistic.com.sg – get ready to snap it up!

Meanwhile, check out their latest music video for ‘Rose-Colored Boy’:


5 Craziest Moments That Fall Out Boy Fans Will Never Forget

26 Apr 2018 by Germaine Cheah

From ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’ to ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Uma Thurman’ to ‘Champion’, Fall Out Boy has undeniably transformed into one of the biggest rock bands of the current era. Throughout the course of their near two-decades long career, the quartet has brought us on the journey through quite a few interesting moments – here are our favourites.

#1 They Actually Have A Guinness World Record To Their Name

fall out boy holy smokes

You best believe it, the Chicago natives are world record holders! Back in 2008, Patrick and Pete set out on a mission to break the Guinness World Record for most interviews conducted by a duo in a 24-hour period. The number they had to beat was 57, which they did within 10 hours. But ever the overachievers, they decided to carry on for as long as they could and ended up busting out a whopping 74 interviews that were between eight to 20 minutes long, taking breaks only to eat or use the bathroom. 

#2 They Ventured Where Our Four-Legged Counterparts Would Only Go

Yup, Joe Trohman once slept in a dog cage – well, it was more like a little cat nap, really. The reason is unknown, but it was documented on an old DVD. In an interview with Rock Sound back in 2013, the guitarist explained: “It wasn’t a night. It was, like, five minutes at the most and then put on a DVD. You can spin that story any way you want when it’s on film, you know? And I was also 17. Do a lot of 17-year-olds spend a lot of time in a dog cage? I think they do!” No, Joe, we’re gonna have to go with “No”.

#3 They Were Victims Of ‘Eating Your Own Feelings’


We are all no strangers to that feeling during award shows when the person we were rooting for didn’t win in their nominated category. For most of us, we’d just shrug it off and move on with our lives. But when you’re Patrick Stump, that doesn’t apply. At their first-ever GRAMMYs, the frontman got so angry over Kanye West’s Late Registration not winning Album of the Year that he stormed out of the ceremony and consoled himself with a Subway sandwich. We’re just glad he didn’t pull a Kanye by going on stage to disrupt U2 during the latter’s acceptance speech…

#4 They Once Gave Fans More Than What They Bargained For

Going back to their early days during the 2007 Honda Civic Tour, the band wanted to raise awareness for blood drives by giving fans a chance to win posters that were signed with a mixture of their blood in the ink. Speaking on their decision in a behind-the-scenes video, Patrick explained: “These disasters don’t last just a year, there are still people living in the aftermath of the tsunami and the aftermath of Katrina. It’s in times of low publicity on blood drives that people really need blood.” We know it was for a good cause, but we can’t help but think that there were other more effective – and less painful – ways to raise awareness for blood drives, but hey, to each their own. 

#5 They Proved That Hanging Out At The Arcade Has Its Benefits

One of the biggest surprises FOB fans got towards the end of 2017 was the release of the ‘Champion’ remix, which was done in collaboration with RM of K-pop boyband BTS. Not surprisingly, the lit track gave rise to questions of how the team-up came to be. Well, it turns out we have Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) to give thanks to! During the birthday party for Pete’s son at an arcade, the bassist was witness to a large group of people who were at the same arcade to watch RM play DDR. Unsure of who RM was, the band got to digging and the rest is history.

Fall Out Boy’s set to take the stage at [email protected] Box for their M A N I A tour on 30 April 2018. If you haven’t yet gotten your tickets, head on over to Sistic to score yours now!

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