Having escaped the clutches of cancellation (thanks to the huge fan support on social media), fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were left stunned when Chelsea Peretti, who plays fan favourite Gina Linetti, announced that she would be leaving the show during its sixth season. Described as the Paris of people and quite possibly the best character of the series, here are nine reasons why we will miss this fabulous emoji extraordinaire Gina Linetti.

#1 She Doesn’t Always Need Words to Express Herself

Credit: pop-culture-mulcher.tumblr.com

While Gina may be known mostly for her snarky one-liners, she is also great at expressing her opinions about her precinct colleagues without words. No wonder she is the human form of the ‘100’ emoji!

#2 She Single-Handedly Caused a Ban

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Let us never forget how the ‘Gina Incident’ became the sole reason why Captain Holt banned headphones at Nine-Nine.

#3 She is the Jill of Many Trades

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From being an administrator at Nine-Nine, to a dancer with Dance-y Reagan, and even an entrepreneur selling stolen police badges – there’s nothing this woman cannot do. We had hoped to see more of her moonlighting stints in season six, but could one of these roles become the reason why she leaves the precinct?

#4 She is a Confidence Guru


There is no one else in the series that has reached a level of confidence quite like Gina Linetti. We will miss her unabashed behaviour which never fails to make us laugh and secretly hope that we could replicate a tenth of her self-belief.

#5 She Entertains with Metaphors


No one does metaphors like Gina Linetti. Instead of using boring examples, Gina comes up with her own relevant pop-culture references. We still can’t get over that Little Mermaid metaphor she used to describe Jake and Charles.

#6 She Comes Up with the Best Insults

Credit: brooklyn99gifs.tumblr.com

Say what you will about Gina Linetti but that girl is a beast when it comes to insults. Even if they do come off as slightly hurtful or offensive, we cannot deny that they are often hilariously accurate when they are directed at Charles.

#7 She is the Queen of Bold Honesty

Credit: daily99.tumblr.com

There are times that we wished we could be as boldly honest as Gina. Her ability to call someone out or voice her unfiltered opinions feels like something we should adopt as a tribute to one of television’s greatest characters.

#8 She Gives Great Pep Talks


Remember the time when Gina stepped up to give Captain Holt a pep talk before he went out as a pigeon? We do. It was one of the rarer moments where we got to see her get real for a second before switching back to her lack of self-awareness.

#9 She is 100% relatable


Of all the characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina Linetti is the one character that has since evolved into a spirit animal we never knew we needed. From her relatable phone addiction to her incredible frankness, she is us in so many ways because isn’t Gina Linetti a state of mind?

What’s your favourite Gina Linetti moment in Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Let us know in the comments below!

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