Alien Huang Isn't Who You Think He Is

19 Jan 2016 by Chew Hui Ling

In the true words of Alien Huang, “No matter what kind of person you perceive me to be, I’m not who you think I am.” From breaking out of the idol mold (fun fact: he started out as a member of boy bands HC3 and Cosmo in the early 2000s!) to carving out a burgeoning career all on his own, the singer has came a long way to becoming the multifaceted artiste he is now. Yet despite his best efforts, it’s inevitable that people still harbour some sort of misconception towards him. In an exclusive interview, we sat down with the Taiwanese megastar to separate fact from fiction once and for all.

Alien Huang
Photo: Rock Records Singapore

Fiction: An A-lister wannabe?
Fact: Far from it. His latest self-titled album ALiEN is proof that the singer has truly escaped the shadows of his peers, and is definitely not one that fits the norm. “Perhaps why I’m called Alien is because I have a different mindset from everyone else. This album is a symbolisation of breaking myself apart and resurrecting into a new brand of Alien Huang.” And his hard work shows – his musical flair and lyrical maturity shine in every self-composed track in this record, and we think he deserves every bit of recognition for his talent. Who’s to say the dude’s a wannabe now?

Fiction: Still hung-up over Rainie Yang?
Fact: That was over a decade ago, and we’re pretty sure the lad has dated other girls after breaking up with his high school sweetheart. The next question on everybody’s mind: is the 32-year-old seeing anyone currently? He admits, “Honestly, I haven’t had the chance to meet new people. But if I happen to find someone who has similar interests as I do, I’ll have no qualms settling down with her.” He then pacified fans by stating that he’ll “most likely marry after 35”. Three more years to go before he gets rid of his bachelor status!

Fiction: Only likes pretty girls?
Fact: We reckon the music video for ‘My Friends’ is enough to put the kibosh on things. “It was fun wearing uniforms again and reliving the memories [with Ou Han Sheng, Shiou Chieh Kai, Wesley Chia, and Xie Kun Da]. In the MV, we all had a crush on the most attractive girl in school. But as we grow up, you realise that the pretty ones might not actually be your ideal type, and the plain Janes might just end up being your cup of tea. You never know.”

Fiction: Friendship stuck in a superficial rut?
Fact: You might’ve heard about the rumours running rampant about the apparent tension between him and his (ex?) best bud, but don’t let hearsay cloud your judgement – it’s a well-known fact in showbiz that Alien is an incredibly loyal pal. He further asserts on his definition of ‘brothers’: “If we’re brothers, it’s only natural for us not to be selfish towards each other. I’m the type of person who would give 100 per cent of myself in a friendship.” When piqued about his absolute last straw, he had a long mull over it before giving us this heart-tugging answer: “Someone who hurts me with a bad intention.” Ouch…

We don’t know about you, but we have a newfound respect for Alien Huang after our chat with him. Keep doing what you’re doing!


3 Things The Boys From JTR Will Do For You

15 Jan 2016 by Rachael Lim

Swedish boy band, JTR, is made up of three brothers, John Andreasson, Tom Lundbäck and Robin Lundbäck. They appeared on the fifth season of The X Factor Australia and finished seventh. Their debut album, Touchdown, was promoted by the band’s debut single, Ride which later included their latest single Centre of Everywhere, in a 21 track album, Touchdown (Asian Edition). 

As said by John, ‘Centre of Everywhere’ is a big song that has great meaning to it. It means no matter wherever you might be, whether you’re in the dessert or lost in the woods… if you’re with the right person, you’ll feel like you’re in the centre of the world.

But is that all that JTR can think about or do when it comes to love? Here’s what we think these swoon-worthy lads will do for their girls: 

#1  Fulfill Your Wanderlust Dreams


Credit: YouTube

Who wouldn’t want to travel around the world and escape from reality for just a little while. Well, for the brothers of JTR, they would love to take you on a trip or two around the world if you were their special girl.

Other than travelling in style with Tom’s private jet or Robin’s sailing boat, can we just talk about John’s idea of getting his helicopter driving license and flying the both of you to a nice mountain to enjoy beautiful scenery from the top? That’s a ton of sincerity and love there.

#2  Make You Smile In No Time


Credit: bloggar.aftonbladet.se

Feeling down from a tough day at school? No worries, the trio will get into seriously wacky stuff to turn your frown into a smile.

John would do some fun stuff while Robin would provide you with a chocolate fix as it works for him whenever he’s upset. If all else fails, Tom’s fart jokes will be the last resort. Although, it’s probably the weirdest way to cheer you up but who knows, it might just work!


Credit: bloggar.aftonbladet.se

Plus, if they were to make use of their fantastic vocals to cheer you up, you can expect Robin to sing A Whole New World or I’m Sexy and I Know It and John with a classic tune from the 80s, I Just Called To Say I Love You.

#3  Take you on an Asian Gastronomic Journey


The boys of JTR are a huge fan of Asia. On top of the list of places you want to travel to, you can expect yourself to go on a gastronomic adventure with them in Asia. Be it savoring a plate of amazing chicken rice in Singapore or a good plate of yaki soba in Japan, you are sure in for some finger licking goodness. Just remember not to feed them with the raw vegetables when you are on a date at a Korean BBQ restaurant. They are not fan of it, especially Tom and Robin.

Did we mention that Robin loves KFC too? 

Check out JTR’s latest single, Centre of Everywhere in the link down below. 


8 Moments Our Hearts Were Broken By Professor Snape

15 Jan 2016 by Arissa Ha

While Alan Rickman stood out for his numerous works in both film and theatre, one of his most notable role was as Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series. We pay tribute to the actor who turned our hearts around – from the most hated professor at Hogwarts, to the most loved. We raise our wands, potions and butterbeer to you sir, RIP. 

#1 When the love of his life died


#2 When he chose to protect Harry without anyone’s knowledge


#3 When he protected the trio from being mauled


#4 When he showed everyone that he never stopped loving Lily


#5 When he had to kill Dumblebore even though he didn’t want to


#6 When he revealed that he’s the Half-Blood Prince


#7 When he instructs Harry to take his tears to the Pensieve


#8 The words he uttered before dying

you have your mothers eyes-severus snape

And then everything started making sense to Harry. 

Here’s Alan Rickman’s goodbye letter to Harry Potter

I have just returned from the dubbing studio where I spoke into a microphone as Severus Snape for the last time. On the screen were some flashback shots of Daniel [Radcliffe], Emma [Watson], and Rupert [Grint] from ten years ago. They were 12. I have also recently returned from New York, and while I was there, I saw Daniel singing and dancing (brilliantly) on Broadway. A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes.

These children have become adults since a phone call with Jo Rowling, containing one small clue, persuaded me that there was more to Snape than an unchanging costume, and that even though only three of the books were out at that time, she held the entire massive but delicate narrative in the surest of hands.

It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thanks for all of it, Jo.

– Alan Rickman

Now if you would excuse us, let us continue grieving.

control your emotions snape

Which are your favourite Snape moments? Share them with us. 


Our Thoughts On AMEi's AMIT UTOPIA World Tour In SG

12 Jan 2016 by Johanna Teo

It’s tough deciding what to mention first about aMEI’s first concert here in 17 years (1999 for those who can’t count). But one thing’s for sure – aMEI’s Amit Utopia World Tour will definitely be a difficult act to follow.

We’ve been familiar with a MEI’s powerful voice ever since we were teenagers, thanks to mums who’d never fail to include the Mandopop diva’s tunes in their karaoke repertoire. So it was pretty surreal to catch aMEI live in concert, watching as she performed her ass off. Yes, she’s gotten a little curvier than we remembered, but that didn’t stop the singer from killing it all the same. Here are some of our thoughts during her 10/10 show:

aMEI l AMIT UTOPIA World Tour - Singapore

#1 “Wah, her stage is so pretty!”

At risk of sounding a tad bimbotic, aMEI’s stage set-up was one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen. The way she descended while regally sitting on that plum-bob (similar to that green mood-meter you’ll see atop a Sim) thingamajig, left no doubt in our minds that her spending 5 million bucks on that stage was totally worth it. Of course, there were other grand effects, like the blindingly stunning laser lights, that definitely impressed. 

#2 “We’ve officially become her minions…”

It was as if a spell had taken over the stadium-full of people: whatever aMEI commanded, we did. This resulted in our witnessing a senior reporter (whom we’ve never ever seen display any enthusiasm for other acts) jumping and waving her light stick in tandem with the music. And she wasn’t the only one. Whether it was for louder whoops, for more jumping, for everyone to get off their seats, for random singalong sessions and more, the 20,000-strong audience (and us) delivered. aMEI was the first to let us witness seasoned media professionals lose their minds over her performance, and that delightful visual will forever be seared into our mind.

aMEI l AMIT UTOPIA World Tour - Singapore (4)

#3 “Sasha Fierce who?”

Queen Bey ain’t the only one with an alter-persona! aMEI morphed into the powerful rockstar, Amit, who took the stage belting out high-octane numbers from her latest album, Amit 2. It was an ear-gasmic experience as everyone present witnessed aMEI resplendent on her multi-million dollar stage. That day, Amit stole our hearts from Sasha Fierce, and it was a worthy battle indeed.

aMEI l AMIT UTOPIA World Tour - Taiwan

#4 “Can she sing or what?!”

We’ve always known that aMEI can sing, but the singer still managed to surprise us with her vocal versatility as she went from new hits to older classics. Switching it up effortlessly between the rougher timbres required for belting out rock songs, to the huskier lilts accompanying her more emotion-heavy tunes, it remains without a doubt that aMEI possesses one of the best voices we’ve ever heard. And yes, we’ve heard G.E.M Tang live too.

#5 “So.Much.Feels!”

Honestly, aMEI is Mandopop’s answer to Adele way before the ‘Hello’ songstress was even conceptualised. Regardless of age, there’s a huge possibility that songs like ‘Remember’, ‘I Want Happiness’ and ‘Hostage’ would be a part of your ‘breakup song’ playlist. And listening to aMEI perform these hits live brought on a tidal wave of emotions that reminded of the last time we heard those songs – all in all and extremely cathartic experience, which left us feeling a mixture of exhilaration and inexplicable sadness. Judging from the crowd of fans who lurked around even after the arena lights were turned on, we weren’t the only ones.

Image Credits: Unusual Entertainment


Tons Of Eye Candy From The All-Star Cast Of Moon Lovers!

7 Jan 2016 by Johanna Teo

A star-studded lineup has been cast in a bid to make the Korean remake of C-drama Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin/ Startling By Each Step) even more popular than its original version. Cast members for the upcoming drama Moon Lovers, include leads Lee Jun Ki and IU, as well as Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, EXO’s Baekhyun, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo! 

Moon Lovers is gearing up to be one of the dramas to watch this 2016! Here’s an introduction of the above-mentioned stars and the characters they’ll be playing. 

Lee Jun Ki (Wang So, 4th Prince) 

Lee Jun Ki

IU (Hae So, modern day girl who travels to the past)

IUPhoto credit: Getty

Kang Ha Neul (Wang Wook, 8th Prince) 

Kang Ha Neul

Hong Jong Hyun (Wang Yo, 3rd Prince)

Hong Jong HyunPhoto credit: Top Star News

Baekhyun (Wang Eun, 10th Prince)


Nam Joo Hyuk (Wang Ook, 13th Prince)

Nam Joo HyukPhoto credit: YG Stage

Ji Soo (Wang Jung, 14th Prince) 

Ji SooPhoto credit: TPC Homepage

Seohyun (Woo Hee, Last princess)

Photo credit: Mixxo

A little background info on this titular period drama: 

  1. It’s an adaptation of a creative story written by online writer Tong Hua, which was published in 2005
  2. Scarlet Heart is a time-travel romance story, where you’ll watch as a hapless 21-century lass gets embroiled in Qing Dynasty drama that took place hundreds of years ago. 
  3. Director Kim Kyu Tae will be at the helm. And with other super popular dramas under his belt (more recently, It’s Okay, That’s Love, and That Winter, The Wind Blows), we’re sure he’s more than capable of directing such a huge production. 
  4. Moon Lovers has an estimated budget of a whopping 15 billion won. 

Are you going to watch Moon Lovers? We’re looking forward to seeing Seohyun and Baekhyun in period wear, that’s for sure! Comment below to let us know what you’re excited to see! 

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