A match made in marketing heaven, pop songstress Ariana Grande has teamed up with Starbucks to introduce her very own drink named the Cloud Macchiato.

For the longtime Arianators, you’d probably be familiar with Ari’s obsession with all things white and fluffy. Besides her not-so-subtle penchant for cloud emojis, the ‘Sweetener’ singer even released her latest perfume recently called Clouds. If that’s not enough to convince you that this collaboration was meant to be, here’s a gentle reminder that Ariana’s last name also happens to be one of Starbucks’ beverage sizes. Coincidence? We think not.

Launched in honour of International Women’s Day, the new Ariana Grande concoction is basically caramel macchiato topped with whipped cold foam – it’s like having a cloud in a cup. It comes in two flavours, Caramel and Cinnamon, and can be ordered either hot or cold. Unlike other special items that are usually available for a limited period of time before retiring to the ‘Bux graveyard, fans of Ariana will be thrilled to know that this will be a permanent addition to the menu. The bad news? You can only get it in the US and Canada for now.

Break up with your local Starbucks, we’re hopping on the earliest flight to the states (no one asked, but we’re obviously getting a Grande.)

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