Bastille's Dan Smith Got Us Shook From His Concert Antics

30 Aug 2017 by Germaine Cheah

Bastille’s return to our shores for a concert this August saw an evening filled with powerhouse performances and smooth liners – which fans would be familiar with considering they’re no strangers to the local audience.  Here are our favourite moments from that stellar gig. 


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They’re Not Afraid To Be Real

Recently revealing that their Wild Wild World Tour was a way for him to embrace and showcase his inner film geek, it should come as no surprise that Bastille’s show encompassed a cinematic aesthetic that was as evocative as the lyrics they were singing.From the pre-show political satire video, to the part where Dan sang in sync with a projection of a female politician who was delivering the song as if she was doing a press conference – complete with “David Cameron-esque hand gestures and Trum-like flailing”, the entire setup was entertaining, amusing and at times, slightly uncomfortable. “It’s our way of nodding towards the omnipresent media and the mad, post-truth world of politics that we all live in at the moment”, Dan revealed in a 2016 interview. But truth be told, boldly using their art to invoke conversation about the current political situation is also what makes Bastille one of the most #woke performers around today. 

Dan Smith Is Now Dan(ce) Smith

Whether you’ve had to opportunity to watch the band live, or even just from scrolling through online videos of their other gigs, you would probably have noticed that Dan Smith’s dance moves are just as much the highlight of the show as the singing is – and the Singapore gig was no different. But as confident as he looked constantly prancing and darting around the stage with his awkward turtle dance moves, the frontman also couldn’t help but apologise for his moves, cheekily adding “As you probably have noticed, I’m potentially the worst dancer on the entire planet”, to high-pitched screams and cheers from around the crowd. Hey, who else is up for calling Dan Dance Smith from now on?

They Make It Incredibly Personal

You might be used to just watching a band perform on stage without any sort of interaction, but that’s just not Bastille’s style. In fact, fans would know that Dan Smith running into the crowd (regardless the size of the venue) has become a band tradition of sorts. It’s rare to see an act of Bastille’s popularity get so intimate with their fans, but we’re pretty sure that’s what makes them so endearing to their huge following. Just check out what happened when the lead singer made his way through the crowd at The Star Theatre. To say we were shook during that moment would be an understatement.  


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Featured image: Marcus Lin/Secret Sounds Asia

Were you in the crowd watching Bastille perform? What were some of your favourite moments from the show? Sound off in the comments below!

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It has been less than two weeks since B.A.P wrapped up the Singapore leg of their Party Baby World Tour, and we’re still reeling from the two-hour madness that went down on 18 August. Killer performances and mandatory fan service aside, we’ve got more reasons why we just can’t stop raving about the adrenaline-filled night – Singlish shenanigans, alphabet fails, lost in translation moments and more.

#1 When B.A.P shook us with their live vocals

B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby Singapore Boom 1

Seeing B.A.P has pretty much become a yearly ritual for the Teenage team, but if there’s one thing that remains constant about these guys, it’s that they never fail to put up a kickass show. More impressively, we all know how tough their choreographies are, but it’s amazing how they could belt out those notes effortlessly – 100 per cent live, we kid you not – while slaying the moves on stage. Lip syncing? What’s lip syncing when it comes to B.A.P?

#2 When they tried their hand at Singlish

Of course, no concert banter is complete without ’em taking a stab at our unique slang, amirite? Seemingly well-versed in our colloquial language – after all, it’s already their sixth visit to Singapore – the boys took turns showing off their adorable attempts at Singlish, which ran the gamut from the basic shioks and alamaks to borderline coarse terms courtesy of *cough* Jongup *cough*…

Oh boy, who taught you that?!

#3 When Himchan and Daehyun couldn’t alphabet

Himchan gave us all a good laugh when the lad got confused over the concert venue’s seating plan. “Why isn’t there any row Z?” the 27-year-old questioned, feeling even more baffled at the fact that there were people all the way at the back but none of them were from Z. Fun fact: MasterCard Theatres Grand Theatre actually goes from rows A to W, then AA to OO for the first floor. Can’t blame him though, even we were caught off guard at first!

Bonus: Daehyun launching into an impromptu rendition of the alphabet song, and failed cutely. (#YouTried!)

#4 When a lucky fangirl stole the show

One of the highlights we were all looking forward to was the boys picking out the best-dressed BABY in the crowd. A fan who sported “the same hairstyle as Yongguk” caught the eye of Himchan, and we gotta say, she’s got our nod of approval.

Hilarity ensues when the fan, who introduced herself as Anna, quipped that her favourite member wasn’t present on stage (aka Jongup, who was prepping for his solo performance). She then went with Daehyun for the special segment – sharing love shots and all – but couldn’t resist declaring her love for Jongup, causing the former to sulk like a kicked puppy. Jongup and Zelo appeared shortly after, swooping in for a hug with her before disappearing again backstage.

#5 When B.A.P called out the translator

When they say lost in translation, we certainly didn’t expect it to get as real as this. The assigned translator of the night, who’s a native Korean, seemed new to the job and was struggling to keep up with the translations. At one point, he appeared to have spaced out in the midst of translating Youngjae’s message, causing fans to crack up and a bewildered Youngjae to exclaim, “Why are you laughing? Is there a problem? I’m being serious!” 

Understanding the situation belatedly, B.A.P decided to invite the translator up on stage. While giving the nervous chap encouragement, the cheeky members also didn’t forget to engage in some good-natured teasing with him. And ever the sweetheart, Daehyun praised him for his good looks and asked if he has a girlfriend (aww). Fortunately, the rest of the concert went a lot smoother after that.

Watch the hilarious exchange below!

#6 When they gave comeback teasers

“We’re going to release a new album in Korea. You’ve not heard it yet, but [do all of you] know about it?” Himchan asked. We half-anticipated B.A.P to give a sneak peek of it, and they did… sorta. When asked to sing a little of their new song, Daehyun teased fans by prompting them to count down, only to open and close his mouth. Nonetheless, Himchan added that “it’s a good song” and asked fans to “look forward to it”. We definitely are!

B.A.P will be making a comeback with their seventh single album Blue on 5 September.

#7 When one encore ain’t enough

B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby Singapore Boom 3

An encore is a given when it comes to concerts, but TWO encores? When will your faves ever?

Just when the audience thought it was over and started getting up to leave after the ‘encore’, B.A.P returned for another surprise encore – dressed in T-shirts and armed with water guns – causing fans to scramble back to their seats to soak in the last moments. They ended the night on a heartwarming note with ‘With You’, the members tearing up as they bid their final farewells. 

Now, it’s truly goodbye. Till next year, B.A.P!

Image credits: IME Singapore, TS Entertainment

BABYz, what was your favourite moment of the night? Comment down below!

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10 Exciting Moments From The Most Boring MTV VMAs Ever

29 Aug 2017 by Isabel Pang

From Madonna and Britney’s raunchy moment in ’03, Lady Gaga’s shocking performance in ’09 and even Miley’s wild child antics onstage in 2015, the MTV VMAs have always been a jaw-dropping affair. Not so much for this year’s edition, which uncharacteristically paled in comparison. 

Hosted by Katy Perry who doled out mum jokes and awkward dance moves all around, what VMAs lacked in excitement, it made up for in cringe. Nonetheless, we’re soldiering on to bring you the best highlights from the otherwise mundane award show. 

Tiffany Haddish’s Acceptance Speech

And, also, I just want to show all my [exes] that I’m out here killing the game. I told you I was gonna do it. You didn’t believe me. Now look at you sitting there, watching me, looking good.” 

Score one for Girl’s Trip actress Tiffany Haddish. Taking her airtime as a chance to not only share an inspirational speech, Tiffany also used it to savagely drag her exes for their lack of faith. Her celebratory dance and snipes won the hearts of viewers, who took to Twitter to share their love for the sassy comedian, swooning over how she would’ve been a better host. Ouch. 

Lorde’s Interpretive Dance

What would Lorde do if she fell sick before a huge performance? As the world found out during the VMAs, Lorde would choose to dance. Opting for a strong, ‘the show must go on’ attitude, the quirky songstress strode onstage and showed off her interpretative dance skills instead of delighting the audience with her kick-ass vocals. As expected, not many could appreciate her act, but kudos to her for at least trying. 

Kendrick Lamar’s Performance 

The VMAs kicked off with an adrenaline pumping medley of Kendrick Lamar’s latest hits like ‘DNA’ and ‘Humble’. The crown of flames in his ‘Humble’ music video is probably what inspired the fiery performance – a netted backdrop decorated with fire and a dancing ninja on fire, literally. Lamar definitely deserved to win all 6 of his VMA awards! 

Paris Jackson vs ‘White Supremacists Jerks’

This year’s VMAs saw celebrities tackling serious subject matters like the recent social and political happenings in America, and Paris Jackson was one of them. The award presenter for the Best Pop Video Award delivered an impassioned speech where she called out “nazi, white supremacist jerks”. “I’m seeing a lot of love and light here tonight already, a lot of diversity and a lot of potential power,” the actress and model began. “You know, if we all put our voices together, do you realize the difference we would make? If we were to all stand up, united, as one, our impact would be huge, believe me, huge. And that’s not fake news.” Her points are totally valid – there’s no room in our world for discrimination, negativity and hate. Preach, Paris! 

Pink’s Touching Acceptance Speech

A proud recipient of the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Pink took the opportunity to dedicate an empowering speech to Willow, her 6-year-old daughter who felt “ugly” because “she looks like a boy”. Sharing her own experience of how people opted for the “you look too masculine” or “you look a boy” type of insults when trying to make fun of her, Pink firmly stated that she refused to change who she was to please others – and she continues to be a best-selling artiste nonetheless. “So baby girl, we don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell, and we make a pearl.” Wise words indeed. 

‘Camila’ Jumping Off the Stage

It’s no secret that Fifth Harmony’s definitely sick of people asking them about former member Camila Cabello, which made their red carpet interview with MTV host Charlemagne  (who had the audacity to ask them if they’d gift Camila their Best Dance award if they won) so deliciously awkward. While the girls took it in stride, with Normani smoothly stating that they’d give it to their choreographer if they won, Fifth Harmony kinda made a statement of their own by arranging for a fake Camila to jump off stage just before they launched into a fierce performance of ‘Down’. Now, stop asking Fifth Harmony about ‘she who will not be named’, k?

Cardi B’s Performance

Cardi B slayed her performance of ‘Bodak Yellow’ on the pre-show stage in her diamond encrusted leotard and matching $10,000 knee high boots, making us certain that this up-and-comer should’ve had a slot of her own during the main ceremony. 

Look What Taylor Did

Taylor Swift won more than just the Best Collaboration award this year. Without even showing up, she became one of the night’s most talked about by premiering the music video of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, an over 4-minute long vid filled with petty metaphors and sly references to her various celebrity rivals and romances – a brilliant maneuver on her part. And as a bonus, Taylor completely upstaged longtime nemesis Katy Perry without even lifting a finger. 

Alessia Cara Removes Her Make Up

Alessia Cara took #NoFilter to a whole new level by stripping down to the bare essentials midway through her performance of ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’. Unfazed by the crowd, the hit songstress freed her natural hair, wiped off her makeup and pulled apart her elaborate outfit to ‘reveal’ the real Alessia, and confidently struts down the stage like a perfect embodiment of her song lyric: ‘You’re beautiful just the way you are/ you don’t have to change a thing‘.  Her ‘walk the talk’ approach is both refreshing and inspirational, and we appreciate Alessia’s efforts in spreading positive messages through her art. 


One of the most important and relevant performances of the night, Logic, Khalid and Alessia Cara teamed up for a powerful performance of Logic’s suicide-prevention anthem, ‘1800-273-8255′. Midway through the song, which is named after America’s national suicide prevention hotline, 50 suicide-attempt and loss survivors took to the stage wearing shirts emblazoned with the hotline number as well as the message “you are not alone’. 

And as Kesha, who introduced their performance said, “It has been said that if you knew who walked beside you, you could never experience fear or doubt again. Every so often, a rare and important song and video comes along that lets us know how true that is… Whatever you are going through, however dark it may seem, there is an undeniable truth and strength in the fact that you are not alone.” Artistes like Logic, who take a stand and use their voices to spread awareness and encourage constant conversation about mental health, is just what the world needs.

What are your favourite moments from MTV VMA 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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Looks like all the time Taylor Swift spent staying out of the spotlight after the whole Kimye/’Famous’ debacle was put to productive use. Following her sneaky announcement of upcoming album, Reputation (aka TS6), Taylor effectively overshadowed the MTV VMAs 2017 by dropping her ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ (LWYMMD) music video at the star-studded event.

While we all know Taylor’s penchant for producing music videos of epic proportions (remember ‘Bad Blood’?), it’s safe to say the songstress has completely outdone herself with ‘LWYMMD’ – it’s chock-full of petty references and shady symbolisms to everyone who has ever crossed her, with a gasp-inducing twist at the end. Are you ready for Dark Taylor? 

The tilted stage

Kanye West Tilted Stage

Re: Kanye West

As zombie Taylor sings “I don’t like your little games/ Don’t like your tilted stage”, she yanks a crooked tombstone and rights it. This could be a reference to Kanye West’s literally tilted stage on his Saint Pablo tour last year. BTW, if you found Taylor’s outfit familiar, she’s wearing the exact same dress from ‘Out of the Woods’. Morbid much? 

R.I.P Nils Sjöberg 


Re: Calvin Harris
What: In the first of many blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments to come, the camera pans to an engraved headstone beside zombie Taylor’s grave that reads: “Nils Sjöberg”. This was the pseudonym that Taylor used when she co-wrote ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ hit song, ‘This Is What You Came For’. When that fact was revealed after their breakup, Calvin slammed Taylor on Twitter and accused her and her team of trying to make him look bad, and that he wouldn’t allow himself to be Taylor’s target to “try and bury like Katy”. They ultimately buried the hatchet (no pun intended), but it looks like Nils got the boot after all. 

The $1 bill


Re: David Mueller

Prior to Reputation, Taylor was involved in a sexual assault case that saw her triumph against David Mueller, a radio host who groped her during a photo op four years ago. The DJ had tried to sue Taylor for up to $3 million for “ruining his career”. In contrast, all Taylor requested for in her countersuit was a symbolic $1 and the “chance to stand up for other women”. You go Taylor! 

Bathtub full of diamonds 

Re: Kim Kardashian/Media

The Internet has come up with two theories for this bathtub scene. It could be #1 a reference to Kim Kardashian’s traumatic robbery in Paris, where the robbers held Kim at gun point and stole her ring. Or #2, Taylor’s personal reaction towards her various negative media portrayals. As she once shared, “‘She jetsets around the world collecting men and she can get any of them but she’s so clingy that they leave and she cries and she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.’ So I was like, I could use this…”. In this case, we’re sure it’s the latter ’cause Taylor wouldn’t stoop so low. 

Queen of the snakes 

Re: Kim Kardashian/ Internet haters

Call her a snake all you want Kim, but Taylor’s not only gonna own that slur – she’s gonna sit on a throne and sip tea served by her lil’ snakes while at it. In an ironic twist of fate, Swifties have been spamming Kim K’s IG account with the snake emoji as well, making the reality TV star resort to banning it from her account altogether. Looks who’s spillin’ the tea now? 

Re: Her nameless frenemies

Look carefully and you’ll see the words ‘Et tu Brute’ inscribed all around Taylor – pillars, throne and all. This Shakespearean phrase, which was used to portray surprise at the betrayal of a close one, could be referring to almost anyone, like the countless frenemies who are friendly to her face one moment, and stabbing her in the back the next. 

The Maserati and the Grammy

Re: Whoever didn’t give ‘Red’ a Grammy

In the lead-up to the chorus, we see a shiny Maserati crash into a lamp post in slow-mo. And after getting glamorously thrown about in the impact, the car door flips open to reveal Taylor posing coolly for the paparazzi all while clutching a Grammy. And as Swifties immediately realised, this scene was referring to when ‘Red’ was snubbed at 2014’s Grammy Awards – the visual symbolisation of the ‘Red’ lyric, “loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street” proves all.

Shellfish feast

Re: Katy Perry

We all know Taylor’s long-standing ‘Bad Blood’ with Katy Perry, so the hunt was on for Katy-related digs. Lo and behold, Tay Tay delivered. Taylor first references her nemesis in the lyrics, “You ask me for a place to sleep/Locked me out and threw a feast”, alluding to Katy’s food-themed single ‘Bon Appetit’. Then, she counters Katy’s ‘Swish Swish’ lyric, “Don’t need opinions/From a shellfish or a sheep” by digging into what else? A lobster. 

The hairdo and the kat

Re: Katy Perry

In the same car crash scene as mentioned above, Taylor not only bears an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Roar’ songstress; she also wears a (hopefully faux fur) cheetah coat and is accompanied by a cute cheetah as she walks away from a ‘Bad Blood’-esque explosion. 

Robbing Stream Co.

Re: Spotify

Back in 2014, Taylor shook the music industry when she pulled her entire back catalogue off Spotify, because she felt that the music streaming platform didn’t pay its artistes enough. In the wake of that decision, Spotify claimed that Taylor was on track to earn over $6 million – to which Tay’s camp insisted otherwise as she had earned less than $500,000 from Spotify in the 12 months prior.  Although Taylor has since made a return to the streaming sites, the aggressive storming of ‘Stream Co.’ is definitely a jab to those who insinuated that she was greedy for turning up her nose at Spotify’s alleged $6 million payout. Why would she be, when she’s got stacks of cash to burn?

Re: Katy Perry

Notice the tiger emblazoned on Taylor’s black sweater dress? It’s interesting to note that Taylor returned to Spotify the exact day Katy Perry’s album, Witness, was released. If that’s not shady, we don’t know what is. 

Don’t mock the squad

Re: The squad haters

Remember when Taylor’s group of celebrity/model besties made #squad and #squadgoals a thing? Well, it didn’t take too long for speculations to arise about how Taylor was “collecting besties like she was with boyfriends”, and how she lords it over her model BFFs by giving them strict rules to ensure that she’s always the center of attention. 

I <3 TS 


Re: Tom Hiddleston 

Okay, this isn’t so much of a drag than it is just a reference. The highlight of Taylor’s well-publicized but short-lived romance with Tom Hiddleston has gotta be the tiny ‘I heart T.S’ singlet he wore during 2016’s 4th of July party. Photos of him wearing that shirt not only became meme-worthy – it also gave birth to theories of their relationship being nothing but a PR stunt. 

Re: Taylor Swift’s exes 

How many ex-boyfriends does Taylor Swift have that we know about? Eight. And how many boys wearing the ‘I heart T.S’ top can you count? There isn’t such a thing as a coincidence in Taylor’s world, and we’re very much inclined to believe that this scene – where she has ’em stumbling and fawning over her – is a nod to her exes. 

Taylor Tower 

Re: The attendees of the #TaylorSwiftIsOver party 

In an actual depiction of how celebrities ‘claw their way to the top’,  Taylor stands tall above her past personas, all desperately trying to gain a foothold in the spotlight. We see the Ringmaster from the Red tour, PJ-clad girl from ‘You Belong With Me’, the ballerina from ‘Shake It Off’, ‘interrupted’ Taylor from the now infamous 2009 VMAs, and more. Taylor’s past personas might still be trying to bubble to the surface, but Reputation Taylor’s here to reign. 


Re: Taylor’s actual friends

A closer look at Taylor’s Junior Jewels T-shirt shows not only the original signatures, but also autographs from Taylor’s circle of celebrity pals – including Selena Gomez, Lily Aldridge, Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds, and more. How many names can you spot?  

Drop ‘dem moves 

Re: Everyone who thinks Taylor can’t dance

Taylor’s known for her awkward but kinda cute dance moves, but oh has dark Taylor come to play with a fierce dance choreography that has left Swifties gasping for air. Who says Taylor can’t dance now? 

Biker Chick

Re: Lucky 13

In 2014, Taylor was embroiled in an 18-month long legal dispute over her use of the trademarked term “Lucky 13” on various T-Swift merch. And while Taylor ended up settling out of court (with the odds seemingly not being in her favour), this was the reason why she went on to trademark her popular phrases and lyrics like “This sick beat” and “Party like it’s 1989”. 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Taylor’s reputation

Re: Stalker fans 

A user off Reddit pointed out that Taylor emblazoning her jet with the words ‘Reputation’ and ‘TS6’ respectively could be a reference to how some extreme fans figured out Taylor’s exact whereabouts by tracking her jets, which led to the paparazzi using that info to harass her. She then had to employ different measures to make her planes harder to track. 


Re: Kesha

There have long been rumours of a Taylor-Kesha collab thanks to the latter’s cryptic IG post (with 13 emojis, no less!), but Taylor’s Kesha-esque outfit has officially re-fueled the gossip mill. 

The Tale of 15 Taylors 

Re: Reputation

We’re entering the most meta scene of ‘LWYMMD’, and it starts out with 15 Taylors lined up side by side, bowing to invisible applause. Internet theories speculate that each Taylor represents a track off her upcoming Reputation album, and might signify a different musical style accordingly. 

Surprised much?

Re: Taylor’s ‘surprised’ face 

Tay Tay’s been mocked for a lot of things, but one of the earliest backlashes she received was for that ‘surprised’ face she would make whenever she won an award. Zombie Taylor mirrors critics’ snipes by saying, “Stop making that surprised face, it’s so annoying”. To which ‘Shake it off’ Taylor chimes in, “Yeah, you can’t be that surprised all the time”. 

Don’t Call Me That

Re: Kanye West

I Heart T.S. Taylor: “What’s up with that b*tch?”
Zombie Taylor: “Don’t call me that!” 

Coming full circle to the saga that kinda started it all; Kanye West referenced Taylor in his song ‘Famous’ with the lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex/ Why?/ I made that b*tch famous”. When Taylor called Kanye out for the offensive lyric and denied the rapper’s claims of receiving her stamp of approval, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat and posted her edited ‘receipts’ of a phone call between Tay and Kanye, where she verbally approved the front part of the controversial lyric, but not the portion where he called her a derogatory term. The full story is still kinda murky, but it shows that there’s more to the phone call than meets the eye… 

She’s so fake!

Re: Taylor is always playing the victim 

 Ringmaster Taylor: “Stop acting like you’re all nice, you’re so fake!”
*Newbie Taylor sobs into her guitar*
Biker Taylor: “There she goes, playing the victim – again.” 

Taylor has long been accused of having the tendency to self-victimize, and this scene shows that she’s well-aware of it. We love that whole ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’ portion, which could symbolise how hurt she initially was back when those criticisms started. 

Re: Kim Kardashian

Taylor: What are you doing? 
Kim K. Taylor: Getting receipts – gonna edit this later.” 

Like what we mentioned earlier, there’s probably more to the ‘Famous’ saga than Taylor has let on – her hints have not gone unnoticed. Will Kim and Kanye respond to Taylor’s subtle nod at the fact that Kim may have edited the conversations to their advantage? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

Please exclude me from this narrative 

Re: Kim, Kanye and the rest of Taylor’s haters 

2009 VMAs Taylor finally speaks up and insists on wanting to be “excluded from this narrative”, as was her response back during #Snapchatgate – the other Taylors snap back, telling her to “shut up!”. This is kinda ironic considering the 2009 VMAs was when Kanye West stormed onstage to interrupt Taylor’s award acceptance speech, and the spark that started the whole feud. 

Bonus: This isn’t included in the MV, but Taylor debuting ‘LWYMMD’ at the MTV VMAs 2017 while Katy Perry was hosting it, is a move of sheer brilliance. Well played Taylor, well played. *Slow claps* 

Watch Taylor’s ‘Look What You’ve Made Me Do’ music video: 

Who do you think Dark Taylor will shade next? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 

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Everything We Know About Wanna One's Upcoming Fanmeet In Singapore

25 Aug 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

After a flurry of speculations about K-pop boy band Wanna One possibly holding a fanmeeting in Singapore, it’s finally official: OT11 is indeed coming to town!

It’s been barely a month since they’ve made their debut, but these monster rookies have already been sweeping up all the music show trophies (#Energetic9thWin and counting!), all while rapidly amassing a staggering following of Wannables all over the globe. And they’re going full steam ahead with overseas activities after wrapping up promotions in Korea, kicking things off with the recent KCON LA 2017 before visiting Thailand on 16 September, Hong Kong on 3 October and Taiwan on 7 October as part of their Wanna Be Loved fanmeeting tour. 

Since then, fans have been fervently tweeting to Wanna One’s official Twitter account, requesting for Wanna One to make a stop in Singapore. Cue the drumrolls…

Wannables, rejoice! Nothing has been set in stone yet, but here’s what we know so far:


Did (x)clusive just pull a Kang Daniel? 9 cats, 22 cats = 22 September 2017.

Mark your calendars, y’all!

Ticketing details

With only a month left to D-DAY, fans are starting to get anxious about the ticketing details. Psst, the organisers will be dropping the bomb very soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on IME and Three Angles Productions’ socials!

From what we know, tickets will be sold online. And judging from their sold-out debut showcase (all 20,000 tics were snapped up within minutes!), we predict tickets to fly off the virtual shelves for this one so get your fingers ready!


It’s a safe bet that Wanna One will be performing the latest tracks off their debut album 1×1=1 (To Be One), such as ‘Energetic’, ‘Burn It Up’ and ‘Wanna Be (My Baby)’. Diehards can also expect songs from their Produce 101 discography, including the 11-member versions of ‘Never’ and ‘Always’, as well as ‘Pick Me (Nayana)’ and ‘Hands On Me’.

Instead of watching them from a distance in a full-scale concert, fans will be able to get upclose and personal with their favourites in an intimate setting while seeing ’em up to their usual shenanigans. Thigh grabs, butt dances and jeojangs galore!


Date: 22 September 2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: [email protected] BOX SINGAPORE
Ticket prices: VIP $308 | CAT 1 $228 | CAT 2 $168
Ticketing: www.APACTix.com / Hotline +65 3158 8588 / All SingPost outlets in Singapore
Ticket launch: 2 September 2017, 12pm

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