Whether you’re a seasoned dance professional or simply a curious spectator, there’s just something about dance variety programmes that never fails to get us hooked on every episode. The high-energy routines, relentless team spirit and the insane amount of talent all under one roof – are just some of the characteristics that make them oh-so-captivating to audiences around the world. Step into the dynamic world of dance through these adrenaline-pumping shows!

#1 So You Think You Can Dance

This Emmy-winning American dance programme needs no introduction. 16 seasons in, So You Think You Can Dance is rooted in its quest in finding the ultimate dance prodigy who’s capable of owning all dance styles from hip-hop to ballroom. And with the legendary Laurieann Gibson – who’s known to have choreographed for the likes of Michael Jackson and Beyoncé – sitting on the exclusive judging panel, this one’s a definite must-watch for all aspiring dancers.

#2 World of Dance

Unlike other dance programmes that tends to focus on a specific dance style, World of Dance is known for its broad spectrum of dance categories across its divisional segments. Dancers from all around the world are welcome to join the competition, as it strives to seek out the best of the best in the dance realm. Let last season’s winner, The Kings, show you what it takes to be the reigning champs in the clip above!

#3 Dance War

Dance War is not your typical dance competition. This Korean web-based dance survival series adopts a first-of-its-kind masked concept, where a total of eight K-pop idols – hidden behind Phantom of the Opera-esque masks – compete against one another to gain recognition as the best dancer based on their skills alone. Watch as Kim Samuel, ASTRO’s Rocky, SF9’s Taeyang and more show off their dope moves on stage!

#4 Dancing High

If Dance War is one for the stars, then Dancing High sets the stage for young talents who are outside of the entertainment industry but equally deserving of the spotlight. Under the guidance of celebrity coaches – Highlight’s Lee Kikwang, Winner’s Lee Seunghoon, Hoya, Just Jerk and 1MILLION’s Lia Kim – these young but tenacious teen dancers pit against one another to claim the final victory. Fellow idols like Kim Chungha and Red Velvet’s Seulgi often make appearances in its guest lineup too, so be sure to keep an eye out for your favourites!

#5 Hot Blood Dance Crew

Watch as four top celebrities William Chan, Luhan, GOT7’s Jackson Wang and Victoria Song battle it out in this highly-acclaimed Chinese street dance series! Set in the virtual ‘Hot Blood City’, these hot-blooded superstars are tasked to form their dance crews from a selection of 191 dancers – and engage in a fierce competition to be crowned as the best dancers in China.

So you think you have what it takes to stand on stage? Here’s your chance to give ’em a run for their money – gather your crew for Teenage Dance Challenge 2019 and you guys might just be the next reigning champs! Registration closes on 8 September, so come and sign up now!

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