These Are The Top Trending TikTok Dance Challenges In 2019

5 Sep 2019 by Shimin Chu

From iconic memes to epic dance challenges, there’s no denying the fact that TikTok is all the rage right now. The hugely popular app is quickly establishing itself as one of the most raved-about social media platforms today, and you can definitely see why. Known for its extensive catalog of insanely creative short-form videos, all you need to do is take up one of these dance challenges to go viral in an instant. Don’t just take it from us – let’s check out some of the latest ones that are making its rounds on TikTok.

#1 The Git Up Challenge

“Gon’ and do the two step then cowboy boogie” – the Git Up dance has become a huge hit after TikTok user Harvey Bass (@harveybass) dropped a hilarious video of himself covering the Blanco Brown routine at his school cafeteria (which err, subsequently resulted in a suspension from school. Oh well, at least he’s gained virality for it!). The Git Up challenge has since gone viral, even earning a feature on Ellen DeGeneres’s ellentube!

#2 The #SlideandSwivel Challenge

Trust Samsung to partner up with TikTok for their latest smartphone campaign. In an effort to promote the new Samsung Galaxy A80, the tech giant came up with the #SlideandSwivel challenge – which gets TikTok users to slide and swivel like the phone’s new slide-up camera function. That’s not all; you also stand a chance to win yourself a spanking new phone as well as exclusive BLACKPINK merchandise. Now that’s a marketing strategy we approve of!

#3 Crab Rave

Put your claws in the air! Irish DJ Noisestorm literally took the Internet by storm after the release of his ‘Crab Rave’ music video, starring a cast of dancing crabs that spawned the ‘crab walk dance’ – which garnered over 22 million hits on the #CrabRave tag alone.

#4 Let’s #KillThisLove

When it comes to killer dance routines, we can’t miss out on BLACKPINK’s iconic moves from their 2019 hit song, ‘Kill This Love’. Millions of users – from fellow K-pop fanatics to dance enthusiasts alike – have since taken to TikTok to flaunt their own unique renditions of ‘Kill This Love’ that can arguably give the OG foursome a run for their money.

#5 The Mr. Bean Dance Challenge

Everyone’s childhood favourite Mr. Bean takes on TikTok with his very own dance challenge! His random yet comical dance moves are incredibly easy to replicate even if you’re a newbie, which explains why millions of TikTok users are so quick to hop in on the challenge.

#6 Daddy Yankee’s #ConCalma Challenge

While ‘Con Calma’ translates to “calmly” in English, the #ConCalma challenge is far from what the title suggests. Watch as TikTok users groove along to this Daddy Yankee banger with their electrifying moves!

#7 The #KillerNotStupid Finger Dance Challenge

Thanks to TikTok, you can even dance with your fingertips! As part of the promotional campaign for Jack Neo’s new action-comedy film Killer Not Stupid, the cast introduced the #KillerNotStupid finger dance challenge, which gets your fingers moving to the beat of the movie’s main theme song.

#8 The #StickManDanceOff Challenge

Channel your inner stickman with the #StickManDanceOff, a dance challenge that encourages you to mimic the over-the-top moves of dancing stickmen in a viral Chinese animation video.

#9 The Oh Na Na Na Dance Challenge

Widely known as the ‘heel-toe-heel-toe’ or ‘happy feet dance’, the Oh Na Na Na dance challenge is undeniably one of the most popular TikTok challenges yet with nearly 500 million hits on the app!

#10 The Squad Dance

Take #SquadGoals to the next level with the Squad Dance! Show off your friendship by grooving along to Chris Decay’s mega hit ‘Superstar’, or think out-of-the-box and do it your squad way. No fixed routine; just dance to your heart’s content and have fun with it.

While you’re at it with the TikTok dance challenges, be sure to gather your squad for Teenage’s very own Dance Challenge happening this October! Find out more here.

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