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Talk about Lee Joon Gi and ‘kkotminam’ would probably be the first come to mind. After all, the Hallyu heartthrob is arguably the Godfather of all flower boys (The King and the Clown, anybody?) – and even has the nod of approval from fellow Scarlet Heart Ryeo co-star Kang Ha Neul, who voted him as the most prince-like amongst the cast. But before you think the actor is anything like his prince charming characters, the 34-year-old is quick to reassure you that he’s far from it. Or is he?

We beg to differ, after meeting him when he was in town for the press conference of his [Thank You] Asia Tour as part of the HSBC Women’s Championship Music Festival. The Korean star was full of cheeky antics as the cameras flashed away at his galore of finger hearts and adorable poses. But when it’s time to be serious, he spared no time in snapping back into professional mode and tackling the questions that came firing up. Here are some of the highlights you’d missed on out!



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“I’m a little embarrassed to call it a Hollywood debut because it wasn’t a major role, but more of a special cameo. I still have a lot to work on and a long journey to go, but the entire experience was a really enjoyable one. I see it as a blessing and I’m very honoured to be part of the production. Till this day, I still keep in touch with director Paul Anderson and told him to keep me in mind for future works. I’d always drop hints to him (laughs). He joked that perhaps he could create a reboot chapter to Resident Evil where I come back as a zombie or something!”


“I had so much fun filming with the cast of [Scarlet Heart Ryeo]. Most of the actors are at least 10 years younger than me, so I was a little concerned that there might be a generation gap at first. But when the cameras started rolling, we interacted so well together and the chemistry was great. They also brought a lot of refreshing angles and creativity to the set, which was something we all could learn from.”


Lee Joon Gi Two Weeks

“It’s part and parcel of being in action scenes to have minor injuries here and there. As much as I’d like to pull off those stunts myself, I put in ample preparation in order to prevent any potential accidents from occurring. The most dangerous action scene I could recall was from Two Weeks, where I had to be put in threatening situations such as falling into the river, being in car accidents… That was when I thought I should be really careful, if not the investors who have put in money into the production and the fans who have spent time supporting it would all go to waste.”


“I think it’s the opposite. My character as Wang So had the least prince-like traits. In fact, I was really inspired by Kang Ha Neul’s role as the Eighth Prince because he portrayed how a prince should be like perfectly on the show. He has a warm and impressive side to him that Wang So lacks, so I wouldn’t say I’m more ‘princely’ than Kang Ha Neul.”


“If Wang So had a chance to be transported forward in time, I feel that he’d still be a very good-looking character. But because of his aggressive personality, he probably wouldn’t be able to fit into the modern culture very well. He’s the kind of guy who likes to be in control and take the lead, and there’s also an inconsiderate side to him… so he may not be in harmony with the people around him. Nevertheless, I think he’d still be as charming as ever. (Laughs)” 

Verdict: Lee Joon Gi’s definitely not your typical actor, but one thing’s for sure: whether he’s saeguk prince, an action hero, or a modern-day gent, he’d be an absolute charmer regardless of his roles. And we look forward to seeing more dynamic sides of him in the future!

Main image credit: UnUsUaL Entertainment

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New Songs To Get Addicted To In March

8 Mar 2017 by Bryan Yeong

With new music releases from pop juggernauts like Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran already on repeat, 2017 seems like another #lit year in the music scene. We recommend new tracks you need to put on your playlist ASAP.

1. Lorde – Green Light

It’s been an arduous 4-year wait since the last album from 20-year-old Ella Yelich-O’Connor, as we watched her win Grammys, become inducted in the Swift Squad and end her long-term relationship with photographer James Lowe. But it’s so worth it. ‘Green Light’, the first single from the singer’s upcoming album Melodrama, opens with her moody, distinct voice over a haunting piano background, before unexpectedly switching keys and bursting with a drum loop and borderline EDM chorus. The instant earworm is a track best heard to be believed, and will have you craving for the summer release of the rest of her new music. 

Watch Lorde lose her inhibitions in ‘Green Light’ below:

 2. Coldplay – Hypnotised

While rumours have been swirling about the legendary band’s future and possible disbandment, we still have their two sold-out shows in Singapore at the end of this month to look forward to! And will-they-won’t-they aside, you’d be glad to know Chris Martin and co. still have some treats up their sleeve for us adoring fans. ‘Hypnotised’ is the second song released from their forthcoming Kaleidoscope EP – following recent party anthem ‘Something Just Like This’ with The Chainsmokers – marking more unheard tracks on the way. While the sparkly, emotional ballad certainly hypnotises, it’s nothing original from our favourite Brit heroes. 

Check out trippy scenic views of nature in the lyric video:

3. Little Mix – No More Sad Songs (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

Is it just us or is Little Mix totally killin’ it right now? After recently scooping up Best British Single for ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ at the BRIT Awards, the awesome foursome have also announced their next single to be Glory Days track ‘No More Sad Songs’ – but a new version featuring guest vocals from rap’s resident bad boy Machine Gun Kelly! The song opening’s uncanny resemblance to David Guetta’s ‘This One’s For You’ aside, the track is an absolute banger. MGK’s attitude-filled verse takes the song to another level from its original, indicating another smash in the works for Little Mix. Look out for the cowboy-themed music video as well soon!

 4. B.A.P. – Wake Me Up

Part rock, part rap; the boys of B.A.P are fully back with their new single ‘Wake Me Up’. Driven by a synth-heavy thumping beat, the song marks a return to form as a full group with Bang Yong Guk finally making his comeback following a hiatus. The track is one of three new songs released off the band’s new Rose single album, available right now!

Watch the riotous video for ‘Wake Me Up’:

5. Iggy Azalea – Can’t Lose (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Aussie’s fanciest rapper might have had a quiet past year sans guest judging on The X Factor Australia, but Iggy Azalea is ready to step back into the rap game and claim her throne. Featuring up and coming MC Lil Uzi Vert, Iggy Iggs proves she still has her winning attitude, spitting rhymes over a new track aptly titled ‘Can’t Lose’. Released as a surprise teaser to fans from her highly anticipated upcoming album Digital Distortion, it’ll whet our appetite for new music in the meantime.

Which other artists are you waiting for new music from? Tell us your most anticipated comeback in the comments below!

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8 Bizarre Oscars 2017 Moments That Made The Internet Go ?!?!

1 Mar 2017 by Germaine Cheah

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen or heard about that major flub at the 89th Academy Awards. But apart from that shocker of an ending, we recap the other moments that left us scratching our heads.

#1 And The Oscar For Best Picture Goes To…?


In the most epic of fails that will outlive us all (yes Steve Harvey, your Miss Universe snafu is finally overshadowed, you can breathe a sigh of relief now), the wrong film was announced as the winner for the prestigious Best Picture award. Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were apparently given the wrong envelope and initially announced La La Land as the winner, – and the producers only realised the mistake while the cast and crew were in the middle of their thank you speeches. La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz then announced that Moonlight had actually won the top honour, and that was how we were gifted the most historic Oscar blunder of all time. 

In case you missed it (or just want to relive the moment), watch the video of the mixup below:

Cringe, right? We gotta give props to the La La Land team for handling it with such grace, but Moonlight was way more deserving of the Oscar, and we’re super glad it went their way. 

#2 Nicole Kidman’s Seal-like Clapping

Nicole Kidman

Some of the best viral memes circulating the web comes from award shows, and the Oscars did not disappoint when Nicole Kidman was filmed applauding for her peers with a bizarre clap looking like a circus seal. It was unsettling to say the least, but perhaps she was trying to clap in a way that would avoid hurting her fingers from the rings she wore? We need answers, Nicole! 

#3 That Tour Bus Gambit

Tourists Oscars 2017

Perhaps one of the most head-scratching moments of the show was when Jimmy Kimmel brought a group of random tourists into the Dolby Theatre to meet some of the biggest names in Hollywood. What followed was a painfully awkward few minutes where it felt like we were looking at a ‘zoo exhibit’ with the A-listers on display. However, we loved that the celebrities took the awkwardness in their stride and gave these tourists perhaps one of the best days of their lives! 

#4 Jimmy Kimmel Not Knowing How Twitter Works

President Donald Trump was the butt of many of Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes throughout the award show, but the highlight would have to be when the host sent a couple of tweets to the Commander-in-Chief – including one that said “#merylsayshi”, mocking Donald Trump’s comments about Meryl Streep’s acting career and her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. But the hilarious moment was quickly followed by an awkward one when the host was looking at Trump’s Twitter account and questioning why his tweet didn’t appear on the feed – oh Jimmy, do you not understand how Twitter works? 

#5 Suicide Squad Is Now An Oscar Winning Film?

Suicide Squad

Look, we’re not trying to diss Alessandro Bertolazzi and his team for the wonderful makeup and hairstyling that was done on Suicide Squad, but let’s face it – it’s totally weird that the film (which was subpar if we’re being totally honest) can now be introduced as an “Academy Award-winning film”. 

#6 Candy Dropping From The Ceiling

Candy Oscars 2017

Keeping with the tradition of feeding his award show audiences food during the ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel decided to parachute little bags containing candy and popcorn (it was an award show dedicated to the movies after all) down from the rafters. It was a novel idea, and it was fun seeing the celebrities freak out over the food, but albeit unnecessary – send the candy our way perhaps?

#7 Casey Affleck’s Undeserving Oscar Win


This was the second time after the Golden Globes that Brie Larson had to hand Casey Affleck an award, and she was not having it. Brie, who had won an Oscar for her portrayal of a sexual abuse survivor, refused to clap for Casey (who was accused of sexual harassment) as he gave his acceptance speech. Supermodel and resident Twitter queen, Chrissy Teigen was also caught snoozing on hubby John Legend’s shoulder during his speech. 

#8 That Lion King Reenactment 

While it may have seemed cute on paper, Jimmy Kimmel received a great deal of flak when he lifted Lion star Sunny Pawar in front of the entire audience in an effort to recreate the iconic scene when Rafiki lifts Simba up into the air in The Lion King. We all know how adorable Sunny is, but it definitely was a move that didn’t sit right with the rest of the Internet. 

What were some of your most shocking moments of the Oscars? Did you approve of the winners or were the other nominees more deserving? Sound off in the comments below!

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10 Movies You Should Watch In March

28 Feb 2017 by Germaine Cheah

Between action packed films to ’90s classics reboots to heartwarming animations, we take a look at the highly anticipated blockbusters coming out this month.


In Theatres: 02 March 2017

Set years after X-Men: Days of Future Past, the fearsome Wolverine’s regenerative abilities are weakening – with greying hair and scars leaving telltale signs all over his battle-ravaged body. A mysterious girl, Laura, appears with similar powers as the Wolverine and it becomes Logan’s responsibility to help the girl escape from mysterious forces who want her dead. This last instalment takes on a darker, more poignant tone as it explores the finality of a superhero’s inevitable last days. With Logan also marking the end of Hugh Jackman’s 17-year stint as the genetically enhanced mutant, will you be be ready to say goodbye to the best Wolverine ever?

A Dog’s Purpose

In Theatres: 02 March 2017

Who says only cats have nine lives? Just a puppy when he was rescued by a young boy,  follow Bailey’s story as he navigates life (and death) through his doggy reincarnations over the years, to find his one true purpose. 

Before I Fall

In Theatres: 02 March 2017

If you’re destined to relive the same day over and over again, would you do anything different? When high school senior Samantha Kingston wakes up the next morning following a fatal car accident, she sets about trying to change the events of that day. But with her fate intertwined with another person in danger, will she be able to end the time loop?

Kong: Skull Island

In Theatres: 09 March 2017

A modern reboot to the King Kong franchise, Kong: Skull Island follows a group of adventurers and soldiers who are brought together to explore the depths of an uncharted island. As they unwittingly venture deeper into the untouchable territories of the mythical Kong, the expedition turns increasingly perilous and the group’s numbers are decimated through gruesome encounters with the many monsters living on the island.

Beauty And The Beast

In Theatres: 16 March 2017

In exchange for her father’s freedom, Belle (Emma Watson) finds herself imprisoned within an enchanted castle by a fearsome Beast. Despite her fears towards her captor, she learns to look beyond appearances, realizing that beneath the ghastly exterior is a young prince who just wants to love and be loved. PS: super attentive potterheads have spotted a Harry Potter reference within the trailer, who knows if there will be more in the movie? 

Rock Dog

In Theatres: 16 March 2017

When he hears a rock song by legend Angus Scattergood, Bodi’s heart is opened to a whole new musical world. Fearing he doesn’t have the passion to live up to the expectations of being the next village guard, the wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff sets off into the big city to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician, with hilarious consequences.

Power Rangers

In Theatres: 23 March 2017

In the reboot of the ’90s childhood classic, five high school misfits are brought together by destiny to become the latest generation of the Power Rangers. When they learn that the world is at the mercy of Rita Repulsa, a powerful witch and a former Ranger, the gang must overcome their personal issues, learn to harness their superpowers and band together as a team in order to save the world.


In Theatres: 23 March 2017

While studying a sample from Mars for signs of extraterrestrial life, a group of scientists and astronauts soon discover that the organism is actually a rapidly growing life form. When the creature attacks one of the crew members, the team must figure out how to kill it before it becomes a threat to everyone on Earth.

Ghost In The Shell

In Theatres: 30 March 2017

In a world where technological advancement has allowed the transfer of one’s consciousness into an entirely new body, the citizens find themselves vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. That’s where special ops field commander Major comes in, leading an elite task force in thwarting those threats. But their toughest mission yet will see them facing The Laughing Man, a cyberterrorist whose singular goal is to wipe out the technology responsible for Major’s existence.

The Boss Baby

In Theatres: 30 March 2017

Seven-year-old Tim Templeton finds his life as an only child turned upside down with the arrival of his new baby brother. When he tries to win back his parents’ affection, he uncovers a secret corporate conspiracy that his coffee-loving, briefcase-carrying baby brother is a part of. But will Tim help him or expose him? 

Want to know what else you can watch, read and spin this month? Go grab your March issue of Teenage Magazine out on newsstands now!

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