Everyone’s crazy over #RelationshipGoals, but we think #FamGoals should be a thing too. Just check out the camaraderie between the cast of Thai rom-com flick Brother Of The Year, Nichkhun, Sunny and Yaya, when they were in town for a whirlwind promo.

In the film, Nichkhun plays the role of the #PerfectBoyfriend to Yaya’s character, while Sunny’s the #DemonBrother who will go all out to put a stop to anything that makes his little sister happy. But it seems like the 2PM heartthrob is just as oppa-worthy (a term of endearment for an older male) to his sister — and future girlfriend — off the script! Here are some interesting findings we gathered during our short interview.

#1 You can always count on him.

“When you’re siblings, you tend to take everything for granted because they are always there for you, but I think you should always be respectful to one another no matter what. Although I don’t see [my sister] as often as I want to because I’m always overseas, but I try to be that supportive older brother. When they have something they want to talk about, they can always come to me.”


#2 And he doesn’t hesitate to stand up for you.

“I wouldn’t be like ‘No, you can’t date him’ but more of ‘I don’t think he’s the right one for you’. That’s what being a sibling is all about because we know them best; you don’t want them to stray to someone who’s not worth it. If he does something [to my sister], then he’s dead meat (laughs).”

#3 He’s not always the ‘nice guy’.

“If I really like the story but it’s the same type of character, I would do it again. I think it all depends on the script. But I would love to try out other characters as well. Sunny and Yaya are always taking on different roles and I want to do it too, someday. Something like Liam Neeson from Taken would be fun!”


#4 He’s not about the grand gestures.

“I’d like to surprise her at work without telling her anything. Buy some flowers and leave it on her desk just to brighten up her day. Just these small things that show I’m thinking about her. I think that’s kind of romantic, right? (Laughs)”

#5 Above all, he puts your feelings first.

“Of course I would like to propose in front of thousands of people, but what if she isn’t comfortable with that? Some people don’t like having a crowd watching them get proposed to, so I have to find out what are my girlfriend’s preferences.”


Fancy more Nichkhun goodness? Don’t forget to catch him in Brother Of The Year, screening now at all cinemas!

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