It’s no secret that K-pop supergroup BTS has a huge presence here in Singapore – how else were they able to play out a sold-out crowd of 45,000 at the National Stadium back in January? As much as we are in awe of the septet’s massive popularity, there’s no denying the sheer dedication of Singaporean ARMYs either. Case in point: investing in a MRT ad banner.

Walk pass the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and you might notice seven gorgeous lads who found themselves a temporary home in one of the advertisement panels – which is actually a fan support project organised in celebration of the group’s 6th year anniversary on 13 June. The craziest part? This is just the first part of the project.

While fan support projects have become an increasingly common practice within the local K-pop community (think fanchants, fanmade slogans and cup sleeve events), it’s a first for fans to purchase a full-blown billboard for a Korean act in one of the busiest spots in town. Although subway ads for idol birthdays or anniversaries are dime a dozen in Seoul, putting up an ad in our very own MRT stations isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it could probably amount to thousands of dollars depending on its duration – but Singaporean ARMYs proved that there’s strength in numbers.

To make the upcoming anniversary a memorable one, a group of BTS diehards decided to pool together their funds to bring the ambitious yet meaningful project to life. Naysayers might dismiss this as just another foolish fangirl antic, but this marks a significant milestone for both the group and the fans – after all, they are the first ever fandom to buy out an entire MRT banner. And for that alone, you gotta give ’em major credit.

Their efforts paid off. Fans were delighted to see the billboard in its full glory, and many flocked down to snap a picture for keepsake.

Even non-ARMYs were impressed!

Say what you want about ARMYs (or K-pop fans in general) at the end of the day, but their dedication in showing genuine support for their idols is undeniably admirable.

In the meantime, the BTS advertisement will be up from now till 3 July so be sure to pop by the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and show the boys some love!

Featured image credit: jkookiety @ Twitter

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