It’s no secret that K-pop supergroup BTS has a huge presence here in Singapore – how else were they able to play out a sold-out crowd of 45,000 at the National Stadium back in January? As much as we are in awe of the septet’s massive popularity, there’s no denying the sheer dedication of Singaporean ARMYs either. Case in point: investing in a MRT ad banner.

Walk pass the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and you might notice seven gorgeous lads who found themselves a temporary home in one of the advertisement panels – which is actually a fan support project organised in celebration of the group’s 6th year anniversary on 13 June. The craziest part? This is just the first part of the project.

While fan support projects have become an increasingly common practice within the local K-pop community (think fanchants, fanmade slogans and cup sleeve events), it’s a first for fans to purchase a full-blown billboard for a Korean act in one of the busiest spots in town. Although subway ads for idol birthdays or anniversaries are dime a dozen in Seoul, putting up an ad in our very own MRT stations isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it could probably amount to thousands of dollars depending on its duration – but Singaporean ARMYs proved that there’s strength in numbers.

To make the upcoming anniversary a memorable one, a group of BTS diehards decided to pool together their funds to bring the ambitious yet meaningful project to life. Naysayers might dismiss this as just another foolish fangirl antic, but this marks a significant milestone for both the group and the fans – after all, they are the first ever fandom to buy out an entire MRT banner. And for that alone, you gotta give ’em major credit.

Their efforts paid off. Fans were delighted to see the billboard in its full glory, and many flocked down to snap a picture for keepsake.

Even non-ARMYs were impressed!

Say what you want about ARMYs (or K-pop fans in general) at the end of the day, but their dedication in showing genuine support for their idols is undeniably admirable.

In the meantime, the BTS advertisement will be up from now till 3 July so be sure to pop by the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and show the boys some love!

Featured image credit: jkookiety @ Twitter

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More often than not, video games are what keeps people up at night – whether you are attempting to complete a game in one go, ranking for the best prizes or simply too excited to put it down – it is the undisputed fact of life. One game company, however, is hoping to debunk that mindset once and for all through the famous Pokémon franchise’s latest smartphone app in the works, Pokémon Sleep.

Before delving into the intriguing dreamscape of this yet-to-be-released game, one must understand that this isn’t just another game to Pokémon’s mother company Nintendo. The wildly popular Pokémon Go had taken the world by storm and got even the most reclusive gamers to get out of their rooms and hunt for wild Pokémon – and while the hype for that has died down somewhat, there are still dedicated communities for the game, so much that recent Pokémon Go events such as the Safari Zone reel in a good amount of visitors.

After creating a fitness lifestyle app through Pokémon Go, the company then turned towards another important health necessity: sleeping. Of course, Pokémon Sleep isn’t the most imaginative name, but we reckon it gets the point across easily, even if it did spawn a number of memes.

So, what details have been released so far? During the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference in May, it was revealed that the app will be used in conjunction with a new device known as Pokémon Go Plus+. This device is able to track one’s sleeping habits using Bluetooth, as long as the user’s smartphone is placed next to them in bed. Based on the analytics, your gameplay experience will then be adjusted according to your sleeping patterns. This means you’ll soon be able to wake up with Pokemon every morning – who knew sleep could be so entertaining?

The game remains still shrouded in mystery for now, but as it aims to be released in 2020, more information will be sure to surface soon – maybe even as close as during the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the world’s largest video game industry trade event.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go had celebrated the news by announcing a higher appearance rate of the rare sleeping Snorlax – the Pokémon best known for sleeping the day away. Go catch ’em snores!

Watc the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference here:

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It has been barely two weeks since AB6IX made their debut, but the fast-rising quintet has already announced dates to their first ever fanmeeting tour – including a stop in Singapore this July!

Kicking off the tour with a two-day show in Seoul, the five-member group will then stop by five cities across Asia, starting from Tokyo and ending in Bangkok.

Although they may be relatively new on the scene, AB6IX is no stranger to K-pop fans around the world. Affectionately dubbed as the Brand New Boys prior to their debut, 4/5 of the AB6IX members have already made quite a name for themselves after their Produce 101 stint, which was what propelled them to mainstream consciousness. Woojin and Daehwi used to be part of the wildly successful project group Wanna One, while Youngmin and Donghyun promoted as a duo called MXM.

Woong, their newest addition to the group, is not one to be taken lightly either – the charming vocalist was a former YG trainee who competed on YG Treasure Box. It’s safe to say that each of the boys have already built sturdy fanbases on their own, but add them altogether and you have the makings of what would soon be a global K-pop sensation. (Yes, you heard it from us first.)

While the other four members have already visited Singapore on several occasions in the past, this will be Woong’s debut performance on our shores and the first time we’ll be witnessing AB6IX’s fresh dynamics as an all-new group. Known for their addictive tunes, intricate choreography and self-producing chops, we can’t wait to see what these monster rookies have in store for us come 27 July!

AB6IX 1st Fanmeeting 1st ABNEW Singapore 2019

AB6IX 1st Fanmeeting [1ST ABNEW] Tour
Date: 27 July 2019 (Saturday)
Time: TBC
Venue: The Star Theatre
Tickets: $238 (cat 1), $158 (cat 2), $98 (cat 3)

Tickets go on sale 15 June via Good luck, ABNEWS!

Meanwhile, check out the music video for their debut single, ‘BREATHE’:

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The superhero hype has never truly gone down since the advent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems that one older saga is simmering down to its last flicker (for now). Eight years before Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark even dreamt of donning the Ironman suit for the silver screen, Marvel already had one big player in the movie game – and that was the X-Men series under 20th Century Fox.

Six movies and five spin-offs later, the X-Men cast we’ve grown to love will be hanging up their suits for good. As we’re still unsure of 2020’s New Mutant’s future, the upcoming Dark Phoenix is set to be the franchise’s curtain call after Disney merged with Fox. Here’s what you need to know about this film and why it’s so important to the future of X-Men.

#1 It’s the first X-Men movie under the Disney umbrella

Dark Phoenix

The huge merger of Disney and Fox made waves across the entertainment industry, and many had wondered: with two conflicting Marvel-related franchises, how were the films already in the pipeline going to cope? Although there was much uncertainty clouding its production, the contracts of most of the main cast including James McAvoy (Charles Xavier/Professor X) and Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy/Beast) had ended before Dark Phoenix started filming. The movie before, X-Men: Apocalypse, had also underperformed. Thus it seemed that those at the top decided to go ahead, officially releasing it under Disney’s umbrella.

#2 It could help establish the multiverse within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dark Phoenix

Following up from that, fans began wondering where the X-Men franchise sat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – is it to be entirely unlinked, or could there be something more? As the idea of multiverses come into play as seen in the trailer of the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, both universes could possibly be set in the same continuity, but in parallel universes. While we know there’s a general belief that these two parallels should never cross, the outrageous setting of superhero storylines is an indication that anything is possible.

#3 It’s the second time the ‘Dark Phoenix saga’ has been adapted for the silver screen

Dark Phoenix

Fans both new and old are sure to remember the final film of the original X-Men trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand – and notice the similarities between its proceedings and the trailer of Dark Phoenix. After all, both films are based off the highly popular comic book storyline of the Dark Phoenix Saga, which explores Jean Grey’s (Famke Janssen in the original trilogy, Sophie Turner in Dark Phoenix) descent to the dark side after a cosmic power unleashes her latent psychic powers and transforms her into Dark Phoenix.

While The Last Stand wasn’t exactly well received, there’s hope that the showrunners finally got it right with the upcoming movie and we would finally have the arc properly translated onto the big screen.

#4 It’s set to be the most epic conclusion to the decades-spanning film series

Dark Phoenix

Sure, it isn’t going to be as grand as the charge into the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, but the X-Men series has never been about aliens, spaceships and universe-altering mechanics. A series more grounded on Earth (with a smattering of time-travel during the X-Men: Days of Future Past film), Dark Phoenix will be the first times the team actually heads into space and comes into contact with extra-terrestrial forces. Through that and the emotional struggle the team faces as one of their own turns against them, the stage is all but set for the best finale possible for the long-running series.

#5 It will likely be the last movie in this incarnation of the X-Men franchise

Dark Phoenix will be the last in this incarnation of the beloved superhero squad, with a huge nostalgia factor being brought into play for its marketing and storyline – this is even with the supposed New Mutants film on the horizon. As a whole, this series had been the one to propel a number of its actors into stardom, as well as establish itself as the first full comic book superhero universe for almost two decades. As such, we can safely say that there will be much to be missed when this version of X-Men takes its final bow – so don’t miss it for the world.

Dark Phoenix will be out in theatres on 5 June 2019. Watch the trailer here:

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There’s a lot to love about N.Flying’s leader Lee Seunghyub – not only does the 27-year-old possess superb vocal chops and rap skills, he is also known to have a heart of gold.

In a recent incident that occurred on 29 May, Seunghyub has been receiving much attention for his thoughtful actions towards a frightened fan, who commented that she was being followed by a drunk man during the former’s live broadcast on Instagram.

Upon seeing the comment, the quick-witted idol told the fan to put him on speaker mode and increase the volume so people around her could hear him. “Let’s act like you’re on the phone with me,” Seunghyub whispered, before pretending to be in a conversation with her.

“Where are you? What’s taking you so long? Do you know what time it is? It’s almost 4! Hurry up and go home,” he said loudly, making it sound like he was going to meet her. “Should I come out to meet you? Come out to the front of the convenience store and wait for me there, alright?”

After ensuring that the fan was safe, Seunghyub then reminded her to always have friends send her home or leave in a taxi when it’s late at night. He also explained that he’s no stranger to dealing with such instances as he, too, has an older sister who has experienced similar situations before. He told fans, “Whenever that happens, make sure to call someone and turn on your speakerphone.”

Fans have been swooning over his sweet gesture and he has gone viral ever since – for all the right reasons, may we add.

While it’s fortunate that nothing bad happened to the fan, we’re glad that Seunghyub noticed her comment and managed to save her from imminent danger. Bravo to the dude!

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