Unless you’ve been out of touch with the pop culture world, you should have already heard the hype about a certain mobile game that’s bound to break the Internet upon its release. The highly-anticipated BTS World is set to be available for official download come 26 June, accompanied with never-before-seen BTS footages and photos that have been specifically shot for the game.

Though much of the content is still kept hush-hush, game developer Netmarble has dropped quite a number of teasers alongside additional content which have given fans a preview of what to expect come D-day. To get you up to speed, here’s a compilation of all the information released about BTS World thus far.

Players will be role-playing as BTS’ manager


Perhaps the ultimate dream job for all ARMYs, the main concept of the game is to give players a chance to take on the job as BTS’ manager as they work towards the day of their debut. To achieve that, players are expected to collect different cards that are used to help clear missions. We’re guessing that as the story progresses, you will be required to upgrade the cards to unlock other exclusive content, which includes interactive conversations with the members such as a video call or a group text. If you’re curious and would like to have a test run, you can try out the mini game on their website.

Free gameplay for BTS World might have limitations


Although it has been marked as a free app, the game does offer in-app purchases in the form of a VIP subscription at USD$4.99 (approximately $6.80). Though it doesn’t explain exactly what the differing benefits are between both options, it’s possible that paying subscribers might have access to more content than the non-paying players such as more interaction with members or level-up opportunities.

There’s more than one BTS story


In addition to the main story of the mobile game, it seems that ARMYs are in for another treat as the boys take on a different role to tell an alternate story. Leading up to its launch, character profiles for the individual members have been released, which also come with a short behind-the-scenes clip for each of them on YouTube. Though we are not sure how this exactly fits into the mobile game, you have to admit that it’s pretty cute to see the boys dressed up in the outfits of their respective occupations.

The 4 Hertz from BTS World

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, we’re pretty confident that the ‘four hertz’ in question refers to the three audio surprises and eventual release of the app. So far, we’ve seen the release of two singles, ‘Dream Glow’ and ‘A Brand New Day’, which leads us to believe that we will be seeing one last digital track release on 21 June before the game officially debuts on 26 June.

BTS World OST Album


Yes, you read that right. On top of the mobile game, the boys have recorded songs for an accompanying soundtrack to the app. Although there’s no confirmation on how many songs will be on the album, the pre-order goodies alone are enough to entice any fan. In addition to the CD, fans who’ve pre-ordered will also receive a photobook, a double-sided photo card, a game coupon (which can be used in the app), a lenticular card and a poster. If you’d like to get your hands on one, you can do so via BigHit’s official shop app, Weply.

So, are you all ready to become the new staff of BigHit Entertainment? Just in case you’ve yet to pre-register, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can also pre-order the game on the App Store or the Google Play Store before its launch.

And in case you’ve missed it, here’s a look at what the BTS members are looking for in their prospective managers:

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