Think you know all there is to know about your favourite celebrities? Think again. Apart from their superb acting and singing chops, plenty of Hollywood stars and K-pop idols alike have other hidden talents you may not know of – such as their dancing capabilities. At the risk of falling even harder for them, check out these 8 celebs who got their start from the street dance scene.

#1 Harry Shum Jr.

As 1/2 of everyone’s favourite OTP (#Malec anybody?), Harry is perhaps best known for playing the eccentric warlock Magnus Bane in the Netflix original series, Shadowhunters. But before the glitz, glamour and eyeliner, this multi-talented heartthrob also bagged recurring roles as Cable in the Step Up movie series, and Mike Chang in the musical comedy-drama Glee. Believe it or not, his interest in dance was sparked by someone daring him to audition for his high school team! 

#2 Park Woojin (Wanna One)

We all know our beloved K-pop artistes are well-versed in virtually any art form, and Wanna One’s resident dance machine is no exception. Having been exposed to dance from a young age, Woojin makes B-boying, crumping, popping and locking seem effortless. But this isn’t just thanks to his natural-born talent; the inspiring idol also spent countless of hours perfecting his craft during his trainee years. Don’t believe us? Check out foetus Woojin’s lit AF dance battles!

#3 Taylor Lautner

Although many might know him as Jacob Black in Twilight, you’ll be surprised that our adorable wolf boy has been melting hearts even before his #TeamJacob days. If you’d known him as a junior in high school, you’d know that the dude has some serious talent. Besides being on both the football and baseball teams, the lad also took up karate, acting, jazz and hip-hop classes. Just look up a few of his old dance videos – you’ll thank us later.

#4 Kahi

A former dancer for DJ Doc, BoA and many more major artistes, it didn’t take long for Kahi gain her own following. Going on to be part of After School, she soon became known as one of the most formidable girl group leaders in the industry. But despite the many changes in her entertainment career, this powerful diva has remained at the forefront of the K-dance scene. All hail queen Kahi!

#5 Channing Tatum


From his role as Tyler Gage in the iconic Step Up series, to his portrayal of the sexy Michael Lane in Magic Mike, Channing Tatum has proved time and time again that he’s born to be a dancer. Having started out as a humble nightclub performer, the high school athlete has since expanded his repertories in multiple genres of dance. Hip-hop, ballet, modern – this trailblazer has tried it all, and slayed at it.

#6 Alyson Stoner


Any ’90s Disney Channel kid will know Alyson Stoner. Appearing in cult classics like Camp Rock, Phineas and Ferb and Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream, Alyson never once failed to spice up the screen with her bubbly personality and energetic choreography. As a burgeoning child actor, our ultimate girl crush also acted alongside Channing Tatum in Step Up, going on to dance backup for notable artistes like Eminem and Will Smith. She’s also responsible for the epic meme inspired by Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’ MV.

#7 GOT7’s Yugyeom

His shirt pretty much says it all: he’s got plenty of swagger, and the talented chap ain’t afraid to flaunt it. Before debuting as GOT7’s well-loved maknae, Yugyeom was already making a name for himself with his show-stopping street dance performances. And in case you didn’t already know, all of his best moves involved an insane amount of skilful footwork. Stan talent, y’all!

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