Filled with explosive dance numbers, dreamy solo stages and a whole lot of swoon-worthy moments, one night was all it took for us to be fully convinced that BTS deserves their swelling popularity.

Barely four years ago, they were playing at a much smaller venue with a mere 5,000 capacity as part of their The Red Bullet Tour. Fast forward to now, they became the first ever Korean act to perform at the National Stadium for their Love Yourself Tour – to a 55,000-strong sold-out crowd, at that.

And it is only rightfully so that they’ve earned this record-breaking accolade, on top of already being a global K-pop sensation. Despite sweating buckets right from the get-go, their blistering performances throughout the jam-packed show were executed in near perfection and never once dwindled in energy – a testament to just how hard the boys of BTS worked in order to put up a memorable show for their beloved ARMY, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Here are just a few of the reasons why the septet made it a night to remember.

#1 Their unwavering professionalism despite stage slip-ups

If you’ve seen fancams floating around, you’d have probably seen the incident that happened during their performance of ‘DNA’. After a series of water effects that was part of the show, the stage was left dangerously wet which caused Jimin to slip and fall on his back. Despite it looking like a pretty hard fall, the lad laughed it off and powered through the rest of the song as if nothing had happened. Although we are proud of his work ethic, we sure hope his back feels better now!

#2 How the members took care of one another

Right after Jimin’s fall, fans noted that the members began communicating mid-performance and ended up switching up the routine for ‘DNA’ to prevent any more accidents. V also took matters into his own hands by wiping down the stage on his own, while the rest of the boys followed suit (not to worry, staff got the stage cleaned up after!).

These are the little acts that might elude your vision when you see them through the screen, but at a concert where there’s no hindered view, we were given an opportunity to witness the genuine reactions of the boys which makes us love them a whole lot more.

#3 Can we just talk about their solo stages?

On top of performing their insane synchronised choreography as a group, the boys also had their own time in the spotlight to showcase the immense talent every member possessed. Each of them played to their individual strengths in dance, rap and vocals as they singlehandedly got the crowd grooving to solo tracks off their latest album.

#4 Shout-out to the BTS ARMY!

Part of the fun at a BTS concert is the ability to show the boys just how much the fans appreciate their music. Aside from the roaring fan chants and the sea of ARMY bombs that lit up the stadium, fans were no strangers to making the group feel loved, especially when it came down to singing along with them. Just check out this goosebumps-inducing clip of the crowd belting out to Jin’s ‘Epiphany’ in perfect harmony!

#5 Their adorable antics that left us tickled pink

Two hours of high-energy performances flew by in a flash, and it was soon time for the encore stage. Trading their glitzy outfits for simple white tees, the boys were back out again with the same amount of enthusiasm as they goofed around with each other – all while flawlessly hitting the notes for ‘So What’ and ‘Anpanman’. Though most of us were pretty tuckered out by then, their infectious energy had us all recharged in an instant. Besides, who could resist not dancing along with these adorable dorks?

#6 There’s no doubting their fan service game

What’s a BTS concert without some mandatory fan service, right? While the boys were up to their usual shenanigans, the lovable maknae was spotted leaping down to the moshpit area to get upclose and personal with the front rows. Just when he was about to head up, Jungkook noticed that a fan had dropped her phone onto the other side of the barricade and went over to pick it up for her. What a gentleman!

#7 BTS never forgets about their ARMY

Before the last song of the night, the members each took some time to thank local ARMYs for the love and support they’ve received. From thankful speeches made by Jimin, Suga and Jungkook, to heartfelt thoughts shared by V, J-Hope and RM as well as Jin’s loud exclamation of delight, it was impossible not to feel the boys’ utmost sincerity and gratitude that night.

As soon as the concert drew to a close, they took their final bow where leader RM left us with the most heartwarming declaration: “It was the happiest day of our lives.”

So was ours, RM.

Featured image credit: Big Hit Entertainment

ARMYs, what was your favourite moment of the night? Share it with us in the comments below!

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