When Eric Chou first broke onto the Mandopop scene, the 19-year-old was fresh-faced and bright-eyed with a penchant for romantic tunes. The formula worked like a dream: spawning a consistent string of karaoke staples that would inevitably turn an Eric Chou concert into one massive singalong sesh. Four years later, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter seeks to reinvent himself with an EDM-infused record, yet stays close enough to his balladry roots to not alienate his signature charms.

Eric Chou 22PLUS Singapore

His sharp stylistic turn was apparent when he hit the stage for his sold-out 22PLUS 2018 Asia Tour, filling his set with climatic beat drops, pulsating lights and slick dance moves right from the get-go. Although the audience appeared a little lukewarm at first, Eric had everybody warmed up in no time. “How was my dancing? I wanted to have a swag vibe,” Eric addressed the 5000-strong crowd, to be met with a chorus of cheers.

However, as much as we love his new musical direction, ballads are undoubtedly what the crooner does best. It didn’t take long for the familiar piano sounds to make their entrance as he proceeded to give fans exactly what they wanted – a heartfelt medley of crowd favourites including ‘The Chaos After You’, ‘How Have You Been’ and ‘Let’s Not Be Friends Anymore’, which quickly infected the audience into singing along to every single word.

Eric Chou 22PLUS Singapore 1

As if that’s not enough to whip everyone into a frenzy, Eric went full-on heartthrob mode as he leaped off the stage to interact with fans during ‘The Way You Made Me Feel’. It wasn’t even a heartbeat later that he got mobbed by the stampede of fans, who spared no hesitation in jumping out of their seats to get a glimpse of him.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was when his fellow musician brother Alex Chou (also known as AC周予天) made a surprise appearance, and the duo even did a duet together. The multifaceted rapper also performed two of his solo tracks, bringing the show to an all-time high. What else can we say, talent indeed runs in the Chou family!

Hours went by in a flash as all good times do, leaving all of us in the best place possible – wanting more, and more. At the end of the day, there’s no doubting Eric’s musicianship. This is truly only the beginning of a brilliant performer who has so much more to deliver, and we can’t wait to be surprised yet again the next time he visits.

Photo credits: Unusual Entertainment & 星空飛騰國際娛樂有限公司

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