Everything You Need To Know About NCT

13 Jul 2016 by Venetia Sng

Are you as confused as we were when we were first introduced to SM Entertainment’s latest K-pop boy group? Fret not! We give you a lowdown on who’s is who and in which sub-unit plus why we think they are set to take over the world by storm.

NCT is a K-pop boy group produced by SM Entertainment. They are named after the Hallyu localisation project Neo Culture Technology, a term coined by SM founder Lee Soo-man to describe the group’s concept of having an unlimited number of members, who would be involved in multiple sub-units based in various cities worldwide.


Main sub-unit, debut April 2016 



Member profiles

NCT U TenName: Ten
Born: February 27, 1996
Birthplace: Thailand
Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
Fun fact: He won the title ‘Teen Popstar’ in 2011 at a talent show in Thailand.

NCT U TaeyongName: Taeyong
Born: July 1, 1995
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual/Face of the Group
Fun fact: He’s a bit of a neat freak. If something is on the floor of the dorm, he has to clean it up right away.

NCT U TaeilName: Taeil
Born: June 14, 1994
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Main Vocalist
Fun fact: His favourite item is a four-leaf clover that he keeps in his wallet. He received it from a woman who was passing him by on the streets.

NCT U MarkName: Mark
Born: August 2, 1999
Birthplace: Canada
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Fun fact: The first dance choreography he learned was the choreography to Super Junior’s Twins.

NCT U JaehyungName: Jaehyung
Born: February 14, 1997
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Lead Vocalist
Fun fact: All of his seniors make fun of him and call him Casper (reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost) because of how fair he is.

NCT U DoyoungName: Doyoung
Born: February 1st, 1996
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Main Vocalist
Fun fact: His older brother is Gong Myung from the boy group 5urprise!

NCT 127

Seoul sub-unit, debut July 2016

NCT 127

Member profiles

NCT 127 YutaName: Yuta
Born: October 26, 1995
Birthplace: Japan
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Fun fact: When he goes on a diet, he somehow finds himself watching a lot of food programs. It’s self-torture.

NCT 127 WinWinName: Win Win
Born: October 28, 1997
Birthplace: China
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Fun fact: He specialises in Chinese traditional dance and wants to be an actor int he future.

NCT 127 TaeyongName: Taeyong
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual/Face of the Group

NCT 127 TaeilName: Taeil
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Main Vocalist

NCT 127 MarkName: Mark
Birthplace: Cananda
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

NCT 127 JaehyunName: Jaehyun
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper

NCT 127 HaechanName: Haechan
Born: June 6, 2000
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Fun fact: He appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club TV show alongside his fellow SMROOKIES.

The boys have shown that they’re very versatile by their songs, from a hip hop sounding ‘The 7th Sense’, alternative rock ‘Without You’, edgy ‘Fire Truck’ and a very pop-ish ‘Once Again’. NCT has definitely captured our attention and we’re sure they’re all ready to over take the K-pop sphere.

Who’s your bias? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 Times Park Shin Hye Was Manlier Than Your Oppas

12 Jul 2016 by Chew Hui Ling

From a damsel in distress to a delinquent-turned-doctor, Park Shin Hye’s role in the K-drama phenomenon of Doctors is undoubtedly her most career-defining work to date. Taking on the character of Yoo Hye Jeong, she portrays a tough doctor who can kick your ass both in (and out) of the hospital. And with its sky-high ratings, we’re probably not the only ones obsessed with her cool attitude. Don’t take our word for it though; here are 9 times the actress sassed all the dudes on Doctors, and came out winning.

#1 She carries herself like a queen.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: dramascreencaps.tumblr.com

#2 And wrestles like a boss.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: feii1effect.tumblr.com

#3 Don’t even try to make a move on her.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: asianfireflies.tumblr.com 

#4 ‘Cause she takes no sh*t from anyone.

Park Shin Hye DoctorsCredit: dramascreencaps.tumblr.com

#5 And she can tackle a mob of gangsters effortlessly.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: paper-box.tumblr.com

#6 … While staying professional.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: paper-box.tumblr.com

#7 She isn’t afraid to slam female objectification.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: kdramabee.tumblr.com

#8 Have we mentioned that she kicks butt?

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: xyukina.tumblr.com

#9 She did all the stunts you saw up there on her own.

Park Shin Hye Doctors
Credit: causalie.tumblr.com

Yeah… don’t mess with her.

Catch Park Shin Hye on Doctors every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.10pm on ONE (Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823).



Movie of the Week: Alice Through The Looking Glass

7 Jul 2016 by Venetia Sng

Highly anticipated sequel to Alice In Wonderland is finally hitting the theatres! Don’t let the negative press about Johnny Depp spoil the movie for you, the trailer looks really promising and we can’t wait to catch it this week already!

In Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, an all-new spectacular adventure featuring the unforgettable characters from Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories, Alice returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.

Here are some other Alice adaptations you should check out!

Alice Through The Looking Glass (1998)

Alice Through The Looking Glass 1998

We can’t believe it that our Lycan killing badass vampire played Alice in one of the best adaptations of Carroll’s follow-up book. Starring Kate Beckinsale and Steve Coogan, you can actually watch the telemovie above.

Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Alice in Wonderland 1985

Thought this is the two-part television miniseries falls a bit flat halfway through Part Two but it has this innocence which seems to spread through a lot of the ’80s films. But we think that all Alice films should be measured against this one ’cause it’s without a doubt a must-watch!

Alice in Wonderland (1999)

Released a year after British telemovie Alice Through The Looking Glass (1998) which is quite similar in terms of tone and feel. Starring Martin Short, Whoopi Goldberg, Gene Wilder and many more big names, this is unquestionably one of our favourites.

Alice Through The Looking Glass opens 6 July!

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6 Harry Potter Facts Even Potterheads Didn't Know

5 Jul 2016 by Venetia Sng

There’s no doubt that we’re serious Potterheads, having read the whole collection of books and watched all 8 movies more than ten times each. It’s also our dream to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter aka holyland in Florida. So it’s safe to say we know pretty much anything and everything that’s HP related. BUT we still come across unknown interesting facts, so we’ve compiled some very rarely known facts about our beloved series. 

#1 The history of Azkaban

Harry Potter Azkaban

Azkaban was originally a fortress used by a dark wizard named Ekrizdis. He would lure in muggles into the fortress in order to torture or kill them.

#2 James Sirius Potter is 12 this year

Harry Potter Family

James (pictured in the middle) turned 11 last year and started his Hogwarts education on September 1st, 2015. No prizes for which house he got sorted into.

#3 Minerva McGonagall was married

Harry Potter Minerva Mcgonagall

McGonagall was married to her previous boss Elphinstone Urquart from the Ministry of Magic. Sadly, he died by a Tentacula bite only 3 years into the marriage. She never married again. 

#4 The Sorting Hat goes through ‘hatstalls’

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

You might’ve noticed that the hat took longer than usual to sort Harry Potter in his first year, that was because the hat couldn’t decide which house to put him in and was going through a ‘hatstall’. It also happened for McGonagall as the hat couldn’t decide whether to sort her into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

#5 Hufflepuff won the house cup in 2015

Harry Potter HufflePuff Nymphadora Tonks

Yes, it’s hip to be a Hufflepuff. Don’t go looking down the them, we’ve got cool people like Tonks, Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and of course Cedric Diggory.

#6 Members of the DA kept their coins

If you read the Order of the Phoenix, you’d know that Hermione designed coins for all members of Dumbledore’s Army so that they could be updated about the DA meetings. It’s heartwarming to know that all the members kept the coins as ‘badges of honour’ after the war. 

Any other rare HP facts we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!



8 K-Pop Songs That Are Remakes

4 Jul 2016 by Venetia Sng

Did you know that some of our favourite K-pop songs by our favourite K-pop artists are actually remakes of the original English pop songs? We honestly didn’t know that ‘Run Devil Run’ was originally for Kesha! We list down 8 popular K-pop songs that are remakes!

#1 Maroon 5 vs Big Bang

#2 will.i.am vs Psy

#3 Britney Spears vs T-ara

#4 Corbin Bleu vs Shinee

#5 Jennifer Lopez vs Baby Vox

#6 Kesha vs Girls’ Generation

#7 Monrose vs f(x)

#8 Duffy vs Girls’ Generation

Did we miss out on any songs? Share it with us in the comment box below!


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