We’ve hit the halfway point in the year, and at last, the mid-year break will soon be upon us. With four weeks of relaxing and no alarms to drag you to school, you have ample time to start on, catch up or finish up your favourite series and/or movies. . Check them out here – they’re all easily available on Netflix too!

TV Shows

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (5 seasons)

Brooklyn Nine Nine

From the show-runners behind hit sitcom Parks and Recreation comes Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an American live action comedy centred around detective Jack Peralta (Andy Samberg) as he comes to blows with new commanding officer Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. With goofy jokes among a talented cast (if a bit heavy on the dad-joke humour), Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fantastic pick to watch in one sitting or more – the show now has five seasons up on Netflix with a sixth on the way.

Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix

Friends (10 seasons)


If there’s one show that most would agree to be the grandmother of modern television comedy, it has to be Friends. Six friends bumble through 1990s Manhattan, meandering work, life and even love – the story may seem simple, but that hasn’t stopped Friends from going 10 seasons strong. A classic to catch if you haven’t already done so, and one that’s great to revisit over the holidays. For a start, here are five iconic episodes to get into.

Watch Friends on Netflix

Rilakkuma and Kaoru (1 season)

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

For something lighthearted to indulge in, try out the stop-motion animated series Rilakkuma and Kaoru. Through 10-minute shorts, follow the life of Kaoru (Mikako Tabe) as she juggles work life and her lazy but adorable roommates – popular Japanese San-X mascots Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. A whimsical tale of a sleepy brown bear and his roommate office lady in one, fans old and new will definitely enjoy these quick episodes to unwind in-between a busy schedule.

Watch Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix.

The Good Place (3 seasons)

The Good Place

It’s a story after death, but it isn’t a sad one. When the rude and dishonest Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) accidentally ends up at The Good Place after her death, she endeavours to become a better person with the help of her afterlife mentor. With its heart-warming elements of friendship and road to becoming a better person as well as some unexpected twists, The Good Place is more than just your usual sitcom.

Watch The Good Place on Netflix.

Derry Girls (1 season)

Derry Girls

Set during the Troubles, a turbulent time in Northern Ireland in the ’90s, the award-winning Derry Girls documents the high school life of five girls in a Catholic girls’ secondary school. It’s not the doom and gloom you might expect, however – the girls are charming in a series peppered with dark, if raunchy, humour, while delving slightly into the lesser-known issues of Northern Ireland at the time.

Watch Derry Girls on Netflix.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon (1 season)

Strong Girl Bong Soon

If you’re up for a good laugh with romantic undertones, this Korean drama is for you. Blessed with superhuman strength, titular character Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) uses her powers for good while desperately trying to gain the attention of her police officer crush In Guk Doo (Ji Soo). She soon becomes entangled in a love triangle involving her CEO boss Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyun Sik) while protecting him from threats. The series was such a hit when it first aired that it ended as one of the highest-rated dramas on cable television in the country – and we clearly see why with its delightful cast of characters and atypical premise.

Watch Strong Girl Bong-Soon on Netflix.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

SpiderMan Homecoming

With Disney pulling out of Netflix and the impending Spider-Man: Far From Home in theatres as the continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the June holidays would be a good time to re-familiarise yourselves with our favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man with his first MCU solo movie. It’s not just your usual superpowered, good vs evil flick, of course – besides it being Spider-Man’s return to the Disney and Marvel fold, it also serves as a coming-of-age of sorts to young Peter Parker (Tom Holland) as he worked towards becoming a hero in his own right.

Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming on Netflix.

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Mamma Mia

Swedish pop group ABBA birthed some major infectious hits, which is why it made such a splash in theatres with Mamma Mia! The Musical. The musical is later adapted into a movie with a star-studded cast such as Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth, who appear in catchy song and dance numbers revolving around a mother-daughter duo with the latter’s wedding on the horizon. A decidedly family-centric film where blood is thicker than water, you’re in for a swimmingly good time in Mamma Mia! The Movie.

Watch Mamma Mia! The Movie on Netflix.

The Proposal

The Proposal

If you think about it, this is the ultimate boss flex – when threatened with deportation to her home country, Canadian executive Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) forces her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) to act as her fiancé so she may remain in the country and retain her position. Heading to Alaska to meet the latter’s family, both realise there’s more to the other beyond their surface work relationship. Coupled with a witty script and great chemistry between the two leads, The Proposal is bound to have you in stitches while waiting for the pair’s forthcoming nuptials.

Watch The Proposal on Netflix.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding

They had initially planned to get married by the time they turned 28, so when Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) finds out that her college friend Michael O’Neal (Dermot Mulroney) is getting married three weeks before her birthday and realises her feelings for him, she decides to sabotage the wedding in all ways possible. Noted for being a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre, My Best Friend’s Wedding is no doubt one of Julia Robert’s best films to date.

Watch My Best Friend’s Wedding on Netflix.



In a touching tale about how appearances aren’t everything, Remy the rat (Patton Oswalt) develops a taste for fine food and dreams of becoming a chef like his idol Auguste Gusteau. Together with garbage boy Alfredo Linguini (Lou Romano), he attempts to achieve his culinary goal at the recently deceased Gusteau’s restaurant. A go-to film choice when one needs a pick-me-up, Ratatouille is one of Disney-Pixar’s most beloved animated films that viewers can watch again and again without getting bored.

Watch Ratatouille on Netflix.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All The Boys Ive Loved Before

If you think your secret letters to your crush won’t come back to haunt you, think again – that was exactly what happened to Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor), who finds herself in a pickle when five guys find out about her crushes on them. Based on young adult novelist Jenny Han’s book of the same name, this teen romance film features an ensemble of relatable characters and a fun cast makes its predictable plot enjoyable. The best part? It’s not the end; a sequel is on its way.

Watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix.

What are your plans this June holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’d have noticed that everyone on social media has been obsessed with two new Snapchat face filters: one that lets you swap genders by making you look like the opposite sex, while the other transports us back to our fetus days.

Of course, how can we talk about the baby filter without giving special mention to our favourite baby-faced idols in the world of K-pop? From BLACKPINK Lisa’s doe-like eyes to BTS Jin’s squishy cheeks, who knew they’d look so ridiculously cute as kids?

Here are some of the best ones!



If this doesn’t prove that Lisa is a literal babie, we don’t know what will. We see no difference here – she’s no doubt BLACKPINK’s resident maknae!

Jin (BTS)


Okay, so… baby-Jin is a lot for us to take in. On second thoughts, we think he (kinda?) looks better in Jungkook’s self-made filter collage.

Chen (EXO)


We didn’t know how badly we needed the baby filter on Chen until now. Just look at how adorable he is!

Kang Daniel


Although we have mixed opinions about this ‘cause baby-Daniel looks borderline creepy, the dude still pulls it off pretty well. But let’s just say we’d prefer chiselled, grown-up Kang Daniel in his full 1.8m glory.

Jungyeon (TWICE)


Probably our most successful transformation attempt of all. With a face like this at such a young age, we wouldn’t be surprised if this version of Jungyeon started out as a kid ulzzang!

Try the baby filter for yourself and show us your results – tag us on @teenagemagazine on Instagram and we might just give your masterpiece a shoutout.


This Is How A Fan Got MONSTA X To Make A Cameo On We Bare Bears

17 May 2019 by Megan Cheah

It’s no secret that South Korea loves We Bare Bears. The tale of three adoptive bear brothers Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, and their diverse bunch of friends including a Korean prodigy named Chloe Park, have made waves across the country and even (sort of?) made cameos on K-dramas such as Goblin.

The adorable, fluffy bears’ allure is not lost on the idols themselves, with many stars proclaiming their love for the hit series to their fans. There are none whom have expressed this more so than MONSTA X’s leader Shownu, who the fans have compared to the bears multiple times. So, when one Monbebe directly mentioned We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong on Twitter with a plea to have the boys on their show, we wouldn’t say it was entirely unsurprising that Chong was quick to answer.

That was more than a year ago, and now it seems like Chong has made MONSTA X and Monbebes’ dream come true with the seven idols set to appear on the next episode of the American cartoon series, scheduled to be aired on 27 May in the US. A preview of their guest appearance was released on 16 May – coincidentally, just two days after MONSTA X’s fourth anniversary – and stan Twitter absolutely exploded.

In another tweet, Chong confirmed that the original mention by that particular fan was what got him to work with the boys.

Monbebes were also quick to point out the subtle references to the seven-member group’s most meme-worthy moments and iconic looks. A fan managed to narrow down the various eras that each member represented – truly an in-depth look at MONSTA X’s whole discography!

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the straight-faced Shownu (in a white hoodie!) looking similar to Ice Bear.

And who can forget the iconic Starbucks GIF featuring Hyungwon, which elevated his status from group visual to meme king across all of K-pop? Here, the pink-haired vocalist is seen sipping on a drink as he invites Ice Bear to “chill” with them.

For comparisons, here’s the original meme in its full glory:

Hyungwon Monsta X

Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe got a shout-out – we’ve got Marvel fanboy Jooheon whipping out Thor’s hammer in his surprise.

Finally, fans also dug out a VLive video where Jooheon shared that he’d like to voice-act in animation one day. Playing himself in a Emmy-nominated cartoon? We reckon its definitely one for the record books.

Check out the full preview of MONSTA X’s appearance in We Bare Bears here:

The special episode featuring MONSTA X will air simultaneously on Cartoon Network (StarHub TV CH 316 and Singtel TV CH 226) and Oh!K (StarHub TV CH 816 and Singtel TV CH 525/611) on 9 August at 9am in Singapore, and will be available for viewing on the Cartoon Network Watch & Play app as well.

When we first got to know about JJ Project, we thought no other GOT7 sub-unit would be able to top the unbeatable pairing of JB and Jinyoung – until the arrival of JUS2.

Made up of leader JB and maknae Yugyeom, the charismatic sub-unit made their debut back in March and has since been hitting up various cities for their showcase tour, before finally making their way to Singapore on 4 May to wrap up the final stop of their tour. But they didn’t come empty-handed; fellow member Mark also made a special appearance as the host for the showcase, much to fans’ delight.

And the surprises didn’t stop there – besides doling out tons of TMI moments and fanservice antics (in typical GOT7 fashion, no less), JUS2 also thrilled Ahgases with multiple encore performances and a special video shoutout from some VIP guests. Read on to recap some of the highlights of the night!

#1 JB and Yugyeom showed off their sensual charms

JUS2 JB Yugyeom

While GOT7 is known for their high-adrenaline bangers and hard-hitting choreography, the duo went for a more mature concept that showcased their sultry vocals and sleek moves in tracks like ‘Long Black’ and ‘Drunk On You’ off their debut EP FOCUS. In order to “look sharp” for this album, Yugyeom revealed that both of them had to go through a tough diet to maintain their chiselled features. We must say, their efforts certainly paid off!

#2 Things got a little hot when Mark joined them on stage

Ahgases were in for surprise when Mark appeared on stage and introduced himself as the emcee for the rest of the night. We know how chaotic the JUS2 members can be, but add Mark into the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. Shortly after opening the show, Yugyeom commented that it’s hot, which led to Mark jokingly asking him to take his jacket off. The latter then added that he watched their performance backstage and he felt that it was really “sexy”, to which the cheeky maknae didn’t hesitate to reply, “I know, because I’m sexy.” Oh boys, stop being such a tease!

#3 We learned some rather TMI facts about the boys

JUS2 Mark

In the next segment, JB and Yugyeom were tasked to answer a series of personal questions about each other – and when we say personal, we mean… personal. Some lesser-known trivia we never knew we needed: did you know that Yugyeom would wet his toothbrush only after squeezing out the toothpaste? Or the fact that JB puts one feet under the blanket and takes the other feet out when he’s sleeping? Well, now you know.

And just in case you’re curious about the results, the game ended in a tie.

#4 Two lucky fans had a staring contest with JUS2

Although there wasn’t any onstage interactions with fans during the fanmeet, two Ahgases were lucky enough to be randomly selected from the crowd to engage in an eye contact battle with the JUS2 members so they could win themselves autographed albums. While the audience squealed in envy over the swoon-worthy moment, it was hilarious how the boys – Yugyeom, in particular – ended up turning bright red in embarrassment halfway through the game and lost to the fans. What a reversal!

#5 The boys treated fans to a GOT7 medley


Wrapping up the show with a bang, JB and Yugyeom were joined by Mark to deliver a high-octane encore medley of GOT7’s hit tracks including ‘Hard Carry’, ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Go Higher’, which got everyone up on their feet and dancing along to the beat. Just when we thought the showcase was over, the boys surprised us with yet another round of ‘Focus On Me’ (which they dubbed as ‘fancam time’) as fans scrambled back to their seats to immerse themselves in the performance.

BONUS: A surprise message from GOT7!

After saying their final farewells, a special video from JUS2 popped up on the screens to thank fans for supporting their unit activities. But what we didn’t expect was the surprise appearance of the rest of the GOT7 members, who all showed up towards the end of the video to announce their long-awaited group comeback. Welcome back, GOT7!

Meanwhile, GOT7 is set to embark on their upcoming world tour starting from June. Even though Singapore is currently not among the destinations included, more cities are expected to be added onto the list so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Photo credits: Live Nation Singapore

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Violinist, variety star, K-pop idol, dancer and composer – Hong Kong-Canadian entertainer Henry Lau is a man of many hats. You can now add ‘Hollywood actor’ to his extensive resume with the soon-to-be released American comedy-drama A Dog’s Journey, the sequel to the 2017 dog-centric flick A Dog’s Purpose which follows the many lives of a devoted dog named Bailey.

In A Dog’s Journey, Henry plays the role of Trent, the Chinese-American best friend to the main protagonist Clarity June “CJ” (Kathryn Prescott) whose life is chronicled throughout the film across Bailey’s various lives. While not one of the main cast members, Trent’s story arc made for lasting impact throughout the film – and one that will leave many viewers’ hearts full and eyes dry. We spoke to the singer – best known for being a former member of Korean mega boyband Super Junior-M – over the phone for his thoughts on his Tinseltown debut, working with animals and what else to expect from the 29-year-old this year.

Henry Lau, A Dog's Journey

Hi Henry! Could you tell us more about how you landed this role?

I was on the set of Chinese movie Double World when I got a call from the director of A Dog’s Journey, Gail Mancuso, who told me about the character Trent. I noticed that there were so many similarities between Trent and I, so when I got my hands on the script and read it, I thought, “Wow, I gotta go in and get on board with this.” So, here I am.

What are some of those similarities you felt you had with Trent?

We come from similar backgrounds: Trent is a Chinese-American, and I am a Chinese – not American, but Canadian. Trent also starts off as a very nerdy character, and I was exactly like that when I was young because all I did was play the violin, piano and listen to classical music. As Trent evolves into a more mature version of himself, it was like when I went into pop music and became more ‘stylish’ in a way. There are just so many similarities between us!

As you portray someone who basically grew up throughout the movie, how has it been like moving from scene to scene at different moments of the same character’s life?

I played Trent when he was in high school and again around 10 years later when he was reunited with CJ, which was really interesting for me. The high school part in particular – I personally spent some time with Ian (Chen), the actor for young Trent, to see how he acted, talked and made gestures, then I kind of just mimicked Ian in my acting for high school Trent.

Henry Lau, A Dog's Journey

In this film, CJ is a musician. As a singer and composer yourself, did you have any role to play in the music side of things?

It was kind of new because she’s the musician and not me. I didn’t know it at first, but this was Kathryn Prescott’s first time playing the guitar, so I would sometimes help her out with some chords that she found difficulty with.

As an animal lover yourself, how do you think this movie has impacted how you view pets?

I think after you watch the film, you will realise that pets need plenty of love and attention, and that they have feelings just like us. For me, I’ve always wanted to own a dog, but my parents didn’t let me have one when I was younger. It was really nice to act in this movie because there were so many dogs around – it was like living my childhood dream.

Have you ever owned a pet, besides wanting a dog?

I had a pet bird, and one of my best memories was of it flying to me when I was playing my guitar and sitting on my shoulder. It hated the violin though, it would fly away every time I played the violin (laughs).

View this post on Instagram

Excited for my screening of #adogsjourney on Monday!! #dogsofinstagram #dog

A post shared by Henry Lau 刘宪华 헨리 (@henryl89) on May 4, 2019 at 5:48pm PDT

What was your biggest takeaway from the film?

One thing I learnt is to remember what a movie stands for. The title and the purpose of A Dog’s Journey is to bring people happiness and make them feel better. While I was filming, I just had one thing in mind – let’s just make something that people would enjoy watching.

In the past, you’ve focused quite a bit on the Korean and Chinese markets. With this being your first official foray into the American movie scene, how are you finding the differences between the East and West?

Firstly, the food (laughs). I don’t think it’s necessarily the countries that are different, but the projects I was involved in. When I was in China for Double World, the entire set had very high energy due to the action scenes – next thing you know, I’m here in America with dogs, which is just really calm and relaxing.

How do you feel about Asian representation in Hollywood at this moment?

I definitely think there needs to be more Asians in Hollywood. There are a few amazing actors at the moment, but it needs to be more diverse – not only actors, but also writers and directors. Having more Asian stories is important too. I think there’s a lot of people who are curious about Asian culture in America; films like Crazy Rich Asians just shows that people want to hear more stories about this.

I’ll do my part on the acting front – I know that it’s really rare for an Asian to have such a big role in a Hollywood film, but I didn’t realise how rare it is until people told me, “Henry, you’re doing a big thing right now.” At that point, it dawned upon me that I have the responsibility of doing a good job, not just for myself but for the entire Asian community. It’s a step in the right direction.

How has this filming experience matched up to making music?

I think music and film are similar in some ways but different in other aspects. The main difference is that I’m used to just preparing for a performance – after an hour or so, it’s over. For the movies, you really have to focus for a long period of time. But if you have to know, there isn’t one I prefer over the other.

Henry Lau, A Dog's Journey

Is there a specific movie genre you’d like to try next?

I would definitely like to be able to show some music in my next role. If it’s a role that has a violin, even better!

What’s next for you after wrapping up promotions for the film?

I have a new album coming out in a few months; we’re working on it right now. After that, my Chinese movie Double World will be coming out at the end of the year. 

A Dog’s Journey starring Henry Lau will be out in theatres on 16 May. Watch the trailer here:

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