FTISLAND Hongki Powers Through Singapore Concert Despite Heartbreak

22 Feb 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine!” FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki announced midway through the K-band’s concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With news of Hongki’s split with Han Bo Reum just a few days before the show, Primadonnas couldn’t help but feel concerned. However, it seemed like there was nothing to worry about as the hype machine trailblazed his way through the two-hour set.

FT Island SG Concert 2017 1

Together with fellow members Jonghun, Jaejin, Seunghyun and Minhwan, the fivesome treated fans to an electrifying medley of hard-rocking bangers and nostalgia-drenched favourites from their decade-long catalog. The audience lapped it up, especially during the acoustic segment where they transformed the stage into a jazz bar setting and performed a stripped-down remix of songs from their debut album.

Ah, the good old days.

FT Island SG Concert 2017 2

Things got a tad emotional when FTISLAND went full-on emo rocker mode – stage draped in veil, psychedelic visuals and strobe lights on full display. “This is a song that reflects my mood,” Hongki began, inciting unified chants of “It’s okay!” from the crowd as he launched into tearful renditions of ‘Crying In The Rain’ and ‘Walking Dead’.

FT Island SG Concert 2017 4

It’s amazing how we’ve seen FTISLAND evolve from their formulaic brand of pop-rock to abandoning their roots for a sound they could call their own. The members, too, have all become bona fide performers with an energy that was born for the stage. Still, they managed to retain the signature wit that Primadonnas have grown to love. The lads had us all in stitches with their multiple attempts at one particular Singlish phrase – “Alamak, so hot!” – to hilariously painful failure.

FT Island SG Concert 2017 3

Wrapping up the show on a more serious note, Hongki teared up as he addressed the adoring crowd. “Thank you for coming today. It’s been quite some time since we came to Singapore so we were afraid that people would not remember us,” he confessed to the sea of yellow lightsticks. “But I promise we’ll be able to see each other again soon. When the time comes, please come and play with us again!”

That’s a promise, FTISLAND.

Photo credits: Red Spade Ventures

That’s not the end! We’ve got an exclusive interview with FTISLAND specially for you Primadonnas in the upcoming March issue, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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There’s a new Hallyu hearthrob in town, and man is this one an absolute keeper. Meet Park Bo Gum, the nation’s crown prince who kept 3,500 fans swooning for a whopping 5 hours straight at his sold-out fanmeeting. It’s hard not to fall in love with the 23-year-old, what with his famous megawatt smile, boy-next-door charm and the truckloads of crowd-pleasing fan service – not even the surprise appearance of a certain someone who descended from the sun can dull his shine that day. Looks like you’ve got competition, Captain Yoo!

#1 When he flew paper planes into our hearts

Not gon’ lie – we had a hard time figuring out whether it was K-drama paradise or real life ‘cause all of us practically received royal treatment from the actor. During the first game segment, a fan requested Bo Gum to pen a message on a paper plane and fly it to her – an unforgettable scene in Love In The Moonlight. He not only granted her the wish, the charmer then folded a couple more and sent them flying to all corners of the venue. What a sweetheart!

#2 When he took rejection like a boss

Park Bo Gum is no stranger to having his handshakes hilariously rejected by fans on more than one occasion.

Remember this awkward moment?

Park Bo Gum Handshake

Well, here’s one more to add to the list:

Backstory: A few lucky fans were picked to go up on stage and reenact iconic scenes from his hit dramas Love In The Moonlight and Reply 1988. One girl in particular had us all tickled pink when she unknowingly left the poor guy hanging and we couldn’t get over how epic his reaction was.

(P.S: She did come back up to shake his hand afterwards, so all’s good!)

#3 When he cooked up a romantic dinner for two

They say the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, but even better when it’s Park Bo Gum preparing the meal just for you right? It was a dream come true for one very lucky fan, who was hand-fed the classic Korean dish of yubuchobap (seasoned tofu skin with rice) on stage and even received the apron the actor had been wearing as a memento – autographed and all!

#4 When he went that extra celebratory mile

Whoever gets to be his girlfriend will probably be the luckiest girl on the planet, as we’ve concluded after witnessing this aww-inducing moment. It happened to be the birthday of one fan who requested a song dedication on the piano, but she went home with more than just a serenade – our resident romantic went the extra length to surprise her with a birthday card and a pullover sweater he wore back in high school as a gift!

Bet this will be her most memorable birthday yet.

#5 When he left no man behind

Gotta say, Bo Gum’s level of dedication to his Bogum Bokjibus is pretty hard to beat. The actor must’ve been worn out after the three-hour fanmeet, but he took the time to high-five all 3,500 fans in attendance, showing no signs of fatigue as he smiled through an additional two hours of complimentary hi-touch. An anecdote that caught our eyes: the ever-so-attentive Bogummy saw an injured fan who was having difficulty going up the stage, and willingly moved out of his spot to help her out. Angel without wings indeed (Song Joong Ki’s words, BTW).

#6 When he wrote us (her?) a love letter

Call us old-fashioned, but there’s nothing like a sweet handwritten letter to cap off the night (boy was on the verge of tears while reading it). That’s not all: he even wanted to gift the letter to a special lady who was “wearing a green dress” and “looking at him warmly” when he passed her by. Unfortunately, the fan wasn’t identified – but he did promise to deliver it to her one day because he claimed to have memorised her face. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t envious…


But of course, two is better than one!

At the end of the day, it’s the Sun and Moon brothers we’re talkin’ about and every K-Drama fanatic should’ve known by now that Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki come in a pair. After all, who wouldn’t want some double oppa goodness?

After making not-so-surprise appearances in Taipei and Bangkok, the Descendants of the Sun star made sure to support his fellow labelmate on the last leg of his Asia fanmeeting tour as well, to rapturous screams as the cheeky duo went on a full display of bromance – showing off their chemistry via a telepathy game, more skinship galore as they attempted to shoot down stuffed toys, making adorable chick figurines together etc.



May the blossoming twosome shine even brighter in 2017!

Photo credits: UnUsUaL Entertainment

Still going through the Park Bo Gum withdrawals? Pick up a copy of the February issue for all the reasons why we love him! Also, check out our Twitter for more fun bits during the night.

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Femme fatale coming thru’! Tabitha Nauser drops her hotly anticipated debut single that’s got us loving her like ‘Bulletproof’.

Former 987FM radio deejay Tabitha Nauser announced her departure from the station at the start of this year via an Instagram post, to focus on becoming a recording artiste – but we never expected this so quickly!

Not that we’re complaining. Newly signed to Sony Music Entertainment Singapore, she sashays her way into the music scene with the sexy stomper of a debut single ‘Bulletproof’. Seducing you in from the get-go with pounding drums and hypnotic vocals, before soaring into a tropical-influenced R&B chorus, the single screams radio smash with its undeniable hook.


Tabitha’s superstar potential is undeniable (even from her Idol days) and it’s exciting to watch her evolution unfold before our eyes and ears. If ‘Bulletproof’ is any indication of what’s to follow, Tabitha could very well be the global pop star Singapore deserves.

Listen to ‘Bulletproof’ below.

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5 YouTube Channels To Make You LOL In 2017

15 Feb 2017 by Bryan Yeong

Wondering who to make you laugh until your mother questions what you’re doing in your room at night? With YouTube favourites like Munah and Hirzi potentially bidding adieu to their beloved characters and channel (nooo!), we suss out who else will leave you in stitches this year.

1. Saffron Barker

Formerly one-half of internet sensation couple #Jaffron with fellow vlogger Jake Mitchell, England’s Saffron Barker has been making waves on YouTube for a while now with her videos covering a myriad of themes ranging from pranks to extreme challenges. 

Fun fact: she also sings in a girlband Born2Blush! Armed with looks, talent, and a sharp sense of humour, it’s no wonder Saffron is a name on the horizon to look out for.

2. Preetipls

Another comedienne creeping her way up in the YouTube landscape is Singapore’s very own Preetipls, aka Preeti Nair. Heavily loaded with satire and parodies of the latest happenings in the local scene, her videos have fired shots on topics ranging from the infamous Orchard Road fashion police video to the latest festive holidays.

If you’re wondering why she might already be a familiar face, you probably first noticed her on youtiao666’s channel, Youtiaotv (Thanks girls!). Additionally, the dynamic duo has also made cameo appearances in Preetipls’ videos, as have the likes of Benjamin Kheng and former-fashion police target Saffron Sharpe. In the words of Preeti herself, “10/10”.

3. Brendan Jordan

Imagine waking up as a viral sensation . That’s exactly what 17-year-old Brendan Jordan experienced after vogue-ing his way to internet stardom in the background of a news segment in 2014. (Refresh your memory here!)

Fast forward to today and the unapologetic teen is a bonafide YouTube star, blending his sassy humour with trending topics like makeup challenges and reaction videos (“OMG GAGA!”). We say keep being yourself and werk it Brendan, and the world will keep watching.


Named after one of his favourite real-life exclamations (and many of ours too, let’s be honest), YAAAS TV is the YouTube channel brainchild of local musician and radio deejay Joshua Simon. Local personalities like Xiaxue, Nat Ho and The Noose‘s Lulu drop by to share laughs, gossip and cooking recipes alongside the big and bold personality that is Joshua Simon. 

We also get the pleasure of witnessing international celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Charlie Puth take on interviews, where unfiltered subjects were broached with much bravery. Hey, if we can learn more about our favourite celebs and new culinary skills along the way, sign us up!

5. MOM BOSS OF 3 aka Tina Singh

Step aside Lilly Singh. It’s been a year since IISuperwomanII’s sister Tina made headlines creating her own channel, and she continues to be just as outrageously witty and entertaining as you’d imagine any sibling of Lilly’s would be. 

Accompanied by her family – husband Herpreet and their sons Kabir, Ajit and Jora – they let us into their daily, unrehearsed hijinks. Laughs aside, her mommy tips and lessons on family hit close to heart too – which is why we simply adore her.

Now where can we sign up to be part of this family too?

Featured image via @preetipls

Have a YouTube channel you’re addicted to? Share it below! For a list of bizarre YouTube challenges to take on yourself, check them out here

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8 Oppa-Approved Pickup Lines That Will Win Over Your K-Drama Obsessed Sweetheart

14 Feb 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

When it comes to snagging that perfect date, nobody does it better than our favourite K-drama heroes and heroines. Heads up, all you three-dimensional beings: take a page from the script of these fictional smooth-talkers and charm the socks off your Valentine with our roundup of romantic pickup lines (cheesy, yes – but your K-drama obsessed sweetheart will love you to bits). Warning: some cringing may happen!

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