Listen up, folks: we’ve got a new power duo in the house, and it’s none other than Gentle Bones and MYRNE (also known as Joel Tan and Manfred Lim). As two of the most buzzing names in the local music scene, the R&B singer-songwriter and up-and-coming producer teamed up for their new collaborative album B4NGER PROJECT – an epic 10-track record filled with banger after banger. 

Ahead of their album launch, we caught up with the twosome to find out more about their new music. While they mostly maintained an air of seriousness when talking about their craft, there were also moments where they let their demeanour slip once in awhile. Who knew Gentle Bones is a BIGBANG fan and MYRNE is a domestic geek at heart? Oh, and forget Gentle Bones and MRYNE – call ’em the Kampong Kias.

How did the B4NGER PROJECT come about?

Gentle Bones: We first met around five years ago when I just put out my first single ‘Until We Die’. He then asked if he could do a remix of it and the rest was history. I also managed to get him to remix Geniuses & Thieves, which he did a killer job on. But it wasn’t until last March that we decided to sit down together and come up with some songs of our own, which led to ‘JU1Y’ and we started from there.

What makes this collaborative album different from your personal releases?

Gentle Bones: We came to work on this album with the whole idea that we didn’t want it to sound like our previous releases. We wanted to try stuff that’s totally unfamiliar, and when we realise that what we both found unfamiliar came together as a really nice product, we just go in from there.

MYRNE: For me, my style leans more towards the EDM route – the standard formula of build up, drop and chorus. But in this album, every single track is totally different from each other so you’d probably find something you like in there. We haven’t really heard this kind of music in Singapore before either. 

How was it like working with Sam Rui in ‘VODKA’?

MYRNE: We’re friends and we’re all in the same place musically. She’s great; a total R&B heartbreak queen. We like to hang out, drink kopi and write songs together. One day, we wrote this song which we found super moody and R&B, and we felt like Sam would kill it. So she came over, wrote the hook in an hour and we just fell in love with it.

Spill a secret about each other that people don’t know about you yet!

Gentle Bones: For Manfred, he looks like a ladies’ man – and actually, he can be – but deep down he’s very domesticated.

MYRNE: It’s the same with Joel. He seems like a super cool dude on the surface, but he really cares about his family and loved ones.

Gentle Bones: Mama’s boy lah!


u gotta get this bread man, cus if u don’t then you a dead man 🍞

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Can you guess what are each other’s musical guilty pleasures?

MYRNE: [Joel] looks like the kind of guy who will listen to JJ Lin or something.

Gentle Bones: I love JJ Lin, ever since I was a kid! He also mentioned me in one of his interviews before (laughs). For Manfred, he’s very into the local rap scene – like ShiGGa Shay, I think people don’t give him enough credit. We’re both big fans of him!

What’s an unpopular opinion you have about the local music scene and what would you like to see more of?

Gentle Bones: I would like to see more people to just try. I’ve seen a lot of younger artistes that come up and immediately get torn down by the immediate circle of fans, so if more people could just start out and go for it, I think it would be nice.

What are the top three things on your musical bucket list for 2018?

Gentle Bones: Firstly, to put out this album–

MYRNE: Oh congrats, it’s done (laughs).

Gentle Bones: Probably play more shows overseas… I would also love to go back to Korea to perform. I was there for the Asia Song Festival in Busan back in 2016, and we did an acoustic performance at one of the cafes in Seoul. We got to visit the labels and met a producer who produced for a few of the K-pop boy bands. We hung out at his studio and you get to see the way the industry works. It’s really interesting.

We just had to ask – any K-pop artistes that are on your radar recently?

MYRNE: Personally, I would love to get DEAN to feature in a song if I had the chance to collaborate with him on this album, something like ‘5HE DGAF’.

Gentle Bones: Yeah… I’m a big BIGBANG fan since I was primary six. I love listening to their music, especially Taeyang’s.

Lastly, if you could come up with a duo name, what would you call yourselves?

Gentle Bones: Uh… Ubin Boy.

MYRNE: Or how about Kampong Kias?

Gentle Bones: Actually, that’s better. We should call ourselves that!

Thanks to Universal Music Singapore for the interview opportunity!

Gentle Bones and MYRNE will be performing for THE BANGER PROJECT SHOW at The Pavilion, Far East Square on 27 April, 8pm to 10pm. Don’t forget to get your tickets to the show here!

Listen to the B4NGER PROJECT on iTunes and Spotify.

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A lot of changes have happened for BTS. Not only have they switched up their style from hip-hop boys (think badass streetwear gear and lots of bling) to the dandy gentlemen we know today (think fine suits and sequin bomber jackets), but they’ve also been experimenting with wild hair colours since hitting the scene in 2013. From J-Hope’s bright red to Jin’s signature pink, V’s striking orange to Suga’s mint green, they’ve done it all.

What ARMYs didn’t expect, however, was to wake up to the K-pop band sporting matching jet-black hair for an LG Electronics campaign. The technology giant has announced that they will be collaborating with the seven-member supergroup on a “diverse marketing campaign that reflects the uniquely colorful personalities of each of group’s seven members” starting this quarter. And in an excellent marketing move, they gave the boys an unexpected black dye job. As expected, it didn’t take long for the news to blow up, with #BTSBlackHairParty trending on Twitter right away.

Many are freaking out.

Some are trying to figure out whether they’re getting trolled…

… while others are just having the time of their lives.

We are all just really, really whipped for BTS.

In other news, BTS just dropped their latest Japanese album Face Yourself, now available for purchase and streaming.

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Missed out on Wanna One when they were in town last August? Fear not, ’cause you’ll soon be able to breathe the same air as your favourite boys again!

Amidst a whirlwind of promotions for their latest comeback ‘Boomerang’, the K-pop supergroup of the moment has just announced that they will be embarking on their ONE: THE WORLD world tour. Kicking off the tour in Seoul, they will then embark on a string of USA and Asia dates starting from San Jose and ending at Manila. And here’s the piece of news you’ve been waiting for: Singapore is included as one of the stops!

Having held their previous fanmeeting here at the smaller-scale [email protected] Box – which escalated to an all-out ticketing war and resulted in the organisers releasing additional seats – we’re hoping the boys get to perform at the more prestigious Singapore Indoor Stadium this time round. And as much as we hate to break it to you, this may very well be your last chance to see OT11 perform on our shores altogether before their dreaded disbandment (noooooo) in end 2018, so all the more you shouldn’t miss it. Are you ready, SG Wannables?


Wanna One World Tour <ONE : THE WORLD> in Singapore
13 July 2018
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket prices: $348 (VIP), $288, $258, $238, $198, $148

Tickets will go on sale on 28 April, 12pm via Good luck!

Check out their explosive music video for ‘Boomerang’:

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Rising Singer-Songwriter Lauv Wants To Be The Most Famous Meme Ever?

29 Mar 2018 by Germaine Cheah

Four months on from when he was last here in Singapore as the opening act for Ed Sheeran, Ari Staprans Leff (better known as Lauv) popped by our shores for a one-night only performance as part of the Shell Make The Future festival. Taking time out of his busy schedule, the American singer-songwriter sat down with Teenage to talk about working with Ed Sheeran, his love for old Taylor Swift, penchant for memes and more.

Hi Lauv! You’ve opened for Ed Sheeran last November and now you’re here to perform your own set, how does it feel to be back in Singapore?

Oh, it’s awesome! I wish I could be here for longer, honestly. Those shows [opening for Ed] were so cool because those were actually my first arena shows ever, so it’s really special to be back. 

How was it like working with Ed Sheeran? Do you look to him as an inspiration?

It was amazing! He’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met, in a lot of different ways. As a creator, he has such a distinct sound. You can even hear it in the songs he writes for other people where it’s so obvious when it’s Ed. And he’s such a down-to-earth person and so genuinely nice, like the way he treats his whole team, and the way he and his whole team treated us was incredible. He’s definitely an inspiration to me, just kinda seeing the way he does his live shows, and seeing how big it sounds and how engaging the show is even when it’s just him on stage.


A post shared by Lauv (@lauvsongs) on

You’ve been writing songs for other artistes like Demi Lovato and Charli XCX. Is there a song you wished to have kept for yourself?

That’s a good question, but no, there hasn’t been one yet. That will probably happen someday but so far, no. For example, when I wrote “I Like Me Better”, one of my best friends asked me during dinner one night if I would give it away if Justin Bieber wanted to cut it, and I immediately went “Nope!”. I knew this song had to be mine, and I’m glad I kept it, but yeah hopefully someday I don’t have that regret. 

What’s the decision process like behind you choosing to keep a song for yourself versus you giving it away?

For me, the songs that I know I have to keep tend to be more personal. I always write from my perspective and what I’ve been through, but when you’re writing with or for another artiste and when you’re in the room with a few other people, things change a little bit. I’ll add something from my own experience and then somebody else will interpret it a little bit differently and does their own thing with it, and when that happens, I feel like I can let go of it because it’s not quite as personal. 

We read that you love sappy movies and we just have to ask – what’s your biggest musical guilty pleasure?

Well, I don’t really feel guilty about it but I’ve been going back to old Taylor Swift, like her Fearless album. Okay so I remember when I was in high school – you know how sometimes you just have the most random memories – I have this memory of being on the treadmill running one day and, oh what Taylor Swift song was it? It’s like one of her saddest and slowest songs ever, and I remember just taking the most intense run and feeling so good listening to this super sad song… Oh! It was a super slow ballad called ‘Last Kiss’ and I was running at like triple times the tempo. (Laughs) I’m pathetic. 

You mentioned that ‘I Like Me Better’ was written when you were a freshman and in the midst of discovering who you were. What’s a piece of advice you would give your 18-year-old self?

I think it’s easier said than done, but to just be more accepting of yourself as you are. Cause I felt that around that time, I was very much trying so hard to make myself into who I thought people wanted me to be and who I thought I should be. And there was so much unhappiness that came from that. But, going through that also taught me that there was no other way I could live my life other than to accept myself. But I guess it would have been cool if I could have gotten there quicker.

Now at 23, would you say you’re ready for what fame is about to bring?

Well, I have no idea. Like I don’t feel like I’m famous at all. Not even close, no. To be honest, I don’t really think about it. I sort of feel like every new experience I go through, I kind of just adapt to it. I moved around so much growing up that I always felt like when something new was thrown at me, I would kind of just figure it out. I don’t really think about the fame part of it though. 

You recently shared an Instagram post about having the freedom to let go of expectations and to be real. Was there a turning point in your life where you decided that “Okay, this is me. I’m going to be true to myself”?

It’s funny, I don’t know if there was one turning point, but rather it’s been a whole process, you know? ‘Cause I feel like I’ll have these days where I’ll feel really connected to [being myself] and that’s when I’m posting about that and I feel really happy and fulfilled and in the moment. But then, it’s like I can wake up two days later and be totally like “ugh, not again”, and I’ll be in a bad mood and start overthinking everything and I totally lose touch. So I feel like it’s a constant battle going back and forth, cause it just kinda depends on my mind, but I’m trying to stay grounded and in the moment. 

So how do you deal with the bad days? Is there something that you tell yourself?

I try to meditate. But even if I don’t fully meditate, I try to take like little moments throughout the day to just sit there and feel my feet on the ground and just, breathe. Sometimes when I’m feeling really anxious and disconnected from the moment, I’ll just write endlessly in my iPhone notes until I finally feel like I can let the bad thoughts go. 

The name of your tour is I Met You When I Was 18. Imagine you’re 18 again, what is one thing you would say to someone from when you were that age?

If anything, I think as I get older, I feel like sometimes I don’t even show my own family enough appreciation. Lately, I’ve been randomly texting my mum and dad, like the other day I was in a mood and I just shot them a text saying “Love you guys so much, and thank you for all that you’ve done for me”. And I think when I was 18, I was so caught up and distracted with myself and my life and moving to New York and stuff, but yeah I wish I could have been a little bit more open and expressive that way. 

You started writing love songs even before you had a relationship. What is it about the topic that drew you to writing about it and where do you get your inspiration from?

I think I just wanted to fall in love so badly that I was obsessed with the idea of it and the feelings behind it and even like the sad parts of it. Sometimes I think that the things you remember most, the things you actually miss the most, are the things that were actually sad and hard at that point in time. I don’t know if other people feel that way but I certainly do, where I find myself missing times in my life where it was really hard and I didn’t like it for whatever reason. Yeah, I’ve always liked sad things. 

A quick search on Instagram brings up loads of fan pages dedicated to you. What was your first reaction when you saw such accounts popping up?

I think it’s crazy! There are so many fan pages and I’m like “What? Why?”. I feel like I see multiple new ones everyday and I honestly don’t get it. But I love it when fans make memes of me. There’s like a bunch of them that post memes of me and [other members on the tour], and they’re hilarious. And I say “keep making memes, make me a meme”. I’m just trying to be the most famous meme ever. That’s success. 



A post shared by Lauv (@lauvsongs) on

Lastly, what’s in the pipeline for you?

Definitely new music. I’ve actually been finishing new music while I’ve been on tour, which has been really fun, recording in hotel rooms and stuff like that. So, new music, finishing the rest of this tour, announcing more tour dates and hopefully some more really good food!

Lauv’s latest single ‘Chasing Fire’ is out now. Listen below or stream it on Spotify!

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It’s been almost a year since Halsey released her sophomore effort, but it looks like the hopeless fountain kingdom era has only just begun. On 26 March midnight, the ‘Now Or Never’ songstress dropped the announcement of her 2018 world tour dates – which sent all the local fans into a frenzy as Singapore is included as one of the few Asia stops!

Halsey World Tour

Having performed as the headlining act at the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix, this will be Halsey’s first solo concert in Singapore. But this time round, she wouldn’t be a one-woman show anymore. The singer will be sharing the spotlight with a strong ensemble of female supporting acts throughout the tour, including Kehlani, Jessie Reyez and Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui. Indonesian R&B artiste Nicole Zefanya aka NIKI will be accompanying her for the Asian leg of the tour.


8 August 2018
The Star Theatre
Ticket prices: 
$158, $138, $118 and $88

Tickets will go on sale 13 May, 12pm via StarHub customers will enjoy a one-day priority sale on 12 May, from 12pm to 11.59pm.

Meanwhile, here’s Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom album on repeat:

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