The sextet made their sophomore return to our sunny island as part of their Go Go GFRIEND Asia Tour in a colourful, high energy-powered performance that was well worth the wait.

GFRIEND Singapore

Despite the tight security which would have made for an otherwise uncomfortable experience, the six sweethearts of K-pop girl group GFRIEND more than made up for it with their charming personalities, hilarious antics and energetic performances. Accompanied by a setlist of crowd favourites, special stages and some spontaneous surprises, here are five of the best moments we’ve experienced at their three-hour long show that made us yearn for more.

#1 When the girls broke into sub-units

Much like all K-pop concerts, it’s not unusual to find a segment within the show that specially showcases a side of an idol that fans may have never seen before. Splitting into two sub-units named World Peace (SinB, Sowon, Yuju) and Hug-Hug (Yerin, Eunha, Umji), GFRIEND proceeded to perform their would-be debut songs in two varying genres that were simply a visual and audio delight.

#2 When GFRIEND showed off their vocal prowess

Probably the highlight for most fans was the breathtaking ballad version of ‘Rough’. Trading in their trademark upbeat vibes, the girls settled for a more subtle performance that showcased each of their vocal quality and strength.


#3 When they dedicated a song for fans

As if GFRIEND wasn’t already treating their Buddies to an amazing three-hour show, they had a special gift prepared for fans in a form of a live performance of the sixth track in their latest EP titled ‘Hope’. Though it wouldn’t have seemed much at first, a behind-the-scenes video shown to the crowd revealed that the lyrics were actually penned by none other than the girls themselves, in dedication to their dearest Buddies. Aww!

#4 When they blessed us with an acoustic version of ‘Fever’

Quite surprisingly, their latest comeback track ‘Fever’ wasn’t part of the tour setlist. As such, the members had intended to give local Buddies a special live performance of this hit song, but due to technical difficulties, they were unfortunately unable to do so. However, that didn’t stop the girls from treating fans to an impromptu short acoustic rendition, complete with dance moves!


#5 When GFRIEND and Buddies sang together

Shortly after the fan video, the girls noticed the romanised lyrics of ‘You Are Not Alone’ that was printed on the banners that fans were holding – and decided to hold an unplanned singalong session with the audience to reciprocate them for the love. How heartwarming was that?

Photo credits: Source Music

What was your favourite moment of the night? Tell us in the comments below!

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