8 Iconic Red Carpet Moments You Missed At HallyuPopFest 2018

11 Sep 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

It was three days of Hallyu madness at HallyuPopFest 2018. Arguably the largest (and most hyped-up) K-pop event of the year, the mega music extravaganza saw over 100 idols making their red carpet debut, including the likes of Wanna One, Taeyeon, NCT 127 and more.

Over the course of three jam-packed days from 7 to 9 September, thousands of devoted K-pop fans flocked to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. Despite the sudden downpour, fans weren’t letting a little wet weather rain on their parade – all geared up with ponchos and umbrellas in tow.

Missed out on the red carpet action? Here are the top highlights.

#1 When Apink were out there serving looks

Apink Naeun HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: Shannon Ang

Decked out in eye-catching monochrome outfits, all eyes were on the Apink ladies as they strutted down the red carpet. Visual queen Naeun looked particularly stunning with her chic bow tie ensemble and sleek ponytail. What a look!

#2 When EXID cured our OT5 withdrawals

EXID HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: Shannon Ang

EXID’s back as OT5! Leader Solji made her long-awaited return to the group after taking an indefinite hiatus due to a serious thyroid disease in 2016, with HallyuPopFest being her first official schedule. The girls also revealed that a new album is in the works, so be sure to show ’em lots of support for their next comeback!

#3 When Wanna One showed up in sharp suits

Wanna One HallyuPopFest 2018 Red Carpet
Credit: H.A.H Entertainment

Despite looking noticeably exhausted, Wanna One still put on their best-dressed foot forward as they stepped out in matching suits. The 11-member group walked the red carpet twice, but somehow managed to miraculously conjure rain for both days which unfortunately cut the Q&A session short – but they made up for it with tons of fan service.

Just look at this heart-fluttering clip of Daniel grabbing the hands of a fan at the front row!

#4 When Dreamcatcher went all out with fan service

Dreamcatcher HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: H.A.H Entertainment

Dreamcatcher’s fan service game was hard to beat. From blowing kisses to dishing out finger hearts, the girls certainly weren’t shy about showing their love for their beloved fans.

#5 When Heize ran out to take a plushie from a fan

Heize HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: H.A.H Entertainment

Being the total sweetheart she is, Heize spotted a fan holding out an Olaf plush toy to her and ran over to take it. It might seem like a small gesture, but it sure made the day of this lucky fan!

#6 When Eric Nam serenaded us under the sweltering heat

Eric Nam HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: Shannon Ang

We’re not kidding when we say Eric Nam was the star of the show. The man appeared for all three days of the red carpet, gamely answering questions, doing little dances and even gifted us with a spontaneous acapella in this unbearable weather. Major respect!

#7 When UNB suavely dodged a question

UNB Jun HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: Shannon Ang

An oopsie moment happened when UNB was mistakenly asked about their comeback plans in September, to which the members appeared flustered as they had just concluded promotions for ‘Black Heart’ not long ago. Luckily, Jun quickly came to the rescue by swooping in to say that “it’s a secret” and hope fans would anticipate their next album.

#8 When NCT 127 graced us with their presence

NCT 127 HallyuPopFest Red Carpet
Credit: H.A.H Entertainment

NCT 127’s appearance on the red carpet was brief, understandably so as we learned that they had touched down in Singapore in the wee hours prior to their performance. And hey, we’re not complaining – just their presence alone was enough to please all the NCTzens in attendance, who showed up in full force with their neon green lightsticks.

Featured image: Shannon Ang

Feeing the post-concert withdrawals already? Check out our full coverage of HallyuPopFest 2018 here!

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22 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Noah Centineo

5 Sep 2018 by Jasmine Ong

It almost seems like yesterday when Noah Centineo took over our screens (and hearts) as the charming Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The 22-year-old Netflix star has instantly become the Internet’s collective boyfriend, thanks to his dashing good looks and melt-worthy pupple smile. With his upcoming Sierra Burgess Is a Loser set to drop on 7 September, we’ve dug out some little-known facts you ought to know about the bae of-the-moment. 

#1 He was an honourary Disney alum.


Before he became the perfect boyfriend of our dreams, young Noah was a familiar Disney face starring in minor roles on Austin & Ally, Shake It Up!, Jessie, and the Disney Channel Original movie, How to Build a Better Boy.

#2 His breakout role was in Freeform’s The Fosters.

Credit: Freeform

When Jake T.Austin (original Jesus) left the show, Noah was recast as the new Jesus Adams Foster, who supposedly returned from a terrible car accident in the season 2 finale. This was also Noah’s first lead role in a television show!

#3 He was Camila Cabello’s love interest in ‘Havana’.

Credit: harmonize-grande.tumblr.com

Anyone who has seen Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ music video would have probably been wondering just who was that fine-looking boy? Well, mystery solved – it was Noah! Though we didn’t really get to see his dance moves, we’re pretty sure we’ll see him Salsa one day.

#4 He’s a writer… of sorts.

Credit: akindofemotionaltether.tumblr.com

Don’t we all love the moody, sensitive type? Lucky for us, Noah falls into that category as we’ve discovered that the sentimental lad uses writing as a catharsis for what he’s thinking or going through. Hey Noah, can you write us notes every day too?

#5 He’s a selfie pro.

Credit: filmgifs.tumblr.com

If you’re following him on Instagram, you definitely know that our boy is no stranger to the camera. That’s why when asked for his best selfie advice, Noah states that his only go-to tip is getting the right lighting more than anything. Now we know why he looks so good in all his shots.

#6 He doesn’t slide into people’s DMs.


If you think sliding into Noah’s DMs would be the fastest way to get noticed, think again. Noah mentioned that he thinks it’s a little strange to hit on people you’ve only ever seen photos of, so he prefers meeting somebody in real life instead. Not that we mind – besides, ain’t that more romantic?

#7 He’s completely sober.


Just how much more perfect can he get? On top of being a total dreamboat, Noah doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs. Instead, he uses yoga as an outlet to help him clear his mind and cope with his mental health. We stan a wholesome legend!

#8 He wasn’t cool in high school.

Credit: heckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com

Sometimes t’s the dorky ones that steal our hearts, amirite? Unlike Peter Kavinsky, Noah never bothered about social status quos and was actually a goofy little kid who always sat at the back of class and cracked jokes all day, not listening to a thing the teacher was saying!

#9 He’s the hero we never knew we needed.

Credit: bfostr.tumblr.com

Not all heroes wear capes! Knowing that he has a huge following, Noah hopes to use his social media platform and online presence to help fight social injustices.

#10 He likes to read.

Credit: clarafarleybarrow.tumblr.com

There’s just something about a guy who reads. Noah recently shared that his best first date was reading by the pool with a girl he liked, and that reading is something he does whenever he needs a digital detox.

#11 He came to the rescue of a girl he didn’t know.

Credit: Freeform

While at a party, a random stranger had approached him for help with a situation that involved a dude who was harassing her. Not asking any questions, the chivalrous Noah wasted no time in aiding her in getting the guy off her back. What a guy!

#12 He is a hopeless romantic.

Credit: filmgifs.tumblr.com

As if he wasn’t already perfect enough, Noah is also a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic because he just loves anything to do with love. One of his most romantic gestures was when he surprised his then-girlfriend by taking back to her hometown, which she hadn’t returned in years.

#13 He’s a diehard rom-com fan.


Here’s the 4-1-1 on six of Noah’s favourite romantic comedies you need to watch ASAP: 13 Going On 30, Failure To Launch, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, What Happens in Vegas, You’ve Got Mail and Serendipity (which is his ultimate favourite).

#14 His first meeting with Lana Condor was awkward AF.

Credit: clarafarleybarrow.tumblr.com

Before they were our OTP, Lana had actually turned Noah down when he asked if she wanted to run lines together at the audition for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Oh boy…

#15 He got the scar on his face thanks to a doggy.

Credit: Buzzfeed

When Noah was just 6 years old, a Mastiff had attacked him and left him with a face injury that eventually healed into the left scar we see now. He still looks gorgeous though!

#16 But he’s understanding about it – at 6 years old.

Credit: Buzzfeed

Even after he got bit by the dog, little Noah knew not to blame the dog because he could tell that the dog didn’t understand what had just happened. When people asked if he wanted the dog to be put down, Noah protested it despite him being the one who was hurt.

#17 And he still loves dogs today.


Despite it all, Noah still has a soft spot for dogs. Six weeks after the accident with the Mastiff, Noah’s parents got him a black Labrador German Shepard Rottweiler mix. And he has expressed that if he were to get another big dog, that’s even better!

#18 He’s a heavy sleeper.

Credit: stiles-lydia.tumblr.com

Remember that lock-screen photo of Lana and Noah in real life? Well, it turns out, Noah enjoys cuddling because he sleeps… a lot. Whenever he gets free time on set, he would be out like a light and his fellow castmates would join him in a cuddle. Apart from Lana, he has also cuddled with Israel Broussard (who plays Josh Sanderson). How cute is that?

#19 He is BFF worthy.

Credit: bu-ckys.tumblr.com

Lana revealed that during the filming of To All The Boys I’ve loved Before, she had texted Noah asking for some company after she received some bad news. Noah literally dropped everything he was doing and ran to her apartment where he swaddled her like a baby with a bunch of blankets, and cleaned her whole apartment afterwards. Can Noah just be our bestie already?

#20 His most-used emoji? The nerd face emoji.

Credit: Freeform

Noah frequently uses the nerd face emoji – the one with glasses and buck teeth – because he thinks that he is awkward sometimes, and that’s his cute little way of saying, ‘Oh, I’m weird’ to whoever he is texting. Aww, Noah!

#21 His ideal girl…


Noah has expressed that his ideal girl needs to be someone who takes care of herself and is honest. He really doesn’t like girls who doesn’t take care of their wellbeing, and is passive aggressive about their feelings.

#22 He would probably not date a fan.


Sorry girls, it seems like our Internet boyfriend won’t be taking the relationship offline anytime soon. In a recent interview, Noah has unfortunately burst everyone’s bubbles that he wouldn’t date a fan as he feels that the relationship would be more of an infatuation with the character rather than the person. But hey – never say never, he could still change his mind!

Still can’t get enough of Noah Centineo? Rewatch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before or catch Sierra Burgess Is A Loser on 7 September 2018 on Netflix!

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Homegrown singer-songwriter Beth Yap aka Bittymacbeth is not your typical pop star.

Talented, honest and fiercely independent, this young trailblazer is unafraid to speak up about important causes close to her heart. Just take the launch-cum-benefit show in support of her latest single ‘Trace (Comfortable Sympathy)’ for instance, which she used as a platform to raise funds for an anti-human trafficking charity organisation – all while celebrating fellow females in the music scene with up-and-comers Marian Carmel and Kyla T on the performance bill.

In an industry that Lady Gaga infamously dubbed a “F***ing boys’ club”, the Berklee College of Music undergraduate doesn’t hold back on sharing her struggles dealing with the rampant sexism as a female musician currently based in Boston – on top of being Asian and the stereotypes that come with it. But instead of letting it get to her, she channels the negativity into what she does best: music with a cause. And if you’re not already listening to her, you may want to sit down for this.

Read on for our full interview with Bittymacbeth where she opens up about breaking gender norms and how she hopes to recover humanity through music.

Hi Beth! It’s been two years since you last released new music. What have you been up to in between?

Shortly after finishing up my last album Beauty For Ashes, I started school at Berklee in the beginning of 2017 thus I’ve mostly been trying to adjust to the new environment. You get exposed to a lot of fresh talents here, so I guess I was also trying to teach myself how to see music with a renewed perspective. Other than that, I’ve been working hard on writing new material and ‘Trace’ is kind of the first project in this new series that I came up with around the start of my Berklee journey.

You’ve co-produced ‘Trace’ with Korean producer DAMYE. How did this collaboration come about?

I think it’s really important to find the right people to work with; who believe in me and my music. For DAMYE, I met him at Berkley because we happen to go to a lot of the same jams. He then asked if I could help him with a song he was trying to pitch to a Korean indie label, so I did – and he got signed! He was gonna drop out of Berkley so I suggested working on something together before he leaves, hence ‘Trace’. 

‘Trace’ is the first single of the four-song suite you’re working on. Can we assume we’re expecting three more collaborative tracks to come?

Yeah! The upcoming collaborations are going to be similar in the sense that I’ll be working with a producer to elevate the production on songs I’ve written. The next release will be with an American producer and it’s probably the poppiest track I have right now. Then there’ll be something that’s a lot more jazzy and chill with an Australian producer, before ending it off with a funky, R&B tune that I’ve worked on with an Italian producer. It’s a departure from the organic, acoustic vibes in Beauty For Ashes, and moving towards a more produced sound that showcases different faucets of my musical influences.

Among the four tracks, which would you say is the closest to your heart?

Probably the last one with the Italian producer. Between Berkley and the single launch, a lot of things happened in my personal life – I’ve lost friends and missed out on big opportunities because of what I suppose were my principles. I had all these questions about how my life would have been any different if I hadn’t done this or that. I spent time wondering about that a lot and for a while I was very bitter about things. So I wrote this song to remind myself to not dwell on the past and allow my experiences to be a standpoint for growth instead.

What kind of message do you hope to spark with your music?

That there are a lot of difficult things we have to go through, and that it’s important to acknowledge each other’s challenges and do whatever’s in your own power to help them out. Especially when you’re in a place of more privilege, you have a greater responsibility to make things better for others. Through these songs, I want people to know that they have a listening ear. I may not be able to fully understand their situation, but I can empathise with what they’re going through.

Is that why you came up with the idea of linking your single launch to a benefit show?

I think a lot of us are unaware of the trafficking issue in Singapore. People think we’re totally clean, but what they don’t realise is that trafficking works in three ways – a country can be a source country, a transition country, or a destination country. If Myanmar is the source country for trafficked victims, then Singapore can be either a transition or a destination country for them. It happens a lot with domestic helpers and construction workers, and we’re enabling it to happen.

If I were to do a launch for ‘Trace’, I want to be able to help in a tangible way – thus partnering up with a charity organisation to raise awareness about this issue. I feel like the first step is for Singaporeans to be aware so they can ask the right questions when they sense any suspicious activity.

During the launch party, you also took the opportunity to feature fellow female artistes. How important is it to you that we celebrate women in the industry?

Sexism in the music industry has become more apparent to me when I was in the US. I used to attend these recording sessions, and bands that are made of only males were more likely to question me, a female, about their score than the other male players. I’m sure everyone makes mistakes, but they would just come down more harshly on me.

A college prof told me this story. The Boston Symphony Orchestra were conducting blind auditions as they had a big problem of male to female player ratio. Despite people going behind a thick curtain to play, it still didn’t improve the ratio. Someone then suggested getting them to remove their shoes before going on stage – and after that, the ratio became almost one to one. Because people just had these subconscious biases after hearing the sound of their shoes and judging them based on the gait of their walk. It was then that I realised, women do it to other women too. So I feel like we just need to remind one another that we all have something to contribute and to give each other equal opportunities.

Have you ever thought about advancing your music career in the US?

I’ve thought about it, but with a more developed music industry, it also comes with more competition. To be completely frank, being Asian doesn’t help either. In the US, Asians tend to be in the back-end roles and although they are doing well for themselves in their respective areas, it’s much harder for them to be a recording artiste. Besides, Singapore is a nice gateway to other countries – a lot of my peers are able to tour regionally and internationally without being based overseas. The community here is also a lot more tight-knit because everyone knows each other so it’s much easier to get help.

Lastly, what do you hope to achieve in this new phase of your career?

I’m working towards rebranding myself and coming into my own as an all-rounded artiste, be it songwriting, performing or producing. I started out as an indie one-woman band, but now I want to move towards a bigger sound with a production team – in a way that’s contextualised for the new generation of audiences while still remaining true to my musical self.

Listen to Bittymacbeth’s newest single ‘Trace (Comfortable Sympathy)’ prod. DAMYE here.

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Maroon 5 To Make A Stop In Singapore For Red Pill Blues Tour

29 Aug 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

American juggernaut Maroon 5 will be making their way to Asia in 2019!

The pop-rock collective has just added three Southeast Asia dates – Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – to their Red Pills Blue tour in support of their massively successful sixth studio album. Other Asia stops include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. Here’s the full schedule:

Tokyo, Japan – 25 February 2019
Seoul, South Korea – 27 February 2019
Kaishung, Taiwan – 1 March 2019
Macau, China – 3 March 2019
Manila, Philippines – 5 March 2019
Singapore – 7 March 2019
Bangkok, Thailand – 9 March 2019


Hot off the press, local organisers Live Nation has just announced that Maroon 5 will be staging a one-night-only concert at the National Stadium – and it’s set to be the band’s biggest show in Singapore to date.

Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues Tour in Singapore

Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues Tour in Singapore
Date: 7 March 2018
Time: 8pm
Venue: National Stadium
Tickets: $268 (priority standing), $$188 (general standing), $218, $178, $118 (seated)

Tickets will go on sale 28 September (Friday) via www.sportshubtix.sg. Live Nation members can purchase tickets ahead of public sales from 26 September (Wednesday), 10am to 27 September (Thursday), 11.59pm. For more information on membership sign up, head over to www.livenation.sg.

Meanwhile, check out the music video of their killer collaboration ‘Girls Like You’ with Cardi B.

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It might’ve taken years and years for Years & Years to finally come to town, but the wait’s all worth it when we managed to catch the Brit trio for a quick chat before the showcase for their latest record Palo Santo – the long-awaited follow-up to their 2015 debut album. What have they been up to ever since? We sat down with the band to talk about the making of Palo Santo, discovering themselves and their love for Rihanna.

It took you guys a while to finally get to Singapore! But it’s fine, because you guys were clearly busy with your new record Palo Santo. It’s a great album. What was the mindset of the band heading into this sophomore effort?

Olly: I think we were all kind of like, in a daze. The whole experience of releasing a first album and then touring, is so overwhelming; it’s like a tornado of craziness. And when you come down from that, it’s hard to really know even where to begin. So we kind of struggled [at the start].

Emre: It’s called a difficult second album for a reason – we found out that it’s true. But at the same time, it’s kind of a good problem to have because that means that there’s people waiting [for our music]. Whereas for the first album, we didn’t know if anyone was going to listen to it; let alone like it. So it’s the kind of pressure that you want, but once it’s finished it’s really good to get out there again and perform it for people.

Tell us more about Palo Santo and how this fantasy dystopian world came about.

Olly: I guess it’s something that I’ve been dreaming about for a really long time. With the first album, there was no time to think of a concept that ties everything together because you’re constantly playing catch up. I knew that before we made new music, I wanted to create this kind of fantasy, sci-fi concept that all the music could go alongside, mainly because I thought it’d be fun. The inspiration came from loads of different places, like growing up we all loved sci-fi such as The Fifth Element, Star Wars… I was also inspired by fiction writers like Margaret Atwood and Ursula Le Gui. I wanted to tell the story that asks the question of what it means to be human. That kind of all went into [the album].

Palo Santo is all about self-discovery. Having been through the challenges of finding yourselves, what is an advice you can share with young fans who are still coming to terms with their identity?

Olly: For me, it would be the things that I hated about myself when I was growing up – whether it was my body, my sexuality or I thought I was just weird ­– are now the things that I feel make me special and unique. Take all those things that make you feel bad about yourself and one day, you’re going to love that and that’s going to be what’s special about you.

Emre: Being a human is a weird thing because on one hand you want to be completely unique, but on the other, you also want to be accepted and belong – so it’s this constant balancing act between those two things. But I think if you’re growing up, there’s always people out there who are like you and you’ll find them.

There’s a lot of artificial intelligence and technology elements in this era, especially with the promotional tools for the album. How do you guys see social media in today’s landscape – more hurtful or helpful?

Emre: It’s both. The funny thing about social media is that it’s not all bells and whistles that do it, but the more honest you are with it, it allows us to share stuff with fans without a gatekeeper. They appreciate it and so do we. I think it definitely helps, especially if you’re an emerging artist, to promote yourself. On a personal level, my issue with social media is quite up and down. I delete mine regularly because I know I won’t be able to stop checking it, and it can be quite unhealthy. But for an artiste, it can be a really cool way of speaking to fans directly. Plus it’s fun – everytime there’s a new selfie filter on Snapchat, I’ll think I look great and I’m like “God, I wish I could look like this, but I don’t!” (Laughs)

What’s your favourite filter on Snapchat?

Emre: I like the one that makes your lips go huge and your voice goes high like a frog, like Crazy Frog!

Your current single ‘If You’re Over Me’ sounds so chirpy, but the lyrics say otherwise. What are three essential things Years & Years would recommend to get through a breakup?

Mikey: Lasagna, and Clueless (laughs).

Emre: Maybe have a Mario Kart party!

So Olly, how was it like meeting Rihanna?

Olly: Meeting her was great, it was everything I had hoped it would be. It was very surreal, I don’t really remember what happened because I was so overwhelmed and just trying not to faint. She’s just so cool, you know? I remember seeing her at the MET Gala when she wore the yellow dress and she turned to give the cameras a shot on the steps – I was like, “that’s a star”. Not many people in the world can do that, but Rihanna sure can!

What’s really admirable about Years & Years is that at the end of the day, your music sends an optimistic message not just to fans, but to each other as well. What’s it like having such a great support system?

All: Aww…

Olly: I think it’s quite rare in life to spend so much time with other people whom you aren’t in a relationship with right? (Laughs) You go through highs and lows together, see so much of the world together, and ultimately, there’s a base level of being there for each other no matter what. I can’t imagine what would rip us apart.


look !! We <3 each other really!

A post shared by Years & Years (@yearsandyears) on

Emre: I was thinking it’s like Darth Vader [from Star Wars]. There’s hope in him, and at the end he’s a good guy.

Mikey: Who’s the Darth Vader in this situation?

Emre: We’re all Darth Vader!

Thanks to Universal Music Singapore for the interview opportunity with Years & Years!

Years & Years’ new album Palo Santo is now available for purchase and streaming.

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