Having teased the release for months, it’s fair to say that the wait for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been a pretty arduous one for fellow Potterheads across the world. Thankfully, fans of the boy wizard need not wait any longer as the mobile game app is set to officially drop on Friday, 21 June.

Developed by Niantic – also known as the creators behind the wildly popular Pokemon Go – in collaboration with WB Games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be the American company’s first foray into an all-new fandom, allowing players to meet characters from the franchise as well as other magical situations in the real world using the power of augmented reality technology.


Much like Pokemon Go, players will be assuming a role in the game that has been created as part of the storyline. But instead of a Pokemon trainer, you will be playing as a new wizard recruit who has been scouted to work with the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. This group is formed to help prevent the exposure of the Wizarding community and solve the mystery of the Calamity – a major catastrophic event that hit the Wizarding World and resulted in magical artefacts and creatures scattered all over the world.

There isn’t much revealed about the exact scope of the player’s role, but it’s possible that you will be tasked to search for signs of magic in the real world with the help of iconic Harry Potter characters that you may encounter along your journey.

Here’s the bad news: although the mobile game is set for a 21 June global release date for both Android and iOS users, only United States and United Kingdom have been confirmed for the launch. It’s unclear if the app will follow in the release pattern of its predecessor, which admittedly took quite a while to reach certain countries including Singapore. Though it seems more like a speculation, this concern has been further corroborated with a tweet from their official Twitter account, which asked for fans to stay tuned “as the game goes live in your region soon”.

In the meantime, get your wands (and fingers) ready for download!

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