Here's Why Kim Myung Soo Is A Man Of Many Talents

3 Oct 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

When INFINITE’s L isn’t busting out synchronised moves in perfectly coordinated outfits with his fellow bandmates, the Korean heartthrob is busy flexing his acting muscles under his real name, Kim Myung Soo. But wait, is that all there is to the rising actor? Recently in town to promote his latest drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, the 25-year-old proved that he’s more than just an idol – turns out, he’s got some pretty impressive hidden talents to boot! Here’s what we found out during the two-hour fanmeeting.

#1 He’s obsessed with Singlish (Abuden?!)

INFINITE Kim Myung Soo Singlish

It has pretty much become a ritual for any K-pop idol who visits Singapore to take a stab at Singlish, but this cutie takes our colloquial slang up a notch. It started with the basic ”lah’ before morphing into a full-blown ‘abuden’ fest when the host taught him the term, which had fans tickled pink. “Okay I got it, I understand!” he exclaimed adorably in English, evidently amused after understanding the context and proceeding to plug his new favourite word whenever he could. 

#2 Nobody can beat his fan service game.

INFINITE Kim Myung Soo Fanservice

After years of covering K-pop events, we can safely say that Kim Myung Soo tops the list when it comes to dishing out fan service. Don’t let the stoic image of his INFINITE alter-ego fool you though; the chap can be quite the charmer in real-life. During the games segment, four lucky fans were called up on stage to reenact scenes from The Emperor: Owner of the Mask – think back hugs, holding hands, etc. As if these moves weren’t intimate enough, he gave each of the girls a warm hug and gifted all of them autographed postcards (even though he was supposed to choose only one winner to receive the personalised gift). How do you not love him?

#3 His photography skills are on-point.

INFINITE Kim Myung Soo Photography

To say that we were impressed with his photography chops would be an understatement. Showing off his self-taken photographs around the world – from the beautiful sunset in Los Angeles to the breathtaking night scenery in New York – he shared a mandatory tourist shot of the Merlion and even included a snap of our traditional kaya toast, quipping that he actually purchased a few tubs of kaya jam to bring back home. But since fans have informed him that the Ya Kun outlet at Gangnam sells it, looks like he’ll be stocking up on his kaya stash pretty soon!

#4 He gives solid life advice.
(yes, even cat-related problems)

Have a problem? Kim Myung Soo is here. The actor held a counselling session with the fans, who were asked to write down their worries on a slip of paper prior to the fanmeeting. Three entries were chosen, to which he personally went up to the fans – literally leaping down the aisle just so he could be closer to them – to offer his two cents. “I usually have a lot of negative thoughts, but I think having a positive mind is important,” he assures one fan. “Never give up, because even if it’s not working 99 per cent of the time, there’s still a one per cent chance that it will happen.”

INFINITE Kim Myung Soo Counselling

Aside from human issues, he’s also adept at solving feline dilemmas. What does a fellow cat owner do when her own cat ignores her? As the bona fide cat whisperer of his very own Russian Blue named Byul, he advices her to “give him more love” before cutting the affection completely, so he might “be surprised and get excited the next time you approach him”. Will Myung Soo’s tip work? Only time will tail (sorry, we had to).

#5 Did we mention his flawless vocals?

INFINITE Kim Myung Soo Singing

We’ve always known him as the visual of the group, but his singing voice certainly deserve more recognition. Despite feeling under the weather and was even caught coughing several times, Myung Soo showed no signs of wavering and stayed on top of his vocal game. His melodic vocals were on full display as he sang the soundtracks of Reply 1988 (‘A Little Girl’) and The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (‘It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me’), before ending the night with an emotional rendition of INFINITE’s ‘Love of My Life’.

Photo credits: PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd, Teenage Magazine

By the end of it all, consider us smitten by his endless charms. It’s not often we come across such a genuine celebrity, and it’s even more heartening that he’s still humble as ever even though he’s already seven years into his career. Whether it’s INFINITE’s L or actor Kim Myung Soo, we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavours!

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20 Ways Mean Girls Changed Our Lives Forever

3 Oct 2017 by Johanna Teo

It’s been 13 years since Mean Girls was released and boy did no one expect the cultural impact this teen movie would make. And since we’re celebrating Mean Girls Day (because it’s October 3rd, duh), here are 20 ways Mean Girls has changed our lives, subtly or otherwise! 

#1 Wearing Pink On Wednesdays


A post shared by Charlotte Lum 👑 (@charlottelum) on

Of all the rules that came with being a Plastic (which includes not wearing a tank top two days in a row and only being able to wear your hair in a ponytail no more than once a week), the one about wearing pink on hump day is definitely the most iconic. So much so that many of us millennials still adhere to that fashion rule. #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink

#2 Brutus Is Just As Good As Caesar


Move aside Taylor Swift; Gretchen Weiners’ rant about how “Brutus is just as cute as Caesar! Brutus is just as smart as Caesar! People totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar!” was obviously a thinly veiled meltdown about Regina George’s tyranny, and it signified the cold takedown that was to come – the most apt (and first) ‘Et tu, Brute?’ situation in pop culture. 

#3 Your Mum’s Chest Hair! 


Of all the iconic one liners delivered from the razor sharp Janis Ian, this insult (which she haphazardly flung to a rude dude who teased her about her hair) is the best. Sorry aunty. 

#4 “GROOL” 

Mean Girls had a knack of combining certain words (whether on accident or not) and Cady’s slightly embarrassing but mostly endearing slip up is the perfect example of how one could get tongue-tied while speaking to a crush.  

#5 Hair Full Of Secrets 

Till this day, we can’t walk past someone with huge hair without thinking of the classic liner Damien used to describe gossipy Gretchen Weiners. 

#6 “That Is So Fetch!”

A slang created by Gretchen that didn’t quite take off, ‘Fetch’ is used to describe something cool or awesome. For example, “Did you see what Ariana Grande was wearing last night? It was so fetch!” 

#7 Stop saying Fetch!  

Which leads us to the next liner, delivered by the ever-frosty Regina George herself: “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen!” Ouch. 

#8 What Are You?

With Halloween coming up, Karen Smith’s epic declaration will definitely come in handy. You know what to say the next time someone asks you, “Eh what are you dressing up as ah?” 

#9 You Go Glenn Coco! 

The world may never know what Glenn Coco truly looks like, but there’s no stopping the barrage of praise that inevitably gets heaped upon him for receiving four candy canes to Gretchen Weiners’ zero. 

#10 Jingle Bell Rock 

Listening to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ during Christmas has forever changed because we can’t hear it without picturing this hilariously eyebrow raising routine. Fun fact: The Plastics’ little dance routine was actually choreographed by Janis Ian aka Regina George’s ex-BFF, but you already knew that, didn’t you? 

 #11 The Limit Does Not Exist

With the North Shore Mathlete’s win hanging in precarious balance, Cady had to solve the final hurdle; to find the limits of a complex-looking function. This scene, which confirmed Cady’s evolution from superficial Plastic to Mathlete hero, had her digging through her Aaron Samuel-riddled memories of math class, to which she triumphantly revealed the answer to this trick question: the limit does not exist! 

#12 Don’t Ask Inappropriate Questions, Karen!

How clueless is Karen, you ask? Welllllll… very. This hilariously inappropriate scene (which definitely wouldn’t fly in today’s standards) saw Karen ask Cady that ignorant question, to which Gretchen gave a well-meaning, but equally ignorant reply. What would your answer to that question be? 

#13 Is Butter A Carb? 

No, Regina, butter is not a carb. And till today, we have no idea why Cady lied. 

#14 You Can’t Sit With Us!

Ah, that victorious moment where Gretchen snapped and laid down the law for Regina has paved the way for many snarky, off-handed comments to frenemies and the like. When someone playfully exclaims, “you can’t sit with us!”, there’s definitely a slight possibility they totally mean it the way Gretchen did. 

#15 Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Commonly found nestled within angry Facebook/Tumblr threads, this girl’s wish (captured in an eternally-looping GIF) echoes our peace-loving sentiments… only we don’t know how to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles that everyone would eat and be happy. 

#16 Who Are You Again?

It’s ironic how Damien (who wasn’t supposed to be in the gymnasium anyway) exposed the crying girl for not being a student at North Shore High, but “she doesn’t even go here!” has become yet another way for calling out someone who’s being extra and unnecessary. 

#17 I’m A Cool Mum

Between making sure her kids were safe, keeping a watchful eye on them and having their backs no matter what, Regina’s wacky, OTT mum really was kind of a cool mum – in hindsight, over a decade later. 

#18 Ways To Take Down A B*TCH

Honestly, Janis’ frenzied rant on the ‘Regina George formula’ is epic. “She would be nothing without her high-status man-candy, technically good physique, and evil band of loyal followers.” While we don’t encourage negative behaviour of any kind, we gotta admit that Janis’ diabolical rant is pretty on point. 

#19 Ways To Watch The World Burn 

Hands down the best visual representation of the phrase “watch the world burn”, Regina George’s ultimate move of photocopying (lol how primitive) the Burn Book and literally spreading the rumours is forever embedded in the Petty Hall of Fame. Even Xiaxue used this GIF in her tell-all video, ‘Social Blade Exposé: Who bought FAKE IG followers??’ Watch the world burn indeed. 

#20 It’s October 3rd 

And so, brings us to the last point, aka the whole point of the post. The annual reminder every time October 3rd rolls around: the day Aaron Samuels didn’t know what day it was, and Cady told him – it’s October 3rd. Happy Mean Girls Day! 

What are some of your favourite Mean Girls moments? Spread the love in the comment section!

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MDIS Business School

Two former-Disney Channel stars dropped their sixth (!) album this past weekend and their growths have never been more evident. We spin both Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus’ new records to see which edges out the other.

Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Demi is back and ready to roar. Fronted by the take-no-prisoners banger that is ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, Demi’s confidence has evolved into full blown fearlessness this time around. And it seems that getting a Grammy nomination for her 2015 effort, Confident, has spurred the former child star into uncharted territories – both in terms of genre and themes. On the steamy ‘Ruin The Friendship’, she sings “I’m thinking we should cross the line, let’s ruin the friendship” about a will-we-won’t-we friendship, which fans speculate sings about longtime BFF Nick Jonas – an awkward thought considering Demi’s one-time relationship with Nick’s bro, Joe Jonas. Elsewhere on ‘You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore’, her soaring vocal range presents front and center as Demi takes on her past demons head on, before bidding farewell to her previously self-destructive self. 

Demi has proclaimed that this album was influenced by old school songstresses like Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera, and she could not have hit vocal bullseye any more accurately. Slow trumpets, slinky piano chords and a guest verse by Lil Wayne on ‘Lonely’ all serve to alleviate Demi’s distinct vocal signatures, defining Tell Me You Love Me as her most honest album yet. A decade after first launching into the music scene, Demi has finally come into her own and has outshone her former-Disney peers as an A-list vocal artist. We’d be surprised if the singer doesn’t receive more Grammy nods to her name in the near future.

Verdict: 4/5

Listen to Tell Me You Love Me on Spotify below:

Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

Yee-haw! Miley returns with a ‘brand new’ sound and image that’s a far cry from her twerk-obsessed persona of the Bangerz era, making us sit up in awe at the nostalgic albeit trippy ‘older Hannah Montana’ vibes she’s bringing to the table. Younger Now shows Miley adorning cowboy hats, acoustic guitars and Elvis-inspired hairdos, walking down the country road. “No one stays the same”, Miley touts on the album opening title track, and perhaps it has never rung truer for her, seeing as Miley’s own public image has seen several changes over the years. And while transitioning from pop to country music has been a recent trend – most noticeably with Lady Gaga and Kesha’s latest albums – there’s an undeniably genuine approach for Miley, as if she has emerged from the tight reins of fame to reclaim her country roots. 

The dreamy first single ‘Malibu’ is an ode to both the therapeutic beach where Miley spent her time re-discovering herself and fiancé Liam Hemsworth. “The sky’s more blue, next to you”, she sings in her signature drawl. The rest of the album plays out like an extensive love letter to Liam, with revealing anecdotes in aptly-titled country-tinged jangles like ‘Week Without You’ and ‘I Would Die Without You’. While we embrace Miley’s romantic side, we can’t help but to miss the outrageous brashness of her ‘We Can’t Stop’ days – one thing’s for sure though, she’s just bein’ Miley. 

Verdict: 3/5

Listen to Younger Now on Spotify below:

Demi or Miley – which new album are you enjoying more? Tell us in the comments below!

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Guess What? Park Seo Jun Is Coming To Singapore In November!

29 Sep 2017 by Johanna Teo

Best known for his role in popular K-drama shows, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, Fight For My Way and She Was Pretty, the ever-talented Park Seo Jun is coming to Singapore in November as part of his first Asian fan-meet tour! 


A post shared by 박서준 (@bn_sj2013) on

Ticketing launch dates and other details will be released next Wednesday, but here’s what we know so far: 

2017 Park Seo Jun LIVE “Guess Who” in Singapore
Date: 04 November 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Resorts WorldTM Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Ticket price: $248*, $208*, $158* (*exclude $4 ticketing fee)

Will you be going to see Park Seo Jun in action? Sound off in the comment section! 

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13 Things That Only Happen At A Wanna One Fanmeeting

29 Sep 2017 by Chew Hui Ling

For those who casually walked into a Wanna One fanmeeting, you probably wouldn’t even realise they are a rookie group – and to think they are barely two months into their debut. Despite this being their first time performing in Singapore, these fresh-faced wonders showed no signs of newbie jitters as they charmed a full house of adoring Wannables for their Wanna One 1st Fanmeeting in Singapore: Wanna Be Loved.

Teenage was in the crowd and we sussed out the highlights that one could only experience with Wanna One, so those who missed out would know what to expect when the boys are back in town next year (yes, really). Hey, it’s never too early to start preparing!

Wanna One 1st Fanmeeting in Singapore Wanna Be Loved Guanlin Birthday Celebration
Photo credit: IME Singapore

1. You’ll witness Daehwi at his savage best.

Don’t be fooled by Daehwi’s aegyo antics; we have still yet to recover from the amount of shade our resident evil maknae threw that night. When the audience was asked whether Daehwi looks cute without makeup, they responded with a collective roar of agreement – to which the 16-year-old straight-up exposed the fans faster than you could say “Burn”. 

2. Then there’s Minhyun folding a T-shirt.

Folding a T-shirt in front of thousands of screaming fangirls… when will your faves ever? During the individual games segment, Minhyun’s penchant for cleanliness was put to the test when he was tasked to deliver a spontaneous live demo of how he folds his T-shirts. New talent acquired?

3. You’ll be blessed with Jinyoung’s vocals.

We couldn’t stop swooning over Jinyoung’s mesmerising vocals when he sang a short verse of ‘Please Find Her’ by The Name, but can you blame us though? Just hit play and you’ll know what we mean. Hey YMC, perhaps it’s time to give the boy more lines in the next album?

4. It’s Reporter Park in the house!

Looks like we’ve got a budding reporter in the making! Woojin was so close to giving the host a run for his money with his hilarious emceeing skills. Now, who says Woojin is ‘no jam’?

5. Fancy some skincare tips from Sungwoon?

The fanmeet momentarily turned into an episode of Get It Beauty when Sungwoon, who’s known for his flawless skin and baby-faced features, was asked to reveal his secret to maintaining a youthful complexion. “I eat a lot, sleep a lot, and drink plenty of water,” says the 23-year-old. “And always wash your face with cold water.” Take notes, everybody!

6. Watch Guanlin turn the stage into a runway. 

“I’ve always wanted to become a model. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity but it hasn’t come yet.” Well, the birthday boy’s wish came true after all! Making his model ‘debut’ right here on the Singapore stage, here’s Guanlin strutting down the makeshift runway in all his 181cm glory.

7. PanWink’s aegyo will be the death of you.

We were half-squealing, half-cringing while watching Jihoon and Guanlin reenact the iconic aegyo scene between Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won from Fight For My Way. Jihoon went first, but God bless the emcee for instructing them to switch roles so fans can get a dose of Guanlin’s aegyo as well. Oh, and we have Daniel internally dying in the background.

8. Jihoon, the new ‘God of Hands’?

How can we ever forget the epic moment when a fan flung a slogan on stage during the encore, which landed right smack on Jihoon’s hand? Daniel aka the original ‘God of Hands’ is shaking.

9. You might end up shipping Daniel and Spidey.

Any Wannable worth their salt would be well aware that Daniel and “anything that has more legs” than him should never coexist. So when the chap was asked what supernatural power he wish to possess, he spared no hesitation in answering that he wants to be Spider-Man because he “isn’t afraid of bugs”. But Daniel… isn’t Spidey classified as a type of insect too?

10. Can you believe Jaehwan actually said that?

Should we even be surprised that Jaehwan – who’s unanimously voted by both his members and fans as the untidiest member in the dorms – would want the superpower to wake up all showered? Stay strong, Minhyun!

11. Oh you know, just Seongwoo being Seongwoo. 

Before you get confused, Guanlin was the real birthday boy (as previously mentioned). But can we please talk about how the members, mostly Daniel, were just casually building a tower of birthday hats on Seongwoo?

12. There will be tears (Don’t cry, Jisung!)

Okay, Jisung didn’t actually cry – but he did get emotional during his farewell speech, which prompted fans to chant “Don’t cry!”. Our leader ain’t called the crybaby of the group for nothing!

13. You’ll probably cry, too.

All these adorable moments aside, it was truly a memorable night for Wanna One and Wannables. The atmospheric was absolutely electric on the fully-packed floors, with fans enthusiastically cheering and chanting along right from the get-go – even during the VCR interludes. Check out this goosebumps-inducing clip of the crowd singing to ‘Always’ in perfect harmony. Psst, you might want to bring tissues the next time Wanna One returns to Singapore!

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