The members of veteran K-pop sensation Highlight are many things: singers, dancers, producers, actors… the list goes on. But after their recent appearance at the media conference for The Shilla Duty Free’s 4th anniversary celebrations, we think they should really consider adding ‘best brand ambassadors’ to their resume.

In town to grace the celebratory event as the appointed face of the global duty free store, the quartet (sans leader Doojoon who’s currently serving military service) had us in stitches with their hilarious attempts at promoting Shilla with every opportunity they get. It’s been two years since Singapore fans last saw them at their 2015 fanmeeting, but we’re glad to see that they’re still the same goofy boys we know and love from their early BEAST days. Besides their ambassador duties, they also didn’t forget to talk a bit about their music, brotherhood and keeping in touch with Doojoon. Read on for more highlights!

Highlight at Shilla 4th Year Thank You Media Conference

#1 When Dongwoon basically claimed they are immortal

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Thank you Singapore!👊

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Looking sharp in well-tailored suits, the Highlight members were all smiles for the media conference as they answered the barrage of media questions effortlessly. Despite being in a more serious setting, it didn’t stop maknae Dongwoon from his cheeky ways. “First of all, I would like to congratulate The Shilla Duty Free for their 4th year anniversary,” he addressed the crowd. “I’m very thankful to join them on this special occasion, and I hope that we can be with them until their 400th year.” Talk about taking brand loyalty to another level!

#2 When Junhyung confessed he gets inspiration for songs from Shilla

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As the genius producer of the group, there’s no doubting Junhyung’s solid composing chops. So where does the multi-talented idol get his inspiration from? “I usually get my inspiration from my daily life, but today, I think I will get my inspiration from The Shilla Duty Free instead,” he began with a straight face (but ended up failing spectacularly and surrendering to a fit of laughter). Oh Junhyung, #YouTried.

#3 When Yoseob credited Shilla for his ever-so-youthful appearance

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Known for his baby-faced charms and youthful-looking appearance, we can’t help but wonder how does the 28-year-old take care of his skin. His secret? Yup – you guessed it. “Probably because of The Shilla Duty Free,” he exclaimed. “I regard it as a gift from my parents, but if I were to put in any effort, it would be done at The Shilla Duty Free.”

#4 When Kikwang expressed his interest in becoming Shilla’s CF model

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Kikwang has landed his fair share of acting roles throughout the years, such as his recent small-screen comeback in horror romcom Lovely Horribly alongside Park Si Hoo and Song Ji Hyo (second male lead syndrome, anybody?). When asked about a role he wishes to take on in the future, the budding actor already had the perfect answer in mind. “I’d like to act in a commercial with The Shilla Duty Free, with all of us wearing suits. It would be just like a movie!”

#5 When they didn’t forget to give Doojoon a shoutout

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Happy 9th anniversary 🖤

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It looks like we weren’t the only ones missing Doojoon, who was absent at the media conference due to army obligations. We spotted Junhyung shyly raising his hands when the emcee asked if anybody misses the leader (awwww). The rest of the members also made sure to reassure fans that they’ve been constantly keeping in touch with their leader. Yoseob added, “We’re not in a situation where we can communicate both ways so we can’t keep in touch often, but we always send him a lot of letters.” We sure hope Doojoon’s doing well in the military!

What was your favourite moment during the Shilla press conference? Drop oppas some love in the comments below!

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