iKON Drops 'Rhythm Ta' & 'Airplane' MVs

1 Oct 2015 by Venetia Sng

The lads of iKON is back with their half album release! First up is ‘Airplane’, even though the track is a sweet love song, the boys don’t disappoint with their sick rapping. On the other hand, ‘Rhythm Ta’ is an upbeat dance track where the boys show off their moves.

On a side note, we would love to see more of Chanwoo – the newest addition to the group.

Let us know which song is more your jam by commenting below!


BEAST: 6 Men, 6 Different Charms

30 Sep 2015 by Chew Hui Ling

If you’re a fan and you don’t dream about getting up close and personal with all of the BEAST boys, you’re either lying or… just lying. Because simply being part of the audience at the BEAST Ordinary Fan Meet in Singapore 2015 on 24 September was an absolute blast, to say the least.


It was a two-hour delight as the sextet treated the 2000-strong crowd to performances of ‘YeY’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Shock’ and the like, coupled with an insane amount of intimate moments which made the night extra special for some very lucky B2uties. For such a massive K-pop group, it’s hard for international fans to even be within arm’s reach of their idols – but we’re glad it happened with BEAST. And since this was a smaller-scale event, the boys had a chance to show off their individual charms without worrying about their image. Here’s what we think are the alter egos of each member:


The master of whisperers: Junhyung

Not to be confused with Game of Thrones’ Varys, Junhyung earns the crown for the Whisper Challenge segment, where six lucky fans were paired up with each BEAST member to compete for the title of the ‘Best Couple’. The boys had to wear headphones and hum out the tune for their partners to guess, but there’s a catch: the songs were all local numbers. In the end, Junhyung and his partner emerged victorious after the latter successfully guessed ‘Ah Boys To Men’ in 25 seconds, winning a chummy selca and a hug from the rapper.


The silent sweetheart: Yoseob

Maybe it’s the jet lag or the haze (the particles even went into Kikwang’s eyes at one point), but we thought Yoseob seemed rather out of sorts during the fanmeet. Despite that, he made sure to deliver his best for performances, proving that he’s indeed the main vocal. The thoughtful lad also didn’t forget to throw out some of his trademark heart shapes and aegyo here and there while he’s at it.


The fake maknae: Kikwang

Aside from the fact that Kikwang looked super cute in his green snapback, the 25-year-old was a ball of sunshine throughout the show. During the Whisper Challenge, he provided plenty of LOLs with his candidly adorable attempt at a Stefanie Sun number. But since the fan is Malaysian, she was totally clueless about the song, leaving him no choice but to squeak out a helpless plea that “the song is ending?!”. A for effort though.


The ultimate fan service king: Dongwoon

We’re not sure what the (real) maknae Dongwoon ate for breakfast, but he was definitely on a high – hyping up the crowd with cheeky antics (i.e his never-ending obsession with ‘Let It Go’), showering his bandmates with some tough love on stage, and sweet-talking his way into the audience’s hearts. During the Singapore-themed pop quiz, it only took him a simple “I don’t know what the answer is because I only know our Singaporean fans” to wriggle out of the losing spot. Nice moves you got there, Dongwoon. 


The one with the… worst luck: Doojoon

Owing to Dongwoon, the leader came in last for the quiz and had to face the punishment of being hit on the wrist by the other members – to which they spared no mercy, as usual. To add on, his co-player for the Whisper Challenge turned out to be a fan from Hong Kong (check out his hilarious reaction!). Thankfully, B2uties were a kind bunch and gladly helped the poor girl out with the answer: Kit Chan’s ‘Home’. In fact, the patriotic spirit was so strong that they led us into a spontaneous singalong session. Home truly, indeed.


The real gentleman: Hyunseung

It’s universal knowledge by now that Hyunseung’s the kind of guy who prefers to show his affection through action than words, but it’s really another level of heartwarming to witness it in real life. When it was his turn to smack Doojoon on the wrist, the chap took off his spiky rings and gave the leader a light pat instead. Aww… In other news, Hyunseung deserves special mention for nailing his rendition of the classic ‘Moonlight in the City’ for the Whisper Challenge too – bet he’ll totes slay if he releases a Chinese solo. #JustSaying

Now that it’s over, who else is up for a full-fledged BEAST concert in the future? Comment down below with ‘YeY’ if you’re with us!

Photo credits: Three Angles Productions / IME Productions

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GOT7 is MAD in 'If You Do'

29 Sep 2015 by Venetia Sng

GOT7 is back and they are all angst up in ‘If You Do’ MV. Feeling betrayed, moody and looking all sexy with them smokey eyes. The boys are all grown up and they are deviating away from their usual gwiyeop (cute) and quirky image. Check out the fresh release below!

What do you think of their title track for mini album ‘Mad’? Let us know by commenting below!


Grab A Date With Joo Won!

22 Sep 2015 by Johanna Teo

Hallyu superstar Joo Won is stepping off-screen and heading straight to our sunny shores for a fan-meet on 10 October. Here’s how to get up close with The Gang Doctor himself. 

Rising to fame with roles in hit dramas such as King of Baking and Good Doctor, South Korean actor Joo Won has since made waves again for his portrayal of medical-prodigy-turned-mercenary-doctor Kim Tae-hyun/Yong-pal in The Gang Doctor

Joo WonCredit: ONE

Holding his first-ever fan-meeting in Singapore on 10 October, Joo Won’s meet-and-greet session will be free and open-to-public. Along with signing autographs and playing games with the fans, Joo Won will be joined onstage with his on-screen sister, Park Hye Soo, who will serenade the fans with ‘Even If I Live Just One Day’, an original sound track from the series. 

Also, ONE subscriber fans can win a chance to have a group photo taken onstage with Joo Won, plus receive an exclusive ONE goodie bag. Simply submit a 50-word or less answer on why you’d like to meet Joo Won to www.singteltv.com.sg/ONE (for Singtel TV subscribers) or www.starhub.com/ONE (for StarHub TV subscribers). 

Event details for ‘A Date with Joo Won’
Date: 10 October 2015, Saturday
Time: 7.15pm
Venue: Suntec City North Atrium (between Tower 1 and 2)
Admission: Free, Open to Public

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More Teasing for iKON & WINNER to Comeback Soon

21 Sep 2015 by Venetia Sng

It has been a good year for YG Entertainment and even though the year is coming to an end, they are not showing signs of slowing down! CEO Yang Hyun Suk posted a teaser of iKON’s next single ‘Welcome Back’ set to release on 1st October plus an image asking if we miss WINNER. He just loves to tease us doesn’t he. Lets just hope that the wait wouldn’t be too long! 


A video posted by YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on


A photo posted by YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on

Let us know what you think of the teasers by commenting below!

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