Since her debut eight years ago as part of K-pop girl group Apink, Jeong Eun Ji has branched out to become a bit of a Jill of all trades, adding actress, songwriter and solo artiste to her list of accomplishments.

Which is probably why it comes as no surprise that her years in the industry has garnered her a large local fan following, who turned up in full force on the night of 9 June to support the songstress at her debut concert in Singapore. Despite helming the stage as a solo act, Eun Ji didn’t take long to prove that she was more than capable to handle the two-hour long show on her own. From her stellar OST covers to live band performances, here are five moments that made us stan the vocal queen.

#1 When she showed just how much of a powerhouse vocalist she is

Though it’s already well known that Eun Ji has a perfect set of pipes, this fact was reiterated the moment she took the stage. Not only was she more than well-prepared with a setlist full of fan favourites, there were also songs that showed off her unbeatable vocal prowess. Accompanied by a live band, Eun Ji set her sights on making it an unforgettable night for local Pandas, and boy were we blown away by her impeccable performances!

#2 When she became the queen of fan service

If there’s one thing that fans usually look forward to from their favourite K-pop idols, it’s the fan service – and nobody does it quite like Eun Ji. During a short break in between her performances, the singer brought out a box that contained requests and questions that fellow Pandas had written before the concert started, where she gladly indulged their every whim. Be it granting us sexy poses, doing an adorable Mashimaro impression or performing a duet with a lucky fan, Eun Ji delivered them all with ease.

#3 When she covered songs in both English and Mandarin

Besides serenading the crowd with her own songs, Eun Ji had a couple of surprises up her sleeves as well, which included cover songs by English and Chinese artistes. One in particular was ‘那些年’, the soundtrack of the 2011 hit film You Are the Apple of My Eye. Having only performed this song in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Eun Ji had added this track to the setlist as a surprise gift for Singapore Pandas who definitely enjoyed every minute of it.

#4 When she brought back memories of beloved K-dramas

What makes a good K-drama aside from the obvious factors? Well, it’s the music. As a vocalist who has lent her voice to a couple of OSTs, Eun Ji gave us major throwback feels as she delighted the audience with flawless renditions of familiar tunes from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Goblin.

#5 When she made our day with her exuberant personality

Part of what makes Eun Ji such a joy to watch, is her bubbly and humorous personality that sets her apart from the rest. Not only did she engage in playful banter with the fans, she was also incredibly comfortable in front of the crowd. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Apink darling is so well-loved amongst fans. Not only does she feel like someone you’ve known for a long time, but she also has a way of making you feel constantly engaged during her show, even without external theatrics or high energy dance numbers.

Given the success of Jeong Eun Ji’s first solo concert here, this definitely won’t be the last we will see of her. And who knows, maybe she might just invite five other special guests to join her here the next round!

Feature image credit: Jasmine Ong

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