8 K-pop Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In American TV Shows

5 Apr 2019 by Jasmine Ong

From music show performances to variety programme appearances, K-pop idols are no stranger to going on Korean television as part of their promotional activities. But did you know that they’ve also been making their rounds on the Western media? Since the Hallyu wave’s international reach, the world of Korean pop has been steadily turning into a global domination – and American TV has been quick to embrace the phenomenon by including K-pop references in their series. Here are eight great scene-stealers that you might want to catch up on.

#1 Family Guy

Who would have thought that K-pop would make an appearance in an animation? Created by Seth MacFarlane, the Emmy-nominated Family Guy did a special Korean-themed episode in their 14th season named ‘Candy, Quahog Marshmallow’, where Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) discovers that one of his best friends Quagmire, had actually been a Korean soap star. This leads them to South Korea, where they encounter their first K-pop experience through the viewing of a real-life version of SISTAR’s music video for ‘Touch My Body’.

#2 Glee

Probably one of the hottest shows before the series finale in 2015, Glee is known for pushing boundaries with its storyline and reintroducing the modern generation to an incredible discography that includes music from all kinds of genres. Being a champion of diversity, it’s no surprise when K-influences are included in the mix. In a scene from the eighth episode off their fourth season, Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr), who is a member of the New Directions, can be seen teaching his fellow choir mates the basics of dance with a little help from BIGBANG and their hit song, ‘Fantastic Baby’.

#3 Lucifer

As the title would suggest, this series is about the devil himself – Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) – who is a nightclub owner and doubles up as a detective consultant for the LAPD. Their surprising K-pop connection came in the 13th episode of the third season when Lucifer had a very meta moment with SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ that was used during a fight scene. It should also be noted that this isn’t the first time the team behind Lucifer has used Korean pop songs in their series as CL and BIGBANG’s T.O.P have both been featured before!

#4 NCIS New Orleans

While most people would argue that the demographic for NCIS New Orleans might be slightly older, it seems like the writers of the series has just proven us wrong with their very up-to-date K-pop references. The eighth episode of their current season saw Hannah Khoury (Necar Zadegan), a K-pop savvy NCIS agent, using her knowledge on NCT Dream to break the ice with a high-schooler she’s trying to interview. Despite her seemingly wrong pronunciation of the members’ names and a far-fetched scenario of hanging out with the boys in Busan, we still give the show an A+ for effort.

#5 Selfie

In one of the wittiest ways of K-pop portrayal in mainstream American television, the short-lived sitcom Selfie gives a somewhat honest representation of how non-Koreans often assume a Korean reacts in real life. In the fourth episode, we see one of the young characters who’s a budding DJ get asked to cut short his play time for bed. But instead of packing it up, he dedicates a song – which happens to be the catchy K-pop banger ‘Bar Bar Bar’ by Crayon Pop – to his Korean-American guardian Henry Higgs (John Cho). Despite his sarcastic retort to address the suggested stereotype, it’s hilarious how he couldn’t resist bopping along to the addictive beat.

#6 Silicon Valley

Understanding just how big of a draw BTS is in America, cable network HBO decided to use the septet’s widely popular track ‘MIC Drop’ as the official trailer song for the promotion of the fifth season of Silicon Valley. While the boys aren’t exactly audible enough to be instantly recognised, ARMYs around the world are quick to spot the familiar beats as well as the iconic lyrics of “Haters gon’ hate, players gon’ play” at the end of the trailer.

#7 The Bold Type

Inspired by life in fashion publishing, The Bold Type follows three girls on their path to finding their own voices in a sea of intimidating leaders. As it’s a series about women, it’s only natural to include a significant female K-pop group as the accompanying music for their debut episode. BLACKPINK’s ‘Whistle’ is used in a scene that features one of the three main characters as she gets ready for a date. Unlike other shows where the music gets turned down to accommodate the character’s dialogue, you can actually hear the girls’ pristine vocals loud and clear without any interruptions!

#8 The Magicians

Described as a grown-up version of Harry Potter, this fantasy series follows a group of pop culture-savvy millennials with the gift of magic as they encounter insane surprises that challenge them at every turn. Similar to the premise of the series, The Magicians surprises with their usage of 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’ in a scene off the seventh episode of season two, where one of the magicians Eliot Waugh (Hale Appleman) has engaged his magical object to induce his intended targets in a dance trance.

Are there any other K-pop easter eggs we missed out in American TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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Technical issues are part and parcel of any show, but it’s not often you see it evolve into a completely impromptu performance between artiste and fan that kept the whole crowd going.

That was exactly what happened during South Korean pop-rock girl group DREAMCATCHER’s latest gig on our sunny island on 22 March, when the music cut off midway through their latest single ‘Piri’ due to a technical fault. Undeterred, the seven talented ladies – JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon – continued the song without backing music, while their fans (known as InSomnias) responded by enthusiastically completing the lyrics for them.

This was just one of the many standout moments that occurred that night. The septet had been in town for the Singapore leg of their Asian tour Invitation From Nightmare City, which marked their first solo performance here after a previous appearance at HallyuPopFest 2018.

Dreamcatcher in Singapore

With catchy dance hits, sultry vocals and energetic pop-rock bangers among their discography, it was unsurprising to see a packed Gateway Theatre of Singapore InSomnias – most dressed in red to match a fan support event ­– waiting with bated breath for the girls to bring the house down.

Here are some of our favourite snippets that show you exactly why DREAMCATCHER deserves their ardent following.

#1 They carried the show with ease

Some groups might need cues from their leaders or video segments interspaced between songs to prepare for their next track, but not DREAMCATCHER. In a fairly no-frills two hours chockfull of infectious earworms like ‘Good Night’, ‘Chase Me’ and ‘Over The Sky’, the group led fans through each segment energetically, barely having the time to drink up or leave the stage to catch a breather. Fans were seldom kept waiting, with the girls even introducing a special album giveaway and game segment to spice things up.

#2 They’ve got some impressive English skills

Although we’re sure the biggest of fans would try to learn Korean so as to understand their idols better, the girls also took it upon themselves to speak in English sans a translator whenever possible. Leader JiU sent a huge heart in InSomnias way with a declaration of “I love you” during ‘Lullaby’ (cue screams from across the theatre), while Yoohyeon spoke entirely in English during their final talk set despite feeling nervous about their performance.

Bonus: Chinese member Handong also spoke in Mandarin, saying “I love you” to everyone. Aww!

#3 These goth princesses can be cute too!

While DREAMCATCHER is known for their horror-esque concept, they’re just seven girls who want to have fun behind their goth princess personas. During the introduction for their recent hit ‘Piri’, the girls stepped away from their serious selves to break into impromptu dance routines, while waving at fans and prancing around the stage – definitely not what some might expect from them!

#4 Each subunit stage let the members shine

Breaking into groups of threes and twos, the girls covered some of their favourite English tracks in sub-units. SuA and Yoohyeon covered Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention’ in a beautiful duet, Dami and JiU hyped the crowd up with ‘I Don’t Like It, I Love It” by Flo Rida, while we were asked out by Gahyeon, Siyeon and Handong’s rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’. Each part highlighted the members’ powerful vocals, and Handong, in particular, showcased her hidden rap skills. Talk about talent!

#5 They’re full of love for their fans

At the heart of it, the concert was made incredibly memorable by the sheer amount of genuine affection the girls showered on the fans (and vice versa). Sending hearts, engaging with fellow InSomnias and noticing each and every fan support project throughout the night, our queens of fan interaction were a complete joy to watch.

And fans, in turn, shared their love back. An impromptu birthday song for Handong near the end of the concert caused her to burst into tears, and the other six girls immediately came forward to give her a big bear hug in a heartwarming scene.

Fan-favourite track ‘Full Moon’ (as well as an encore of three more hits) ended off the night. We think it’s safe to say that InSomnias aptly couldn’t get a wink of sleep after the show – and fittingly so.

Psst, Teenage also caught up with DREAMCATCHER before their concert for an interview! Check out the full video below. Special thanks to MyMusicTaste for the interview opportunity!

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Only the hardest of hearts (not ours, obviously) could fail to be won over by this bunch of utterly loveable girls. Not even one song in and it was clear the crowd was hooked in an instant – and it wasn’t tough to see why.

Although the eight-member group has been in the K-pop game for nearly five years now, the members of Lovelyz put on no airs and have always stayed impeccably humble despite their sunbae status. Unlike other acts that tend to go all-out with their concerts, they took a more approachable route by staging a four-day gig in Seoul that could only accommodate 1,600 fans each day – which allowed fans to better interact with them in a more intimate setting.

Lovelyz Singapore 1

Similarly for the Singapore leg of their Lovelyz in Winterland 3 tour, the girls held their first ever concert here at the smaller-scale [email protected] Box, where they led their adoring fans (affectionately known as Lovelinus) through a three-hour setlist filled with captivating performances, sweet fan interactions and a whole lot of waterworks.

Here are some of the most unforgettable moments that made us go full-on Lovelinus mode (because seriously, who wouldn’t?).

#1 When the audience sang along to ‘First Snow’

Looking absolutely angelic in their all-white ensembles, Lovelyz mesmerised the audience with a medley of crowd favourites including ‘Lost N Found’, ‘Bebe’ and ‘Joyland’ amid roaring cheers. After a couple of high-energy performances, the girls winded it down for a sentimental rendition of ‘First Snow’ as fans enthusiastically chorused along to every word in perfect fluency.

A teary-eyed Jisoo confessed at the end of the show that she was almost moved to tears, “I was really touched during the singalongs because everybody pronounced the Korean words so well. If I was caught by the cameras, I would probably be captured ugly crying.” Check out the footage below!

#2 When they showed off their English skills 

It wasn’t just the fans who made the effort to minimise the language barrier; the Lovelyz members also tried their best to communicate in English for the most part. Although the banter between songs might seem a little too scripted, one can clearly see the amount of hard work they put in to familiarise themselves with the language, which made their interactions come across all the more genuine.

Before coming here, Yein even went the extra mile of looking up on instructional videos in order to learn English. She shared, “In that video, I remember that the teacher said not to be afraid of speaking English wrongly, so I’m going to deliver my ending ment in English.” Well done, Yein (and the rest of Lovelyz, of course)!

#3 When they showered fans with aegyo

Shortly after, the girls changed out of their outfits into colourful plaid skirts as they turned on the aegyo for bubblegum B-side tracks such as ‘Cameo’, ‘Wow’ and ‘1cm’. At one point, they even came out wearing cute headbands and threw out presents to the crowd. You just can’t help but adore them!

#4 When fans surprised Kei with a birthday cake

As the concert was held just a few days ahead of Kei’s birthday, local Lovelinus decided to prepare a special birthday project for the 24-year-old where they gifted her a customised fondant cake. Touched by the gesture, she thanked fans with a huge smile on her face after blowing out the candles (according to Soojung, it was her first time seeing Kei so happy!).

“We came to give you energy, but I felt like we got energy from all of you instead. With all the love you’ve given us, we will be sure to pay you back twice the amount,” she said, before ending her ment with a promise to visit our sunny shores often.

#5 When the girls couldn’t stop crying

As if the birthday project wasn’t enough to tug at our heartstrings, the concert took a turn for the emotional when the fanclub presented the second part of the surprise: a touching video montage that documented their debut journey till now, which caused the members to burst out in tears after watching it. In between sobs, they expressed, “Thank you for saying that you’re thankful we debuted for you.”

Huddling up for a group hug, the girls then proceeded to bid farewell with their last and final song ‘Goodnight Like Yesterday’, ending the night on a beautiful note.

Photo credits: IME Singapore

Think that’s the end? We’ve got a special interview with Lovelyz coming up, so be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel to catch the full video (don’t forget to hit the subscribe button too)!

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The Official BTS x Mattel Dolls Are Here, And Fans Are Divided

26 Mar 2019 by Jasmine Ong

It was just in January this year when news broke of the major collaboration between the hugely popular Korean boy band BTS and iconic toy giants Mattel to release a line of dolls, fashioned after their iconic looks from the colourful music video of ‘IDOL’. Although it’s the first of many in this opportunistic partnership, the amount of anticipation from ARMYs around the world surrounding the much-hyped line is at an all-time high.

Just about a week ago on 18 March, Mattel teased fans with a mysterious group shot of the BTS dolls where only the silhouettes could be seen. They subsequently released a series of photos that featured close-ups of different aspects of the dolls, including a familiar beauty mark that reminded fans of RM’s trademark dimple.

Almost as quickly as the teasers dropped, Mattel has finally made their big reveal of this highly-anticipated collection.

Now, if you’re feeling skeptical about the appearance of the dolls, you’re not alone.

Following the release of the image, ARMYs have actively expressed their confusion and disappointment with the way the boys are replicated in their inanimate doll forms on Twitter, although it’s understandable to have dividing opinions on the end results as looks are subjective. From honest feedbacks to chuckling comparisons, here are some of the funniest reactions we’ve encountered so far:

Despite the amount of negativity surrounding the emergence of the new #BTSXMattel dolls, there are also a portion of fans who have reacted positively to the reveal, especially the outfits.

Considering the feedback from both sides, perhaps Mattel might make a few tweaks as suggested by fans before the physical launch of the dolls this summer.

Either way, it’s almost certain that these BTS dolls will still be well-received by fans of the globally recognised boy band once they make their official debut in stores across the globe – and we’re certainly looking forward to a group wefie of the boys together with their dolls!

What are your thoughts on the BTSxMattel dolls? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Are you ready to head back to the mysterious town in Indiana? After an exhilarating second season where the gang nearly met their end at the hands of the Upside Down inhabitants, the new installment takes us back to Hawkins in 1985 where we see familiar faces and new characters take in a seemingly stress-free summer… until chaos ensues, as seen in the new trailer. For those who are already feeling overwhelmed from the non-stop action, we’ve combed through the three-minute video to bring you a list of details that you might have missed.

#1 When in doubt, use the Farah Fawcett hairspray

Credit: Netflix

If you’re a Stranger Things fan like we are, you’d definitely remember one of the most adorable moments of season two when Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) revealed his haircare secret involving the Farah Fawcett branded hairspray to Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo). Having apparently taken the advice to heart, we see Dustin armed with a bottle of the exact hairspray, which he uses as his default weapon while investigating a strange occurrence in his home.

#2 Build your own radio tower

Credit: Netflix

Though it may not seem important, the construction of the antenna-like tower could actually be used to create a town network that would amplify the signal of the group’s walkie-talkies for better communication over longer distances. Likewise, it may also be the gang’s attempt to eavesdrop on the secretive government agency and their messages related to the Upside Down.

#3 David vs Goliath

Credit: Netflix

While we’re not able to ascertain the exact cause for the angry-looking mob, it might be possible that the many townspeople are protesting the newly built Starcourt Mall and Hawkins’ new man-in-charge, Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes), who also looks likely to be one of the main villains in this new season. 

#4 The bromance lives on

Credit: Netflix

Having struck an unlikely friendship in the previous season, it seems that the bromance between Steve and Dustin would only continue to grow in the upcoming season. Just how cute is their adorkable greeting?

#5 More secret shenanigans 

Credit: Netflix

It’s no surprise that the little town of Hawkins is often home to weird science experiments – and the new season promises yet another mystery that involves an electrical explosion. Though it does not look like there are monsters involved, this shocking scene could mean that the Lynx Corporation are at it again. Perhaps they are looking to force their way into the Upside Down with their own man-made portal?

#6 Hello Eggos


Remember Eleven’s obsession with Eggos? We’re given yet another nod to this iconic staple of the series when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is seen sitting in front of her favourite snacks.

#7 Murray Bauman returns


Remember him? He’s the investigative reporter who originally investigated the mysteries surrounding the Hawkins National Laboratory and tipped Jim Hopper (David Harbour) off with regards to Eleven’s existence. As someone who apparently knows too much of the government secrets, it seems likely that his character would get in harm’s way, resulting in Jim having to rescue him before it’s too late.

#8 Eleven’s awry void experience

Credit: Netflix

We were first introduced to this mirror vision world when Eleven underwent a makeshift sensory deprivation session while trying to locate Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) in the first season. However, this dimension of hers in the new season seems to have changed for the worse – instead of being able to walk around freely, Eleven finds herself drowning and falling into the darkness.

#9 A fan favourite is back!


Despite her limited screen time in season two, fan-favourite character Erica Sinclair (Priah Ferguson) – Lucas Sinclair’s (Caleb McLaughlin) bold little sister – returns to join the gang in their new adventures. Now that the OG characters have reached their teen years, it’s possible that Erica will play a bigger role in helping them achieve certain aspects of their plan in defeating the next terror in Hawkins.

#10 Billy and his nasty-looking infection

Credit: Netflix

Though he might have been an antagonising character in season two, it appears that Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) has since moved on from bullying kids to becoming a lifeguard at a local pool where he presumably got this weird-looking wound. We all know how Hawkins is not your average kind of town – could this be a foreshadowing into Billy mutating into a creature from the Upside Down?

#11 Poor Steve gets tortured


Blink and you just might miss poor Steve undergoing yet another horrific experience. Apart from having sustained serious facial injuries, he also gets injected in the neck with a blue serum – which we can only assume is the work of the secret government agency. Though not much is revealed, it’s safe to assume that this scene would fall into place in the season finale which might mean an unfortunate end to this beloved character.

#12 Is that you, Mind Flayer?

Credit: Netflix

Aside from Eleven standing on a beach facing an ominous looking sky, it is important to take note of the flashes of red lightning behind the clouds which hint at the possible return of the Mind Flayer.

#13 A new monster makes its debut

Credit: Netflix

Known for churning out the Demogorgon in season one and the somewhat adorable Dart in season two, the Upside Down doesn’t disappoint as they reveal what could be their most menacing-looking monster yet. Although there’s no way of guessing just exactly what this monster is like, it does seem to have a multitude of limbs and a mouth full of sharp teeth, which we think is gruesome enough…

Rewatch the trailer again to see if you can spot these details!

Stranger Things Season 3 is available to stream on Netflix on 4 July 2019.

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