For those who are familiar with Kim Jae Hwan, you’d know that the former boy bander-turned-soloist is best known for his powerful vocal chops from his Wanna One days. But underneath his melodic voice and dreamy guitar skills, it was his cheeky sense of humour that really shone throughout the two-hour show.

Having been to our fair share of K-pop fanmeetings in Singapore, we were half-expecting to be greeted with a galore of finger hearts and cheesy dialogues – you know, the usual fanservice drill. However, what ensued was a highly entertaining display of spontaneous liners and meme-worthy moments that never failed to leave fans (and us) in stitches. Affectionately known as “jjaeni” to fans, the 23-year-old is chatty and affable as he bantered comfortably with the crowd.

Here are some of our favourite quips of the night.

“Merlion? Can it be eaten?”

While getting recommendations from fans on some of the tourist attractions in Singapore, the idol was evidently bewildered about our national icon, Merlion. Upon hearing the explanation that the Merlion is a half lion and half fish, a wide-eyed Jae Hwan exclaimed, “How is it possible? Is it food? Can it be eaten?”

“MBS? I only know MBC.”

When asked if he had ever been to Marina Bay Sands, Jae Hwan responded matter-of-factly that he only knows MBC, a Korean broadcasting company. Well, at least he was being honest!

“I’m not a yoseknam.”

We all know that Jae Hwan loves eating – after all, fans adore his trademark mandu (dumpling) cheeks – but how good is he in the kitchen? The singer replied with a laugh, “There’s this Korean expression called yoseknam, which refers to a sexy guy who can cook. I’m not that guy. I only like to eat.”

“It’s too expensive!”

As an idol who frequently travels overseas for schedules, most of his time is spent in hotel rooms. But like most civilians, Jae Hwan strongly opposes to the idea of raiding the minibar. “You’re not supposed to eat food from the minibar. It’s too expensive!” he exclaimed. “You can get the same item for so much cheaper at the convenience store.” We love a relatable man!

“I ate 50 pieces of kaya toast before the show.”

Unlike other celebrities who are obsessed about chilli crab, it seemed like our classic breakfast staple of kaya toast has managed to win over Jae Hwan’s heart (or in this case, stomach). “I ate about 50 pieces of kaya toast before the show,” he announced, before going on to express his love for kaya toast by acting out a mock commercial, accompanied with an impromptu jingle. Someone get him a kaya toast CF deal!

“Wait for me while counting sheep!”

Trust Jae Hwan to ask the audience to count sheep in between his performances. While most artistes would usually retreat backstage for a change of outfits without saying a word, the unpredictable idol instructed fans to “count sheep until 50” while waiting for him to change his clothes. As expected from our resident meme king!

Meanwhile, BRB while we continue counting sheep till Jae Hwan returns to Singapore for (hopefully) a full concert…

Featured image credit: Unusual Productions

What was your favourite moment of the night? Drop some Jae Hwan love in the comments below!

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