With a moniker like Lovelyz, the eight-member K-pop girl group certainly lives up to their name – even when it comes to fights among the members (more on this later).

Known for their delicate tunes, girl-next-door vibes and bubbly personalities, the talented ladies of Lovelyz have been slowly but steadily building their dedicated fanbase of Lovelinus thanks to their endless charms. Shortly after wrapping up comeback promotions for their fifth EP Sanctuary, local fans will finally get the opportunity to meet the girls at their first concert in Singapore this March. Ahead of their show, we caught up with the members via an email interview where they reveal their ideal weddings, how they resolve arguments and hopes for the future.

Hi Lovelyz! As it’s the first time you’re coming to Singapore, is there anything you’re looking forward to here?

Baby Soul: Singapore is famous for its city night view so I’m looking forward to that. (Sujeong: I want to take pictures of all the pretty buildings!)

Jin: Of course, it’s our Lovelinus in Singapore! Isn’t it a must? I miss you all so much.

In your latest album Sanctuary, all the members are dressed in beautiful wedding gowns for the concept photos. Describe what your ideal wedding would be like!

Jisoo: Instead of an ideal wedding, I think it will be fun if the groom wears a wedding gown while the bride wears a suit. It would be nice if both of us wear suits together, or even hanboks (Korean traditional costume).

Baby Soul: Like Lee Hyori sunbaenim, I would make the wedding ceremony simple and only invite a couple of close friends. And also take plenty of pictures!

Kei: I want my married life to be living in a house with a small garden and a big puppy playing outside, while my husband and I prepare food together in the house.

Mijoo is currently starring on the virtual marriage show In-Laws in Practice. If you were to swap genders and choose a fellow member to be your virtual marriage partner, who would you pick and why?

Mijoo: ……….. pass! (Laughs awkwardly)

Four members have appeared on The King of Masked Singer and all of you left quite an impression. How was the experience like?

Baby Soul: It was amazing. I performed with my face covered in front of the audience and nobody knew it was me. I did enjoy singing in this way and I think that was also the reason I could do even much better to show my talent.

Sujeong: I was so used to performing on stage with my members, so I was worried about completing the whole performance alone. But it was indeed a memorable and satisfactory experience for me.

Having eight girls in a group is no small number. How do you cope with conflict between the members?

Jin: We usually resolve it by talking it out, or simply letting it pass!

What was the silliest thing you guys have ever fought about?

Yein: Jiae is my roommate so we promised to wake each other up every morning. But when one of us fail to do that, we would end up quarrelling with one another (laughs).

Sujeong: Once, I was angry because the other members were eating delicious food and didn’t share it with me.

Kei: We got jealous because we wanted to become each other’s favourite member!

You are known for your innocent girl-next-door image, but is there any concept that you would like to try in the future?

Baby Soul, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Yein: We want to try out a girl crush concept which is the complete opposite of what we do. Something powerful, chic and dreamlike?

Jiae: Instead of such a strong image, I prefer something like a uniform concept!

Jin: We still have many concepts that we have yet to try, so I hope that our members can also take part in the styling in the future.

2019 is going to be Lovelyz’s 5th anniversary! What are your plans and hopes for the year ahead?

Jisoo: I hope that we will be able to achieve good results on music charts so the public know how to sing our songs one day. We will work hard until Lovelyz is widely known and loved by many others!

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Lastly, any words for Singapore Lovelinus who are anticipating your upcoming show?

Mijoo: This is our first time coming to Singapore, so please look forward to it!

Kei: We will present an interesting and touching concert for you all. I want to create a memorable experience that our Singapore Lovelinus will never forget.

Yein: Singapore Lovelinus, please wait for us!

Thanks to IME Singapore for the interview opportunity!

Catch Lovelyz at their Lovelyz 3 of Winter World concert in Singapore on 17 March at [email protected] Box! Tickets are still available, so head over here to purchase and show the girls lots of love.

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